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(OOC: Given permission from Nighthand, I intend to make my return to activeness in two quests. I will be joining the rest of you on your latest storyline and I will also do this solo to bring a story to my absence. So, I hope you enjoy this because so far I think it sucks. Perhaps it will be better later.)

So long ago, he had been happy. So long ago, he had been living his life outside of a game. “The World” was not his world. So long ago, he belonged to a group of players. They were Vanguards, as others called them, and they were a tight knit group, almost inseparable. They had fought off a crazed wavemaster bent on destroying “The World” and all of the people who played it. Then, a string of events split them apart. Their battle with the wavemaster trapped them within the game and they were no longer playing. They were struggling to survive. They had all gone their separate ways. One of the heavybladers from the group was on his own path, far from the others, but eventually he realized that he must meet with the others again, to re-unite with his friends. And so, he set off into the darkness in search of the light he had been without for so long. This is the story of that silver-haired heavyblader with shining golden eyes, and his search for his comrades.


It was when Lakely tried to join Gingitsune and the others in Θ Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel that the problem first occurred. The moment Nighthand had raised his sword and called out the keywords, all the players at the chaos gate were engulfed by golden rings and light. All but Lakely disappeared. He stood alone as the rest of the group took their first step on their most current adventure. What’s going on?

“Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!” The heavyblader yelled out the keywords only to experience the same phenomena. The rings fell, but he stood standing as they spun and disappeared. The heavyblader stood and stared up into the sky, his morose golden eyes flickering as the light of the sun passed through cracks in the clouds and shone across them for moments at a time. He looked down to his right wrist where a small bracelet encircled it. The bracelet was a bit awkward in comparison to most things within “The World” but of course this was bound to be true for it wasn’t just a normal bracelet. In truth, the bracelet was a mythical creature known as a naga. This particular creature was the king of the nagas, known solely as Vasuki. He had been Lakely’s guardian ever since shortly after the heavyblader first joined Gingi and the others. He had gotten the heavyblader out of a few tough situations and could clearly hold his own if need be. Though Lakely never had understood why the members of Gingi’s group, or himself for that matter, had ever gotten their own respective guardians. It wasn’t his place to question the ways things occurred any more, as stated by what he had taken to be his slogan, “It’s your ‘World,’ I’m just forced to stay here.” He lowered his arms, sat down in the cool green grass of Dun Loireag, and closed his eyes, attempting to communicate with his beloved guardian.

Do you understand this, Vasuki?

I’m sorry, I haven’t the faintest idea of why this is happening.

Of all people, you don’t know what’s going on? You seem to come across as one who is all knowing at some times.

Yes, I know it seems that way. But I assure you that’s not completely true. I know quite a bit, and I guess compared to you it may seem like I know everything. This perplexes me, I don’t see why you would be the only one not allowed into the field that clearly everyone else ventured to.

You are not a nice naga, you know that? I thought you were supposed to be my guardian, it seems like you exist to tease me rather than protect me. Perhaps you can do your job and assist me?

Vasuki refused to say anything that might be taken as an answer to Lakely’s statement. After the deafening silence between the two, Lakely attempted to access at least a hundred different fields with no success. It’s odd, I’ve tried all of these different keyword combinations and not a single one has gotten me anywhere. What do you suppose we should do?

I don’t know, maybe you can go off and find another guardian. Would you prefer that? I don’t want to hear your answer. You were thinking of the other Vanguards earlier, I heard you. Perhaps you could use this time alone to find them individually, or perhaps find Lord Wren and in turn probably find out where everyone else is.

Oh come on, you know I couldn’t live with any other guardian. Haha, though it would be nice to maybe have one that’s a bit more obedient. Hehe, anyways you’re right. Now seems like the perfect time to check up on the rest of the Vanguards and see how they’re doing. Let’s see if I’m still able to change servers.

Lakely shook his head after the conversation with his guardian and firmly placed his hands on the ground to lift himself to his feet. Standing before the chaos gate he gazed into the center and raised his hand. “Aqua Capital, Mac Anu!” Lakely called out the words and gritted his teeth, hoping that the rings would not only fall and rustle his silver hair about his face, but also break apart his avatar and carry it from one root town to another. As the rings fell across his chest he could feel his data being ripped apart. Finally, the heavyblader had found something he could do with the chaos gate. He knew not what lay ahead of him, but he knew finding Lord Wren was not something easily done. But, Lakely knew that the road placed before him would be a difficult one to traverse alone.


Name: Lakely

Lvl 23 Heavy Blade (110 SP)

9,000 GP

Equipment: Life Sword, Face Guard, Wrist Band, Noble Cloak, Safety Shoes

Skills: Gan Smash, Death Bringer, Rue Zot, Juk Rom, Ol Repth, Ap Ruem

Spare Equipment: Light Giver, Absorber, Horse-Killer

Guardian: Vasuki the Naga King (Lv. 9)

Golden Orb is: A bit more intense.