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Post by Nighthand » Tue Sep 19, 2006 5:07 pm

Alright, this has gone on for too long, and it's time to do something about it.

Very few of you are worth being in the forum once known as the "Elite" of DIVERGENCE.

Therefore... Penalties. Main has three qualities required. Speed, Quality, Reliability. Some of you have managed to survive a long time on only two; some on only one. Some, perhaps, by none, but sheer tenacity.

Speed: Never again will there be another non-deadline string of posting. None of you care enough for it to work. Nor will there ever be a split again, at least until we have enough members that one thread is just crowded.

Quality: I'm not asking for novels. I don't want your posts to win awards. I just want SOMETHING resembling more than a few seconds of thought and a few moments of effort. Come on people, I'm giving you a full seven days to write a page or two! It's not that hard!

Reliability: I don't want to have to worry whether or not you'll post. I don't want to have to prod you people into posting. I don't want quests involving three battles to take months on end. I don't want to do four quests in a year. I can't do any of this alone, I have to rely on you. I want you to be WORTH relying on. I want to be PROUD of this site, not worrying if it's going to die. I want this site to be something we can all be happy we've achieved, not a waiting game and a chore. Being here used to mean something more than failure.

I don't want any more deadline-day posting. Phoenix, you're especially guilty of this; you've pretty much only posted ON the day of the deadline. If I chose to post at midnight so it was up all morning, instead of waiting until the afternoon to post, you would miss it every time. All of you, pretty much, have done this at some point or another. At least ACT like you care about what's going on.


There will be penalties. And I mean more than just lowered rewards, because obviously, that doesn't count for jack shit. Think of this as a general scale, subject to my discrecion. Also remember, these are generally for the people who don't give notice. If you've posted that you're going on vacation for a month and won't have access to a computer? Good, we know, you're fine. Finals week, or just a bad week at school, and you don't think you can post? Let me know, and you're set. It's even a bonus if you manage to post after all. Computer blows up? Most of you go to school, most schools have computer labs, most computer labs have internet, thus you can spend 35 second of your time logging in and posting to say your computer blew up and you'll be back when you can be back. Bottom line people; tell me beforehand or early on if you can, immediately upon return if you can't. I don't like explanations, I like warning. Tell me in advance and you're in the clear. Tell me after and you may or may not, depending on how many grandmothers funerals you're up to.

On to the penalties.

Missing one round (i.e. one week): degraded rewards for each week missed.
Missing one month: severely degraded rewards, possibly none at all depending on other performance.
Missing two months: no rewards for the quest you missed, and you'll probably need to do a solo or something like it to explain why, IC, you disappeared.
Missing three months: You're gonna need a solo, and you come back on a probation-type deal, so get back into your groove quick.
Missing four or more months: Why are you even still in Main? If you disappear for four or more months without once managing to contact me, you shouldn't be here. Back to subs with you. You'll have to prove you can be here before you can come back.

Oh and, people? I had to edit those twice so they aren't so harsh.

Anyone who knows me knows there's always special circumstances. If your explanation is satisfactory, your penalty might not be as bad. If you miss four months because you missed too much and had to sit out a quest, you're not going to be kicked back to subs. Though a solo to occupy your time would go a long way.

This goes into effect immediately. This is a board for the best of the best; not a bunch of slackers. One post a week should be easy. TWO posts a week should be easy. You need help? ASK SOMEONE. Seriously, I want a Mainplot that I can be proud of, not the excruciatingly slow and tedious questing it is now.

Go ahead and discuss here if you like, I'm not going to lock this. I doubt anything anyone says will change any of this though. It's been proven that I need to take this step.

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