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A Cat's Tale
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Author:  Lighteria [ Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  A Cat's Tale

Mew mew? MEW MEW?! Mew meow meow mew? (Stay here? STAY HERE?! Who does he think I am?)

With Lighteria already departing for Gated Folding Stare, his kitten remains on the couch with a puffed chest and an indignant expression... for a cat. This is probably the first time since gaining consciousness that she's been treated like a pet... and from LIGHTERIA no less! At all other times, the twin blade is perfectly content sit and rub Kit's stomach, asking only for her purrs and her happiness. Though he's often asked Kit to heal or support the team in battle, it was never so much of a command as it was a helpful suggestion that Kit rarely felt compelled to follow anyway. This time though? None of that. Lighteria's face was grim and his tone of voice was unmistakable. He didn't want her to follow him. He wanted her to stay here. He didn't want to see anyone else killed...

This will not stand. On top of the fact that the belly rubbing quotient had gone WAY down since he'd returned from the last field, Lighteria had seem even more detached than usual. Almost like he'd given up... Given up on getting out? Given up on Kit? Given up on his friends? Given up on himself? None of the possibilities are particularly good, there's sure to be a lot less milk in the future in any one of the situations.
This will not stand.
Something must be done to bring back the old Lighteria.

Mew mew mew meow meow mew meow!! (And I am just the right kitten for the job!!)

The kitten nods firmly, hops onto the couch and immediately curls into a ball, falling straight to sleep.

...Hey, nap time is nap time.

"I brought her milk and cream! She'll wanna be MY kitty!" A blond haired, female long arm challenges.
"Oh yeah? Well I got her three balls of yarn to play with! She'll like me the best!" A short blue haired, male blade master retorts.
"Bah! I got her a catnip mouse." A pink haired, female wavemaster states firmly. "No cat can resist that."
"You're all wrong." A red haired, male heavy axe says lightly. "It's all about how good a tummy rub you can give her." Saying this, the player immediately steps forward and rubs Kit's belly. Lying on her side with a huge content smile on her face, Kit lets out a content purr, not moving a single relaxed muscle.

"No way!" Almost immediately, the long arm steps up to the challenge, her hand gliding down Kit's back in an expert back rub. "She'd prefer a back rub!"

"I think scratching behind her ear suits her better." The blademaster suddenly says, using two fingers to gently scratch behind Kit's ears.

"Here you go Kit..." The wavemaster says suddenly, holding out a salmon flavored kitty treat. "There'll be a lot more of these if you come with me…” Kit lets her head fall back, lazily opening her mouth as the wavemaster lightly plops the treat onto her tongue. With a purrs she shuts her mouth, the treat practically dissolving between her upper jaw and tongue into a mixture of salmon, mackerel and tuna. Like any good connoisseur, she takes her sweet time with the treat, chewing the delightful mix slowly and taking in every flavor before letting it slide down her throat, the treat hitting her stomach as she lets out a satisfied purr. All at once, the three players who were petting her let out a collective “Aww!” as she stretches out with a happy, content look on her face. The pampering in Mac Anu seems especially plentiful today and while the last thing Kit wants to do is discourage this type of behavior, it’s quickly becoming clear that clarification is needed.

“People, people…” She coos out between purrs because the really good backrub she’s getting is making it hard to talk. “You don’t seem to understand our relationship here. Kit cannot be ‘owned’ by any one player because no single player has the ability properly appreciate just how cute and pamper worthy I truly am. You see? This is why I must seek it out from others, because unless I do I can’t possibly get the pampering that I truly deserve, you understand? No one person can ever truly own me, so please… focus less on you wishes to own me and more on the petting. I’ll stay a while with whoever is best…”

There’s a sort of cumulative nod amongst the players as the wavemaster offers her yet another treat. The blademaster in the first to speak up. “Oh, we understand Kit.” He says as his fingers expertly scratch behind her ear. “We couldn’t expect to keep a cat like you all to ourselves. But you’re just so cute! Please let us pet you a while longer!” The others nod in agreement as their hands caress her stomach and back, the wavemanster’s salmon treat gliding back onto her tongue. She stretches out and purrs happily, turning on her back so the long arm has to pet her stomach as well.

