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Post by Ana » Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:18 pm

send it to me and i will give ya a link for it


Post by HaiiroKitsune » Thu Apr 03, 2003 11:33 pm

Mmmmm, Nall, I'm a fox not a wolf :shock: (hehe)


Post by Crimson » Thu Apr 10, 2003 3:46 pm

Oh yeah for image hosting on avatars or sigs, use . you can make a free account with 5.0 MB brandwidth per day, that's what I use at least


Post by Ana » Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:03 pm

you can also go to and get an account. not but It does make a difference.


Post by Zro-Lymits » Sun Apr 13, 2003 11:19 pm

so crimson that link you've got there how does that place work cuz i have an avatar but its too big and there are no other sites that have pics like the one i want but smaller.