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 Post subject: Blessing of Terra
PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 12:09 am 
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Three golden rings passed over Reinier’s body, as he stood in the Theta Server. He gave a stretch, letting his wings unfurl and show off their wingspan. The angelic wings stretched out a few yards, making him feel rather longer then normal. He cracked his neck, back and forth, and peered around the massive server. It seemed to be a sluggish day, with the amount of users slim. The wind under his feet scuffled by with the ground, kicking up some of the dirt. The mountain air always did do good for the body.

We should be going back to the Hideout. There’s bound to be someone at least wondering where you ran off to…

But… I want to go see my sister already…

That’s all well and good, but right now we’re on a time crunch. By now Nighthand or Nall has thought of the next plan of attack. The Elites are on the run right now, where as Flau is still in the opening stages of her plans. She can wait, we may miss another chance like this for the Elites.

That’s all well ‘n good… but… Fine, let’s go…

Reinier turned around, feeling rather confused about life in general at this point. He began to envy his youth, and the old days of where the only confusion in life was which friend’s house he would be going to. Now, all because of a video game that one of his friends got him playing, his decisions depended on what evil force wanted to slaughter him, or worse, enslave him. He began to turn to the gate, and readied to go back to the Delta Server. Things, of course, never went according to plan around Reinier.

Hey Garry! You’ll never guess where I am!

The piercing scream entered his ears, and caused him to jump out of shock. Reinier peered around, looking for any indication of his sister, but to no avail. He crossed his arms, beginning to ponder his sanity. He stood there for quite some time, waiting for another sign that he hadn’t just been hearing things.

Did you hear that, Taimat? Or was it just me? I could have sworn it was…

Rhilla? Yeah, it was her. This is a bad omen, and you damn well know it. Let’s just go, and ignore the fact that we heard her.

That’s not nice at all! Well, my dear brother and plaguing dragon, I would head back to the Negative Frame. You really need to keep your field in check. There’s rumors of a flunky of Flau’s in the field. I don’t know exactly what he would want in that field, but whatever… he’s in there, and you gotta do somethin’ ‘bout it!

Why me? I have other things to do… like…

Check the hideout to see who all’s waiting for us. You know how that Nighthand can be. Real jerk at times. We really should be going.

Yeah, what the dragon said. I’ve really got to go…

The ring that Dionysus had given Reinier upon their first meeting, which the boy had forgotten about, began to glow a violent and dark lavender. Three rings, matching in color, ascended up from the earth and over Reinier. With a blink of the eye, he found himself in the massive field of flowers. “What the…” Reinier muttered, taking in the sights of the field. The aroma of roses filled the air, the gentle and refreshing breeze carrying the beautiful fragrance across the field.

Oh no, did your teleporter malfunction? What a shame… I hope it didn’t take you anywhere dangerous.

No, just the place I was crucified and tortured for a year. What a coincidence that I was sent to the place YOU wanted me to go. What are the odds, dearest sister who wouldn’t want to mess with me?

Astronomically high, but we don’t have the time to discuss dumb luck. You have a job to do, get rid of that guy!

Reinier let out a growl as he peered around the field one last time. The hues which came up to well above his ankles made him feel at ease, and yet the roses didn’t seem to fit his demeanor at the moment. “If this is my field, then why roses? I would rather something more… like a beach. I’ll have to see if I can get this place changed up a bit…”

I disagree. In fact, quite the opposite, you’re leaving it just how it is. Let’s move on, now.

Reinier sighed, wondering why he let a simple person such as Taimat control his life. The boy unfurled his wings and took to the sky, heading north east towards the area where the dungeon would be. Information, at this point, would be wonderful for Reinier. Who was he fighting? Where was he? And what was he actually at the field for?

You still there, Andrea? I need some information before I blindly run in to this dungeon. Who’s the guy I’m goin’ for, in here?

Something along the lines of…well… I heard it was Knai, but I highly doubt he would work for someone like Flau. If it is Knai… well… I trust you can make a good judgment call. Good luck, Garrett. Do come back alive.

Reinier stopped mid-flight, hovering above the chasm which led down to the dungeon. He peered downwards, crossing his arms and musing to himself. The sound of his wings cutting through the air echoed in his ears as the memories of the two friends being together.

I can’t fight if it’s Knai. There’s no way. If it was anyone else, I could choke it up and do it, but not him. We’ve been through too much together to do this…

You have to. It’s tough, but you’re going to have to. We don’t even know for certain if it is him, so go down there and we’ll work this out.

With a sigh, and without resistance or backtalk to Taimat, he descended to the chasm. He gradually stepped down to the earth, and peered in to the dungeon. A mist escaped out of the mouth of the opening, a sense of foreboding creeping over Reinier. He uncrossed his arms, and drew out his sword, the Horse-Killer. He juggled the sword around in his hand, and took in a deep breath. With an exhale, he began the trudge in to the bowels of the earth.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 2:13 am 
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Reinier entered the dismally lit room, sword drawn and ready for upcoming foes. Yet, no one greeted the warrior. No dragon, no swarms of monsters, and no Knai. He let out a tiny sigh of relief, but didn’t let down his guard. He continued onwards, deeper in to the dungeon, still prepared for any altercations that might occur. He made his way through the first room, and entered the next. Nine different doors stood shut in his way, each with a different elemental emblem. He scratched the side of his face as he began playing out his next move in his mind. He could enter the ice chamber and simply fly over everything, but where would be the fun in that?

Oh! I should mention to you that the bracelet around your arm is a control for the field. It’ll open any doorway, altar any aspect of the field, and it’ll delete any portals in your way. It’s very handy and nifty, and it’ll do you a world of good in your own field. Nice, isn’t it? Sure, it only works in this field… but hey, at least you have some control over it, right?

Thanks for the information, anything else I should know about this wonder band cutting off the circulation to my arm?

It comes in pink?

With that said, he began to wonder how the bracelet exactly worked. It was one thing to have something that could do many things, but how to access this was a different manner altogether. The bracelet began to glow a deep gold, and shortly thereafter the doors glowed in the same hue of gold. Four doors on both sides of the middle door began to shift to the middle, until they all overlapped the middle door. With a finally burst of light, one door stood in front of Reinier. He blinked, and shrugged, and began to walk forward.

His worst fears became reality as he entered the vast, no ceiling room as he laid eyes upon the intruder of the field. Knai of the Diminishing Forest, and Reinier’s close and personal friend, whose real name happened to be Godric. He stood in the middle of the room, thorns incasing his body, no weapon drawn. His arms crossed, he peered across the room upon Reinier as he stood expressionless. Reinier gradually approached his friend, and as he grew closer he noticed something out of the ordinary. His eyes where missing their pupils, they appeared to be solid jade.

Okay… calm down… he did say he was heading to the field to help someone or something… but… Flau… I’m not liking the look of this. I’ve seen this in every anime ever… no pupils is always the give away of possession… but maybe this isn’t like in the anime?

