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Hacks / Pets --> Update and New System

Post by Nall » Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:33 pm

Ok, some people obviously feel we don't tell you enough of what's going on. Well, to my knowledge we have, but I decided to make a large annoucement about it so people can't complain anymore.


In regards to hacks, we have decided to hold an idividual conference with everyone. Me, Night, and <person>. During this conference, we will discuss their hacks, and everything to do with their hacks etc etc. I will not explain it here since we'll be explaining it during the conference. You will understand when we get to you.

Also, new commers will have conferences upon acceptance into main. These conference's will be slightly different however. Since the new commers have no hacks, nor will be getting any instantly, it will be more of a conference to update them on main and answer all the questions they have etc etc. If hacks/pets are brought up, we'll talk about that as well. However, all new commer's are expected to earn their hacks before they get them.

After your initial conference, every time you want to change something, do something, basically anything to do with your hacks, you need to come talk to me or night, or both and we'll discuss it with you. We don't expect you to have all your hacks mapped out right away, but you must come to us every time you want to add or edit.

2. PETS:

There is a completely new system for pets, created by yours truly, with help from Night. I will not go into anymore depth with the pet system, since the guide is UP and ready for you to see.

I'll let Night post whatever he wishes along with the link to where you can find the new system.

In this thread you may discuss the new system.
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Post by Nighthand » Tue Apr 19, 2005 11:37 pm

Pet System:

Same place as the old guide, so none of the links have to be changed.

Essentially, it's quite similar to FF7's materia, KH's skills, or FF9's skill abilities. The guide should cover most of what you need to know, anything else, post here and ask, so we can answer for everyone and add to the FAQ.