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Resurfacing of an old low-level

Post by Nemorac » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:04 pm

Cameron stretched as he walked into his room, looking over at his computer and some equipment that was a bit dusty. Looking at the equipment brought back some fun, if sparse, memories of a game he knew was just sitting installed on that desktop, waiting to be played. Curiosity and a sudden desire overtook him, and soon, he was sitting at his PC, strapping on the helmet and booting up the game, inputting his username and password.

Username: Nemorac
Password: *******

Hitting enter, he grabbed the controller as the VR helmet whirred to life, the screen on the interface displaying a few simple words that he hadn't seen in a while.

Welcome to the World


Within moments, a figure that had not been seen in The World in a while, and probably one that had not been missed, appeared. Black hair spreading some in the wind of his appearance, the purple robe reaching down to his ankles, the circular dragon symbol emblazened on the chest of the robe. Holding his hand out, an Iron Rod appeared in his hand, which he set the rounded bottom of on the ground, smirking some as his bright green eyes opened and looked at The World around all-too familiar area,the one he had always come into...The Port Town of Mac Anu. Looking around, he found the place not too terribly bare, but still a bit more scarce than he remembered.

”Time marches on I suppose. Still, wonder what sort of place a Wavemaster such as myself can go to...still, I wouldn't want to go alone, not after all this time...”

Nemorac started to pace in front of the Chaos Gate, not noticing someone walking up to him. This character was slightly taller than Nemorac, clad in blue armor and weilding a giant two-handed sword. His blond hair was shoulder-length, flowing some in the digital wind, his blue eyes soft, but also belying a readiness for battle. He walked up to the purple-clad Wavemaster, who bumped into him unintentionally. Nemorac stumbled back and landed square on his butt, the Iron Ron claning softly on the tiled ground beside him.

”Oh-I'm sorry...I was pacing so I didn't see you...sorry.”

The blue-clad warrior just laughed. ”It's quite alright. Say, I haven't seen you around before. You new?”

Nemorac shook his head. ”Not enitrely. Just been a good while since I logged on.”

The azure sword-wielder nodded thoughtfully. ”I see...were you wanting to go out onto a field?”

Nemorac's eyes brightened. ”Would I! I mean...I haven't been on in a while, so I don't have anyone to go with...and it's kind of hard work soloing anything as a Wavemaster.”

The warrior nodded and offered his hand to the purple-robed wizard. Nemorac took it, grabbing his weapon in his other hand and standing up, brushing himself off some. ”I'm Nemorac.”

”Morenku. Pleasure to meet you. Why don't we choose a field?”

Nemorac nodded, making sure to join a party with Morenku first. He noted that this Heavy Blade, much like himself, was level 4. That made choosing easier...something level 4 or lower. Looking at the various keywords for a few moments, he nodded to his newfound partner, then held his Iron Rod towards the Chaos Gate, spouting the name.

”Boundless Eternal Aqua Field!”


Within a few moments, this pristine grassland, which was dotted with neumerous buildings, held two new occupants, the Wavemaster and Heavy Blade that just moments before had been standing at the Chaos Gate of Mac Anu. Looking around, they both spotted a few Magic Portals, some just barely being able to be spotted around the buildings. Pointing towards one, Morenku gave a small hearty laugh.

”Shall we proceed, my newfound friend?”

Nemorac just nodded in response, and they both dashed off towards the gate, Nemorac starting to feel the rush he used to feel sometimes playing this game...being in The World.
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