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 Post subject: Pet Guide
PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 6:18 am 
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Since it has been hosted on so many sites, I may as well put it here, so it doesn't have to be linked to anymore. (No changes have been made; this is just to have it hosted locally rather than off-site.)

Divergence Pet Guide V2.1


As most of you know, there have been a couple of complaints about pets. Also, many people do not enjoy their pets nor use them much in the quests. I have found that the pets have become kind of useless other then as something to talk to and perhaps an easy way to get Ap spells on yourself. However, if you look at the old guide, you can see that by around level 55 your pet will have EVERY skill in the entire game. We have decided that the old system needs to be scrapped and implement a new system.

I believe all issue's shall be addressed with this new system. Remember, you are not required to have a pet, nor a pet that acts upon this new system. However, it's either they use this system, or they don't use any skills nor have any battle potential. Obviously, if for example Light's makes his Kitten "non-battle" and he wants Kit to jump in and bite a monsters leg, okay, something small can be tolerated. But nothing major if your pet is not on the system. This is important to mention for reasons that will be mentioned later in this guide. Thank you.

--11/10/06 - Edited and posted on Main.
--4/19/05 - Finished Prototype.

Table of Contents
[0010]}-The Changes
[0020]}-The Cost of Your Pet
[0030]}-The EX-Sphere System
[0040]}-EX-Sphere List
[0041]}---Lv. 1
[0042]}---Lv. 2
[0043]}---Lv. 3
[0044]}---Lv. 4
[0045]}---Lv. 5
[0070]}-Contact Information

The Changes [0010]

1. NO pets will follow the old system any longer. They will all be adapted to follow this system.

2. Pet's no longer shall have a "Level" in the sense that they had levels on the previous system. They will have an EX-Level instead, which will be explained later.

3. What a pet has for appearance (appendages etc) does NOT affect skills in anyways. Number of heads, tails etc are simply for appearance. Wings, of course, are the exception which enable your pet to fly.

4. Your pet will be more or less as strong as you are. If you are level 20, imagine your pet is level 20. It should have roughly the same amount of HP/SP as you and roughly the same stats. Levels aren't the biggest deal, so estimate your pets strength's/weaknesses based on your own level.

5. Pets will NOT be given out just because you joined main any longer. If you have a pet or have been promised a pet, you can keep it if you like. New members will have to earn their pet before they get it.

The Cost of Your Pet [0020]

Due to the new system involving pets, there are several issue's to address concerning the "cost" of your pet. No you don't have to pay XXXX amount of money, but they will cost you the same as your hacks do.

1. Pets are under the same category as HACKS now and will be treated as such. Those with pets will not be allowed as powerful hacks as those without pets.

2. Pets that do not have a background will require some kind of background as to how you found them. Just like your hacks, your pets should be explained in full.

3. Newcomers will need to earn their pet as previously stated. They can do so the same as they earn hacks. Post well, post often.

In conclusion, think of pets as hacks. Anything required of your hacks, is required for your pets.

The EX-Sphere System [0030]

The new system that has been designed to replace the old one is called the EX-Sphere system. The two terms that will be new to you are "EX-Sphere" and "EX-Level."

EX-Spheres are equip-able items that enable your pet to attain certain abilities WHILE that EX-Sphere is equipped. Your pet will never learn a skill, it may only use skills of which it has the appropriate EX-Sphere equipped. EX-Sphere's fall into several categories in which they are grouped. Level 1-5, Complimentary, and Legendary. The levels of the level 1-5 EX-Sphere's are only used as guidelines to their rarity. You do NOT need to be EX-Level 3 to equip a level 3 EX-Sphere. Complimentary EX-Sphere's and Legendary EX-Sphere's will be explained later.

EX-Levels are basically how your pet will be 'measured.' They do not give any kind of stat boost or strength boost what-so-ever. Again, all that is determined by YOUR own level. What EX-Levels determine, are the umber of EX-Sphere's your pet can equip at one time. Every pet start at EX-Level 1, and can equip 1 EX-Sphere. At EX-Level 2, they can equip 2. At level 3 -> 3 EX-Spheres. There is currently no maximum EX-Level. However, EX-Level's are difficult to attain, and become exponentially more difficult the higher your EX-Level is.

EX-Spheres may only be equipped at the BEGINNING of a quest. You must declare the EX-Sphere's you have equipped your pet with. You are NOT allowed to switch your EX-Sphere's in the middle of a quest as you see fit. In between quests though, you may switch EX-Sphere's if you so chose.

You do not chose which EX-Sphere's you want to use. They are ITEMS that are given out to players as rewards. EX-Sphere's are given out in either rewards at the end of a quest, in special events, or even in mid-storyline. They are given for merit, good posting, FREQUENT posting, winning an event, or even just getting lucky. Do NOT go to the GMs and ask for EX-Sphere's. We will hand them out as we see fit.