“Oh you’re all just so terrible!” Kit exclaims, stretching out, her entire body, purring like a motorboat. “Making me chose between the four of you! You’re all so good at this!”

“Hey, we’re not really busy!” The wave master exclaims, gently guiding her thumb along the side of Kit’s neck. “We can just stay here and pet you for as long as you want.” Again there’s a general nod amongst the group of players as each one gently pets a different part of her head and belly. Kit stretches her paws in sheer elation from the pampering.

“Ohhh, this is the best… make sure you four come back every day, ok?”

“Of course Kit.” They say collectively, petting her over and over as she’s fed yet another treat. She purrs and purrs, her front and back paws swiping happily at the air. She takes a deep breath and slowly opens her eye to catch sight of the quartet of admirers only to find herself staring at the ceiling. She blinks a few times and rolls over to get off her back, finding herself still on the couch in the hideout. With great dignity she licks her paw and swipes it past her ear, looking around the commons just incase someone noticed her dream purring. Luckily, it seems to be empty with everyone gone to the field or off doing something else.

Mew meow… (Doing something else…)

The proverbial light bulb suddenly goes off in her head suddenly remembering what she had been doing before nap time. She quickly hops off the couch and heads to the chaos gate, inputting the keywords Muted Illusionary Code, skipping the trip to the root town she would normally take. The dream had been nice, but it was just a dream and wouldn’t happen. …Still. Sure would be nice if it was real.

Author:  Lighteria [ Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Cat's Tale

"Gee Henry. It sure was a great idea to take a trip out here to the untamed wild jungle where we can be totally alone together with absolutely no outside interference or the safety of society." A woman in a modest yellow dress that is not at all appropriate for jungle travel says with a bright smile.

"Isn't it great Isabel? And the best part is, that should anything strange or dangerous should happen to us, we would be completely without assistance." An unshaven man with a beige, rimmed jungle style hat and a leather vest says casually as he rips down a large leaf from a tree that's in the way.

"Oh but what are the odds of THAT happening?" Exclaims Isabel as she steps past the cut branches of the tree and steps forward onto a long, wooden plank spanning a tall-grassed and muddy patch of the ground.

"Oh ho ho..." Henry scoffs, following behind her on the plank as to put extra weight on one portion of the wood. "Why the odds of that are about as good as me revealing any other facet of my personality besides arrogance and recklessness!"

The two of them then share a hardy laugh and continue walking on the plank towards another patch of heavily forested jungle. ...But, uh oh! No sooner do they walk in the center of the old planks then do the rotted out pieces of wood bend and creak, quickly snapping under their weight. They and the planks quickly drop onto the muddy jungle floor below, the wood and their feet sinking a good six inches into the mud.

"Darn!" Exclaims Henry, frowning at the sight at his feet. "I just had these boots shined!" Henry then attempts to lift his foot from the mud, only to have his stylish leather boot rise barely an inch upwards while his other sinks three inches deeper.

"Oh this is just dreadful!" Isabel exclaims, lifting up the skirt of her foofy dress, a thin circle of mud clinging to the lace lining. "My completely inappropriate footwear for the task of hiking are completely covered in mud along with my white stockings! How could this POSSIBLY get any worse?"

"I just don't know, Isabel!" Henry replies as he continues to try to pull his foot out of the mud. "Though, and this is the ODDEST thing, I can't seem to pull my foot out of this mud! In fact my other foot appears... to be sinking DEEPER!"

"Heavens to betsy!" Isabel exclaims, shocked, SHOCKED at the realization. "You're RIGHT! And... and I think I too am also sinking deeper!"

The two gasp in mutual realization, both of them now sunk up to nearly thier knees. "It's quicksand!" They exclaim in perfect unison, now struggling desperately to extricate themselves from the mud, but only suceeding in sinking deeper. "Oh NOO~OO!! What do we do?! Won't SOMEBODY save us!?"

