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Nightmares and Illusions

Post by Nighthand » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:49 pm

Though the rings of the Elite’s Chaos Gate were luminescent rainbow within his tower, in the town itself they were nondescript silver. They descended around the party in one of Yamiyo’s many town squares, back in the Elemental Sector.

Yamiyo Server Update Notice
Due to increasing server stability issues, the following items have had their functionality removed temporarily:
- Quickcast
We apologize for the inconvenience, and have issued GP equal to the current value of the removed items to each affected player.
Nighthand glanced over the flashmail, then turned to the rest of the party. “Alright, folks, we should disperse for a bit to make sure there’s no immediate retaliation. Take care of any shopping or introspection or brooding you need to take care of. I’ll go make sure Velvet is still around and will let us gather again.” He paused. “Or one of us,” he gestured to himself and Raine, “will send out a message with a gathering point. Try not to get into too much trouble!”

Without concern for the rest of the group, the bladesmage spread his wings and took flight, quickly disappearing into the sky. Sure, maybe he was technically one of the leaders of the party, but so long as Raine was there, he was perfectly willing to shirk any and all responsibility.

Raine, for her part, composed and sent off a flashmail of her own. Then, as Nighthand flew off, she spoke up.

“I concur with Nighthand’s assessment, except one thing.” She reached out and grabbed Maoh by the scruff of the neck. “YOU are coming with me. Sheena and I are going to give you a thorough physical and make sure you’re not a threat to the rest of us.”

Without waiting for a response, she stalked off into the crowd, which was noticeably thinner than the last time they had all been in town. It looked as though the population of the server was maybe half of what it had been at peak hours, and glancing through the crowd, they would notice that many of the strongest-looking players were nowhere to be seen. It was mid-level hackers with overconfidence, low-level mercenaries with no awareness, and a few powerful players looking to take advantage of any opportunity who still lingered. It was a tense atmosphere, but nothing really indicated why.

Before the party could fully split up, however, Demorian gated in.

“Raine told me you all got back and needed an escort. I, uh, assume you won?” He chuckled to himself. “She didn’t tell me much, and I am really missing my intelligence network. Anyways, tell me how it went, and if you need help or just want to hang out, I’m your man.”

OOC: You all can do whatever you like for a round here. Explore hack upgrades, run a solo if you feel like blitzing one out, go shopping, or just chat with Demorian. Next round I’ll draw us back together and get the next ball rolling.

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