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Post by Nighthand » Fri Jul 09, 2010 12:11 am

So I'm playing around with the board a bit. If you go to your profiles, you'll notice a new text field: Class. The purpose would be to put your character's class in that field. Then it would display on your profile for all to see.

So, should I keep that? Should I add more? If so, what else?

Any other suggestions for improvements or changes to the board?

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Re: Tinkering

Post by Sekai » Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:14 am

Hm, if it's not too hard, maybe put in a textbar/tracker thingie that would help us keep track of EXP for those of us who are still new to the system and want to know how much they need to level, etc?

Otherwise... hm, maybe an optional text bar that gives us the options of stating what the primary and secondary elements of our characters are? Just in case anyone wants to know that for fun details or is actually curious about it.

Name: Sekai
Level: 54
EXP: 0000/1000
Class: Archer
Clan: Army of Darkness
HP: 835
SP: 347

Currently Equipped:

Einherjar: Kira, December, Zorya

Head: Bat Earrings (Ola Repth 40, Rip Maen 40)
Body: Saint Cross (Rue Zot 10, RaJuk Zot 30)
Arm: Protect Ring (Ap Vorma 15, MeJuk Kruz 20)
Leg: Ninja Anklet (BiVak Rom 20, GiGan Zot 30)
Add-Ons: Forestlore, Wood Magic (permanently raised Wood Offense/Defense by +3 total)

Wishlist: Levels, Summon: Wood, Archer Weapons, Light Armor

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