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Temporary Announcement: Posting Speeds

Post by Nighthand » Sun May 28, 2006 4:47 am

Alright, well, it's been what, four days since I posted? And only Rayoand Zan have posted. WHEE!

Seriously though, unless you want every quest to take six months at the minimum, post a little faster. I'm not gonna keep waiting for everyone to post, and I'm gonna start enforcing "post within X amount of time or you're out of the quest" rules.

Cuz I really don't want to GM two or three quests a year.

As the recruits can testify to, that's not an idle thought.

So, here's what I want to do. I want one post a week at minimum from everyone. This will keep quests moving at a semi-reasonable pace. After a while, once I think everyone is used to that pace and can handle it, I'll decrease it to six days, or five, or so on. I'll probably never ask for more than once every three or four days, so don't worry about having to write a novel every week or anything.
"But life gets in the way, I can't post every week sometimes!"

And thus, we have the sticky in the general discussion, "There and Back Again." This thread's SOLE purpose is so that you can alert everyone (not just me) that you're going to be gone for whatever amount of time. Gone = unable to post, for whatever reason. Remember; If you have notice beforehand or right as the grounding or whatever starts, I'm guaranteed to not be as irritable about it as I would if you keep disappearing for weeks and then popping in to post and tell me that you've been missing for whatever half-assed reason, then poofing again.

Bottom Line: Post once every seven days, because that's what I'll be doing, unless something comes up. If you're left behind more than three rounds, and you haven't posted in the GD thread, there's a good chance you won't be able to continue in the current quest.

Remember; situations like this we're in now, with a "post questions you have" round, don't mean that if you don't have questions, you don't have to post. 90% of the time, if you think about it as your character would, you'll find you have questions. Otherwise, I'm almost certain your character still has the ability to think and/or converse with others; perfect content for a post. Get to know your party. After all, you have to work with them IC.

Also; quality > quantity. I don't care if your posts rarely reach more than one page in word, so long as they have SOME kind of content that's worth the effort of reading. Remember the golden orbs, too; I'll let you know if you're not performing up to par any time you ask, and I'll let you know you have some work to do before anything permanent happens.

Oh and one more quick note, to those of you who have pets; don't forget to declare which ex-sphere you're using for the quest.

also; thread left open for comments.