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Just Can't Win for Losin'

Post by Sekai » Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:42 am

Restful sleep did not come to the young girl resting against the wall. She'd chosen to sit there of her own accord, talking quietly with Kira, at times only speaking through their link before picking it back up vocally once more and had fallen asleep at one point. Images flickered in and out of dreams that made little or no sense at all, brow furrowing as her chin rested against her chest and one arm loosely held to her stomach, as if protecting it from any who would attack.

At first, she believed that Dien-san's voice was merely part of that series of oddities, though, when it persisted, the girl found herself startled at the realization that it wasn't just her imagination and was quick to shake the final tendrils of sleep from her mind. At the question posed to her, gold-brown eyes lit up and her full attention was suddenly on the older Blademaster. “What did you have in mind?” Her voice came out soft and hesitant, restraint against the hope that wanted to fill her from the inside out that something could be done instead of nothing like it had been.

Continuing to listen to the plan he had outlined up until the point she'd been made as someone to distract the obviously older and more experienced woman in the Freedom Fighters, her expression had changed rapidly from hopeful to hesitant to crestfallen to worried and unsure. Lying to Sheena-san? That didn't seem like such a good idea... and she wasn't very good at doing so anyways, even though there were times where it seemed like it would come in handy.

A misty, ghost-like form appeared beside her as Kira revealed herself, having awakened at the feeling of so many emotional changes from her little one. “That’s an explanation that can wait,” The tall AI interrupted smoothly with a chuckle, lowering her voice after a moment. “Sekai’ll act too obvious about it; let me do it. I’ve been meaning to ask some questions on how she ‘repairs’ that Nall guy anyways.” Plus, she could pick the Fist Fighter’s brain on what she did know of the area- and which she should definitely keep a certain trouble attracting Archer away from.

“Ah, I’d forgotten you were here, Kira,” Dien had replied, his expression seeming to lighten a bit and the faintest hints of a mischievous smile curving the corner of his lips. “Okay good. That means you can help me get him into my bag quicker, Sekai. ‘Many hands make for light work,’ after all.” He paused a moment, “So we’re set?”

“Hm, maybe we can have a do-over of our first encounter; I’ll be sure and leave a personalized memento behind for you this time.” Kira replied without missing a beat, her tone light-hearted in contrast with a potentially serious expression in her amber eyes. She wouldn't mind throttling him a second time, given as she'd had precious little targets to take her frustrations out on as of late and he seemed to be the type who'd earn it in due time anyways.

Turning to Sekai, the two locked eyes a moment as silent communication went between them, the younger girl’s brow furrowing as if she didn’t particularly care for what Kira had said but nodded reluctantly all the same and rose stiffly to her feet. “We’re set.” Or as set as they would be anyways, Sheena hadn't seemed as sharp most of the time as Raine had, but with hackers... you just never knew and Kira really didn't feel like getting socked in the face by the bitch or having her data messed with any more than it had.

“Alright,” he said, “Kira, we’re counting on your powers of distraction.” Turning to Sekai, he continued, “now we give her a minute for the distraction to set in.”

Sekai gave Kira a wary, sideways look as the AI’s lips turned into a very unpromising smirk at Dien’s comment and wondered just how bad that boded for the rest of them as the AI walked off and she turned to discuss a few things with the Blademaster.

The conversation with Sheena didn't go as badly as she thought it would, on the contrary, having the Fist Fighter as tired as she was kind of helped matters, and she also learned a few things about the thrice damned hacker's server that she'd definitely keep in mind when she decided to go out exploring.

Stretching as she inquired further about the Mercenary District, Kira listened intently to Sheena's response. "It's a wretched hive of scum and villiany, to quote old movies. The people there aren't hackers, they're just assholes who got a little power and think they can get more. Foot soldiers for the wars the hackers wage." She looked up. "Basically, everyone there is a power-hungry maniac, and some of them actually have real power. It's the most unruly place in Yamiyo, and the most likely place for someone as helpless-looking as Sekai to be attacked."

Well, there she had it, Kira thought to herself with a bit of smugness as she relayed that particular line to Sekai... and grinned at the fuming, furious girl's response in return. Power hungry maniacs huh, not like she wasn't used to dealing with those on a rather regular basis. Annoyingly regular, at that. "Good to know, I'll definitely keep her away from that particular place. They work for GP or do they just hop in on someone's agenda?"

The response she got in return was what she figured, they'd probably find some more helping hands- worthwhile ones, anyways- there if they looked hard enough. But that could wait til another day. Pestering her a little while longer with questions until the woman finally seemed to have enough, Kira sauntered out of the hideout as if satisfied, where as, in reality, she was still brimming full of questions that would have to be answered on their own time.

Now. To find her little one and catch up with her before she reached the Chaos Gate.

...which didn't wind up being too difficult being as the girl was horribly lost on her way there and a good old fashioned argument did much to relieve the stress Kira felt... as well as watch the young girl's face turn several interesting shades of red as she wound up so frustrated that she slipped back into her native tongue.

As unnerving as the charade had played itself out in the temporary safehouse was, the fifteen year old high school student still found herself regretting the simple fact that they'd had to rely on such underhanded techniques in order to get help for one of their party members. Bitterly, a part of her agreed with Kira in that, had it been Nall-san or even Raine-san... things would have been different and a more significant amount of effort would have gone into actively looking for help.

Still... she couldn't be thinking about such things right now. Not when she still had quite a bit left to do that day before she could even think about, well, taking some time to muse things over and make a decision on said thoughts. Kira walked beside her calmly, though her watchful expression said that she'd probably found some information that she wasn't going to be sharing any time soon, and seemed to be skimming their surroundings to get a general feel and layout of the place.

The Chaos Gate loomed ahead, one thing that had been thankfully unchanged, as the two of them approached and met the figure waiting there, probably somewhat impatiently. “Sorry we were late,” Sekai apologized, looking rather embarrassed about the length of time Dien had probably had to wait. “Let's... let's go find someone to help Takua-san.”

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