“… Knai? You okay man? It’s me, Garrett…” Reinier called out, advancing gradually. He sheathed his sword, and held up his hands in the air. “See? I’m coming in peace. I just want to talk, y’know? Like the old days. Let’s just have a word or two…” No reply from Knai. Reinier continued on, regardless.

Knai began to react to Reinier getting so close. He shot out his right fist, and two massive vines shot upwards from behind him, and then curved downward to point directly at Reinier. With an effortless wave, the two vines rocketed towards Reinier who stood like a deer in the headlights. He took to the sky, flapping his wings vigorously to barely escape the vines which crashed in to the earth, causing two craters to form.

Reinier gave a sigh as he peered down and watched the vines shoot up from the dust cloud they had created on impact of the earth. He pulled out the Vak Crystal, and uttered a prayer for a useful power. His wings instantly burst in to flames, wings of flame which would make a phoenix envious, and a pair of miniature wings formed themselves on his heels. He speed forward, avoiding the vines effortlessly. He felt his speed had increased, even in the air.

Reinier shot towards his friend, avoiding vines which rocketed towards him periodically. He weaved in and out of the up shooting forest of vines, and made his decent upon Knai. He corkscrewed downwards, his hand on his sword, and he called out, “Kannon!” The flames scurried out of his blade as he pulled it out, and landed on the ground and delivering the slash at the same moment. The sword clearly made contact, to Reinier at least, but due to the sheer difference of levels, the attack did no damage to his foe. Reinier’s eyes widened as he looked up to Knai, remembering what level he said he managed to reach.

Knai’s right hand rushed forward, clenching Reinier around the neck. He effortlessly held up the boy inches above the ground, as the vines began to crawl off his body on to Reinier. The vines crawled down his legs, and rooted themselves in to the ground. He softened his grip off Reinier’s neck and backed away. Reinier struggled as he tried to free himself, but to no avail. He backed away from the vine clad warrior, and looked up and down upon him as he hovered in the air.

“Has it really come down to this, Knai? You being used by some random woman, and trying to kill your best friend?” No reply. He simply reached down in to his pocket and pulled out a vial of green liquid. The vial had been no bigger then a the width of his middle finger. He uncorked the bottle, and poured half of it on one hand, then the other half of the solution on to the other. A violent haze of emerald green smog circulated around his hands as he tossed the vile on the ground. Knai began to advance upon Reinier who struggled to break free of his vine clad imprisonment.

“What is the deal, Godric? You finally show up again, and how do you act? You try to kill me. This isn’t what I call a good and healthy friendship, my friend.” No response from Reinier’s cries. The vines parted around his chest, and Knai shot his fist straight in the opening. Reinier let out a cough of blood, as he jolted forward and looked down upon his friend removing his hand. “Son of a bitch…” He muttered, feeling the blood run down his neck by this point.

Knai opened his fist, holding two tiny gems in his hand. The garnet and the topaz, the Vak and Gan elements. Reinier shifted his head around, noticing that the flames which had enveloped his wings had vanished, and with it his increased speed. Knai peered upon the gems and seemed unsatisfied. He shot his other hand in to Reinier’s chest, who once again let out a scream and coughed up more blood. His arm began shaking, and spasms of pain shot through his arm. He let out a cry and pulled out his arm, clenching his hand close to his chest. He pocketed the gems, and turned around. Three golden rings descended upon his body and in that instant, he vanished.

Reinier blinked, as he stood there inches above the ground. He tried to make sense of the whole situation as he felt the grip of the vines loosen with its’ master most likely miles away by now. He crumbled to the ground, rubbing his chest in agony. He shifted from his knees to his butt, and leaned back on his hands as he outstretched his legs.

Ten golden rings descended near and around Reinier, with Rhilla being the first to be heard or seen. “SON OF A BITCH! We missed him, didn’t we!?” She said, smashing her fist in to the ground, inches away from Reinier’s left foot. Reinier blinked and looked up to his sister.

“You’re fucking insane, sis… yeah, you missed him by minutes. Who’s your friends?” Reinier peered around at different toga clad men, each in a different color most likely representing an element. Dionysus stood next to Hades, two of the men he had already met. Dionysus stepped out of the ring of people and stared at Reinier.

“We’ve held a vote, and we believe that you having the keystones is a hazard to your safety… We’ve decided it would be best if we grant you a power non-gem related for you to draw your abilities from, one that can’t be taken away. This way, you’ll be on even ground with Flau and not have the threat of all the gem hunting progress stolen. Makes sense? I hope so. Well, each of us have a different power we can bestow… take your pick…” Dionysus said to the flaming haired boy.

Reinier peered around upon each and everyone one of the nine people which stood before him, before gazing upon a woman in a long, copper toga. Her copper brown hair had been cut short, not extending past her collar. A massive tomahawk had been strapped around the back of her belt, which would undoubtedly take sizable strength to carry, yet alone yield. She reached what appeared to be around five eight, and was rather slender and appeared to have little to no muscle which made it even more amazing that she could use such a weapon. The fact that she was actually cute made it all the better, so Reinier at that moment made his decision.

Reinier looked over to Dionysus and gave a grin. He pointed towards the woman with the tomahawk and said, “I don’t know who she is, but whatever she has to offer… it’s gotta be kick ass. I’ll take whatever she can offer.” Reinier looked over to the woman, and gave a wink. She seemed to chuckle a bit and smiled at Dionysus.

“Feeling masochistic, eh Rei? Well… if that’s how you feel… Leucosia, he is all yours. Try to keep him in one piece, if you could. Who knows? We may need him due to his connect with the dragon…” Dionysus snickered to himself as he gated out of the field. The others also gated out of the field, with the exception of Leucosia and Rhilla.

“Garrett, I’ll going to head off now. I have an idea where Knai’s going with the gems… it’s going to be tough, but I’m going to chase down that shell of a person. If what I think’s happened to him, then there’s time. But I gotta go now, so… good bye until next time, Garry!” Rhilla ran up and gave Reinier a hug. She hopped back, waved, and three rings descended upon her.

She’s changed… the lack of dog ears is… odd… and the fact that she has no sword is odd too… oh well… and to think, I used to have that character until she fucked it up so badly…

He looked over to a smiling woman in a toga, who proceeded forward. She knelt down in front of Reinier and peered in to his eyes. She ran her hand down his face, and sighed. “I can tell you’ve been through a lot, just in these past few days… and over all, you’ve been through most in a few months then most have in their whole lives. I wish from the bottom of my heart I could say it will get easier with time, but sadly, it will get harder. As with my training, you’re going to go through a grueling time. My gifts will take time to master completely, but hopefully you won’t be disappointed with your choice.”

She stood and stepped away from Reinier. She held up her hand, and with a snap of the fingers, two slabs of earth slapped together on top of Reinier like a pair of pliers would on a wire. “I do hope I didn’t give that poor boy a heart attack… I lose more recruits that way then anything else… oh well…” And with that, she descended down in to the earth and vanished.

