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Welcome to the Inn

Post by Corin » Thu Nov 25, 2004 6:22 pm

[::::::::::Lii-Pa Inn::::::::::]
[::::::Currently OPEN::::::]

Walking along the streets of Mac Anu, the player comes across a little-known and rarely-used facility. This is a small, hole-in-the-wall style building, nothing more than a small sign denoting it's presence among the regulars such as the Elf's Haven and the Shops. Nothing interesting has ever happened here, rarely is there even a patron to this run-down building.

This is the Lii-Pa Inn.

Today is unusual, however. A rather large number of NPCs move in and out of the doorway. Some have the look of construction workers, while others are obviously just there to move boxes. A few characters have a much seedier look about them, however. Dark cloaks, hidden faces, and shifty eyes betray an unusual amount of crowd-watching.

Corin, the Innkeeper, emerged from his shop's beaten door, and quickly spots you watching. He strides over and looks down at you.

"Need any help? I'm sorry, but we're closed for renovations at the moment."

Something in his tone suggests you shouldn't hang around.


A few days later, once again you happen to be passing through the town. Not much is going on, and on a whim you decide to take a stroll along the alley, right out in front of the renovated inn.

The building looks thriving, people wandering in and out. The construction is over, and the shady characters are gone. Corin spots you from behind his counter, and waves you in. He doesn't recognize you from before, or at least doesn't show it.

The Inn looks like a fairly common establishment. Not much to do, really, but socialize in the common room, or get a night's digital rest in the rooms. Maybe some roleplaying could go on here, but in The World today, roleplaying tends to have it's limits. Not too many people nowadays throw themselves as deeply into their characters as they used to.

You sit and chat with Corin for a while. He has nothing much to say, but his eyes keep darting around, watching people. Now and again his gaze drifts to the heavy door behind him. On one of the many shifts of his bulky body, a small silver card on a chain reveals itself from the depths of his shirt.

You catch a glance of a strange crest engraved on it with the inkeeper's name written below it, before he catches your glance and tucks it carefully back into his shirt. He says nothing about it, and his demeanor says you probably shouldn't either.

But still, that strange silver card is quite interesting... as is the similar silver crest on the heavy door behind him, with a small slot in the side; just large enough, it looks, to fit that card.

You resolve to return one day, and find out more.
Now Open for Business!
-Corin the Innkeeper

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Post by Corin » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:29 am


To Exchange your golden orb (or whatever color it happens to be) for it's associated rewards, you must pay a certain fee, determined by the level of the orb in question. The following people have "credit" due to buying Black Market Silver Cards. The cards are now defunct, useless, and deletable, but the 3000 paid for them counts towards the fees of the orb exchange. You cannot now buy credit with the exchange, and once credit is used up by it's current holders, it is gone forever.

Current Credit:
Hijinx - 3000
Nighthand - 3000
Hacorie - 3000
Reinier - 3000
Asgard - 3000
Lakely - 3000
Cypher - 3000
Ryok - 3000

Note: These are only the ones revealed. Further actions may result in different or better rewards, depending on the orb's state.

Tarnished Golden Orb -> No Reward
Corroded Golden Orb -> No Reward
Crumbling Golden Orb -> No Reward
Golden Orb Disappears -> 1 lvl 1 weapon or armor. Golden orb disappears permanently unless quested for it's return.
(No Fee, Happens Automatically.)

(This pathway is totally revealed, and is traveled along by posting in quests "just often enough" to gather rewards, but not often enough to actually contribute. Certain mitigating circumstances can change this, on a case-by-case basis.)

Glowing Slightly Green
--> Fee: 100 GP
----> Reward: 4 Health Drinks OR 4 Mage's Souls

Glowing Slightly Red
--> Fee: 100 GP
----> Reward: 2 Health Drinks OR 2 Physical Banes OR 2 Physical Bloods

Glowing Reasonably Red
--> Fee: 500 GP
----> Reward: 2 Healing Potions OR 4 Physical Bloods OR 4 Physical Banes OR 2 Elemental Downs

Glows Strongly Red
--> Fee: 1000 GP
----> Reward: 5 Healing Potions, OR 4 Physical Bloods and Banes, OR 4 Elemental Downs

Glowing Slightly Blue
--> Fee: 100 GP
----> Reward: 2 Mage's Souls OR 2 Magical Banes OR 2 Magical Bloods

Glowing Reasonably Blue
--> Fee: 500 GP
----> Reward: 2 Artisan's Souls OR 4 Magical Bloods OR 4 Magical Banes OR 2 Elemental Ups OR 2 Elemental Downs OR 3 Level 1 Scrolls

Glowing Strongly Blue
--> Fee: 1000 GP
----> Reward: 5 Artisan's Souls OR 4 Magical Bloods and 4 Magical Banes OR 4 Elemental Downs OR 4 Elemental Ups OR 5 Level 1 Scrolls

Glowing Slightly White
--> Fee: 300 GP
----> Reward: 1000 GP OR 4 Resurrects This has a 20% chance of failure.

Glowing Reasonably White
--> Fee: 700 GP
----> Reward: 2000 GP OR 5 Resurrects This has a 10% chance of failure.
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Post by Corin » Tue Dec 28, 2004 5:32 am

In Order to exchange an orb, it MUST be in a non-basic, non-corroded state.

In Order to Exchange, Post your Order Here. It will be confirmed and rewards given.

Please do not attempt to exchange a basic or corroded orb.

Orbs grow by in-character actions only, except for the tarnished path. That is grown by ooc-actions and is independant of IC actions, to the point that it can override them.

Once an orb reaches a "final state" along one of the pathways, it can grow no more in rewards, and can be kept as an item (each final state has it's particular use) or traded for it's reward.

If an orb is cashed in for it's reward, it reverts back to a stateless Golden Orb.
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Post by Corin » Sun Mar 13, 2005 2:04 am

Orb States
For the moment, the states of various player's Golden Orbs will be kept track of here. KEEP TRACK ON YOUR OWN AS WELL. I'm not going to do all the work for you.

Zan: Glowing Reasonably White
Reinier: Glowing Reasonably White
Nighthand: Glowing Reasonably Red
Ryok: Glowing Slightly Red
Rayo: Unchanged Golden Orb
Phoenix: Glowing Strongly Red
Cypher: Glowing Slightly White
Dien: Glowing Reasonably Red
Canti: Glowing Reasonably White
Senna: Glowing Reasonably Red
Lighteria: Glowing Faintly White
Sekai: Glowing Faintly White
Zhao: Glowing Faintly White
Raquar: Glowing Reasonably Red
Baron: Glowing Slightly Green
Takua: Glowing Reasonably Blue
Talal: Glowing Slightly White

Now Open for Business!
-Corin the Innkeeper

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Post by Rayo » Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:51 pm

-Fee of 1000 Paid
-Orb that glows strongly blue reverts to a Golden Orb

+5 Artisan's Souls

Lv.47 Archer 745HP/311SP
Bell, the Silver Grunty of Thunder
Skills/Spells-Shocking Arrow of Voltage(30), Arrow of the Burning Stars(10), MeRai Rom(40), Rai Kruz(10), La Repth(20), Rip Maen(40), MeRai Kruz(20), GiVak Kruz(20), MeRai Don(20), Rig Saem(15)
Weapon/Armor/Book-Golden Royal Bow/Thunder Torque, Thunder Cloak, Able Ring, Ivory Greaves/Thunder Magic
Wishlist: YL Fukuoka, Stormlore, Winter Stone, Silver Grunty

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