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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Senna » Thu Jul 30, 2009 8:32 pm

The sense of a trek was made stronger as they approached a city. Senna had no idea where they were, what that city was – she hadn’t been paying good attention lately, and really knew she had only herself to blame – but a few members broke off to cut toward the city as fast as they could go.

Senna was not feeling that energetic. Running right now sounded like more work than she was willing to put in. Instead, a non-Ap-Do-powered job would have to suffice. If it kept her well away from the vanguard, so be it.

Given the time, she also finally pulled out the Flashmail from earlier, biting back a renewed sense of irritation about it in favor of acknowledging that reading such things at a proper time would almost always be useful, if…

Oh. Well, that might explain why they were in a hurry. Might also explain some other things. Her mind supplied a foul word. And as though on cue from the mere action of reading the Flashmail, something cried out in the sky.

Her mind supplied a second, more creative foul word.

It seemed to be going for the city, or possibly the vanguard – she couldn’t be sure. Whichever it was, before it managed to get there, two forms came apart from the city and acted in tandem, their efficient movements and attacks efficiently grounding the strange hybrid thing that had come out of the sky. But it responded with… what, was that four summons? Whatever it was, the whip-wielders were thrown well clear of the fight zone. Unfortunately, the vanguard seemed to take this as a sign to leap in and get all involved.

Was there a way around a fight? Prolly not, but she wasn’t feeling terribly charitable at the moment.

Turning on the speed from where she was hovering near the back of the group, she tried to get up into the combat zone as fast as possible. At the same time, she was scanning through her items, her armor, trying to decide what items could possibly make a difference. The answer she came to relatively easily was… nothing. Nothing could make a difference. She equipped her water items and focused on the fight.

A few people were already casting at the enemy, and as she looked up, she saw Canti in a spectacular dive. His demise was equally spectacular, in the sense that anyone casting four spells at once would have impressed her. Targeting the Twin Blade, she used another resurrect. Running low, she noted.

Finally within range now, she pulled up and focused on the enemy. She tried to coordinate her casting with the next spell to go off. “GiRue Kruz.

As soon as the casting was done, she was on the move again, but she had no illusions about the likelihood that simply moving would do anything at all worthwhile. That guy had a lot of spells, a lot of power and, she had to suspect, a lot of accuracy. The likelihood of getting away without a reciprocal spell coming her way (or two or three reciprocal spells) and leveling her? Pretty darn high.

((OOC: May update later with return-casting. Revived Canti and cast a GiRue Kruz))
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Locke » Fri Jul 31, 2009 6:13 pm

One by one the Freedom Fighters made their way through the wall-like puzzle, the riddle solved and easily bypassed. When the last person was across, the group started again towards the city. Things seemed simple enough to Baron at this point, since Tritoch was stuck on the other side of the infinite wall that they had just bypassed. All they had to do was get to the Root Town at the end of the wasteland, and then they’d be set. As to what would happen then, there was really not much to be sure of; they’d fix up Nall (who exactly was he to the Freedom Fighters, and what had happened to put him in that state?), and then from there go about trying to escape from the Yamiyo Server. That was assuming that they got there, though; with the wasteland still stretching some distance between them and the city, anything could happen. After the snowmen and the randomly-placed wall? Baron would be rather disappointed if nothing else stopped them. He immediately swore softly, hoping he didn’t jinx anything. They had it bad enough as it was.

Demorian and Nighthand started off ahead with Sekai and Takua, using Speed Charms or- in Nighthand’s case- using some kind of hack. Baron took a Speed Charm out of his own and let the Ap Do settle over him, his speed improving visibly as he hurried after the group, lagging a bit behind to keep with the rest of the Freedom Fighters. The four in front had point, and Baron wouldn’t add much joining them, so he stayed back to keep watch where the strength of numbers evened out the level gap somewhat. Baron felt kind of shafted, though, always being delegated to the back. Sure, Sekai, Demorian, and Nighthand all had a huge lead in terms of levels, but Takua? The guy could nuke people from a good distance and that was all fine and well, but a single hit from a physical attack here and he’d be killed faster than tissue paper through a meat grinder. Ah well, petty little issues like that had no place in the current situation, so Baron pushed it aside. Instead he focused on moving forward towards the city. The sooner they got there, the sooner they’d be safe… for now. That was assuming something didn’t happen.

Of course, the gods of The World had it out for the Freedom Fighters and their new members, as Tritoch came wheeling out of the sky above them, targeting the point group. For a brief moment, everything seemed to slow down, and Baron thought that they were simply toast. However, a surprising turnaround came in the form of two sentinels atop the gates of the Root Town. The two leapt into the air, instantly ripping Tritoch out of his flight with a wide-spread net that settled over the monster’s wings. The former administrator plunged to the ground, dragging his captors along with him, but he was grounded. The net was shaken off quickly enough, sure, but the pair of whips that tore Tritoch’s wings off was effective enough. The gigantic being was suddenly grounded and unable to fly. He retaliated quickly, though, with a quartet of Lanceor spells blasting the two guards somewhere over the rainbow to who-knew-where. All Baron knew was that they were gone.

The problem with that was that it left the Freedom Fighters to deal with a very big, very mad monster. Tritoch’s attention was immediately turned to them and they were forced to defend themselves. Without spoken signals, it was clear what had to be done. Baron immediately moved into an attack, his blades leaving their sheaths as he watched Canti take the first offensive. The other male Twin Blade was off on a direct attack, his motions keeping Tritoch occupied momentarily, so Baron was free to try a different tactic while the Administrator was distracted. Immediately swapping out armor as he went through his various spell lists, the Twin Blade started off with a Dek Vorma, hoping to lower Tritoch’s magical defenses. Canti’s offense didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the mythical conglomeration that was attacking him, so Baron figured a magical strike would be more effective. Someone had mentioned that Tritoch represented the Rai, Vak, and Rue elements. So perhaps an Ani-based attack would be most effective when this spell landed…

“Ugh, go figure…”

The spell didn’t stick, leaving Tritoch’s magical defense as high as it had been and leaving Baron with fifteen less SP in a wasted effort. Ever stubborn, the Twin Blade tried again only to get the same result. The move wasn’t getting anywhere, so perhaps a change of tactics was required. A quick switch brought Baron’s Thunder Anklet out, letting his Dek Raio spell came into play. If the monster’s elemental defenses were lowered, they’d have more options available to him. Surprisingly, the spell stuck, and Tritoch’s resistance to Rai-based spells went out the window. That would open him up for more possibilities, including Baron’s own GiRai Don spell. Hopefully they’d be able to take a large chunk out of the monster with one more element to exploit. Of course, Baron didn’t stop there. Another Dek Raio was fired off with the intent of making the element even more potent, though this one didn’t stick either. Baron would have gone with a Dek Anid if he had possessed it, but since that was out, he had to favor his other strong spells.

Unfortunately the Dek Raio wasn’t sticking, so another tactic immediately came to play. Baron had been fortunate not to catch Tritoch’s attention with his debuff spells, but he was sure it wouldn’t last forever. In the meantime he tried first a Duk Lei, then a Suvi Lei, switching his gear around for the appropriate spells. Neither the poison nor the paralysis stuck, to the Twin Blade’s annoyance, but he tried the latter again simply because he wanted to land it. If Tritoch was unable to move, he’d be a much easier target to hit. Naturally that didn’t work out too well for him either, but it had been worth a try. Baron was starting to get really annoyed by Tritoch’s resistances to his spells, and decided to try something much more… direct. An OrmeAni Kruz exploded directly in the fiend’s face, the magic-enhanced dark skulls slamming into the former Administrator with all of the power of a level three spell.

It was a shame that he didn’t have an Ap Anid to enhance the potency of the spell, but nonetheless it certainly caught Tritoch’s attention. One arm suddenly pointed in his direction, and Baron expected to simply be blasted with magic, recoiling reflexively. For a moment, the Twin Blade waited in horror, wondering what sort of lightning-based death would be taking him down. When nothing happened, he was torn between a sigh of relief and a puzzled feeling. Had the spell simply fizzled, or had it merely been a feint? It was odd that, after the motion, nothing had started coming his w-

A column of ice impaled the Twin Blade from below, the power of a PhaRue Zot smashing into him and lifting him a good distance in the air. Baron was suddenly torn apart as the pillar released a mass of frozen spikes in all directions, simply shredding him and leaving him ghosted in a heartbeat. The only thing he was thankful for was a quick death if he had to die at all, but he prayed someone un-ghosted him quickly, and soon. He hated the feeling of death.

((OOC: Yeah, it's short but Nights went poof on me when I needed him for more scripting!

Anyway, note now that Tritoch's Thunder Resistance is now gone. Poof. Feel free to give him a taste of his own medicine.))
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Takua » Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:08 am

Takua breathed a sigh of relief as the last person stepped beyond the puzzle and he was all alone. Now that nobody could see him, he could let the smile slip from his face. Deking himself with Rue and Rai, he walked forward and tried to think about what he was going to do. Find a place in Yamiyo where he could talk in private, assuming such a place existed. He knew that he needed to stop thinking about it, stop bringing it up to himself when there was nothing he could do just yet, but he was also drilling it into his head so that he couldn't forget and wouldn't skip out when the time came.

Pressing through the wall, he came out with a faint smile on his face, just enough so that he would look fine and happy that he had helped. That was it. Returning to his place next to Demorian, Sekai and Nighthand, he listened to the banter and talk between the two leaders while watching Tritoch vanish. Or had he really vanished anyways? He couldn't really trust his senses, he just had to hope that what he saw was true. He kind of liked Demorian, even though his paranoia rendered that practically pointless. Since he was automatically afraid and suspicious of damn near everyone around him, simply liking someone's style didn't render them immune. That didn't mean that he was more paranoid about them, just...suspicious. He said that he wanted to give Demorian a chance to redeem himself for whatever he had done in the past and god fucking dammit he would.

Which still didn't make him very comfortable that he had been picked to go out in front. Even if Demorian put trust in him that he was going to be able to back up the Blademaster, Takua, frankly, didn't know if he could do it. But he had said that he would try. Plus, if Tritoch still had his Wavemaster origins around him, then his high magical resistance might be of some use. Then again, with how much higher level Tritoch likely was, that might not mean much of anything at all. If anything, he was just another meatshield in order to keep their heavy hitters alive for longer periods of time. Well, that was okay, just so long as there was someone else to revive him so that he could go back at it.

The long run across the desert was greatly aided by the Ap Do. He'd given one to Sekai and himself before dashing off after the other two speed-enhanced forerunners, and it was just about when he began to let himself hope that they might make it to the wall and thus the city before being attacked that Tritoch dove almost directly from the sun. The Wavemaster stopped some distance back from the two Melee classes, wanting to be nowhere near the divebombing monster when it hit ground but close enough to resurrect or pummel with spells.

