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The Search for the Second Dragon, Dungeon #1 (invites only)
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Author:  Zavier_D [ Thu May 01, 2003 6:30 pm ]
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Zavier stopps, looking around at the walls. "What's this?.......i wasn't just here..." He looks behind him, and there is only a wall left. "What's the meaning of this..........hmmm, this seems strange. But, the second legendary dragon is supposed to be powerful, so I guess I'll just have to make it on my own. Well, better get going!" Zavier picks up his pace and walks down the corridor. At the end, he sees two swords of chaos spawn, but they do not attack. "Ahh, so you are another of those warriors i see." Zavier glances up and sees a data bug in the air.

"I guess that is where the voice is coming from. Figures, a hacker is the reason this is so jacked up. What do you want coward! I don't have time for these games!"

"Oh, its fine. I will get to you in a little while. First, I will pick your party members off one by one, beginning with your friend Rayo! HAHAH!" The data bug ascended and went through the celing.

"Rayo, man, take care of yourself right now. I'll try to get to you when i can." He readies his sword as he sees the swords of chaos begining to close in on him. "But, it seems as though I have company. YAAH!"

Zavier dodges the attacks of both swords, coming down hard the back of the second one. As the first sword reels towards him, he dodges and it slices in to the second, killing it. "Stupid creatures...." Zavier thinks as he finishes off th second one with a revolver. "Now, let's get to this dragon!"

Zavier continues through the dungeon, killing the monsters off as he goes along. He reaches a room that has claw marks on it with the words: "Ye who enter here, the realm of the Gods, abandon all hope of return." "Hmm...........this sounds very inviting. This could be a trap. What's this?" Zavier noticies that the symbol on his arm begins to glow and the green dragon within him begins to stir. "No, this is definitely it. Well, let's see what happens!" Zavier steps through the door.

He looks a round a large room with skeletons littered about the floor. On the walls he sees bodies chained to the wall, their skulls misconfigured so violently that he has to turn his head away. "Hmm...." he mumbles as he sees a large altar at the end of the room. He walks cloaser, and all the lights come on. Suddenly, he feels the ground shake and hears a voice scream. Suddenly, the altar in front of him glows, and the lid slides off. Light begans to flood the room from the altar, and Zavier shields his eyes. When he opens them, he sees an arm gegan to move out of the altar.

With wide eyes Zaiver watches as a man with wings, covered in bronze armor, stands before him with a two handed sword.

Author:  Rayo [ Thu May 01, 2003 6:42 pm ]
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Rayo heard noises coming from the next room. He ran to the wall and stuck his head around the corner to see what it was. He could not afford to get into a fight now. His sp was not recovering like it should. He saw a swordsman and Zavier preparing to fight.

"Zavier, well at least I found him, I will not b much use though. I guess I will just use an item on him if he gets in any trouble..."

The swordsman leaps intot he air and brings his blade down onto Zavier. Zavier holds his blade across and barely protects himself. His counterattack was a revolver. The skilled swordsman avoided most of the accurate blows but still felt the damage from a single strike. Zavier came up with a follow up slash which also missed.

"He is fast," realized Zavier.

"He should be able to win though, but if this is not normal, he may be facing an invincible opponent..." Rayo wonders.

Zavier and the Swordsman clash again, neither one giving ground, or gaining ground. They seemed evenly matched.

Author:  Zavier_D [ Thu May 01, 2003 6:58 pm ]
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Zavier block attack after attack, the swordsman moving so fast that it astounded him. "Why can't i move faster than him! This is crazy. He doens't seem to have any flaws in his fighting style that I can see.....uhh, this is could get dicey......................AAAAHHH!!" Zavier screams as the swordsman spins fast, slicking him on the chest. Zavier does a flip back, examinning his wounds. "Wow, he hit me pretty hard. I better use a health drink."

"Fool, did you not read the warning on the door of this room? You truly are an idiot, not coming prepared. Now, let me show you some of my real skill! Bronze Blitz!"

Zavier tried to dodge the attack, but the swordsman moved too fast. He sliced Zavier on the back, chest, and leg, knocking Zavier to the ground. Zavier rolled out of intuition as the two-handed sword dug into the ground where his head had just been. Zavier did revolver, knocking him self into the chest of his assailant. As he spun, the swordsmen caught him in mid strike and through him into the other wall. Zavier falls to the ground, blood dripping from his head, arms, and legs. 'God........he's....so....strong."

"Hahahah.........i awake, thinking I will find a challenge, and I find you. Well, you shall end up with these other worthless fools on the walls. I will end your existence on this plane!" The swordsman readies hiw weapon, and gets ready to attack Zavier. Zavier looks at him, fearing for the first time what might happen to him.


Zavier looks around, trying to find the voice he hears.

".........remember......you" ">........your power, your...........remember..........."................"call upon...........call......"

Zavier realizes that all of the skeletons are beginning to move, and it is their voices that he recognizes. The Swordsman ses this and goes throug heach skeleton, destroying their data in one attack, one after another. "No!.........I don't......know how........" Zavier admonishes.

"Remember...............now, you can call............." Zavier watches as the last skeleton is silenced. Zavier feels something stirring within him, lurching to be free. "So, I can call you now................good." The swordsman looks at Zavier as he slowly gets to his feet. He runs across the room, about to strike Zavier for the final time.

"Wood Dragon, I call upon your power! Empower my body!" Suddenly, the green symbol on his arm begins to glow. His entire body is engulfed in a soft but powerful green glow. His body changes, adorning once again the green armor of the dragon. The swordsman brings down his sword, and Zavier's black sword comes up and counters it, knocking the monster back. Zavier stands, his armor glowing green, his sword engulfed in green flame.

"Now, let me show you how prepared I am!"

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