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Post by Wanderer » Thu Apr 17, 2003 6:08 pm

-Wanderer and Kagome look around franticly for the Wavemaster, they were beginning to panick because of his last few words, then they turned their gaze towars Eric and Yasai who were standing in front each other-

"Eric! What are you doing? Lets get outta here!" Yasai yelled, the light from the weapon-which was a long sword- was beginning to glow more brightly now, "Why didn't you wait for me like you said!? Is that the weapon you were talking about?"

"Wanderer do you think Eric is..... Safe?" ::Kagome said gripping her sword, she wasnt sure of the current situation especially at the condition of Eric.

-Wanderer watched closley, but Eric barley moved until the grip on the Sword tightened Wanderer could tell of this because he could see it in his hand, He then raised the glowing sword and then pointed it at Yasai it began to shimmer now, and Eric chanted a few words suddenly an unseen force blew Kagome and Wanderer back to the walls clinging them there-

"Ahhh! Yasai! Help!" Wanderer yelled out, trying to grab for his staff which didn't move from his original spot.

"Wanderer!! Look!" ::Kagome yelled and was gesturing at Eric with her chin, since her hands were strung back against the wall. Eric still had the sword pointed on Yasai and then he began to chant more differen't words, Only Yasai could hear them she turned and began to run towards Kagome and Wanderer::

"uhhh!!" Yasai yelled, running back but then a white light flashed from the glowing sword engulfing the entire room, When it faded Yasai was gone, and Eric stood where he was with the sword, Eric looked down at his sword then at Wanderer and Kagome, he fell to the ground and hugged the sword.

"Wher-Where's Yasai?" Wanderer said, looking around; seeing if she had made it out of the dungeon.

"I can hear...I can hear her screaming..but where?" ::Kagome said, she too was looking around::

"She is in the sword" A voice said from the exiting tunnel, Wanderer and Kagome quickly looked back at it, The Wavemaster appeared, Eric on the floor seemed to realize what he had done and felt nothing.

"What do you mean in the sword?" Wanderer said struggling to get free.

"Eric, has taken her inside his sword!" The Wavemaster snapped and appraoched Eric, "Come with me now" The wavemaster grabbed Eric by his shoulder, they both vanished; releasing Kagome and Wanderer.

"Ugh..That Wavemaster.. Yasai" ::Kagome Said, trying to recollect everything that had just happened: Yasai was sucked into a sword, and the culprits had vanished..

"Quick! Lets get back to Root Town! We'll tell someone there!" Wanderer said and grabbed his staff; then walking back to Kagome, she had the Sprite Ocariana.

"Hm? Oh.. Right!" ::Kagome said and she used the Sprite, they managed to get back to the field and with great haste managed to get back to town looking for somebody..anybody to tell their tale.

To be continued...
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Post by Myk » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:03 pm

well, 1 level for each, and 100 gp for each too
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