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Reinier sat in a field of flat rock, with a round mound of dirt thirty yards in front of him. The mound seemed to be a few stories high, but nothing near that of the mountain he and the other Freedom Fighters once had to scale. Reinier looked around, but no sign of his mentor. The boy climbed to his feet, brushing off the excess dirt off his butt and legs, and inspected the area once more. Sure enough, no noticeable features except for the mound of dirt in front of him.

What’re your thoughts about this, Taimat? You’ve been oddly quiet. It’s actually a little creepy, because you haven’t been bickering or anything.

I’m attempting to soak this all in, because it’s still a bit surreal to me. It started out with just me alone, trying to see what happened to my friends… but it’s turned in to this all out fight fest involving people of a higher caliber then I would have ever expected to meet playing this game. But as for now, I suppose we must wait for that woman… what was her name, again?

Leucosia, if I remember right. She was a cutie. If you were still a guy, and not some hideous deformed dragon thing, would you go for her?

I’m not some hideous deformed dragon thing. I’m actually still VERY sexy, ahthankyou. Women would die for a piece of this tail.

After the poorly thought out pun by the dragon, a spire shot up from the ground next to Reinier. He leaped backwards out of shock, pulling out his sword out of reaction. The earth crumbled off the spire, revealing the woman known as Leucosia. She looked down upon the sword which had been drawn, giggled, and began her speech, ignoring the sword altogether. “Welcome to my home, the Earth Kingdom.” She raised her right arm and shifted it from left to right, to show off the bounties of the kingdom.

The began to walk towards the mound of dirt, and spoke at the same time. “This kingdom, just like all the others, specialize in a different element. As you hopefully would have guessed, yes, we specialize in dealing with the earth. You will learn advanced defense skills, as well as some attacks which I still love using. It will be, of course, a difficult journey, but in the end it will hopefully be worth it.” She came to a stop in front of the mound of dirt and turned her neck to the right to look upon Reinier. As she began to spoke, she raised her right hand, “Through this door,” she snapped her fingers, “lies the Trials of Terra. I will guide you, but the actual work will be up to you. Let us proceed.” The dirt and rock had parted, and left an opening in the mound just large enough for a person to enter.

Leucosia led the way, and descended down a flight of stairs which had been revealed, ducking her head as she made the descent. Reinier followed closely, ducking his head, but forgot about his wings. An utterance of the Lord’s name had been taken in vein at that moment, as his wings peeled off the edge of the overhang. The light from behind grew dimmer as they proceeded onwards, with a few torches along the way lighting the lengthy and narrow staircase.

“Well, feel more powerful yet, Reinier?” Leucosia asked, turning around to face the boy. He looked around, puzzled by her statement. He let out an unheard “Uhh…” but she began to speak once more. “It’s just a little joke I do at the end of the staircase, because it’s so long… I’ve been meaning to shorten it up, but I haven’t had the time. You know how that works. Well, by now you must be asking yourself how you’re going to change the earth to your whims. Well, normally it’s years of training followed by the time you’ve shown potential in any elemental manipulation. Well… we don’t have years and years, nor months and months for that matter.

“That is why, I shall bestow you with a special gift. Due to management not liking the trite and overused statement of ‘Manipulation,’ I’ve given it a special name. I call it, ‘The Blessing of Terra.’ Nice, isn’t it? I thought so. Well, let us continue on,”
Leucosia turned around, and began to advance out of the box-like room, which had been made so tiny that he had began to feel claustrophobic. “The blessing is in the next room, so if you wish to receive it I would follow.” She pressed on, waving her hand in front of a wall to make a doorway appear, just as she had earlier with the first entrance.

Reinier followed behind like a duckling would the mother, and entered a rather large room with a massive crystal plopped in the middle of the room. The room had a ring with two walkways to entrances, and to the sides you could peer over to the bottomless abyss of a room. The crystal in the middle of the room seemed to be an elongated double ended pyramid, with a golden ring wrapped around its’ midsection. The ring appeared to be of the same style and texture as the ones which transported players to different fields everyday. With a wave of Leucosia’s hand, a stairway shot up from the ground leading to the massive gem. “Place your hand upon the gem, and close your eyes. I must warn you… you may die from your brain collapsing upon itself. You’ll see images of your past, present, and future… It may be hard to take in, but if you preserver, you will have been blessed by the Gods themselves.”

Reinier walked forward, already seeing a future of his brains oozing out of his ears. Reinier gradually made his way up the steps, and peered down upon the glowing topaz stone. He reached out, and gently set his hand down upon the slick surface of the gem. Instantly he felt the effects as he began to see his past, every miniscule detail that happened to him from the first day he became apart of the game…

There she stood, the hacked weapon the Treeweaver in hand, a grin across her face. Xenobia, the hacker of the forest, with the ability of mind control. She controlled that boy, Phoenix, in to killing part of the team… Around that time, she made the vines ensnare part of the group, and Reinier, and ended up putting them all in to comas… He was now one of them, one of the Freedom Fighters. Flash forward past that to Taimat, his faithful guardian and friend, who just happened to be a dragon. The two worked decently well together, but bickered over the most miniscule things. Yet, they were friends in all meaning of the word. The beginnings of his friendships with Nighthand, Nall, and even meeting that one new kid… Zan… man, he has issues.

Flash forward to hours ago, being tortured for a “year” by that charlotte’s flunkies. The hell of being shocked and beaten everyday over a piece of jewelry… which she got in the end. But at least he was reunited with his sister, and reassured about her well being.

Flash forward quite some time, and there he stood… Reinier… clad in the armor of the earth. There was that boy, Zan, looking stronger as well. Nighthand… looking as evil and demonic as ever with massive demon wings. Reinier couldn’t see Nall… what did this mean? Where were they? Where they in Mac Anu? Reinier tried to get a better view of things, but everything faded in to darkness.

Reinier sat up, blood trickling down the side of his cheek. He lay in front of the floating topaz gem, with Leucosia knelt down by his side. His nose had been bleeding, most likely from his brain collapsing upon itself. But, he managed to move all his limbs, and he WAS breathing… success? He felt a sneeze coming on. Reinier looked up to sky, and his face began to shrivel. “AHHHCHHOO!” A massive sneeze escaped his lungs, causing him to shoot down to the ground, his head ducking between his spread legs. A spire of earth shot up from the ground, stopping inches away from Leucosia’s face.

She sat there, her eyes wide, and gradually began to sweat. She moved her head away and stood. “Um… congratulations… you’ve gained the Blessing of Terra AND nearly killed your teacher. Few can say they’ve done both within ten minutes time…” She smiled as Reinier gradually climbed to his feet, avoiding the spike which he managed to make out of nothing. “Well, let’s press on. Let’s see if we can’t control those bursts of power, okay?” She giggled as she followed the path around the gem, in to the next room. Though, this time, she sealed the door behind her.

