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Item Explanations

Post by Gingitsune » Wed Mar 26, 2003 8:36 pm

Healing Items:
Health Drink - Restore 150 HP
Healing potion - Restore HP to the maximum
Mage's Soul - Restore 100 SP
Artisan's Soul - Restore 250 SP
Emperor's Soul - Restore SP to the maximum
Noble Wine - Restore HP and SP to the maximum
Antidote - Cure poison, paralysis, speed down, and decrease in Phys. Status
Restorative - Cure charm, sleep, confusion, charm, decrease in Mag. status
Resurrect - Revive a dead ally.

Stat Increase Items:
Warrior Blood - Physical Attack
Knight Blood - Physical Defense
Hunter Blood - Physical Accuracy
Hermit Blood - Magical Attack
Beast Blood - Magical Defense
Wizard Blood - Magical Accuracy

Stat Decrease Items:
Warrior's Bane - Physical Attack
Knight's Bane - Physical Defense
Hunter's Bane - Physical Accuracy
Hermit's Bane - Magical Attack
Beast's Bane - Magical Defense
Wizard's Bane - Magical Accuracy
Stonebane - Earth Element
Waterbane - Water Element
Firebane - Fire Element
Treebane - Wood Element

Misc. Items:
Fortune Wire - Disarm trap on Risky Treasure boxes
Fairy's Orb - Unknown areas on the map are displayed
Sprite Ocarina - Warp from the dungeon and return to the field

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