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A new beginning......

Post by Kishirou » Thu Apr 17, 2003 4:51 pm

As Karasu log onto his Desktop, he see if he had anything new. He didn't since he had no one email, but he check out the News. He did read a report about a guy name Tomonari that was Sieg and was ina coma. The girl work up but one stayed conscious. Karasu, wonders if he was in coma, but was really stuck in "The World".As Karasu log into the World, he checked the BBS if there's anything new. He then saw a post of Zeit Statue saying some Blademaser named Balmung was placed first. He knew he wasn't fast enough to do that so he just ignored the post ti'll later. He then found a topic that has Coma, he checked it but it was deleted. Later after he was down reading the BBS he went into "The World". As he logged in, he found himself in a town, named "Aqua Capital Mac Anu". Other words named "Root Town". Karasu didn't want to look around, he quickly went to the Chaos Gate and entered a keyword, "DELTA: BURSTING, PASSED OVER, AQUA FIELD" that he receive from reading a post that was a place for beginners. As KArasu was teleported there, he was encountered by 2 Goblins, there was 1 on each side. Karasu quickly went for the one on the left, and ran toward it, slashing it with his Cypress Wand to know it back then use magic called, Gan Zot. Destroying it, then the other one ran up and tried to kick me but I use my Wand to block the kick and push him back, then when he was sending flying back Karasu use Juk Rom to blow it out of the sky. "Whew, that was sort of easy." Karasu then walked to see if there is another Magic Portal to open and destroy any monsters that appeared.



Post by Kishirou » Thu Apr 17, 2003 6:27 pm

As Kasaru wander around the field, he has taken care of 2 magic portals already. Then he found another portal, but it appeares to be a blue treasure box. Kasaru examined it and then remeber that he need a item to make it safe to open so he left the treasure box there. After leaving it, he had for the last portal that was near the dungeon entrance. When Kasaru approached it, there was only a single goblin. It was no threat since I quickly ran behind it and hit it until it feell to the ground and finish it off with a magic called, "Rue Rom". Kasru use repth, since he did suffer from close range combat damage while trying to unlock all of the portals, but it was to serious. After he cured himself completely, he waited awhile ti'll his SP replenish. Then he went inside the dungeon. While walking threw a hallway, he found a girl being chase by a monster with a red wand. "What the...... Is that kind of mosnter suppose to be in here." There was 2 ways so he went right since that was the way the thing qent. When he went there, it was a dead end. There was nothin in that room. So he went the other way, walking and thinking if it was a glitched. As he went into the next room he found himelf, tht the exit was close and a magic portal was there. He head for it and 2 goblins pop out. Kasaaru ran around until both of them were close enough there each other and use Gan Zot destroying them with ease at the same time. As the exit opened, Kasaru went into the dungeon deper. When he got to the next room there was a stair leading down so he went. After going through soom rooms, he found that there was 3 ways. He couldnt decide which way so he choice randomly and wen't into a room with monsters, there was a magic portal that revail to have 2 goblins and a diso knight, Kasaru was knock back and forth have some good damage deal with him so he quickly got rid of the disco knight using Rue Rom twice to killed it, then he got jabbed by a Goblin behins his back so he quickly needed to heal himself. Kasaru use Repth and then killed one of the goblins with Gan Zot, he was nearly out of SP so he coulnt use magic for a while so, Kasaru, went into defence, he block one of the attack but was blown back and fell,he then got up threw is Cypress Wand at him and it landed on him holding it down. While the Goblin was trying to get up I kicked it once and took my Wand back that was on top of him, now since my SP has enough to use another magci, I use Rue Rom on it destroying it. "Man, I shouldn't do that again." Kasaru rest ther trying to replenish his SP once again.


Post by Kishirou » Thu Apr 17, 2003 6:34 pm

After Kasaru SP, was filled back to maximum. He went into the room west of him. He found another Magic Portal but had 1 goblin and a disco knight, he went into a corner and started to use alot of magic on it, and bombing it with Gan Zot and Rue Rom cause he was mad of what happen in the other rom. The mosnter couldn't even retaliate, and was destroyed as if they were nothing. "Huff, huff, that what you get for messing with me. Now what is at the last room up north. As KAsaru went toward it he found that the last room had the Gott Statue and he was at the end of the dungeon, he went towrad the treasure box to see, what he had receieve for accomplishing the dungeon and getting to the end.

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Post by Myk » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:09 pm

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you need to spread your posts out more, this is hard to read,
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Post by Kishirou » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:15 pm

but i do write alot though lol.


Post by yugi_757 » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:18 pm

yugi_757 logs in

"i cant wait to start going into a dungeon by myself but yet i'm still a low level..ha??? who are you"yugi said as he turned his back

"i'm Karasu;...well then nice to meet you"

"so what are you doing here right now :?: "asked yugi



Post by Kishirou » Thu Apr 17, 2003 7:26 pm

OOC: Please don't control my character.

As I walked toward the exits, I stop and said, "......If your wondering who, I am it's Kasaru." I then walk out of the dungeon and gated out.