“First test already? What a bitch. I don’t know how to do this…” Reinier muttered, as he followed the path and looked upon the wall. “Maybe it’s like the Karate Kid…? Wax on…” he waved his right hand in a clockwise motion, “Wax off?” then his left in a counter-clockwise motion. The door hadn’t opened, and the only thing he managed to accomplish was to write “Nall Sucks” in fairly large and friendly letters.

Deciding that the Karate Kid way wasn’t the way to go at all, he decided to try a different approach. He held out his hand, and envisioned the door opening through his own will. An indention began to form, round and insignificant at first, but gradually growing larger. It continued to grow, until it finally burst forward, making a hole just large enough for Reinier and his wings to fit through. “That’s more effort then I’m used to making to go through a door…” the boy muttered, stepping through the hole.

“Oh, I forgot to leave the door open… silly me…” Leucosia said sarcastically, and giving off a giggle. “Right, well then. Time to continue on. In this room, you’ll notice the soldier like rocks. Well, they’ll be testing out your armor I’m going to teach you how to use.” She stood and faced Reinier, and closed her eyes. She shrugged her shoulders in a counter clockwise, then clockwise manner, and then looked upon Reinier. “Okay, what I want you to do is loosen up. If you’re too tense at any point when you make the armor, every muscle in your body will shred to pieces, and you’ll be nothing but a pile of bones. Not the most useful fighter, if you ask me.”

She took off the tomahawk from the back of her belt and grasped it with two hands, pointing the tip downwards. “Concentrate, and imagine the armor forming to the contours of your body. If you think hard enough, it’ll form with ease. The key thing for each skill I teach you is to never lose your concentration. Flowstone Armor!” She shouted, smashing the tomahawk in to the earth. A ring of earth cracked around her, being obliterated in to dust, which began to form around her body. The sand conformed to her body, making a thick case of armor which mimicked Reinier’s. “Once you get the basics down, you can do some rather neat things with the skill. Now, it’s your turn. I would suggest not smashing a weapon in to the ground for the effect until you get the basics down, though…” Leucosia said, backing away from Reinier.

Reinier took a few steps back, shaking his hands to try to loosen up. He cracked his neck to the left, then right, and took in a deep breath in. He closed his eyes, and concentrated upon seeing himself in armor that conformed to his present armor, and began to raise his hands. Crushed rock slithered around and up his legs, then around his torso, and finally up his arms. The sand continued to form and mold to his body, and when he finally opened his eyes, there it sat. A thin layer of earthen armor, but armor none the less. He smiled, and looked up to Leucosia. “Look! I did it! God I’m awesome,” and before Reinier could barely finish his sentence, Leucosia swung her tomahawk downwards upon Reinier.

He let out a yelp, and began to pull out his sword, but it was too late. Before Reinier could be smote, a ray of sand fluttered up above his head, blocking the obscenely large weapon, which scuttled down to the ground with the sand. Reinier stood there, hand still on his sword, blinking at Leucosia. “What just happened here?” Reinier said, still shocked that his mentor would attack him like that.

“Oh, that? I was just testing to see how well you could block attacks with the passive defense that the armor grants. And, seeing as how you’re not splattered against my weapon… you passed that test! Yay!” Leucosia cheered, putting away her weapon and clapping for Reinier. “Since the messy business of not killing you is over, I guess that dummy is useless now…” She snapped her fingers, shattering the soldiers of rock as well as her armor.

The two continued onwards, entering a new room. They stood in front of a massive wall, and in the distance, higher up from where they stood, a ledge to the next room stood. The ledge hadn’t been terribly high, about a hundred yards, but still enough to make a person hurt if they landed wrong. Leucosia leapt forward, creating a platform under her feet. She spun the platform around and looked down upon Reinier. “Use your wings and you’ll be shot down out of the sky. Use your powers to get to the other ledge, it’s not terribly far… only about a hundred yards. If you concentrate hard enough, I imagine you’ll be able to make little notches to get up the wall. Lose that brain power of yours, and you’ll most likely fall and die. Painfully,” she said. And with that, she floated away to the ledge.

By this point, Reinier could feel the trials getting easier as the most he had to do was envision and concentrate. He walked up to the wall, and placed his left hand high upon the rock, and felt an indention just large enough for a hand and foot hold take form. He smiled, knowing he could get the basics of the earth manipulation down with relative easy. And so, began to climb up the wall, creating indentions along the way.

A rock, a rather large one at that, shot across the room and nearly pelted Reinier in the hand. He looked behind and noticed other rather large rocks flying across the room. He began to climb faster, and noticed the indentions didn’t become quite as well made or sturdy as they had before under pressure. Reinier barrel rolled to the right, narrowly missing a fleet of ten rocks from making holes in his body. He landed on four poorly made indentions, and began his trek once more. As he continued on, he noticed that he still had the armor on. He was a few feet away from the ledge, and decided to risk it. He leaped to the side, and flapped violently. A few rocks flew next to each other, aimed towards Reinier’s head. He managed to grab a hold to the side, and the rocks simply slid past his head against the sand by the armor.

With a back flip, he found himself rushing in to the next room. He imagined to be running to the next room, more then a wall, though. He waved his hand, and an opening appeared. He crawled through the door, which collapsed behind him. He huffed and puffed on the ground, right in front of Leucosia. “You’re in your prime, you should have been able to make that run blind folded… youth is wasted on the young…” she muttered, walking forward.

“Jeez, you’re not that much older… what’re you, twenty-eight?” Reinier muttered, climbing to his feet. She twirled around, shooting her hand outwards. A saw blade shot out of the earth, and curved forward towards Reinier. The boy fell backwards, landing on his back, and watched the saw blade shoot through the doorway.

“DON’T YOU EVER SAY I’M THAT OLD AGAIN!” She screamed, her eyes wide and her breathing unnaturally fast and heavy. Reinier blinked and had also gained an irregular breath. He looked around to make sure it was safe, and proceeded forward. “No where near that old, anyway… jerk… I’m only twenty-one, thank you very much.”

Reinier laughed, as he proceeded next to her. This room seemed unnatural, as large slabs of earth hung over head, connected by what appeared to be wires. “Anyways, the next trial involves what I tried to decapitate you with… saw blades created of earth. Go ahead and give it a try.” Reinier knelt down and grabbed a handful of dirt. He placed his other hand under his hand, and spun each hand in a different direction. The dirt continued to spin around, and began to form two spinning saw blades.

He moved his hands up and down, pulling one hand high and the other low. He sent off the high blade towards the closer cord, then a few seconds later, sent off the other saw blade. The first cord cut clean, and instantly the slab of earth began to swing downwards. The second cord had been cut by the saw blade, and burst in to dust when it made an impact against the ceiling. The slab of earth descended, and fit perfectly in the hole in the ground. Leucosia nodded in satisfaction, and continued onwards. “Was that it for the saw blade task? Kind of… easy…” Reinier asked as he followed behind the woman.

