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PostPosted: Mon Oct 04, 2004 2:24 am 
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Greetings new members! I just thought I'd make an official announcement of things to do.

First off, if you haven't already done so, make a profile and keep it up to date. Profiles should include the following information:

Names (both of character and IRL person)
Physical Description
Pet stats

PETS: Pets are special monster who fight with us. To get a pet, think of a monster type (generally they have been mythological beasts, such as cerberus, phoenix, dragon, and so forth) that has not been used before (for help with that talk to Nighthand) and assign an element to it. Then, go to Nighthand to get it approved. For the stats of the pets, go to the official pet guide, Here. Any questions about the guide, contact Nighthand.

HACKS: Due to Mainplot's special nature, all of the players within have been touched by the Virus known as Twilight. This virus causes the player to be put into a coma and become stuck in the game. (Note: this does not happen just for joining; generally it will occur after first contact with the hacker elites) This isn't all bad, however, for it allows for some bending of the rules. These we call Hacks. If you want a Hack, contact Nighthand. Keep in mind you will not get them right away in the first quest, generally we wait until the second to start actually having them manifest themselves. Also, keep in mind that you won't get anything grossly overpowered, or anything that's a copy of someone else's. Also, they tend to manifest gradually, to keep them growing with the players. Questions, contact Nighthand.

CUSTOM WEAPONS: Custom weapons are weapons so rare they are one of a kind, created specifically for the member who owns them. As such, they are not given out very often. As of this time, you are unlikely to get a Custom right away.

The Golden Orb: The Golden Orb is a an item (originally) given out by Cypher to all members of Main. Each player has one, Including all new players, starting in it's inert state, "Golden Orb." They grow and progress as players do in main, and can be "cashed in" for various rewards, depending on their state. Note: Most people don't mention them IC, because they haven't had a real source. For more information, see the Lii-Pa Inn.

This item is automatically received by joining Main, and upon leaving Main becomes dormant and useless.

WISHLISTS: A relatively new thing for Mainplot, we ask that you include a Wishlist in your Signature. A list of three items will suffice, though you may add more if you wish. Some stipulations:

Wishlist Rules wrote:
1. There can be no more than 4 items. List them in order of want, first being the one you want the most, and last being the one you want least.
2. 3 of the items are regular armor/equipment, and only 1 can be rare. The rare will not count in wanting most or least.
3. Having a rare on the wish list might not guarantee you will get it. Exceptional performances will be awarded rares.
4. If you have no wish list, or did not follow the rules to the point where I can decipher what you want, I'll assign an item to you at the time of grading.


The Maneki Library has a new function! Any quests that are not Main Plot or Training Grounds go in here, regardless of the server they take place in.

I urge the older members to get back into the habit of checking the site daily, and keeping up to date on it. You never know when something will happen.

Nall wrote:
Alright, I've been seeing an issue arise lately that I felt should be brought up. I don't do this often, but I'd like to ask that people cease using the term "Twilight" freely. I encourage people to take the plot into themselves, but Twilight is just simply taboo. If everyone plays with Twilight in their own way, the term will become meaningless. So if you could, please find another way to explain your hacks and only talk about Twilight with the knowledge your characters have learned about Twilight from Nall and the elites.

Thank you

Administration, Duties, and Contact Info wrote:
Nall: Co-creator and Previous Head GM, he helped to make and run the story, as well as approve hacks. He is now no longer active.
AIM: (removed)
MSN: (removed)

Gingitsune: Co-creator and Admin, she approved pets and did a lot to help keep the site up and running (including paying for hosting, thank you Gingi!) (Hosting has now moved to a new area, and is owned by Nighthand)
AIM: (removed)
MSN: (removed)
(Note: She doesn't do much and has essentially passed the torch to Nighthand in terms of running the site, so please, things must be approved by Nighthand for smooth running of the site.)

Nighthand: GM and Admin, he now makes and runs the story, as well as approving hacks, accepting new members, and other things.
AIM: KuragariTeishu
AIM: EgyptianPingPong


All characters should have signatures that follows the basic rules for subs sigs. I want character name, level, and wishlist minimum, and other data that's helpful is good to have as well.

Further questions, contact Nighthand at one of the methods listed above, or PM, or what-have-you.

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 23, 2005 9:37 pm 
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A new note; we are now creating the Chronicles of the Freedom Fighters, a comprehensive storytelling of the past quests of Mainplot, in chronological order.

Book 1: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1030
Book 2: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1123


My items and such
Wishlist: Any Armor or Weapons under level 50, Any Scrolls (prefer level 2+)

EXP 500/1000

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