Fortunately for them, two sentries from the town decided to intervene and take away Tritoch's power of flight. Unfortunately, it also nuked them both with double Lanceors before turning its attention back to the Freedom Fighters. First instinct had Takua preparing to grab a staff with Ani on it, but a swift glance to Sekai had him taking out a Juk one instead. He had no idea if attacking the former administrator with its own elements with anything less than absolutely retarded, and he didn't really want to fight out at the moment.

Baron did demonstrate, on the other hand, that it was perfectly possible to hit him with a Dek Raio, at least to break tolerance. The rest of the status effects didn't get anywhere near touching him. Well, shit, that meant that they had to rely on Aps instead of Deks. Well...he was kind of okay with that, so it wasn't really a horrible thing. That left him wondering though. Should he try nuking now, a mighty blast of spells while Tritoch was on the ground, or should he wait to back up Demorian instead? While he was deciding, he threw a quick resurrect over to Baron. The brutal killing from Rue gave Takua the idea that maybe, just maybe, they'd been right about what elements Tritoch had at his command.

Not good, since that included three of Takua's favorites and the two that he specialized in.

He decided to wait, staff at the ready, preparing to support Demorian in every way he knew how. However, as a test, he also threw Dek Ruem, Dek Juka, Dek Ganz and Dek Vak towards the monster they were fighting, one after the other. Maybe one would stick, perhaps a tolerance would be broken. He didn't know, but he did know that he was about to die in this fight. A lot, and in painful ways that he hadn't experienced since he had fought against Saol in the Juka Prison Field. Maybe as far back as Dr. Sprouce in Ganz. Whichever it was, he'd promised to help Demorian, so he readied his legs and his staff just in case he could do something.

((OOC: Resurrected Locke, hit Tritoch with Dek Ruem, Dek Juka, Dek Ganz and Dek Vakz. Whether or not they stick, we'll see.))
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Talal » Sun Aug 02, 2009 8:26 pm

Even if it had only lasted for a brief moment, it was long enough to allow every last thought of things that could go wrong seep into her head. The shriek from way up above didn’t help the panic that was rapidly building inside the girl either. Before she stepped through the wall, the only thought she had was hoping that it worked so she wouldn’t be taking a major face plant.

To be sure the overwhelming need to reach out and give Canti a hug shocked her as much as it did him, even more so when she realized that the hug was actually happening instead of just a thought. The reassurance that the contact provided was odd but felt really good for the first time in years. She had blocked herself off for so long from everyone she’d almost forgotten what it felt like to actually enjoy being around other people.

The change in subject back to their current situation was welcomed if only to get out and away from the awkward she had created. Talal couldn’t imagine what must be going through Canti’s mind and considering the extremely awkward position she had basically just placed him in, not to mention the fact that she had just completely invaded on his personal space, he was handling things rather well. She hoped that meant he didn’t think she was a total whacco or something.

Things were admittedly more confusing than usual now. Why did she lose it? Why did she suddenly just reach out and embrace him at that moment? Why…did it make her feel better to do so when she barely even knows him and really does she now him, the player, or him the character? Gah! So confusing. Not what she needed right now but then she had no one to blame but herself.

The black haired girl meant it when she said she was concerned about his idea. Not because he couldn’t handle himself in a fight, that much had already been proven with whatever that dark flame stunt was against the snowmen. Talal just really didn’t like the idea of the group splitting up. It would put the lesser numbered group, in his case one or two people tops at the most risk. Why did she always to decide that it was the risk takers that needed their backs watched?

Once everyone was through the wall, Demorian took up the lead and everyone just seemed to fall in and follow, the female Twin Blade included. Choosing to linger towards the back of the pack and keeping any wandering eyes off of the still embarrassed girl, Talal kept pace and a watchful eye to the sky but it was her ears that would tell her mostly what she needed to know. The shrieks were still high above and for now distant, which was good.

The group had made it a far amount from the wall when Demorian once again let everyone in on the main plan, or maybe it was just his plan, who knew. Either way speed was the main key so Talal reached into her small belt pouch and used one of her many Speed Charms she had stocked up with. Some were quicker than others which basically made her concerns come to be truth; the group splitted. One group took point and literally took off. The rest stayed somewhat together yet staggered a bit.

After a long while of running, the lead group had come within range of the wall that had loomed off in the distance since they crossed through the last one. Tritoch had finally spotted the group and started his attack, only to be thwarted by the wall guards temporarily. Talal could see two figures flying back over the wall into the city and tried to step up her pace but felt a pull to stay with the group. The lead group was chosen for a reason, they would be okay, or at least that’s what the Twin Blade tried to convince herself of.

Finally close enough to throw in a couple of her own spells to help; Talal searched her inventory trying to figure out what she could use. Physical attacks weren’t going to be much good against someone like Tritoch but she did have a few second level scrolls that might do something. Pulling out a Stone Storm scroll and a Raging Earth scroll, she quickly broke the brown seals on them and cast them simultaneously at Tritoch. With any luck they might hit before he could move out of the way and get squished in between them.

Anxiously she watched to see what would happen and surprisingly they both hit him. A glare was all the Twin Blade got from the twisted creature while he looked around trying to figure out who cast them. His eyes fell upon the small group of people where Talal was standing which made her take a quick glance behind her and realize she had just put Nall and Sheena in danger.

Just great! They don’t even no me and I’m about to get them both killed. Think Talal, think!

Going solo was surely going to get her killed but it was better than Tritoch aiming anything at those the group was trying to protect the most. The girl activated another speed charm since the last one had worn off just shy of reaching the wall. A wise ass smirkish smile was sent back at the half man half beast. One of those that was full of attitude.

Yeah, that’s right, just little ‘ol me just smacked you down. Neener neener neener.

The thought ended and the Twin Blade took off in a flash of speed ala charmed style. First point of direction was towards her fellow black winged Twin Blade who had just taken a kamikaze style plunge before getting zapped from existence. When Tritoch twisted his torso to follow the girl and then raised an arm back, she noticed the wand in that arm glow red and burst into flames just before it was chucked at her like a javelin. No time to help the fallen, it was time to do the unexpected.

Talal changed course with a pivot of her foot and headed straight for the powerful Wavemaster with blades drawn. Hopefully he wouldn’t expect her to do such a thing. It worked! The blazing staff went sailing by her and speared itself into the sand. Her eyes couldn’t help but follow it. Turning back around she lunged into the air to strike at one of those arms but her lunge was cut short when the second blazing staff she hadn’t seen Tritoch send landed in her gutt. The girl landed in the sand with a soft but audible thump before she burst into flames.

The burning sensations followed by ghost hood were nothing new to the small girl, but they brought back even more unwanted memories of the Juk prison field nonetheless.
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Part 13

Post by Dien » Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:02 am

So this was what became of Tritoch. There was no telling just how strong he was, or how much work they’d have to do as a team to take him down. If they were lucky, they might be able to get some of the townsfolk to aide in the fight, but the chances of that happening were slim to none. Chances were that for this fight, they were on their own.

Not that that was necessarily a bad thing. More than likely there were some wanted posters already displayed around the town with their names, descriptions, faces, and abilities—any help received could very quickly turn ugly, and on account of that risk, the blademaster surmised, they would be better off without any further assistance.

They’d shown him something though. The two sentries who’d dispatched Tritoch’s wings revealed a very critical fact to the Freedom Fighters: the beast could be slain. And so, as the thing turned to face them, they strapped in and began to take turns trying their hand at him. It wasn’t smart for any one of them to try and take this thing on for themselves; ‘safety in numbers’ and all that jazz. Still, the time it would take to coordinate a strike at this point would be more than enough time for the monster before him to annihilate them all. Best to watch and learn for now.

‘Tritoch,’ as they were calling him, had almost nothing left of the admin that shared the thing’s name. An excess of lizard’s legs with a tail to match, an eyeless head at the top of a long neck, four arms with wands for hands, and four miniature wings on top of its ‘head.’ Of course, as the blademaster watched his teammates begin their assaults, the thing was frightening to watch. Even if he wasn’t rusty in terms of combat, and even if he wouldn’t die from one hit from the thing, it would take everything he had to enter into combat with the thing. It looked freaking menacing.

Still, Dien wasn’t one to just sit back and watch: and while he could stick to spamming magic spells, that was most certainly not the best way to use his class to its best. Even so, it was best to set up the fighting beforehand. In quick succession, the blademaster buffed himself, pulling Ap Do, Rig Geam, and Rig Seam onto himself before he would even begin strategizing.

Takua’s buffs failed ((so says Nighthand)), but the only one Locke had managed to cast, Dek Raio, had stuck…kinda. A quick Rai Don from elsewhere in the group confirmed that at least the spells could now damage him, and Dien could only smirk. It was just like any boss fight: if there were no weaknesses, the first step in defeating it was to create weaknesses. Preferably, those weaknesses would be the same channels that were the team’s strengths, so for the current batter up, that would be anything having to do with fire.

He called a Vak Don and watched as the fireball slammed into the head of Tritoch, yielding…nothing. No damage whatsoever had been caused, showing the blademaster that he’d be needing a Dek Vakz before he could do anything further. A quick check to his inventory showed two Firebanes, and as Dien pulled away from the group, he activated the first one. No effect. Without any hesitation, he pulled out the second and activated it as well. Again, no effect. It was here that the blademaster saw fit to change armors, giving himself the ability to cast the same spell without the use of a scroll. Dek Vakz was called into being, but as with its scroll-counterparts, it didn’t take effect. So the blademaster switched another armor, giving himself an Ap Corma to boost his magic attack stat, and gave the Dek Vakz another whirl. No dice. Tritoch began to turn his head towards Dien, so he desperately tried it one more time.

“Dek Vakz!” he shouted, and the spell stuck, taking away the behemoth’s tolerance for his element of favor. He could feel the glow around him flaring up with his excitement, and he thrust his hand into his bag, wasting no time as he dug out the most powerful scrolls he possessed: Hellstorm, and a handful of Flame Blasts. Taking a moment to make sure his Vak stat was maxed out on his armor, he began activating the spells in quick succession. A massive whirlwind of red energy seemed to bathe over the beast as it began moving towards its attacker. Hellstorm done, the blademaster activated a Flame Blast, sending a BiVak Rom at the monster. Its progress was unimpeded by the spell, and Dien was beginning to panic. While dying wasn’t exactly a new experience for him, he’d rather not do so quickly. One more Flame Blast was activated, and as it did, Tritoch took off into a full gallop, throwing its jaw down to toss its prey into the air.

For a split second, the blademaster panicked, before realizing the beautiful opportunity he’d been given. While blood gushed freely from the wounds he’d suffered at the teeth of the thing’s mouth, Dien was still very capable of drawing his sword, and as he’d been planning, he began the close-range assault. Vak Revolver was activated, however, as each slice passed cleanly through the flesh of the thing’s head, barely any damage registered: its physical tolerance letting only the magical portion of the skill work. All this before a sharp line cut off all feeling for the blademaster below his midriff. He looked down before a few thrashes sent his upper half flying through the air, landing in the sand and very quickly turning into a ghost. Taking a moment to compose a flashmail, he could only sigh as it was sent.
To: Freedom Fighters, Demorian
From: Dien
Subject: Focus on getting rid of his tolerance.
This was going to be harder than he thought.