“I know, but I’ve been meaning to seal up that hole or quite some time. The apprentices normally have a hellacious time crossing that area, and haven’t been able to fully master the saw blade yet. But I’ve been preoccupied, so the hole’s just kind of… stayed there… anyways, that’ll do for the saw blade. Now, we press on to a new skill,” The woman said, entering the next room.

Reinier followed behind, and found himself on a ledge. A few hundred yards away, he could see another ledge, leading to a new room. Rings with targets hung from the ceiling. Reinier looked to Leucosia in confusion, but she specified what she wanted. “What you need to do here is to knock out the target with a spire attack. Just take your time, aim, and shoot. If you hit them well enough, you’ll be able to cross the abyss to the next room. You’re making remarkable headway, and I’m proud of you. Don’t let me down from here.” And with that said, she hopped on another platform and flew to the other side of the room.

Reinier shot his foot in to the ground, causing some of it to mound upwards and towards the rings. He lowered his hand down towards the earth, and then towards a ring, and sure enough a spire shot out. It flew straight through the target, shattering the filled in earth, then a ways more to destroy the middle of another. He continued pointing and shooting earth as if it were nothing, amazed by how easy and quick he managed to pick this up. He wondered how well he could shoot more then one spire at a time, and decided to take the time and see.

He brought his hands close together, fingers outstretched and at an angle towards his stomach, and shot out his arms, pointing his fingers to the sky. Four spires shot out of the ground, but were unable to keep their form. They turned to dust barely before the left the ground. So, he stuck to one at a time. High, low, middle, he managed to hit every target. And with the last target being stuck, so opened a pathway to the other side. Reinier shrugged, and ran across the way to the next room.

And so, there Leucosia stood, clapping. A smile across her face as she watched the boy enter the room. “This next thing should be cake for you. It’s simple, but it gets more complex as you begin to master it. It’s a simple cloud of dust, it should be enough to run distraction, make the monster miss, things like that,” Leucosia explained. Reinier scratched his head, wondering why she kept this for the last test. “I know what you’re thinking… Yeah, I saved this for last because I totally forgot about it. Go ahead and give it a go, and then we can move on from here.”

Reinier leaned over, picking up a handful of sand. He smiled, and blew the sand, which began to twist and swirl about him violently. As the sand twisted about, it collected more sand and soon most of the room had been filled with the sand. “If that’s not enough, I might be able to get a bit more…” Reinier called to Leucosia. It was by no means thick, but just enough to agitate any monster in his way. And as if written in his code, it was Reinier’s duty to now show off. He pulled together all the sand he had manipulated, and formed a rather long spire which he barely managed to keep in the air. He pulled up his arm over his head, then dropped it down, and shot the spire forward.

The spire narrowly missed Leucosia, and shot straight through the doorway. “You’re a very brash young boy, you know that?” Leucosia said, looking upon a very happy and smiling Reinier. “Well, I’ve taught you enough to get you by for now. The rest, I trust that you can do this, you can pick up on your own. Through that door is your final test, and if you pass, you go back to the Negative Frame. Good luck Reinier,” and with that said, she approached Reinier, and kissed him on the cheek. She smiled, backed away, and disappeared in a twirling tornado of sand. Reinier nodded to himself, and pressed on, ready for anything. He jogged in to the new room, taken back by what awaited him.

There she stood, the one, the only, the very unique: Rhilla. Her arms were crossed, and a smile appeared the moment he walked in to the room. He stood straight up, regaining his composure, and smiled back at his sister. He shot out his right arm, letting his wings shoot out to show their wingspan of a few yards. The door behind them sealed up, leaving no exit or entrance for anyone. “Took you ‘bout damned long enough, Garrett,” Rhilla said, laughing.

“Do we really have to do this, Andy? I mean, common. We both know I’ll win. Hell, you don’t even have powers like I do. It’s unfair, very unfair actually,” Reinier said, lowering his arm.

Rhilla simply laughed, and raised her right arm, throwing her right leg forward with it. “Daedalus! Hydra of the Elements, come!” She yelled this out, and snapped her fingers. With the snap, the bracelet around her right wrist split apart, and fell to the ground. The bracelet glowed golden, and elongated in to a massive hydra with nine heads. The serpent-like beast slithered next to Rhilla and let out a hissing roar. “Two against one seems fair with your ‘powers,’ you think?” Rhilla said, climbing on the back of her hydra. “Fight or die, Garrett. Your choice.”

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There she is… Rhilla, no… Andrea. My long time and wonderful sister who would never try to screw me out of ANYTHING. The sister who stole my original character… Sure, it was an Inuyasha fan-boy thing at the time, but still, it was my character damnit. I could be level forty, at least, if it wasn’t for her. For that, she’ll pay, A LOT.

You really don’t like her, do you? She does have that stuck up little sister who wasn’t beaten enough when she was younger look…

Like you wouldn’t believe, my friend.

There she stood, upon her hydra, the heels she wore most likely irritated the poor monster beyond belief. The heels, which would about three inches tall, and made of a nice brown leather, wrapped themselves around her feet and ended a little above the ankles. She wore matching brown leggings which came up to well past her knees and ended in a zigzag pattern. A few inches above that, a short yellow skirt which was hidden partially by a leather brown corset she wore around her body. It ended in a V line around her hips, and started just below her chest. She wore a white top, hidden by the corset and by a yellow sleeveless jacket she seemed to enjoy to wear. The top and coat had a collar, both of which where hidden by a blue scarf she wore around her neck, which dangled far down her back to the back of her knees.

Around her arms, she wore two gauntlets which ended at the wrists and had the fingers cut off at the notches. Under the leather gauntlets, were leather sleeves which ran up her arms and ended underneath two golden circlets around her arms, just above the elbows. Feathers wrapped themselves around her arms, and were fastened down by the two circlets. Her hair, which had always been cut short, extended down a bit past her ears, and was still, of course, silver. Her eyes had stayed a deep shade of blue, almost navy they had been so dark. “If you’re not going to take the first shot,” Rhilla yelled, looking at Reinier, “then I will!” She pointed from behind the hydra. “Crystalline Oversoul!” She screamed the attack.

By this time, Reinier felt very sorry for this poor beast, but he would have to fight regardless. He tried to plan his next move, but fear crept through his body. Almost instantly, survival mode kicked in. Out of his pocket, he pulled out an ancient text wrapped around a block of wood, tied with an even older string. He ripped the string off, letting the paper unravel. “Speed Charm!” Reinier screamed, letting the charm take its’ necessary affects. With what felt like pure speed running through his veins, Reinier shot to the left to avoid the verdant rays of energy.

The blast of energy smashed in to the ground, and instantly a lush amount of foliage and even a few trees began to grow where the ray had settled. Reinier came to a screeching halt, digging his left hand in to the ground to help stop and held his right fist near his stomach, ready to unleash his counter attack. He pounded his fist to the earth, and without hesitation, caused a line of the earth to become softer as it trailed towards the hydra. An ear piercing screech echoed throughout the room, as a spire had shot up through the ground, through the tail of the hydra. It writhed and screamed, trying to free itself from the spire, but in vain.