"Don't worry... I'LL save you!" A high-pitched voice calls out from the forest canopy. Immediately the couple turns their heads towards the branches to see a tiny female kitten in a leather vest and a fedora tilted on her head, covering one ear and eye, with a leather whip rolled around her mid section.

"Why...it's Jungle Kit!" The couple exclaims, again in unison, voices lifted in hope.

“That’s right!” Jungle Kit exclaims, pulling the whip from her mid section with her mouth and whipping it tight around the branch with one fluid motion of her neck. Now secured on the tree, Kit grips the handle of the whip again in her mouth and makes a daring leap off the branch. With all the grace you’d expect from a small kitten, she swings down towards the mud pit and grabs the collars of Henry and Isabel, hoisting them effortlessly out of the quicksand and swinging them to a solid patch of earth off to the side of the swamp. With the two of them safe, Jungle Kit reaches the end of the swing and gracefully flicks her mouth, the end of the whip unraveling from the branch above and whipping around her stomach again as she lands on the earth in front of the two of them, her fedora tilted over one eye. Now you, as an impartial observer, may be asking this question: “Hey, how in the hell did a kitten that could easily fit on Lighteria’s shoulder, a guy who is, by the way, really freaking skinny, manage to lift two presumably grown adults out of a thick, sticky patch of quicksand? For that matter, how did she even reach far enough with her tiny arms to grab both of them? And why was the whip so easy to get off the branch when it was tight enough to hold all three of them before? And they don’t make fedoras in that size!” First of all, that last one isn’t really a question… and to answer all the others, I can only say… Shut up. It worked.

“Oh THANK you Jungle Kit!” Isabel exclaims, clasping her hands together in joy, smiling to the kitten who just saved her life.

“Oh how could we ever repay you for saving our lives?” Henry asks pleadingly, his hands in basically the same position as Isabel’s.

“No need to thank me, you two.” She exclaims in a strong voice… for a high-pitched cat. “Saving lives is just what I do…” She nods, tipping her fedora with one paw and lifting it back up over her head gracefully.

“Oh, but I have some milk in my backpack…” Henry suddenly says, reaching into his pack and pulling out a jar of pure, lightly sweetened, delicious dairy creamer.

“And I could always give you a belly rub…” Isabel says coyly, pulling off her white laced glove to reveal soft hands.

Jungle Kit takes a moment to consider this.

“Well… when you put it THAT way…” She says innocently, leaving the rest to them. Almost immediately, Henry takes a porcelain saucer from his pack and sets it on the ground in front of her, pouring the cream into it until it almost overflows. Kit licks her lips and plods forward, leaning in and lapping from the saucer with a purr. As she does, Isabel kneels down, her hand gently scratching behind Kit’s ear and her other hand gently rubbing her belly, careful not to interrupt the meal. The kitten purrs, lapping up the cream, her fedora tilted to the side, the edge hovering just over the cream’s surface.

“What a wonderful cat.” Isabel exclaims, her fingernails dragging back and forth over Kit’s ears in that not-too-harsh but pleasantly firm way, her other hand rubbing over the fur in her belly.

“And so brave!” Henry adds, his hand lowering to rub Kit’s back.

“And it’s so true.” Jungle Kit muses with a smile, lapping up the milk hungrily. “I implore you though, don’t stop on my account though…” She purrs out, starting to finish up the milk at this point. A tingle goes through her body, the hands and fingernails rubbing all the right spots. Her tail swishes back and forth from the feeling of pure relaxation and her eyes open, the world white with the bottom of the saucer of milk. …Actually, that looks a lot less like a saucer and more like clouds. …And why did the rubbing stop?

Her eyes blink a few times, suddenly waking up from a brief catnap in the open field. She had apparently fallen asleep in a clearing of trees in the forest somewhere in Muted Illusory Code. She realizes at this point she hasn’t even made it to the mansion yet. So with a VERY dignified lick of her paw, she returns to her feet and trods down the worn path of the deserted field. The dream had been nice, but it was just a dream and wouldn’t happen. …Still. Sure would be nice if it was real.

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