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Lii-Pa Inn Upgrade

Post by Corin » Thu Dec 23, 2004 3:01 am

Lii-Pa Inn Upgraded!

Yes, that's right! The Lii-Pa Inn has been remodeled!

New to the refurbished inn:
-More Space!

Both the common room and the and inn are
bigger and better! The Inn now has over a hundred rooms
in 10 floors, both above and below the ground! The first
floor is devoted to the common room, with a new and
improved bar, lots of socialization, it's own mini-bbs, and
access to the most popular news sites! It'll make you feel
like you're in a real club!

-Better Furnishings!

The Old inn used to have nothing but a few
wooden chairs, a couple cots, and a worn-out couch. No
longer! Now, we have sofas, large beds, and desks in
every room! The common room is fully stocked with top
of the line in table and table-chair-sets! No longer will you
rest your digital feet in dusty dirt floors. The floors have
been replaced, hardwood for the common room, carpet in
all the rooms.

-More Staff!

Okay, so we lied... We don't actually have more staff.
But then, we have the worlds best and greatest Innkeeper,
Corin! Everyone thank him, he's done SOOOO much for
our game. Thank you Corin!


this has been a paid announcement from the admin
Corin to the people of The World. Inn may not actually
have the stated number of physical rooms. Inn may not
have actual beverages. Innkeeper Corin has not done very
much in the way of helpful things for the game in any way
other than taking on the duties as innkeeper.
Now Open for Business!
-Corin the Innkeeper

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