Rhilla climbed off the beast, grumbling in disgust. She pressed her knuckles against the inside of her fist, cracking the bones, and then repeated the process to crack the other hand. She rubbed her hand against the neck of the hydra, attempting to calm the beast down. Its’ screams were subdued, but it continued to whimper in pain. She turned to Reinier, anger apparent and seething. “Ap Do,” she muttered. Her feet radiated a dark sapphire aura, as her speed doubled in that instant.

She rushed forward, her fists ready to inflict pain. She leaped in to the air, throwing her right fist back. “San He` Chien!” She called out. She pounded the earth in front of Reinier, with him barely managing to take a leap back to avoid it, and began to go in to a flurry of kicks. Reinier ducked the first kick, bending over backwards and catching himself with his right hand, but his left arm flew in to the air. Her next kick had been more deadly then the last, in that it made contact with Reinier’s arm.

The crunch of bones breaking echoed in the room, as Rhilla hit the boy at the joint. Normally, the left arm would bend to the right with ease, and to the right to a point. The point had been shattered, and his left arm flopped to the right. Reinier fell to the ground, screeching in pain and grabbing his left elbow in vain. She stood over him, and readied the last part of the attack, a downward kick with her right leg. He opened his eyes, which had been sealed shut out of reaction to the pain, and he knew he had to do something if he didn’t want his rib cage collapsing in to his heart.

He swung his right arm over his body, and hit the earth. A spire shot up from the right side of his head at an angle, and hit Rhilla in the ankle. The sheer force of the spire shooting out of the ground, plus the fact she hadn’t been braced for it, caused her to fly to the left with the spire. Reinier switched swords in the downtime, and used the healing powers of his Life Sword to cast Ol Repth. The strength of the of the spell was more then enough to recover his health points, but the bones that had been shattered was a different problem altogether. The bones mended to a point, and he could move his arm around, but there was still pain.

Reinier peered over to Rhilla, after climbing to his feet, just in time to watch her rip out the spire, and toss it on the ground. She poured a solution out of a bottle on to the wound, and came to a wobbly stand. She began to charge Reinier, who took his stance and readied a counter attack. Rhilla hopped in the air, and twisted her body around tightly together in a corkscrew. She landed on her left leg, twisting around her right leg and sliced vertically through the air with it. “HiryuuShoten Spiral Kick!” She called out. A spiraling emerald tornado wobbled back and forth as it shot straight for Reinier.

He sped forward, his wings beginning to flap vigorously to gather momentum. He leaped in to the air, and out of no where, a spire shot up from the ground, which Reinier caught under his leg, and pushed off of to avoid the tornado. He gripped his sword, and began to pull out a sword engulfed in flames. “Karin!” The one word command echoed throughout the room. His blade burst out of its’ sheath, but Rhilla only smiled. She caught the blade with the outside of her right wrist. The flames burst off the blade when she managed to catch the sword, which astonished Reinier due to the sheer force of the attack. She caught the attack, and stretched her left leg out to the side to absorb some of the force by the massive attack.

Flames enveloped the woman’s back, her screams echoing throughout the room. She fell to her knees, and Reinier took the opportunity to finish off the hydra. And so, there he hovered: Taimat. During the Karin attack, the dragon managed to fly out of the sword, behind Rhilla, and unleash a decently powerful attack. So now the fight between Reinier and Rhilla had shifted to Rhilla and Taimat.

I got faith in you, little buddy. Go for it.

The hydra loomed over Reinier, who came to a skidding stop due to the fact he had no idea how to defeat the thing. He knew how Hercules would have done it, but that was a long time ago, and this was now. An emerald flame began to grow within the beast’s mouths, as it peered down upon Reinier. He rushed forward, flames becoming engulfed upon his blade, and he called out his attack, “Karin!” He twirled around, his blade extending out from his body making him appear to be a spinning top.

Three heads fell to the ground, seared off and cauterized by the attack. When he landed on the neck of the beast, Reinier dragged his flaming sword across the spine of the monster. In the distance, Rhilla could hear the screams and hollers of her beloved beast. “Daedalus!” she called out, letting down her guard to another barrage of flames. Reinier sheathed his sword, and began to hover above the beast. He brought up his right hand, and instantly three copper red spires shot out of the ground under the beast which shot straight through its’ heads and through its’ mouths. He repeated the process with his left hand, and muffled screams echoed throughout the room. He ran his hands past each other, across his chest, and watched as two saw blades spun violently across the floor, cutting straight through the bottom of the hydra.

Rhilla screamed, and forgot about Taimat. She ran towards the hydra with all the speed she could muster. Taimat took his time and hovered over to Reinier. The dragon began to radiate a strong gold color, before taking the shape of an orb and flying in to Reinier’s sword. The handle became a dragon head, mouth open wide with the blade protruding from its’ mouth.

I think we broke the poor girl… look at her… she’s a sobbing mess over a poor excuse for a monster.

Nah… it was her friend… probably her only friend. It’s like how you are with me, I’d be pretty distraught if you were killed in a horrific way… like that… What should we do?

Just wait, she’ll concede to us shortly. We’ve won.

Reinier drifted down out of the sky, and stood near his sister. There she was, one of the most annoying and headstrong girls Reinier had known, sitting and crying. Then, a peculiar thing happened. She stopped, and she just sat there for a few minutes. Reinier sighed, and shook his head, not knowing how to deal with the situation. Suddenly, she stood, and turned around to Reinier.

A line of blood ran from her forehead to the tip of her nose. Two diagonal lines ran down her cheeks, starting from beside her nostrils down to the end of the jaw bone. She smashed her fists together in front of her chest, revealing the same paintings in blood on the top of her hands, and she called out, “Blood Seal: Verdant Rain.” Sparkling jade flames engulfed her fists, and out of her back, two flaming wings of matching color. She shifted her feet outwards, and leaned forward, her feet bursting in to jade flames.

With blazing fast speed, she rushed forward, and delivered an uppercut in to Reinier’s stomach. She managed to punch through the shield of sand that would normally provide protection, then through his brand new armor, which had the personal guarantee never to break. Blood spewed out of his mouth, as he hovered on her fist in the air. Without hesitation, she pulled back her hand and delivered a round house kick that made Reinier spiral across the room, in to a near by wall.

Round two came, and so did Rhilla. Reinier staggered to his feet, trying to get his head straight and noticed her coming. With a gulp, he knelt down and tried to run a play in his head. He threw his leg forward, and a flat headed spire shot up in to it, causing him to back flip in to the wall. He landed on the wall, and sat vertical long enough to watch Rhilla punch the spire instead of him. He pushed off with his hands and flew down behind her.

