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.hack Guide

Post by XNall » Thu Apr 03, 2003 10:39 pm

oy, some people have been asking for a guide so I guess I'd better make one hehehe. I know it's long, but ya. you probably know most this stuff, it's just for the people that don't know. there are some helpful things in here even for the people that know everything about .hack like how we're gonna do the area system.

ok these are just some basic things about .hack that apply to the game. I will state how it's used in the RPG too.

1) probably one of the biggest questions. How do you transport to different areas? Well in .hack you just don't leave the town and your in a field area. Everything is connected by a chaos gate and you go to different servers by stringing 3 sections of words together (ex. 'bursting' 'passed over' 'aqua feild') Those who have played .hack know exactly what I mean. those who havent are probably scratching their heads. anyways, if you don't understand, no biggy, just join a feild with some players in it and join their party.

Now in the RPG it obviously has to be fixed up a bit. When you want to join a different area, post a new topic saying the name of the field (ex. topic = Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field) Simple. Then just post about what you do blah blah. I guess you can post about what you get in chests and stuff but be reaosnable. if your level 3 your not gonna get a spirit armor from a chest. Also when you get to the GOTT statue (those that dont know what this is: it's the final treasure in a dungeon, lots of goodies in it!) don't post what you get. let Nall do that, since parties may contain large amount of people I'm gonna edit it so that EACH person gets some sort of item. Once again, the better you post the better items you get. though I wont be mean and give you 1 health drink if you didn't post as much as the others. (some people post more and faster than others)

(holy god I'm already writing a book >_< hopfully it will solve all your questions though hehehe)

2) Items. I guess it wasn't explained as clearly as I thought. thats ok. Basically you can only use weapons and armor if you are the appropriate level (ex. you must be level 3 to use spark blades) the level of each item is posted in the attributes section along with all the items and skills blah blah. go there if you want to know about an item (btw I know it's lacking, I'm still working on it ^^) umm... Other than that I don't know what do say :D

3) Items again. I found somthing else to say about items ^^; it's just a little thing but items like health drinks and ressurects arn't just magically yours. I let it go in the first even but from now on your gonna have to buy your stuff. I will be semi strict on this, to me it's not a HUGE deal but you should really pay for the items you want. it's not that hard to do is it? Only exception may be Gingitsune because she's a vetren (she might have saved some items in the bank [Don't ask about the bank it's irrelevent in the RPG]) Nall will just use his skills to heal so no worry there.

4) Fighting. This was pretty lienient in the first event. In .hack infection the fighting style is semi RPG, and semi action (like zelda) Now since that has nothing to do with this RPG because we have to type how we fight, obivously it's gonna be alot different.

most important rule of fighting. Don't act like god. don't post that your soooooo strong that you whoop every monster in like one hit when they're like 5 levels stronger then you. Basically, pretend the other monster is really alive and that you are fighting it. If you attack it, will it not try to dodge? or attack back? I know it's simple but it has to be said. just make your fights realistic.

Try not to worry about SP and HP... of course you can and in some cases should mention somthing about it in your post but you don't have to be like 'oh no, he did 3o damage to me! I only have 10 left!' just say somthing like 'man... that really hit me hard! I'm pretty low health!' same goes with SP. make it realistic... if your like lv 1 you're obviously not gonna be able to perform skills like 10 times in a row.

5) Don't act for NPC's. it's a simple rule. not much to be explained, you have as much power over them as any other player character. Nall is the exception obviously.

6) A lot of people have been wondering about leveling up and stats etc. (well maybe not a lot but I'm sure you're wondering how it works) Basically in .hack, the stronger the monster is in relation to yourself, the more experience you get. However we arn't using experience in this because it's a pain in the ass to do and it could become a focal point for people instead of good posts.

Anyways, how the leveling up goes: It will still be based on fighting, and if you fight a stronger monster or a weaker monster. But it will also be based on how well you post. if you post like 3 sentences saying you killed like 10 monsters I'm probably not gonna give you a level. if you post well you'll get rewarded. Also remember, even if you post the best post ever but it was to kill one mad grass I wont be able to give you a level. though I will remember it and give you levels after you killed more. If your wondering why I do this it's so people don't get obsessed with killing as much as they can, and keep their mind focused on doing good posts.

As for the stats, I have a system for the stats. they arn't a big part, just to give you an idea how fast, slow, strong etc you are. I was planning on updating this myself however know I realize that I would suffer a heart attack if I tried to do that. I'm thinking of posting the guide for everyone to update themselves. I'm not sure yet though... maybe I'll just leave out stats since it's not that much of a biggy.

7) I guess this one is just to clarify... The BBS is like an actual message board for the game. lol I know it sounds weird since you are posting on a message board but when you post in Delta you try and act like it's real time right? anyways when your posting on the BBS forum pretend your posting on a message board while in character.

8) This doesn't really have anything to do with .hack but I thought I should just mention this... All of us are obviously in different time zones and we obviously get on at different times. It would be great if we all had the same scedual and all got on at the same time but oh well, thats impossible. Anyways because of this many people go online and get swamped by posts. (I know I do) And I can't see it getting much better in the future. Now, there's nothing we can do about this, all I'm asking for is patience from everyone. It is annoying being on with

9) parties. I got a request for this. in .hack you add a member to your party with a member adress and you can only have 3 in your party. This wont work that well for our scenario. What we'll do for parties is that if you say your in a party, or if your fighting together then you are considered in a party. You don't always have to be in the same party and you don't need to formally give out your member adress. We'll just assume that when you join a party that you get a persons member adress.

I will add more later if people need more clarification. If there's anything weird or wrong or you don't like or whatever, just tell me I'll look into it.