(OOC: Used Hellstorm (x1) and Flame Blast (x2).

Vak and Rai tolerance removed)
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Lord Canti » Thu Aug 06, 2009 8:00 pm

(He recovered from his initial stunning after the zap-fest as a ghost almost comically, wobbling around off balance while immaterial. He hadn't a good death in a while - 'good' being another way of saying 'grandiose' and 'painful', in this case - and this one had left an impression. That impression was "Wow, he really has a short temper.", though it wasn't that helpful. Well, it was if he could harness it, but Canti really didn't know... Mostly, the Twin Blade expected he was going to die alot here, which was alright for the team, but what if the team was wiped out in the meantime. That would be problematic. Oh, and he'd probably be perma-dead then. While he'd been busy and dead before, a couple of really important things happened: Dien and Baron whittled down Tritoch's tolerances, specifically the fire and the lightning. After the Blademaster bought the farm, he sent a Flash Mail to everyone else, saying to focus on his tolerances. Since Canti saw the use in that, he had to agree. And now that Senna had resurrected him, he was ready to act. Tritoch was busy on the others for now, so the Twin Blade took this opportunity to pull out the two Knight's Banes in his inventory. If he was still under Physical Tolerance - probably - then these could remove them. Quickly, he threw them and...no dice.)

Canti: Fuck!

(They missed, and he didn't have anymore. Tritoch didn't even notice either. Grumbling, Canti searched through the rest of his inventory and uncovered his Hermit's Bane, for magic defense. The beast didn't HAVE tolerance there, but lowering that stat would be very helpful anyway. Taking flight now, he whipped all five of these at him and then shouted another curse as none of them hit. The success rate of those things on tougher monsters was freakin' abysmal! Picture now a Canti ready to tear someone the hell apart over this. Wait a minute... Yes, of course! He's an admin, and The World is managed by the admins! It's HIS fault! So, he'll tear the big evil serpent apart. Good. First thing's first, though. There was a fellow Twin Blade lacking substance back on the ground, so he hovered on down to where Talal was and flicked over a Resurrect to bring her back. Then, almost in afterthought...)

Canti: Here, I don't think I'll need these too badly.

Transferred 6 Dark Traitors!
Transferred 2 Nightblights!
Transferred 4 Chaos Spells!

(He gave her all of his darkness scrolls, save for a single Chaos Spell. He wanted to try that one, among others, out first as he took back into the sky. Since his SP gauge was still on the mend, Canti decided to lob a couple of Fireball Storms at the guy. Fire converged on Tritoch twice and NOW, only now, did that start to get his attention. Fine by him. Canti smashed a Cooked Bile over his head and started firing short bursts of Darkness Flame while flying around. Tritoch began to follow his movements more earnestly now, though he wasn't fighting back just yet. Perhaps he was thinking about the best way to smite him? Could be. The effect of the darkness explosions from above...it was hard to say what they were doing to him. Curious, Canti flung down a Wood Sprite, causing the power of Greenpeace to rise from below. Tritoch had been raising his arms up to blast him when he suddenly got this stick up his ass and went up on his hind legs awkwardly. From there, he tried to take a leap at the airborne Twin Blade, wing-stubbed flapping around, but he fell in the dirt instead. Canti...could barely contain himself.)

Canti: *Snerk* Thank you, guardians of the city. Hah!

(The beast's attention was now focused on Canti, because he'd made a total fool of him. How could he forget that his wings got clipped at the start of all this? Oh, he was onto something here, without a doubt! The Twin Blade threw another Fireball Storm at him, pitcher-style, and then dropped his last Chaos Spell on the guy. The damage wasn't as important as the effect, as he was starting to notice. True, the stuff probably DID all damage him, but he was likely a high level and would take some time to defeat. In the meantime, he'd used the Chaos Spell to see if it entangled him at all. Remember, this kind of raising spell manifested big spider legs to tear at things. Canti was hoping it would hold him in place, only...not quite. He pointed wand-arms again and they were glowing red now. Definitely trouble here, now. The Twin Blade used his last Wood Sprite on Tritoch and then had to move rather quickly. For you see, he was getting baseball-sized fireballs flung at him, compact explosive killers. Now, the second Wood Sprite scroll had spoiled his aim and allowed him to get away, but it wouldn't be long now. The heat of the attacks and the magic stat behind it said that his resistance was only going to take him so far before dying again. However, because Canti couldn't care less at this point, he laughed maniacally at Tritoch while taking evasive maneuvers, just to piss him off.)

Canti: What's the matter great lord of three? This is the second time you're focused all on me! Or is this just because I got you up the ass with the ugly stick? HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAH!!

(The Twin Blade's evasions took him back and away from fireball attacks, taunting his foe, in sort of a spiral course while in flight. Maybe Tritoch thought of him as an annoying insect, like they were ALL insects to him. But if that were the case, then Canti would have to be one that sucks his life away, bit by bit, and giving him malaria. Nevermind that for now. Fighting back with volleys of the Darkness Flame, the Twin Blade managed four full strafing runs in this manner before Tritoch finally got a lucky shot and blasted away at him like hell. The first direct hit stunned him while the rest made Canti explode, his ghostly laughter echoing over everyone's heads. Transparent now, he hovered down to ground level, writing a Flash Mail.)
TO: Mein Party (The Freedom Fighters)
FROM: El Canti

So, we're gonna probably die alot. But I don't care because I've got me a stroke of brilliance. This guy has anger issues from hell, and we're gonna use that. I didn't manage to weaken his defenses, but I found out (more importantly) that he's a big raging idiot. The spells we use effect him physically, pushing and prodding him around with the powers of The World. The right kind of spell in the right place is a distraction. It throws off his aim or he does something stupid like try to fly without wings. I survived longer than in my first run because of this. Kruz and Rom spells don't seem to do anything to his bulk, but you saw that Zot helped and maybe Don will too.

Oh, and could someone bring me back to life again? I have another idea to try and every time he's stuck focusing all his power on someone, it gives us all the openings in the world to work with. If nothing else, I can occupy him.
OOC: *Ching!*

Number of times dead: 2

Resurrected Talal and gave her spells. Also made a giant feel 10 inches tall. Priceless.
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Nighthand » Fri Aug 07, 2009 4:57 pm

Demorian watched, and studied, and then grinned. Of course all his careful study and best-laid plans would fall flat. He glanced around, at the half of the players who had stayed by him, and at the other half that had already attacked.

Of course the Freedom Fighters wouldn’t stand still when there was something in front of them they could hit.

He shook his head and glanced back, locking eyes with Sheena. She had hefted Nall over a shoulder and had been waiting. Even she knew he had some idea. He nodded, and she nodded back.

An instant later, Sheena was running, every ounce of her speed driving her every closer to the town. She needed to get Nall out of here, away from the battlefield, and she needed cover.

Pulling a small scroll from his inventory, he spread it out in front of him. The symbol, one no one in the party would recognize, floated into the air and grafted itself to his forehead. “Quickcast…” He muttered to himself. He discarded the empty scroll roll and began chaining spells, as long as his SP would allow. The first spell, much to his chagrin, worked perfectly. A Dek Vorv fell into place, and Tritoch’s physical tolerance dropped away. Demorian smiled crookedly, and started on the second debuff. It, too, worked on the first try, and he wondered why his luck with debuffs was better than the rest of the party. Dek Ruem struck, and disappeared, along with the admin’s tolerance.

“Sekai! Stay here and pelt him with arrows. Don’t move until the situation changes, we’ll keep him from targeting you. Aim for his face if you can!” He grinned and looked at the archer, ignoring the monster so close. “Don’t worry, you’ve got this.”

He turned and started to walk away. “Takua, on me!” When the wavemaster was walking in pace, he continued. “I need you to blast him with the strongest Ani spells you have. It doesn’t matter what they are, we’re just distracting him and blinding him as much as we can.” Demorian then glanced to the heavyblade who had also walked with them.

“Nighthand, just… go do what you do best. You can survive longer than most up close.” Nighthand nodded and, spreading his wings, jumped into the sky.

Once he and Takua were at a ninety degree angle from Sekai, using Tritoch as the center of their circle, Demorian gave the signal for the pair to begin. Sekai to shoot her arrows and Takua to blast his spells. Then, seeing Nighthand overhead preparing to dive, he ran for Tritoch himself. He was a better physical fighter than a magical one anyways. Seeing Canti ghost, Demorian immediately tossed a resurrect on him. They would need every fighter they could.

Tritoch himself was done with Canti now, and was eyeing Sheena and Nall angrily. He couldn’t let them escape. He raised his wands when a series of arrows began to pelt him in the face. Shielding his head with one arm, he turned for the archer, but darkness spells started to hit him from the side. Shrieking, he started to swing his wand at Takua, when a shape from the sky landed on it, weighing his arm down. Nighthand slashed at the creature’s elbow and back flipped off the arm before he could be crushed, landing on the ground feet away from the charging Demorian.

As Demorian ran, he chained more spells, while his Quickcast buff lasted. Ap Vorma, four times in a row, landed on Takua, Sekai, Nighthand, and himself. Rig Geam and Rig Saem, for the same four targets. Then his buff wore off, and he stopped the spell casting.

Tritoch’s wand slammed down at Nighthand, who raised his own sword to block it. Demorian dove underneath and helped, both their blades impacting the wand at the same moment. Both fighters were driven to their knees, but Tritoch, being pelted with spells and attacks, was too distracted to follow up.

The heavyblade moved, lashing at the admin’s back legs, and Demorian added his own slashes to the front legs. Tritoch sank to knees, crying out in pain. The snake-like head swooped in and struck Nighthand’s wide blade, sending him flying. Demorian slashed at it as well, then dashed back.

In the distance, the Blademaster heard chanting, and he glanced back. His gaze came in time to see Nighthand thrust an arm up to the elbow into what looked like a black tear in the space, yanking out a long black blade. The sword with the whip attached, the Nightblade, left a black trail in the air as it moved. Nighthand shifted himself to speed and in an instant was back on the front lines, his sword flashing.

“Takua! Switch to Juk or Gan!” Demorian knew the darkness-absorbing effect of the Nightblade, and figured a little bit more damage was better, from the wavemaster’s spells.

Nighthand’s whip wrapped around one of Tritoch’s wing stubs and the heavyblade vaulted onto the back of the beast. He drove his blade down between the stubs, and Tritoch bucked, trying to throw off the player. Demorian glanced to the side, unable to spot either Sheena or the city guardians, and smiled.

He stepped back a couple paces and pulled a pair of scrolls from his inventory, different from the first. They, too, held symbols unrecognizable to any but a denizen of Yamiyo. “Doublestrike. Booster.” The two symbols wrapped around his arms. Booster wrapped around his sword-hand, making his blade glow brighter blue. Doublestrike wrappeda round his off-hand, and a second blade appeared, a shadowy transparent version of the original. He ran for Tritoch, still flailing to remove Nighthand, and struck.