When Reinier touched the earth with his hands, he also did a nice little trick. He managed to shoot out two saw blades out of the wall towards his sister. Reinier spun around in the air, and delivered a kick to her back, causing her to stumble in to the saw blades. One cut her across the cheek, and the other sawed through the left side of her collar bone. Reinier hovered in the air, looking down on his little sister, with a smile. “Can’t believe that worked! Man you’re stupid, sis,” Reinier mocked.

She turned around, smiling, blood trailing down her face. She shot upwards, delivering an uppercut to Reinier’s jaw, knocking him out of the air. The ceiling had been low enough for her to kick off it, and shoot downwards on her brother. With an earth shattering hit, Rhilla smashed her fist in to the boy’s back. The two hit the ground, Reinier bouncing off the ground and landing on his face, while Rhilla stuck out her hand, pushed off, and flipped forward on to her feet. “Boy, I can’t believe you fell for that! You’re so stupid, bro!” she said in a gruff, low voice.

A twisting whirlwind of sand and dust began to flutter around Reinier as he gradually climbed to his feet. He grabbed his sword, and shot out his hands, making his body appear to be a cross. The dust filtered outwards, creating an ambient haze around the room. Reinier rushed forward, and began to slice and slash vigorously at Rhilla.

Her blocks were sluggish and uncoordinated, as Reinier had thrown the slashes from any which way, due to the sand flowing through the room. Miniature spires began to be created above Reinier’s head out of the sand, and shot down towards Rhilla. One managed to lodge itself in to her left shoulder joint, making her left arm useless. The next shot itself through her right leg, just above the knee. The battle had been decided.

Reinier leaped in to the air, spreading out his wings and arms, shooting all the sand away in to the walls. He flew downwards, flames dancing around his sword. He threw down the sword upon the woman, screaming out the spell, “KARIN!” She shifted her body, and swung her left arm upwards with her fingers outstretched. She managed to catch the blade, but the force of the sword descending plus the fact her arm was locked equaled out to be a devastating consequence. With a crack, snap, and pop, the bone shot out of her skin. She screamed, tears running down her face, as she smashed her other hand in to the sword. The blade shattered from the blow, as she continued upwards and with the same punch, hit Reinier in the face.

He landed five yards away, landing on his wings awkwardly and breaking his left one. Flight was no longer an option of the warrior. Blood began to obscure his view as he staggered to his feet, rage filling his body. He gripped his new dagger, and decided to just go for her jugular to end the battle. Though, she had other plans. The flames from her fists, feet, and back enveloped her body, and she charged forward for another barrage of attacks.

Out of shock and reaction, Reinier threw up his hands together and blocked the flurry of right punches. The gauntlets around his hands and arms shattered, with some of the pieces getting lodged in to Reinier’s arms and Rhilla’s fist. The attack stopped, but then without a moment’s rest, a left side kick shot through Reinier’s guard and pelted him in the ribs. A large piece of his breast plate plummeted to the ground, as Reinier flew across the room. He smashed against the wall, but never touched the ground.

Rhilla proceeded forward, her right arm extended towards Reinier. He tried to move his body, but to no avail. Terror, horror, fear… they all spread through his body like a cancer as he hung against the wall, defenseless. The woman hobbled forward, and stood a few feet from Reinier. She brought her hand back in towards her side, clenching it in to a fist. The flames which twisted and writhed around her body fluttered to her fist, which began to burn pearl white. A perfect orb of white flames gathered around her hand, with bits of emerald flames bouncing off playfully.

The flames seared through the flesh, organs, and bones of Reinier as he screamed and peered down to the top of his sister’s head. Her fist shot straight through his body, in to the earth behind him. A few feeble coughs escaped his mouth with the blood, as he began to slither down to the ground. “I win,” Rhilla muttered.

A smile crept across Reinier’s face, his vision fading in and out between black and red. A spire shot through his shoulder, directly in to Rhilla’s neck. A muffled groan echoed from her, but could hardly be heard. The woman flew backwards, sliding across the ground, dead. “I…. Win…” Reinier muttered as he slid down the wall on to the floor. He grasped his stomach, and began to run in to the light…

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“I do hope the boy manages to live… it would be a shame if he was killed just after getting new powers… and it would definitely be a shame if he was killed by his sister, of all people…”

Who the hell’s talking? Where am I…? Why’s it so black? God, I’m so sore…

“I think he’ll manage to pull through… he’s a strong willed person… I just feel so much sorrow for him… in the past few days, he’s just gone through so much… and from what I’ve seen in his future… it will be nothing as compared to what will happen to him when he leaves this kingdom…”

Yeah, sleep… I wanna sleep more… Good night…

“Ah, just the fact you were able to peer in to his future is enough evidence that he will indeed live. Well, the two of them have my cloaks, so just put them back in the cabinet when they’re feeling better… I have other matters to attend to.”


A deep and gruff moan escaped Reinier’s lips as his eyes gradually opened, to the sights of Leucosia peering down upon him. Joy swept through her body as she reached down and hugged the boy. “Son of a bitch, ow ow ow… lottsa hurt…” Reinier coughed a bit, and looked up to the smiling woman.

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy you didn’t wind up like the others… normally, everyone dies after the first test. But not you! Anyways, you’ve passed! Congratulations! I would hold a tiny party or something for the occasion, but there’s no time sadly… you need to get better. Fast. Your friends will be needing you, and I don’t want a party to get in the way. But for now, you have time to rest, so rest… You’ll be needing your strength,” Leucosia said to the boy. She stood, and drifted off to a different room.

Reinier peered around the room, noticing everything was liquid paper white. The beds, the sheets, the flowers… everything. Reinier let out a yawn, and gradually began to drift back in to his slumber.


Hey Garrett! You okay? Hope I didn’t beat you down TOO much. Seeing as how I totally won that battle.

Andrea…? Where are you? And yes, I’m fine, but you didn’t win that battle by a landslide… common, shot to the jugular. Ten point accuracy bonus, seeing as how I did a blind shot through my shoulder…

Well, I know I’m asleep right now… I’m near you, that’s for sure. We’re in the Wind Kingdom, a kingdom renowned for its amazing healing abilities. I’m pretty sure we’re both going to make it out alive, but you gave me quite a scare when you were dying…

I gave you a scare? Was this before or after you pulled your fist out of my stomach? That’s besides the point, what I want to know is what happened after we entered Beautiful Fated Angel? We both got Flashmail from Nall… both of which were appealing to our greed… your will to get stronger, and mine for rare items… I’m in a coma now, and what ever happened to you?

It’s a long story, too long for right now… I’ve found my power, but it does have its consequences, of course. And as for being comatose… yes, I am too. That’s why I was hesitant to fight you, because if we were to die… Game Over, for sure.