In regards to trading EX-Sphere's this is ALLOWED. You may trade, sell, give EX-Sphere's to your fellow members. Remember, you don't chose WHICH EX-Sphere you get, we just give it to you somewhat randomly. If you don't get the one you want, trade it for a better one!

For all pets that are in existence, or have been promised to players, they will start with their choice of THREE Lv.1 EX-Spheres. All pets still start at EX-Level 1 though. You will declare your EX-Spheres when you have your

EX-Sphere List [0040]

[X] = Un-tradable to other players.

Level 1 EX-Spheres [0041]

[Lv.1]Elemental Drop -- Level 1 Drop of your pets element.
[Lv.1]Elemental Raise -- Level 1 Raise of your pets element.
[Lv.1]Elemental Tornado -- Level 1 Tornado of your pets element.
[Lv.1]Elemental Converge -- Level 1 Converge of your pets element.
[Lv.1]Elemental Breath -- Level 1 breath attack of your pets element.
[Lv.1]Curative -- Repth.
[Lv.1]Heal Physical -- Rip Teyn.
[Lv.1]Heal Psychological -- Rip Synk.
[Lv.1]Enhance Speed -- Ap Do.
[Lv.1]Enhance Strength -- Ap Corv.
[Lv.1]Enhance Defense -- Ap Vorv.
[Lv.1]Enhance Accuracy -- Ap Torv.
[Lv.1]Enhance Magic Strength -- Ap Corma.
[Lv.1]Enhance Magic Defense -- Ap Vorma.
[Lv.1]Enhance Magic Accuracy -- Ap Torma.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Speed -- Dek Do.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Strength -- Dek Corv.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Defense -- Dek Vorv.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Evasion -- Dek Torv.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Magic Strength -- Dek Corma.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Magic Defense -- Dek Vorma.
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Magic Evasion -- Dek Torma.
[Lv.1]Poison -- Duk Lei.
[Lv.1]Paralyze -- Suvi Lei.
[Lv.1]Charm -- Miu Lei.
[Lv.1]Sleep -- Mumyn Lei.
[Lv.1]Confuse -- Ranki Lei.
[Lv.1]Curse -- Maj Lei.

Level 2 EX-Spheres [0042]

[Lv.2]Elemental Drop -- Level 2 Drop of your pets element.
[Lv.2]Elemental Raise -- Level 2 Raise of your pets element.
[Lv.2]Elemental Tornado -- Level 2 Tornado of your pets element.
[Lv.2]Elemental Converge -- Level 2 Converge of your pets element.
[Lv.2]Elemental Breath -- Level 2 breath attack of your pets element.
[Lv.2]Elemental Summon -- Level 1 Summon of pets element.
[Lv.2]Curative -- Ol Repth.
[Lv.2]Resurrect -- Rip Maen.
[Lv.2]Enhance Earth -- Ap Ganz.
[Lv.2]Enhance Fire -- Ap Vakz.
[Lv.2]Enhance Dark -- Ap Anid.
[Lv.2]Enhance Wood -- Ap Juka.
[Lv.2]Enhance Thunder -- Ap Raio.
[Lv.2]Enhance Water -- Ap Ruem.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Earth -- Dek Ganz.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Fire -- Dek Vakz.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Dark -- Dek Anid.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Wood -- Dek Juka.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Thunder -- Dek Raio.
[Lv.2]Enfeeble Water -- Dek Ruem.
[Lv.2]Overdrive -- [X] Made up attack of your choice. (low power)

Level 3 EX-Spheres [0043]

[Lv.3]Elemental Drop -- Level 3 Drop of your pets element.
[Lv.3]Elemental Raise -- Level 3 Raise of your pets element.
[Lv.3]Elemental Tornado -- Level 3 Tornado of your pets element.
[Lv.3]Elemental Converge -- Level 3 Converge of your pets element.
[Lv.3]Elemental Breath -- Level 3 breath attack of your pets element.
[Lv.3]Summon -- Level 2 Summon of pets element.
[Lv.3]Curative -- Pha Repth.
[Lv.3]Regen -- Rig Saem.
[Lv.3]Refresh -- Rig Gaem.
[Lv.3]Overdrive -- [X] Made up attack of your choice. (middle power)

Level 4 EX-Spheres [0044]

[Lv.4]Elemental Drop -- Level 4 Drop of your pets element.
[Lv.4]Elemental Raise -- Level 4 Raise of your pets element.
[Lv.4]Elemental Tornado -- Level 4 Tornado of your pets element.
[Lv.4]Elemental Converge -- Level 4 Converge of your pets element.
[Lv.4]Elemental Breath -- Level 4 breath attack of your pets element.
[Lv.4]Summon -- Level 3 Summon of pets element.
[Lv.4]Overdrive -- [X] Made up attack of your choice. (high power)

Level 5 EX-Spheres [0045]