“PhaRue Crack!” Both swords pulsed bright blue, and he swung with all his might. One struck, then the next, an instant behind. Booster, kicking his attack from the level 3 GiRue Crack to a level four, and Doublestrike, allowing him to cast twice for the SP cost of one. Tritoch reared back, his front legs lifted from the ground with the force of the blows. Nighthand jumped down, his whip tangling around Tritoch’s human neck, further yanking him back. The heavyblade was shifted all to strength, nearly immobile, and could still barely pull over the beast. Tritoch was almost upright, his hind legs supporting him, his torso still being pelted with spells and arrows.

“Ruem Twister!” His pair of swords acted out Ruem Spiral, boosted up another level, hitting twice as often at the underside of the dragon-beast. The skill ended, and for an instant everything was still. Even Sekai and Takua paused, to see.

Nighthand retracted his whip and ran, his strength abandoned for speed, and Tritoch fell backwards. A puff of dust rose around him as he thrashed, upside down, the strain on his torso bending it under the weight of his draconic body.

Demorian grinned impishly, as Tritoch tried to right himself. The beast could be toppled. Unfortunately, both the Doublestrike and Booster buffs faded, and Demorian’s smiled faded with them. He needed those, but they didn’t last very long. His number was limited as well.

Finally Tritoch managed to swish his tail and arms around until he righted himself, and his fury was evident. Demorian waited, ready for the counterattack.

Each of the four wands sprouted a trio of bright red angular blades, sparking and transparent, digital. Triple rings of green and gray symbols rotated around the hilts. Further rings formed almost sleeves around each arm, and a bright symbol glowed on Tritoch’s human chest. Demorian’s eyes widened and he charged. He had to stop that attack.

Tritoch’s arms formed a pair of X’s, the top two crossing above his head, the lower two below the symbol, then all four pointed out at the group. The party was spread out, but not spread out enough to avoid the AoE on this attack. Demorian ran, and ran, and the air was filled with a loud hum, a high pitched whine, and a laugh. Tritoch was laughing.

From each of the wands, the three blades shattered, sending shards everywhere. Brilliant, prismatic static, shards of data. Everywhere, that is, directed in a cone for Demorian and the group behind him. He was too late. The Blademaster hadn’t made it in time. He slowed, when a shadow passed over him, blocking the light that came from the data shards. Nighthand lunged, his sword pointed ahead of him, the tip striking the glowing symbol. His outstretched wings had collected a pile of the shards, scooping them inwards. The hum hit a high pitch, the whine went too high to hear, and the shards exploded in light.

Then there was no light, no sound save Tritoch’s cackling. Demorian found himself unable to move, only able to stare as he saw the slumped body of Nighthand, hanging coiled in the whip of his sword, sticking from Tritoch’s chest. The monster pulled the blade out and threw it aside, the heavyblade following. They landed in a heap, unmoving, blood slowly soaking the dry ground.

Demorian checked himself, wincing at what he saw. Even though Nighthand stopped half of the attack with his body and his blade, it was still deadly enough. Whatever happened to Tritoch in the tower, it had made his Data Drain far, far worse.


Nighthand is in a heap, not ghosted, but he has 0 HP. He can’t be healed.

Tritoch’s data drain is angry. Very, very angry.

Every player has been hit with Deks of every element.
Every player has been hit with Dek Do, Curse, and Poison
Every player except Raquar, Lighteria, and Zan have been hit with every physical and magical Dek and Paralyze
Every player except Raquar, Lighteria, Zan, Senna, and Sekai has been hit with Sleep, Confuse, and Charm

Demorian has had his HP and SP reduced to 1 each.

All natural HP and SP regeneration has been removed.

These debuffs can only be removed one at a time. This means an Antidote or Restorative will only remove one debuff, not one type of debuff.

On the plus side, Tritoch has had all of his tolerances removed?

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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Raquar » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:10 am

Takua hit him with the appropriate Deks almost as soon as he touched the wall. Nodding his thanks to the Wavemaster he pushed through the wall and into the desert beyond. It was only a few moments later that the rest of the crew was through the wall as well and then they were following Demorian through the sands towards what was hopefully town. They had come within sight of the walls when the shrieking started a giant pissed off thing came tearing through the sky toward them. It safely cut the party off from the city and presented a whole lot of trouble to their little crew. He was vaguely aware of the two city guardsmen that tore the wings off the beast, but he was much more aware of the quartet of Lanceors that Tritoch fired off in response. The sheer immensity of the power behind those summons made the air around the Long Arm crackle and faint gashes rose to the surface of his skin. He couldn’t handle the proximity of this much lightning from such a strong power source, his mind and body shut down, attempting to hide in whatever darkness he could find, inside and out in an attempt to shield himself from the sheer amount of electrical power circulating in the air.

The next few minutes were hazy, he was barely aware of blows being exchanged but he was still hidden in a shell of fear even as small rivulets of his HP disintegrated with each crackle of lightning around him. And then everything suddenly drew to a halt. The great beast, looking a little worse for the wear, had formed some sort of weird symbol in the air and had all four of his arms surrounding it. Spikes of pure data shot outward and scattered, catching the entire party in a prismatic display of brilliance before shredding the data in their bodies. His shell was shattered and he was now aware of how dismal their situation was. Nighthand was a bloody heap on the floor, Demorian was close behind and everybody else was suffering from all the pots and pans in the kitchen sink. Sad as it was, his inaction had actually protected him from the brunt of attacks, but now was the time to make up for it.

Drawing deep into his vest he withdrew a slew of items. He downed a Health Drink even as two more crashed over Demorian’s body. That should help stave off his immediate health crisis; now he had to make the best use of his items that he could. First a resurrect found the deceased Dien even as a pair of Antidotes and a pair of Restoratives found their way to Takua’s body, halting the charm, confusion, sleep, and paralysis that afflicted the boy. His last two of both found their way to Baron’s body healing him of the same afflictions. Having exhausted his supply of Antidotes and Restoratives, he was done with the status aspect of it and a La Repth later finished his healing responsibility. Having done most of what he could from the healing standpoint, he uncorked a Cooked Bile and chugged the contents. Almost immediately he heard the faint call of the shadows in the field. Joining his mind in song with the field he called them to him, he would need as much power as possible, and he had to settle from drawing a majority of it from the field. His world took in a slightly violet tint as he eyed the beast. Hopefully now he could occupy its attention for enough time that Baron and Takua could spread some of the healing out amongst themselves.

That unfortunately meant two things, first that he was almost guaranteed a death, and second that he would have to lead the thing toward town. Muttering a silent apology to Nall and Sheena and hoping they had had enough time to get away the boy set off a dead sprint toward the town gate. A Dek Anid was sent spiraling toward the chimera followed shortly after by a giant shadowy falcon soaring upwards and crashing into a wave of inky froth around the beast’s legs. He had done his job. Tritoch bounded after him and after catching up in only a couple of steps his wand sent the Long Arm sprawling in the ground. It was almost like the beast didn’t even take him seriously, more like he was an ant and the former admin was the bully with the magnifying glass. It was while he was sprawled out on the ground that he took a brief moment to read Canti’s flashmail and let it register in his mind. After thinking about it briefly he shrugged and let off another falcon at the beasts direction. The thing sighed as it nonchalantly slammed its wand into the Long Arm separating him from his body. He had done what he could for the moment and now it was up to the others.

((OOC: Dek Anid did not stick.))
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Takua » Wed Aug 12, 2009 6:49 am

Apart from his disobeying orders slightly by using Juk from the start instead of Ani, things went pretty smoothly for a while. Tag-teaming Tritoch went very well indeed, although he really wanted to know what the hell Demorian had used that had made him so fucking powerful in such a short period of time. That just wasn't...natural at all. Or so he had thought. At least, he checked over at Sekai, she hadn't gone into shock and freaked out just yet. That would be really fucking bad in every sense of the word, especially with how sensitive his senses were right now. If snapping a twig could escalate to the point of his being in tears back in Juk, he didn't really want to know what a high, shrill scream could do.

But all of that flew out the window the moment that Tritoch fired...something. He wasn't sure what kind of an attack that was, all rainbow and power, but he knew the moment that it shredded through his data like so much chaff wheat that it was bad. Everything in his body and consciousness seemed to warp, stretching and pulling in different directions as he tore at the seems, something screaming...but it certainly wasn't his body. That had been hit with so many status debuffs that it seemed like he'd just gotten up and gang-raped by some of the nastiest monsters in the game.

Fortunately for his currently unconscious body, a certain Long Arm saw it fitting to wake him up and get rid of the rest of his more debilitating debuffs. Abruptly awake and somewhat blinking because of it, it took a moment to remember what was going on. Dropping off to sleep in the middle of battle, with a curse, poison and Dek Do still on you, didn't exactly make for a very good mindset to wake up to. In fact, he was more than a little confused still until he saw Tritoch...and the slumped and brutally massacred body of Nighthand without a ghost. Cursing something foul, he found that he could still, albeit slowly, move around. Checking who was nearby and what sort of debuff they were under, he chucked an Antidote to both the little Archer and Senna, getting rid of both of their Paralysis debuffs almost instantly. That done, he turned his attention to himself and his own debuffs. An antidote and a restorative got rid of the Poison and Curse, an Ap Do managed to get him back to moving fitness.

That left a whole plethora of other debuffs that weren't...well, what he really enjoyed having on him. But he also didn't have the Ap spells for those, which wasn't what he wanted to see either. Muttering about the limitations on Wavemasters that were totally unreasonable, he set about doing what he could do. Everyone in the party had an Ap Do lifted on them once and then twice, removing the Dek Do that everyone was suffering under and then the actual buff was placed upon them. It took an Artisan's Soul to do it, which he wasn't too happy with, but it was better than running around slowly waiting for the meat grinder to fall. Dien had gotten resurrected and thus didn't need the second Ap Do (hey, could they just die and get rid of the other status effects? Damn, why hadn't he thought of that sooner?) but Raquar was dead before Takua could do anything about it.

That was when he ran into unexpected resistance about resurrecting him. After all, he was a fighter, a potential source of betrayal to the Wavemaster in his fragile mental state. On the other...he was a friend of sorts, and he had cured the mage of his own status afflictions. So he shouldn't have any problems about doing the resurrect or the buff, right? That was what he thought too, but several of the voices said no, to leave him there until someone else brought him back.

Yeah right.

A lofted Resurrect and then Ap Do brought the Long Arm back to fighting fitness in no time at all, and then Takua's business with healing the majority of the party was largely over. Sekai seemed to have gone absolutely nuts with her role as healer, and the rest of the group was back up and running. Which meant that Takua was free to start attacking again. If he wanted to catch the attention of Tritoch and be horribly murdered for it. But that was fine, just as long as they did some damage to the asshole and got him down for the count sooner as opposed to later. He was slowly becoming more used to the pain that came while fighting as a Coma victim. The Eventide Crescendo had done a nice job priming him for what he would be facing...and now it was here, all the damn time.