You attacked me first…


Reinier gradually sat up in his bed, placing his elbows on his knees, and began to rub sleep out of his eyes. His eyes opened, bit by bit, and there she sat, Rhilla. She sat in between his legs, on her knees, blinking and peering at him. “You’ve grown up quite a bit, Garry!” Reinier screamed, scooting back in his bed and pulling his legs together. He looked down to his chest, and noticed her wore no shirt at the time. With another scream, he pulled up the blanket out from under his sister who flipped off the bed and on to the floor. “That was not nice at all! Minus ten respect points!” Rhilla screamed, climbing up to her feet.

“What the hell are you doing on my bed!? I was sleeping! Rather peacefully, too, with you NOT in my head. What was so important that you had to come barging in and waking me up?” Reinier groaned, lying back down. He put his hands under his head, and closed his eyes.

Rhilla hopped back up on to the bed, on to Reinier’s stomach. “Nothing at all! Just thought you’d enjoy seeing your baby sister, whom you haven’t seen in SO long!” Rhilla said, giggling. Reinier let out a groan, wondering how they had been mixed in the same gene pool. Had his parents been in breeders, and by some twisted chance of fate Rhilla was created?

“Yes yes, wonderful, stellar, spectacular, lemme sleep…” Reinier muttered, attempting to roll over, to no avail.

“FINE! Guess you won’t want what I got you, then!” Rhilla said, hopping off Reinier’s stomach. Another moan escaped his lips, due to the fact she pushed down before jumping off. He rolled over, peering upon her, and sighed.

“Fine fine… sorry… what did you get me?” Reinier asked, wondering how much he would regret it.

“What makes every birthday complete?” Rhilla asked, pulling out a cube of a box. “Not seeing siblings?” entered Reinier’s mind, but he decided for the interest of time and energy not to say it. “Clothes!” She screamed, pulling off the top of the box. Reinier let out a soft chuckle as he looked at his smiling sister. At that point, she took it upon herself to dump the contents of the box on his head, toss the box on the floor, and began to walk out of the room. “Come get me when you’re done changing! I’ll be playing with Daedalus and Taimat outside!” And with that said, the door shut.

Reinier sighed, wondering what he would do with the exuberant sister of his, but just smiled and shrugged as he set each article of clothing on his bed. He held a sleeveless, dark copper-red coat, peering upon every inch of it. A highly light weight material, which was not only soft but seemed to feel like he was holding water, it had an interesting crest on the left, which would stand over his heart.

A golden griffin stood rampant, with a golden dragon hovering above it with its tail wrapped around one of its legs. The two bore its fangs at one another, claws inches away from each other. Reinier began to laugh, his family crest never truly coming to him until now. The irony of the griffin and dragon fighting was a bit much for Reinier.

He tossed the coat on the bed, still chuckling to himself. He picked up a skin tight long sleeve black shirt, and threw it over his head, rolling his arms through the sleeves. He peered on his back, and noticed the shirt slipped through the wings, and formed around them. He attempted to roll up the sleeves to a few inches above the elbow, which was a habit he created when he was a freshman in high school, but like mercury running away from a finger, the sleeve shot up his arm to the place he wanted it to. “That’s just too cool for school…” Reinier muttered to himself, picking up the pants that lay on the bed.

The jeans slipped on to his hips with ease, and acting as a belt was a golden chain, and he slipped his sword sheath through the chain. He sat down on the bed, slipping on both socks and putting on a pair of black combat boots. He hurriedly picked up the gauntlets, and slipped them over his hands. Rustic copper leather hugged around his hands and wrists, nearly up to his elbows, with a golden plate of metal on the top of his hand and forearm. A topaz, his birthstone, had been implanted on the top of his hand in the metal. He stood, and gave a stretch to let his wings unfurl. He finished stretching, picked up his coat, and began to walk out of the room, throwing it over his shoulders as he left the room.

The boy walked out of the room, and in to a massive field of grassland with a tree atop a single hill. Reinier stepped out on to the grass, and found Rhilla and Leucosia speaking and giggling, while the two guardians slept on under the shade. The wind blew gallantly past his coat, his wings, hair, and the tail of his coat fluttering through the gentle breeze. Reinier smiled, spreading out his wings and taking flight. He fluttered through the wind, spinning and twisting while enjoying the wind through his hair.

A massive hand made of rock and sand shot up from the earth, bringing Reinier back down to ground level. Leucosia smiled, as the hand released him. “Let’s keep you earthbound for a few more moments… I have some things I would like to share with you…” the woman said, her voice trailing. The smile vanished from her face as she looked in to Reinier’s eyes. “You see, controlling the earth’s vast powers is a difficult task… and because of the way you gained the powers, it will be a very daunting task indeed. A single ripple in your emotions could set off a series of earth related incidents you didn’t mean to create.

“Even worse,”
she continued on. “is that it might become unstable within you… the powers may grow too fast, and your body might not be able to handle the pressure. It can tear your soul to pieces, but that shell of a Wryneck around your soul might add some protection… Just be careful Reinier. I’ll be watching, but there’s only so much I can do… if I feel that you might be in danger, I’ll come grab you and I’ll try to do something. But until then… I wish you luck. I must take my leave now, other things to attend. Good bye, my little friend,” Leucosia gave a solemn wave, and in a tornado of sand, vanished.

“Well, that’s a new one… If it’s not one thing trying to kill me from the outside, it’s from the inside. Oh well, live ‘n learn… Have an interesting conversation with the woman, Andy?” Reinier looked down to his sister, who sat on the grass with her legs crossed while stretched out.

“Girl chat, y’know? I’ve gotta be taking off too, though… I’ve got things to do in the other kingdoms. Gotta train Daedalus more, get him stronger… I’ll keep in touch with you,” Rhilla stood at this point, and wrapped her arms around Reinier’s waist. The boy chuckled, and squeezed the girl around her back.

“Take care… I only have one little sister…” and with that said, three golden rings fell over the two of them.


Shifting Negative Frame: The start of it all. There Reinier stood, in a massive field of flowers with Taimat still napping by his side. Reinier took in a deep breath of air, and screamed. When he finished, he looked down to his loyal guardian, who was at the moment giving him the evil eye. “Well my quadrupedic friend… ready to take off?”

No reply, simply a yawn. Reinier shrugged, and gated out of the field. Three golden rings fell over his body, and there he stood, in Theta. The dragon’s head rested in his sword, no where else to be found. Reinier smiled, and with three more rings, found himself in the Delta server. A chill ran down his spine, and the smile vanished off his face. “Chills… this is not a good omen…”

Reinier's Wishlist: Sakabatou|Sharktooth
Abraxas' Wishlist: Complementry|Summon
The Hack's Wishlist: Wall lvl 2

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Reinier -> + (I WAS gonna give you a scroll for Gan Rom (you know, earth tornado's kinda like a sand storm...) but, no such scroll exists. So. You're stuck with just these.)

- Lvl 1 Ex Sphere [Enhance Strength] (Ap Corv)
- Lvl 1 Ex Sphere [Elemental Tornado] (Elem Rom)

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Wishlist: Any Armor or Weapons under level 50, Any Scrolls (prefer level 2+)

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