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Post by Maloris » Mon Apr 14, 2003 2:20 am

(OOC: don't look at that one last page, my connection made me log out apparently and something went wrong)

"Okay guys, you ready to go into the dungeon now?" I asked.

"Sure thing!" Crimson and yugi_757 said simultaniously, afterwards they laughed at the sheer irony of them speaking at the same time.

"Let's go!" I yelled, as I darted off to the dungeon entrance, a wide gaping hole that lead into a passageway of seemingly spooky catacombs. The two wavemasters quickly followed suit afterwards.

-----In Dungeon B1-----

"What long hallways they have in here." stated yugi_757.

"Isn't it wonderful?" I replied with sarcasm.

The next room we entered was another long hall, and at the end was a magic portal. When we all got close enough to the golden spinning glyph, out popped mad grass and swordmanoids, talk about overkill.

"Same as always, got it guys?" I yelled across the room, the reply were quick nods of their heads as they readied to cast their spells.

The battle was over in ten seconds, give or take a few, because the spells cast by the two nearly identical magicians took out the mad grass completely. The swordmanoid was left to me, which I killed off quickly, only taking about fifteen damage, which I used repth to heal.

After the battle, we found out that the long hall was just an intersection. There was *another* long hall to the left and right. <sigh> Well, there was no point in going left, because when you go right, you can't be wrong.

In the next room there were two magic portals next to each other, and two chests in the corners of the area, what items they held remained unknown to all three of us. We activated the portals and found the terrifying menace of <ohh no, not more> mad grasses and swordmanoids. Three of each as a matter of fact, still petty when you have a lot of magical prowess on your team.

The mad grass were gone in a quick second thanks to the wonderful efforts of Gan Zot by yours truly, the wavemasters hudling together behind me used a sort of twin Juk Rom, killing the swordmanoids outright. You could see tons of numbers in damage flash by on the sword wielding toughies.

After that gruesome battle, the spoils were those two chests previously mentioned, and one more, dropped by one of the swordmanoids. Out of the three chests, there were two Green Gales, which the two wavemasters split amongst themselves, and a Health Drink, which I took just in case.

And finally, the way down to the next level...

-----In Dungeon B2-----

"Okay, I have a good new idea for the next fight. Instead of the usual banter, of grouping enemies and casting tons of spells on them, lets go for an all out approach. I'll lure them in and you guys cast Juk Rom, and if they're still alive, cast some more to fill their appetite for damage. Got it?" I stated.

(OOC:This character is a bit dim-witted, just for your info)

"Uhh, Maloris? That's the exact same thing we've been doing," Crimson said, "and it won't surprise me if that is the bext strategy yet."

We walked on in silence, until we found the next stairway down. Surprisingly, the only magic portal we ran into was a chest, and it held a leather coat. The person who got to it first opened it, and recieved the item. Lucky wavemaster that yugi_757 is.

-----In Dungeon B3-----

One more long hall awaited us, and at the end of this one was a room with a magic portal in it. From the portal came a deadly moth and two snip snaps.

"This is going to be a tough battle." I murmured.

First things first, we ganged up on the deadly moth, as he would cast poison on any one of us in a flash. After three hits from my blade and two Gan Don spells from the friendly and far-fetched wavemasters, the moth went down, and so did my health, as the snip snaps did their own brand of 'ganging up' on me. My health was at a low mark when I remembered the health potion I picked up earlier. I used it, recovered fully, attacked one snip snap with a hayabusa and two regular attacks, killing it. I turned to see the other snip snap snipping away at my health, and almost killing me. It's a good thing that those wavemasters don't stop casting. Two Gan Don spells finished the snip snap up.

The post-battle rewards were not as fulfilling as wanted. All we got from that was a new look at our fabled strategy.

There were three paths that we could have chosen. The north, west, and east paths. It's a good thing that we went the east path, because I don't think we could have survived another one of those battles. We found the Gott Statue and used a Sprite Ocarina to get out of there as fast as possible.

We all gated out from the vast field. We all knew that more allies in a party is better, as none of us would have tried that dungeon alone.

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Post by Rayo » Mon Apr 14, 2003 2:26 am

Deleted (by me since problem was fixed).

ooc:interesting adventure
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Pretty good story there. but you guys were almost finished at the end there.


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Kenshin989 logs in

"Hey again Maloris, looks like I caught you just in time. Are you going to fight

Kenshin989 looks smugly at Maloris



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well, yeah
everybody gets +1 level
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