Code: Select all

To: Sekai, Baron
From: Takua
Subject: Strategy
Really simple.  Bounce the hate from Tritoch around so that no one person is taking all of the attacks.  Juk and Gan would be best, don't use Ani unless absolutely necessary or Sekai says that it's fine.  Don't clump up if possible and use the Ap Do as best as you can.
The choice was simple really. He could trust Sekai to do the best of her ability and keep them all alive as well as have a level head, assuming nobody used Ani. Baron was resourceful and likely had a good selection of spells, as a rare item hunter and all. So, with those three, he started to move. He wasn't happy about the massive amount of Deks on him, but that was just about what they had to work with. Muttering something, he looked over at the two of them...and saw that Baron was already casting. That was quick. The choice of Rai wasn't something that made Takua that happy, but maybe it was the best spells that he had to work with right now.

But that meant that the attack was on for now. Bringing out the staff that he needed, he cast a single OrGan Don on Tritoch and started to dash to the side. He didn't want to be around when the spell nailed the spot he had been at. His own trio of boulders, on the other hand, nailed the monster, which would make Tritoch want to kill him. Sure enough, the former admin looked towards him, the last to attack. Well, go figure, just like an old style boss with horrible coding. A quick check towards Sekai didn't see her doing anything, but hopefully that would change shortly. It was possible, he conceeded, that she was waiting to see what would happen. That was a good strategy, especially against this enemy with his...last attack.

But no spell came. Baron cast another GiRai Don, but all that did was made Tritoch laugh at the Twin Blade. Okay, that wasn't a good sign. Especially since the beast didn't look like it had taken a beating at all so far. After all Demorian had done, after all of the spells, he still looked untouched. Maybe they just couldn't hit him hard enough?

As if in answer to that, Baron cast an Ap Corma on the Wavemaster. Waving a thank you and ignoring the foul glare that was probably a hallucination, he turned his attention back to the monster at hand. In the back of his head, he wondered where Ondine had gone. Both she and Gwyneth didn't seem to hang around in the middle of battle unless they wanted to bug him for some reason. Not that he really minded, he could use the extra concentration afforded by that. Now if only he could hear properly through the five other voices in his head, things would be great.

Another switch to a different staff. Time to see how the great man fared against a Yarthkins Ch. The massive troll had no problem at all as it settled down to attack, spiked club swinging and cracking against the immobile creature. Once again, no response, even without a Dek Corma on him.

Except then he did have a response. Just not the one that he wanted. Even though he was Ap Do'd, the Wavemaster came to a sudden and sickening realization that the enemy was faster than him. He wasn't even running, just walking and the strides were so big that he could gain on him. But that was when Sekai decided to join the fray, a glowing earth arrow streaking right into the back of Tritoch's head at the exact time that Takua switched staves and cast a RaJuk Zot. He was really hoping to trip the walking monster up and gain a bit more time. What he got was something a little more spectacular, as the chimera turned around the moment a Vulcan summon from Baron was launched and a tree practically thrust out of the ground. Doing a face-plant directly into a fire summon really didn't seem to make the warped man happy, because he charged directly for the Twin Blade. Reacting instantly, even as he noticed happily that someone had saw fit to get rid of his Dek Juka, he switched out to another staff. It was the only level three Zot that wasn't Ani, so the LaRue Zot blew upwards and into the sky even as a RaJuk Zot did the same...and Tritoch practically ignored both spells, plowing through them before batting his target to the side with a snake-head, sending the boy flying over to Sekai.

A moment later and an Ola Repth, courtesy of the Archer, washed over the entire party. He wasn't quite sure what everyone else was doing, but hopefully they were watching and making plans, watching as these three played around a bit and hopefully did some damage. Wondering if he could make money with how often he switched weapons in this fight, or how much he consumed Mage's souls, he moved to a staff with OrGan Rom on it before changing to the Gaia's Staff and using the OrGan Don found there.

It had taken two Mage's Souls to boost his SP back up to acceptable levels, but the outcome had been worth it. The rock storm was joined by three boulders...and then the Wavemaster stared as both an OrmeAni Kruz and Ani based arrow streaked in to strike. One that hit. Blinking, Takua looked over at the Archer who had fired the shot, wondering if that was the all-clear sign for Ani based spells or not. Guessing, hoping, that it was, he planted an OrbiAni Don with an OrmeAni Zot as well, watching as the two diametrically opposed spells slammed into Tritoch without seeming to affect him. Another arrow, another RaJuk Zot and then a Merrows coupled with GiRai Don. Another important thing, he tucked away into his brain, was that Tritoch had just stood there and taken every spell without moving. Maybe Rom spells were good after all?

Somehow, this seemed to be going to well. He was running in a zig-zag for a reason, just in case the man decided to use spells again. But it was obvious that Tritoch's good mood had evaporated in a very short amount of time. That was both good and bad. The bad part become clear a few moments later, as even through the spells his tail whipped forward...and a barrage of spikes. Five barrages, and both of his comrades were suddenly dead. A quick pair of Rip Maens took care of his comrades, and he was about to start casting again when a Mage's Soul came down and restored his SP again. Well, that was nice of one of them, even if he couldn't see which one it was now that Tritoch was looking at him very, very unhappily.

Following his other strategy, he cast an OrGan Rom and then switched for a RaJuk Rom. Hoping that they wouldn't cancel each other out and that the winds of one would help the other, he moved to yet a different spell. Thanking the Mage's Soul for the extra SP, he cast a final LaRue Zot. That was a rock storm, a wind storm affiliated with Juk, and then a towering ice spire that he intended to have streaking into Tritoch's body.

He didn't expect what happened next though. Tritoch slammed all four wands into the ground...and then sat down. He was clearly frustrated...but then the ground started to rumble, and Takua was flying away as fast as his Ap Do'd speed-enhanced wings could take him. Onward and upward, away from what he thought was an impending boom. Especially when four huge versions of the wands blasted out of the ground like ancient monoliths, carved from some kind of shiny rock and capped in glowing gems that went through Rai, Vak and Rue.

Hoping to disrupt the spell in progress, Takua cast an OrbiAni Don on the closest tower even as a mist began to enclose Tritoch. A dome, the Wavemaster realized abruptly, that followed the shape of the square the wands made. But then his spell reached its target...and a huge bolt of angry red lightning reached him.

Pain erupted instantly from his entire body, practically oozing out of his pores, and the boy fell dead instantly. Zero health, not even a chance to survive a hit like that. An arrow that he saw Sekai shoot at the dome simply...vanished. The implications of that was disturbing. A pure white and opaque shield was now in place, with guardians that didn't even seem to mind getting hit with a third level Ani spell. A quick Rip Maen by Sekai (or was it Kira right now? It kind of looked like her stance) restored him to life, without any debuffs, before she shot an arrow at one of the towers. Instead of red lightning, blue shot out with an angry and savage rebuff that slaughtered the girl.

Now it was his turn to resurrect her, and then he took a look back up at the towers. He'd played changing color games twice before, so he had a little experience with them...but somehow, he really doubted it would be something as simple as what he was about to try. Timing his spell to arrive as the gem on the pillar closest to him turned yellow, he tried to match Rai with Ani...and was promptly burned to a husk in a flash of pain yet again. At least they now knew that the color of the lightning was the same as the color of the gem up top, and that all four towers had the same color at once.

Getting revived yet again by a friendly female, he sighed at his continued suicidal tendencies and tried once more. This time it was a GiRai Don against the Rai color...and once more he saw brilliant golden lightning turn his body into so much fried and tenderized meat. Once more a resurrect came his way, and now he looked for different options. He couldn't target the towers, so he couldn't try and use a Dek spell on them, which was a pity indeed.

So it was time for a different idea. Demorian had, through a combination of everyone's efforts, been restored to full health and operation status, and that was when he spoke up, as all three of the impromptu team approached.

"Well.  You certainly took down his good mood, eh?"

Somehow, that made him feel a little bit better. It really shouldn't have, since his good mood had been what was keeping him from using this, but it did anyways. Ignoring more voices telling him what to do, that the Blademaster was out to kill him, he spoke. "Apparently.  Made him a little pissy that three people could whack him around.  Would now be a good time to get to the city?"

'Sekai's' voice alone confirmed the owner of her body to Takua, let alone the rather satisfied smirk that was given. It appeared that she had the same thought, in the end, that he did. "Yep, we're kind of good at pissing people off- in case you couldn't tell. Is he healing himself or what exactly is he doing?"

"Does it matter? I suggest we run, and now."

Takua frowned a bit. That was...needlessly simplistic. Of course it mattered what the attack was. A sniper shot could take them all out before they got to the city, especially if they were all in a neat little line waiting to be killed. Her response, was, of course, delivered with quite the impressive scowl towards the Twin Blade. "It matters because that could be another damn attack preparation like the one that nearly wiped us all out; I want to know what the hell it is and what it's doing- and how much time we have, if that's possible."

"Exactly, so rather than sitting around to get toasted, I suggest we seek the safety of numbers. I bet the residents of the Yamiyo server won't take well to a large beast trying to storm through."

Right, this was starting to get ridiculous. He had on a rather identical scowl, and they hadn't even listened to what Demorian had to say. This was out and out retarded to not consider all of their options and insult people over them...although he did want to know what the hell was going on inside of that white dome. Still though, fighting amongst themselves was a good way to let Tritoch gain the upper hand. Ignoring that he was just about the most likely person to snap and try and kill everyone, he spoke up. "Oi oi, let's not bicker here.  Either we need to run or find a way to take those down, now.  Do you know anything about them?"

"Who knows.  Healing, powering up, this is new.  Either way, I guarantee he can see us.  If we go to the town now...  He'll follow us, and if he gets past the gate, then the entire town will shun us for dragging back something we couldn't kill.  Not to mention bill us for the damages.  They do that here."

Baron said something, but Takua wasn't thinking about that anymore. So, they'd have no recourse but to fight and kill it here unless they wanted to become social pariahs and drained of all of their money and possible equipment, depending on who wanted it. Which would be better than death...but it would just simply be better to have that as a last resort. Another idea sparked, although he was half sure that they would all die by doing it. But hey, it was worth a shot...right? "Demorian, you up for trying to hit all four towers with Ani spells at once?  We'll probably die but, it's worth a shot, and we've got people to resurrect us if needed."

"Love to...  will a scroll work?"

"I don't see why not.  Kira and Baron, you ready to try?" He quickly pointed out what towers he wanted people to hit, and then waited for them to decide to join in or not.

Takua watched as Demorian took out a Nightblight, and then the answers came rolling back at him. "Let's do this" "Sure, I'm ready." Smiling to himself, the Wavemaster gave a simple three count before calling out the name of the OrbiAni Don, watching the spell take shape above the shiny pillar with a yellow orb on top. A second later, all four spells slammed home. A moment after that, and they were all very, very dead.

“Not your best plan.”