[Lv.5]Catastrophe -- Extremely powerful explosion of your pet's base element. Only can be used once per battle.
[Lv.5]Re-Raise -- Pet will resurrect automatically a few moments after death. Only can be used once per battle.
[Lv.5]Ultimate Enhance -- Cast Ap Everything upon a single target. Only can be used once per quest.
[Lv.5]Ultimate Enfeeble -- Cast Dek Everything upon a single target. Only can be used once per quest.
[Lv.5]Ensuna -- Recover full HP/SP and remove all Dek and Lei statuses. Only can be used once per battle.
[Lv.5]Overdrive -- [X] Made up attack of your choice. (max power)

Complementary EX-Spheres [0046]

Some EX-Sphere's can be equipped together with other's to form new abilities. There are also a set of EX-Sphere's that are useless unless paired with another EX-Sphere. These are Complimentary EX-Spheres. There is no list for these. They will be listed as they are found. One is listed however, to give you an example.

[+]All -- When paired with certain EX-Sphere's, that EX-Sphere's ability will become an Area of Effect skill.
****Combinations Known - Effect
****All - Repth: La Repth

Legendary EX-Spheres [0047]

These EX-Sphere's aren't listed. They have no level. They are the rarest of all EX-Sphere's and they can give interesting abilities. Also, these Legendary EX-Spheres are one of a kind. That means they are unique. If you didn't receive the Legendary EX-Sphere, the only way to get it is to strike a deal with the one who did.

Found: (none)

FAQ's [0050]

Q: <insert question that has been listed in the FAQ's section already>

Q: Can I have an EX-Sphere?
A: No.

Q: Can my pet have an element not standard in the .hack games?
A: No, not anymore. This used to be true, and people that have non-standard elemental pets don't have to change, but new non-standard element pets aren't allowed.

A: No. You have to wait till after the quest, even if you got it during a quest.

Q: What EX-Spheres can be equipped together to form new abilities?
A: Not telling! XP If a player happens to equip EX-Spheres that have complement each other, then I will state so and the resultant ability. After that, it's common knowledge, but before that, you must experiment!

Q: What's up with the "Breath Attacks"?
A: They are simply another style of elemental attack. If you pet is fire, you can have a fire breath attack. If your pet is water, then hydro breath. etc. These attacks cost SP still, and are slightly more powerful then the normal spells of the same level.

Q: How do I make up an attack if I get the correct EX-Sphere?
A: You talk to either Nighthand or Nall and suggest to them what your idea is. There are different 'made up' attacks for each level, so the higher the level, the more powerful we will allow your custom attack to be. It is usually suggested that you are involved with your pet in this ability, but not required.

Q: Can I change my custom skill?
A: No. Once you've made your custom skill you're stuck with it. Only if you get another custom giving EX-Sphere will you be able to make a new one.

Q: My element doesn't have a Tornado/Raise/Drop/Converge type spell, what do I do?
A: If you have an EX-Sphere that gives a type of elemental attack that your element does not have, it is useless to your pet. If you happen to end up in that situation, trade it to someone else for something your pet can use.

Q: My pet was part of the original pet giving, so it doesn't really have a background...
A: That works for me! If you were given the pet by Gingi in that one quest where the pets came to save the day, that can count as your backstory. But that doesn't mean you CAN'T add onto the backstory of your pet... Everyone else needs their own reason why they have a pet though.

Credits [0060]

-Thank you to myself, Nall, who took time out of his busy schedule to create this new system XP
-Thank you to Night, who discussed with me pets and poked me along!
-Thank you to Gingi, who originally thought of the whole pets thing, and for hosting our beautiful site!
-Thank you to Everyone else, because without you, we wouldn't have Divergence, nor this beautiful pet guide ^.~
-Thank you to Night again, for formatting this so it doesn't suck like Nall had it.

Contact Information [0070]

This is listed EVERYWHERE on the site, so why not one more place so no need to put my actual details up. However, THE POWER OF A PM IS THE POWER OF GOD! No, seriously, most of you know I'm rarely on AIM and only sometimes on MSN. But if you send me a PM on the main site, I can get back to you eventually. It's handy, and a great way to get a hold of me. If you need to discuss something, PM me and say that, I'll find time to get on AIM.

Disclaimer [0080]

Myself, nor Divergence is affiliated with .hack or Bandai in any way, shape, or form. Divergence, and all it's original idea's are property of Divergence. This guide is not to be reproduced and used elsewhere from Divergence without permission from the Divergence Admins.


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 12:18 am 
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Changes made.

Vorv/Vorma and Torv/Torma corrected, I had them backwards. Also, the "Enfeeble Accuracy" has been changed to the actual purpose of the spell, Enfeeble Evasion. Make sure, if you had one of these orbs, to make the corrections necessary. If you have questions, talk to me.

My items and such
Wishlist: Any Armor or Weapons under level 50, Any Scrolls (prefer level 2+)

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