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Post by Gingitsune » Fri Sep 26, 2003 1:10 am


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Post by Kayin » Fri Sep 26, 2003 4:18 am

I just have to ask Raye, but does it really concern Divergence? Something happened Nall was gone and other stuff happened. It kinda sounds personal to me. So why bring it to the forum? People, for the most part, are here for Roleplaying, not to bash each other or read about peoples personal problems
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Post by Nighthand » Fri Sep 26, 2003 5:52 am

very true Kayin. basically all it is is an explanation of why he was missing. other than that, it has nothing to do with the game. and, i feel we should keep it that way. there is no need to keep going on about ti when everything is alright now.

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Post by Tirath » Fri Sep 26, 2003 11:46 am

hmmm..... Sounds personal. Perhaps you shouldn't bring that into the forums, as both Kayin and Nighthand have said......
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Post by Rayo » Fri Sep 26, 2003 6:33 pm

I found it a bit interesting info wise and its true it doesn't really affect the forums that much. If that truly is the case...its not really relevant to keep talking about....
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Post by Raye » Sat Sep 27, 2003 2:06 pm

Alrightie, but it kinda does effect the forums. Not entirely, but a large-ish portion. I'll stop. ;d
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