Sighing, the Wavemaster rested his eyes an ears for the moment that he was dead before speaking, a genuinely apologetic tone suffusing his voice. “Well that was made of fail, sorry about that.”

((Ap Do is still on everyone. If we could have resurrects, that'd be great. If you do so, you have little SP batteries while you try and break past the shield for resurrects, if you want to try))
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Lighteria » Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:34 pm

No way.... this is nuts.

Lighteria could barely react. They'd been so close and this... whatever the hell it is, was on them in seconds. Its figure was imposing to say the least and despite it having its wings ripped off, it went on like it was a momentary inconvenience.

"Now's our chance" He says. I get the feeling he'll eat those words.

The first wave of attacks went quickly and painfully. Canti especially seemed to take quite a few unfortunate attacks. Lighteria only watched for the most part, watching spells and attacks not even phase the thing.

What the hell... Why can't WE get hacks like this anyway? Where'd he even come from? Why is he so pissed off at us? Did I miss something here? UGH. Whatever. Nothing seems to be working... he doesn't leave himself a good opening for me to rush and start stabbing anything...

And why the hell is Demorian giving out orders again? Screw that guy! Seriously! He has a LOT to answer for before I even think about trusting him. He's just acting in self preservation now I'm sure... the bastard... probably plans to use us as pawns or cannon fodder to toss at this damn thing...

Whatever happened to the good old days where bosses had a big red glowing stab me area? I missed those days. I really, really missed those days. You what else I missed? Dungeon runs. I miss dungeon runs. I want a big, fat, honking treasure chest at the end of my dungeon, not an un-winnable boss fight! And why the heck did they break off its wings so easily? What are they, level 99? UGH. Screw it. I'm just going to rush up and start ankle bitin-... ok, what exactly are those shiny, shardy, multi-colored-

The sound of shattering glass rings through Lighteria's ears, he gasps and holds up his arms in front of his face to shield himself. Before he could react. Poison, Curse, Dek Do and pretty much every magic reduction stat that exists in the game. That, however, doesn't worry him as much as the sight of Nighthand slumped over without a ghost. Ol repth is almost an instant reaction, but for some reason it refuses to target him, as well as one of his handy resurrects that refuses to activate. His heart races for a second at his inability to do anything, but he calms down just in time to concentrate on self preservation. He quickly downs a restorative to wipe the curse away and casts two quick Rip Teyns to void the poison and Dek Do. Everything else, he feels he can swallow.

Noting his SP didn't rise after the Rip Teyn, Lighteria decides conservation of SP is probably wise at this point. So with... strange.... tower.... things suddenly appearing along with several dead bodies, the twin blade decides being frugal with the items will have to end today, if just temporarily. While pointedly ignoring Demorian, he tosses three of his resurrects to Takua and company, the most recent of what is sure to be a long string of party deaths.

He looks at them blankly, his eyes betraying a rather deep seated fear and quickly turns pale. Without a word, not that he could have said anything if he tried, he turns and runs as fast as he can. At first it looks like he's making a break for the gates but it quickly becomes apparent he's just trying to avoid being seen by the creature while he runs. He stumbles over his feet and crashes down into the dirt about two feet from Nighthand's side, crawling like a frantic madman over to his side. With his eyes wide and breaths staggered and panicky, the twin blade grips the heavy blade's shoulders, giving him a sudden shake.

"T-this isn't funny Nighthand!" He squeaks out, his voice cracking with horror between nearly every word. "Where's your ghost? Why can't I get you up?! Get up!" Another good shake of his shoulders. "GET UP!!" For the moment, he can't even think about a counter attack against the beast, he quickly falls into a panicky state trying to get the heavy blade on his feet again somehow despite failing on all accounts.
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Locke » Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:07 pm

Wow, talk about everything going to hell in an instant.

Baron had watched the chaos unfold around him, people attacking Tritoch from different angles, drawing various barrages of powerful magic out in every direction. At some point he had been resurrected, though he wasn’t sure when, and found himself back on his feet in the thick of battle. Unfortunately, before he could get anything done the real hell began. Baron wasn’t sure what had happened, only that four of their best fighters were doing something equivalent of a blitz on the transformed Administrator. Spells and skills slammed into the beast with amazing force, causing the Twin Blade to stare in awe. That expression soon turned to one of fear as a powerful attack seemed to come out of nowhere, Tritoch crossing both pairs of arms into two X shapes, something almost seeming to… charge up? It was the cliché delay before something enormously strong, and Baron knew that there was no chance. He turned and tried to run out of range even as Nighthand moved in to try and counter it, there was something like a high pitched whistle, a wicked laugh… and then a temporary oblivion.

When he came to, Baron rubbed at his head, confused and disoriented. He had the vague memory of wanting to kill everything while not knowing what to kill, and his eyes felt lidded from sleep. What had just happened to them? What had been in that attack? Looking around, it was painfully obvious what had happened. Just about everyone was hit with every ailment in the book. Sleep, Confusion, Charm, Curse, Paralysis, Poison, Slow… everything had just been dumped onto them. Even the elemental Deks were in place, and Baron had to wince as he realized the status downs were there too. Examining his own status bar, he found himself rid of sleep, paralysis, charm, confusion from someone who had decided to help him. There was still plenty to deal with though, and Baron sighed as he watched his HP and SP slowly ticking down, casting a Rip Teyn and a Rip Synk to remove both. Once his health levels were steady, and his SP started going up, he started tossing off all of the elemental Aps he had in stock, one casting of each to negate the Dek on everyone. A Mage’s Soul followed to restore his SP to full, and then an Ap Corv and Corma to restore his strengths. Without any more buffer spells available, he tossed the nearest people a pair of Rip Teyns and Synks. Canti and Talal were back up to snuff, and once more Baron’s SP was partially depleted.

Letting his SP recover a bit on its own, the Twin Blade took a few minutes to examine the battlefield. It seemed that Takua and Sekai were already heading towards Tritoch, freed of their afflictions as well. Baron followed after them, downing another quick Mage’s Soul as he brought up the rear. The Ap Do from Takua not only removed his slowed status, but a second one actually picked his speed up, allowing him to catch up. While everyone was down, it was evident what the three advancing players would be doing: buying time. The two that Baron had saved from their afflicted state should be helping people up as well, but while recovery was going on, Tritoch’s attention had to be elsewhere. It was up to Baron, Sekai, and Takua to keep the monster busy. Of course, the Flashmail helped encourage things too.

What fun.

A GiRai Don from Baron was the opening move, lightning splitting the sky before smashing down on the gigantic beast that Tritoch had become. The spell barely drew the Admin’s attention as an OrGan Don from Takua sent enormous boulders smashing into the beast. Tritoch’s attention suddenly moved over to the Wavemaster, tracing him as he moved away. The Twin Blade sent another burst of lightning down on Tritoch. The spell accomplished little other than a glance over the monster’s shoulder and a mocking laugh that set Baron’s teeth to ground together. If it weren’t for the fact that they were fighting for their lives in a much more literal sense than regular players, the Twin Blade would have done something reckless, preceded by the cliché “Oh, mock me, will you?” Unfortunately he didn’t have that luxury in his current position, so he had to settle with tossing Takua an Ap Corma to negate his loss of magical damage. The Wavemaster would handle things so much better.

When Takua pulled a Yarthkins Ch with his restored magical strength, Baron was hard-pressed to believe Tritoch wouldn’t feel that. Indeed, the monster turned to face the Wavemaster again before going on a straight stampede forward, leaving Takua with something of a metaphorical bulls-eye on his chest. Sekai reacted before Baron could, a powerfully Gan-charged arrow slamming into the back of the monster’s head. The Twin Blade sent off a Vulcan spell at the exact same time Takua’s RaJuk Zot came from opposite direction. The results were amusing; Tritoch turned in the direction of the arrow fired at him, and just as he did so, the rising spell forced his face directly into the burning phoenix of flame streaking towards him. It was almost comical, but the gigantic beast’s reaction to it was anything but.

Tritoch charged towards Baron and Sekai, and the two had the sense to scatter. Baron ran left as fast as his Ap Do-enhanced legs could take him, but there was no way he could outrun that behemoth. The snake head whipped around and caught the Twin Blade in the center of his chest, sending him flying to bounce in the dirt a few times. He wasn’t dead, but the pain running through every muscle and bone made him wish he was for a moment. All he knew was that it wasn’t fun being the equivalent of a golf ball for Tritoch, and if someone had chosen to yell “Fore!” to complete the moment Baron probably would have killed them. An Ola Repth for the group mended most of the injuries, but a few aches and pains reminded the Twin Blade not to try and tick the Admin off any more than he had to.

As he was getting up, Baron saw Takua bombard the monster with a pair of powerful Gan spells, rocks and dust whipping up to slam into it. While Tritoch was distracted, and praying Sekai was more concerned with healing than looking at the monster for now, the boy sent an OrmeAni Kruz at the administrator. An Ani-boosted arrow caused Baron to turn, amazed due to Sekai’s intolerance of the dark element. As soon as he saw her eyes though, that amazement faded. Something that Kira had told him during the Juk Prison was that her eyes changed depending on who was in control, and the bright amber color was Kira’s all the way. No longer worried about his choice of magic, Baron started to prepare another spell. As the dust from the last attack started to fade, he quickly changed his mind. Tritoch was no longer amused.

Neither Takua nor Sekai hesitated, though Baron was frozen with indecision for a moment. Another Ani arrow and a mixed barrage of darkness and wood spells exploded around the gigantic monster as the two tried to keep him from making another charge. Quickly making up his mind, Baron downed a Mage’s Soul and shot a Merrows forward before using a GiRai down to augment it, the mix of elements slamming into Tritoch… with no effect. Well, scratch that, there was an effect: he was mad. Takua started running, thinking his spell barrage had done him in, but ironically he was the only one not targeted. A shower of spikes skewered both Baron and Sekai, the bladed lengths stabbing into the male Twin Blade’s body and quickly (thankfully) ghosting him. Sekai went down quickly too, but they were both back up after a bit of help from Takua. Another wave of attacks went off as Baron downed another Mage’s Soul, sending a pair of powerful GiRai Don spells down at Tritoch to join the flurry of magic and skills. Two Ani arrows, a trio of Juk spells, and a LaRue Zot came to join his attacks, the mass of magical energies driving into the former Admin and finally getting him really mad.

At this point it was clear Tritoch had had enough. All four of his wands were slammed into the ground, and Baron began to metaphorically sweat. He knew a powerful attack animation when he saw it, and clearly something big was going to happen. Four large pillars each resembling his wands rose up from the ground, forming a rough box around him. A mist started to form a dome over Tritoch until he was completely hidden from sight.

What is he up to…?

What followed next left Baron wondering just how masochistic Takua was. A series of spells cast on the pillar were each followed by retaliating blast of lightning from that same wand. The only thing gained from that was that the color of lightning that killed him was the same color as the gem on the wand at the time. Finally, after about three or four death-and-revive cycles, Takua seemed to realize that he was just pointlessly killing himself over and over. Demorian came over to the three, his health finally restored and looking only a bit worse for wear. Conversation ensued and pretty much Baron’s idea to retreat to the safety of numbers got shot down. Just because he was sensible and knew when to back down didn’t make him a coward…

Takua’s next idea to hit all four pillars at once seemed like a decent idea. Taking his position at one of the four pillars, the Twin Blade waited for his signal, hoping this worked. Takua’s repeated deaths by electrocution did not provide a great deal of encouragement, but something had to be done… it was that or wait for an oncoming death. An OrmeAni Kruz exploded at the top of one wand as the other three released their respective darkness spells, all four slamming into place as the wands switched to a yellow color. Unfortunately, retaliation came in the form of yellow lightning that tore through Baron’s nerves, frying him slowly before he ghosted at 0 HP.

Okay, so that didn’t work…
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Takua » Fri Aug 14, 2009 8:31 pm

Lighteria had restored three of them to life, and Takua completed it by using a Rip Maen on Demorian as soon as his SP had recovered enough for him to do so. Why hadn't the man resurrected their heavy hitting help? Was Demorian really that hated by the rest of the party? Well, he couldn't really talk about being paranoid, but at least he understood that getting everyone back to fighting fitness was necessary if they wanted to survive this. Frowning, he cast an Ap Do on himself and began to walk towards the pillars. So far, none of them had been close to any of them...perhaps the answer lay there instead.

“Isn't that just a little dangerous?”

Now that he was far enough away that he was confident they wouldn't be able to see or hear him whispering, he spoke back to her instead of just using his thoughts. Somehow, that seemed more appropriate when he had someone walking right next to him. “Well yeah, but having him complete whatever he's doing now is even more dangerous.”

Now he was at the base of the one closest to the group, staring up at it and then at the other towers nearby. This was going to be the time when he would risk life and limb once again in order to make sure that a powerful enemy didn't utterly obliterate them all. The last thing that this reminded him of was definitely Saol...but this was nothing like what the Horseman had done. Still frowning, he checked angles around the pillar in front of him and wondered just what a lightning blast from another tower would do to it. Or to the dome. Smiling slightly, he ducked around the pillar and checked the tower adjacent to it, on the far side of him.

Waiting until the timing was right, he hit the far tower with an Ani Don at the same moment that the gem up top turned yellow. Not that he knew until the sudden crackle and snap of lightning, and the accompanying roar of thunder, tore the air apart on the opposite side of the wand-shaped tower. Even worse, it went on and on. So, he had attracted the attentions of the tower and it wouldn't stop for a while then? Wonderful. At least the tower was blocking it...but that wasn't really what he wanted in the first place. Shit. Checking the spacing, he saw that he'd be fried before he could take cover behind the dome, so he was trapped behind his chosen tower with a murderous beam of lightning aimed right at him.

Well...would the tower be able to take two lightning bolts? He couldn't use the other adjacent one or else he'd die, but he could try the diagonal one. The moment the Rue Kruz struck, he could hear it fire even behind cover...and then stop as it hit the shield. And it stopped firing. Smiling to himself just slightly, he put that piece of information away in case it came in handy. But then he flinched as a face grew out of the shiny crystal, one that screamed at him that he was going to die. Ignoring it, and trying not to notice who it looked like, he took to the sky with his Ruem Wings. The lightning followed him up as he flew, but it still couldn't hit him. What he wanted to get to was the gem on top and see if there was something that he could find there, or if the lightning bolt would do something different to it.

The moment that he got to the top, he knew he'd found something. The long streamer changed states and became a single long tube of lightning linking the two towers. One that wasn't even tracking him anymore, they were simply linked up. Was that what he needed to do, connect all of the towers together? Smiling to himself, he took aim at the diagonal tower and let another Rue Kruz hit it, watching the icy shards spike against the gem on top...but it was the old arc that was trying to kill him, constantly tracking him.

So, diagonal didn't work? Or could each tower just receive a single bolt? Shifting in the air so that the diagonal tower still couldn't hit him, he was also somewhat hidden from the other adjacent tower that wasn't connected. Another shower of ice spikes, another tube of lightning connecting the towers. So now they were down to a single tower unconnected, and half of a square completed. He didn't know what would happen when he did complete the square, but he felt that the odds were good that it would take the shield down. At least, he hoped for that, desperately. Dropping down to the ground, the diagonal tower's blast of lightning was again absorbed by the dome and it stopped firing.

So, he didn't have to die at all right now? Damn, all of their deaths earlier had been completely unnecessary. Flying over to the next adjacent tower, he hid behind the gem and targeted the pillar that had once been diagonal. Another shot from his spells, another connection of lightning. Feeling the anticipation mounting, he flew off to the last pillar and fired off one more spell. Even as he did though, he felt the apprehension mount. He was on the far side of the group, with Tritoch below him and between him and help. As the lightning square was completed, the ground began to rumble...and he knew that this wouldn't end well. It didn't matter if he'd actually fallen into a trap by Tritoch or if he'd prevented the monster from doing something, it was going to be pissed.

On the other hand, the loud rumble also meant that he didn't have to yell a heads up. The deactivation, or activation, did all the warning that he needed to do. Hoping that his hallucinations would behave themselves for the rest of the fight, and already thankful that they hadn't been too bad, he prepared himself to fly as fast as he could away from an attack.
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Nighthand » Sat Aug 15, 2009 1:56 am

Try as he might, Lighteria was unable to garner a response from the fallen heavy blade. Wherever Nighthand’s ghost was, it wasn’t here. He just had to be thankful the man’s body was still in place.

Demorian, meanwhile, watching bemusedly as Takua almost single-handedly did… something. What he did wasn’t clear. At the least, he stopped the crystals from vaporizing whatever attacked them. Then again, the ground was rumbling. Not usually a good thing.

The white dome that covered Tritoch started to crack. Demorian checked himself, his sword held ready, preparing to fight whatever emerged.

What emerged was nearly the same creature. Instead of four wings crowning his head, he instead had two. The two actual wings had grown back, full-fledged, ready to carry him into the sky. His wands were no longer grafted to his hands, but separate, and somehow smaller. Finally, the serpentine head was no longer present, the place it had once been now occupied with a collection of lines and runes that formed some incomprehensible arcane symbol.

The towers with their electricity were still in place, a fact that seemed to peeve Tritoch. The once-wavemaster took to the sky, swooping low over the group before picking a low altitude and circling. As yet he didn’t attack, at least, despite air superiority.

Meanwhile, Sheena had successfully gotten Nall to the town. After a few moments, she recognized the area. Good. Each district had a contact she knew, she had made sure of that a long time ago. Thankfully, the contact in this district was close. She hefted Nall and continued through the streets, dodging players who passed. Only when a pair of alert-looking warriors in ceramic armor approached did she pause.

”The group out there fighting will help! They didn’t bring that monster here, someone sent it after them!”

One of the soldiers paused, looking at her through a slit in her helmet. Then he nodded and raced after his partner, heading for the wastes.

A few minutes later, she found the doorway she was looking for. She knocked twice and stepped inside. Only once she closed the door did she breathe a sigh of relief.

The two warriors, their ceramic armor making them twinned terra cotta soldiers, rushed out the gate to find the beast flying again. One rolled his eyes, the other sighed. Nothing was ever easy on this job. They flipped out the panels on their wrists that held the coiled razor whips. He was too high to jump to, for the moment, but they could get him when he descended.

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Part 14

Post by Dien » Fri Aug 21, 2009 4:50 am

So Takua managed to solve the problem of the towers of doom. That much was a relief, but oddly, it didn’t seem to end the fight: only move it into its next stage. Tritoch was circling high above them like some bastardized falcon waiting for the opportune moment to swoop down and gobble up his next prey. Granted, having nearly been annihilated by the guy’s ear-, eye-, hair-, and atom-splitting attack of doom, Dien thought the group was probably better off at this point just cutting their losses and running for it.

Oh, but there were the spires still! And what would that say to the denizens of Yamiyo about the Freedom Fighters if they were to turn their fight for freedom into a flight for freedom? Or rather, what would they think of the rag-tag group of buddies who dragged a super-powerful monster home with them? “Look what I brought home, mommy!” Yeah, that would go over well. Besides all that, they had a score to settle with Tritoch. The bastard had sicked dozens of dozens of knights on them in Mac Anu, many of whom were probably now infected. He probably didn’t even give a shit that his men (most of whom were probably no older than 15) were now enslaved and comatose.

Yeah, this bastard had to die. But while Dien could picture a few ways to ground him, there were about ten more ways for each of those ways to go wrong. Ultimately, there had to be another solution. Oh yes, the spires! These magnificent, glacial high-tension, high-voltage power line towers seemed to be quite the source of ire for Tritoch. If he were to return ground-side, it was more likely than not that they’d need to somehow disable them, probably by disrupting the current between them. Fortunately for this blademaster, he remembered a thing or two about his electricity and magnetism physics.

He could imagine three methods for disrupting the current: destroying the superconductive tips of the towers where the lightning was arcing to and from; knocking the towers over, thereby increasing the distance the lightning would have to arc and making it incredibly prone to failure—this would also ground the whole system and discharge it; and third was physically obstructing the flow of electricity with some resistor, the only problem being that there looked to be a whole lot of current flowing through there, and the amount of resistance it would take to block it would be ridiculous. Then again, this was magical energy and not necessarily electromagnetic. There was still a chance!

The first thing he noticed about the spires as he approached them was the fact that the elemental cycles were still going. If he could get one of the things to overload, it would likely shatter, and the circuit would be broken. So, the blademaster dug in his inventory for a Rue Kruz and, once the spell was equipped and the crystalline structure in question turned red, cast the spell. Chunks of ice converged on the spot, but had absolutely no effect on anything whatsoever. So Dien paused a moment for the color to change, and once it was blue, he cast the spell again. This time, something happened.

That ‘something’ was actually nothing more than a stray breeze caused by residual downdrafts from Tritoch’s wing-flaps which caused one of the arcs to shift course ever so slightly before returning to normal. So in reality, nothing came from his second attempt at overloading the towers. Well fine, then, if they wouldn’t shatter from overheating, he’d shatter them manually. Granted, the tip of the nearest tower was a good ten feet out of his jumping range, so he’d have to settle for trying to cleave it in half from the middle. Leaping high into the air, Dien threw his all into a Vak Crack, which hurdled with all the intense heat of a jar of Tostito’s Mild Salsa towards the spire while its hue was blue. The result was shattering.

As he landed, the blademaster was forced to clutch his now useless arm, as the bone within had shattered and splintered into a thousand pieces with impact on an immovable object. A Health Drink was un-corked and downed, and the bone reset itself and healed, leaving only the lingering memory of the pain behind. Granted, there were a lot of phantom pains around his body that left that kind of lingering memorial behind, though he imagined that came with being trapped in the game. Still, these towers were becoming a nuisance.

So, Dien’s next option was to resort to trying to climb the thing and disrupt the high voltage with his own body: a feat he realized was basically impossible due to the sheer glass face he couldn’t so much as dent. Pushing his sword against the surface actually did more harm to the weapon than it did to the crystal. Even so, he tried to climb it, wrapping his arms around as much of it as he could and gripping tightly onto the bevels. He managed to get maybe a foot off the ground before his fingers slipped and he was forced to resume his position on Terra Firma.

But that reminded him of the other option he had. Switching for an armor he hadn’t used in a very long while, he targeted the ground at the crystal’s base and activated a Gan Zot. His hope as the dance of writhing earth began was that it would unsettle the thing’s foundation and cause it to topple completely. What he got was nothing of the sort: a lopsided spell growing, twirling, and dancing around the bottom of the crystal before disappearing. Well THAT was a waste of a few perfectly good SP. The trying-tower-toppler switched spells, this time sending a hail of rocks at the base of the thing: no effect. Neither was there an effect when he rained balls of earth down on the top of the thing in an effort to get more torque.

It was a list of failures that was quickly growing to close the mile that Tritoch had cut between them and the safety of the town. For the moment, they were “safe” from his attacks, though heaven only knew what he was planning. There was only one option left for the blademaster, and as he threw his sword, he instantly regretted that he still had Jinsaran equipped. The elegant cleaver hurdled hilt over blade through the air before colliding with the lines of power and sending a specially designed arc straight to Dien. For a moment, the world was nothing but pain.

That was probably just the sword’s way of getting revenge before he died. One order of Fried Dien, please, and make it extra crispy.
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Re: Captured! Jailbreak of the Century

Post by Sekai » Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:32 pm

It was quite the interesting experience having someone order you into place and immediately confide that they have total confidence that you were more than capable of handling it.

As a result, Sekai was left rather dumbfounded, blinking owlishly in a mix of confusion and disbelief as Demorian called out to Takua and had the Wavemaster follow after him, giving orders along the way as naturally as if he was absolutely positive as to what they all needed to do in the battle. 'Then again, I suppose Demorian-san, if anyone, would know what to do in this situation.' But still...

She was still puzzled over the overwhelming amount of faith he was placing in her abilities.

Swallowing hard and shaking her head, the young girl's expression schooled itself into a focused determination as she loaded her bow, took aim and prepared herself to begin with a careful eye on her SP. Don't know why you're that surprised, The Ruem princess commented to the girl, standing guard with her spear glinting despite the thick dust and sand that covered the battlefield. That guy doesn't miss much, if anything. I don't even know 'im and he still gives off that vibe.

Sekai frowned at that, wincing as Canti hit the ground and ghosted, immediately revived thanks to a well timed Resurrect from Demorian himself. Friends had faith in one another, of course, but... it was different when someone so much more... experienced had such a thing. She didn't know his level or the extent of his strength or abilities but, as a rule of thumb, she guessed Demorian anywhere from a minimum of twenty five levels to a maximum of fifty higher than she was.

'It... it's just surprising, that's all.' She replied after a moment's consideration. Amber eyes slid to the side as the girl continued puzzling over it in her mind and nitpicking at the words to try and find some sort of hidden message beneath them. Turning heavenward in a “why me?” manner, the AI cut to the chase and translated- in a sense- for the clueless and over-analytical fifteen year old. He sees the potential within you and acknowledged it in his own way, that's what that means.

Demorian's signal cut off any further conversation as Sekai's expression sharpened, white lines at the corners of her mouth as she aimed and fired one arrow after another at the enemy's face. Some arrows were the normal ones, others were level one and the occasional one ranked up to the second level- just for a series of different annoyances- as she pelted his face as much as she could and still keep herself relatively safe from harm.

Takua's spells came slamming in next from the side, the shadowed energy throwing the girl's aim off as she swore scarlet eyes began to burn and swirl, taking the form of someone she didn't want to see- right up until Kira's hands landed on her shoulders from behind and realigned her aim to the proper place. The touch alone seemed to do something to her to quell the fear enough to where she could function again, though she could feel her knees wanting to weaken and give out.

He's not the only one who sees your potential. Kira informed her in a matter of fact manner, reminding the girl in her own completely unsubtle way that there was no way she would allow someone who terrified her anywhere near.

Grateful for her subtle interference and more so for the encouragement- despite the faint pink that colored her cheeks from the tone of voice- Sekai refocused her attention on doing as she'd been asked and threw herself into firing her arrows with an intensity that she hadn't known herself capable of.

Kira opened her mouth to tell her to take in a Mage's Soul so she could keep it up when Tritoch managed to get himself back to his feet and something odd began appearing around the wands. ...a counterattack? She wondered, looking at Sekai as the Archer lowered her bow, brow furrowing in sudden wary confusion as she watched the symbols appear around the triple rings surrounding the brilliant red blades and the ones that slowly appeared around his arms. The expression on Demorian's face said it all as he made the mad dash to stop the attack, Sekai's eyes suddenly dark with concern and not just a little fear as she returned her gaze to the digital blades themselves and almost began looking for something.

Something that seemed familiar, that rang a bell within her mind in a very faint manner.

His arms crossed and those digital blades pointed themselves cone-like in the direction of the party- they weren't far enough apart to avoid that attack! Sekai realized as the color drained from her face, a sound rising that set her teeth on edge and a hum that vibrated her bones as the girl gasped, whirling around to grab Kira by the wrist and start running.

“What th- Sekai!” Half-protest, half confusion stammered out as the taller woman nearly hit the sand in the girl's haste to pull her along. She craned her neck, looking over her shoulder to see Nighthand swooping in- an odd sound in the air that she couldn't identify off the top of her head, but knew she'd heard before- and do... something with his wings. Static filled her ears as she suddenly realized exactly where she'd heard that particular noise before and dread became a churning ball within her stomach.

There was no time to waste, she needed to figure out a way to deflect or destroy it before it hit, before something unfathomable was going to happen-

Sekai threw her to the ground in a rather impressive display of strength fueled by adrenaline, fear and the fact that Kira had been too off guard to realize what the hell was going on before she could say anything. The whine hit a pitch that the human- and AI to an extent- ear couldn't hear any longer and light exploded.

She only remembered the expression on her little one's face as the light loomed closer, the way her eyes had narrowed and she'd tried to dig her feet into the ground as if she could deflect it or bounce it back at him through sheer willpower alone. Little one!

It hurt, there was no other way to describe the feeling of that attack other than it hurt. Badly.

Later, when she'd been cured of her status effects and, in turn, had rid everyone around her of theirs as well- including Demorian- Sekai would quietly remember and compare the pain she'd felt from Tritoch's attack to that of the stream of data that had put her into a coma in the first place. Neither one had been remotely pleasant and, unfortunately, both were about the most painful thing she'd ever experienced in her life.

But, for some reason, that attack of Tritoch's had hurt just a little more than the other; and she wasn't sure why.

A plan was launched into motion thanks to a flashmail from Takua, giving her good reason to distract herself from the memories threatening to return at a distinctly unpleasant and inappropriate time. Kira caught her by the elbow once the dome had risen up and a plan was attempted to be made- after trying to nuke the pillars had drastically failed. “Don't do that again and tell me what you need me to do.” She ordered, finding it only a little ironic that, the majority of the time, she was telling Sekai what to do instead of the other way around, like their contract was supposed to work.

Sekai faltered a moment, looking desperately around the battlefield in an attempt to find something for the obviously agitated AI to do... and found her eyes settling on Lighteria and his attempt at helping the still unconscious and wounded Nighthand to his feet... or something like that. “P-Please go help Lighteria-san, I don't think he's feeling very, um, good right now. Help him guard Nighthand-san and let me know if I need to resummon you again.” Why hadn't he gotten up? Resurrects, Rip Maens... something should have worked; unless...

No, she shook her head vehemently and dashed off to be of more assistance, in some way, in the continuing battle with Tritoch. She wouldn't think of that as an option; she couldn't think of it, just in case it were true. Her SP back to where it needed to, Sekai drew an arrow back and let it fly toward Tritoch's eye, not bothering to watch the arrow's flight as she composed a quick flashmail and sent it off to the rest of the Freedom Fighters and threw a Resurrect to assist Dien after his less than pleasant ghosting experience.
To: Freedom Fighter Party
From: Sekai
Subject: Idea?

I don't know what that attack of his was, the one that has rendered Nighthand-san incapacitated for what appears to be the remainder of the battle... if not longer, but... we should take out those wands fused to his hands somehow. I'm... not sure how effective that will be or if that ability is something he'll have anyways but, um, it might help us out somehow. It might even prevent him from being able to use some of his spells.

Um, we have company too, now that I notice our numbers. Any ideas on if we should be cautious around them or have them included into our plans? I can try and talk to them myself, if need be.

Don't give up everyone, we can do this!

~ Sekai
Taking a standpoint between Tritoch and the small group of Nighthand, Lighteria and Kira, Sekai once again loaded her bow, sweat beading on her brow as she took aim and fired off a high level Juk arrow towards his face. She might not be able to do much but annoy him, but she could at least provide some bit of distraction while the others attacked him.


Kira, on the other hand, was rather disgruntled about not being able to do anything more than play a guard. She'd much rather have Sekai be the one standing guard while she jumped in there and let her spear bite into this fucker's flesh- especially since it was a System Administrator, if she'd heard correctly- and took whatever hits and deaths that came her way.

Agitated and still shaken over what the hell that strange attack had been, the tall female slipped into place and studied Nighthand with a critical eye. She'd listened in on Sekai's thoughts and didn't like the guess at his current state in the least... even if it was a little far fetched, in her eyes. But it'd explain why whatshisname, Silver, isn't out. Attempting to put on a friendly-ish expression on her face, the silvery-blue haired AI jogged up to where Lighteria was looking like he was having some difficulties and headed on to the opposite side of the downed Heavyblade. “Looks like you could use some help,”

Crap-ass attempt at conversation but, shit, it'd do for now. Kira ducked beneath Nighthand's arm, pulling it up and over her shoulder to try and take as much of the weight as she could from the shaken boy. “Lighteria, wasn't it?” She asked, still being somewhat polite as she tried to figure out a way to bring his nerves down a bit and calm him down... without giving him a punch to the jaw. “Should we get him into town or at least to the wall or gate so he's definitely out of the way? What do you think we should do?”

Distract a panicking soldier and give 'em something solid to grasp on to, and sometimes they'd respond in a positive manner and calm themselves down, distracted with an idea or something that sounded good to them and took their mind off of an 'oh shit, we're so boned and I don't know what to do right now except panic because this has never happened before' situation.

Or, it'd just freak 'em out even more and shit would hit the fan.

Either way, she was giving this whole diplomacy bit a shot... Merrows but she almost wished for an easy- and victorious- end to this damn battle so they could get where they needed to be, debrief and then figure out just what the flying fuck was next on the agenda. While she was at it, Kira wanted to be restored to her former glory and power, all her abilities restored as well.

...and maybe a pony. They were kind of cute, from what she'd seen in magazines anyways.

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