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Re: A Night on the Town: The Underworld Awaits!

Post by Raquar » Tue Apr 13, 2010 1:12 pm

The Stitcher Section was basically a combination of the most screwed up things you could possibly imagine. Objects and implements dotted the place that could make even the best torturers blush. He saw people covered in spikes, people whose skin seemed to slither along a body, skin stretched too tight and excess skin drooped over various frames. Small people, big people, people with extra limbs or disjointed bodies. He felt terribly out of place and whether imagined or not, the feel of hundreds of eyes on his back made him shiver with something that could very possibly be fear. He quickened his pace for a few moments before he realized he was drawing too close to the Twin Blade he was following. With a sigh and a quick look over his shoulder, he dropped back a few feet. He would have to live with being uncomfortable for a bit if he didn’t want to totally blow this mission. He couldn’t jeopardize the others no matter how uncomfortable or superstitious he was.

In an attempt to distract himself from the scaled goats and the guy with six arms each belonging to a different . . . thing he looked upward and outward toward the buildings. Only that didn’t help. There were buildings that were perfectly circular, building with more sides than should be physically possible, buildings that collapsed and folded upon them yet at the same time stood segmented and strong thrusting into the air. Buildings of no color, buildings of too many hues. His eyes felt like they were being violated, and it was somewhat of a relief when Canti stepped into a bar. He found himself a nice little alley tucked in between two overhanging buildings and settled his eyes on the entrance to the place. If he focused enough, his eyes seemed to slide right over the atrocities that briefly obscured his vision of the bar.

He took a moment to reflect briefly on his choice of action. Why did he choose to follow Canti in the first place and not Dien? He had known the Blademaster first, partnered with him briefly, worked with him occasionally, hell even fought against the man. So why not him? It was funny to think about, he and Canti had never really talked about it, but he liked the guy. He had a roughish side to him, something that the boy could grin at no less. Need a half-brained scheme or daredevil decoy? Canti was the man to go see. Since his journey and arrival into the actual game the guy had saved his ass quite a few times at no uncertain risk to himself and just been a joy to be around. The Vegas Vindicator was a perfect example. As of such, at least on his side, a sense of camaraderie had formed and that was why the Long Arm found himself perched on the wall outside the bar until the Twin Blade popped out.

He followed the Twin Blade through twists and turnseven deeper into the Stitcher Sector, something both good and bad in the boy’s eyes. The farther in they went, the fewer people there were for his eyes to get raped by, but also that much more likely that they could end up in some sort of danger and the more that, he at least, stood out. He was too lost in his own musings and suspicions to notice that Canti had stopped and he was way too close for a shadow. He turned around abruptly and ducked back around the corner and almost ran headlong into an oblong thing extended from the side of whatever building he had cut around. He didn’t look too hard but he really hoped that that pole wasn’t covered in what at first glance appeared to be flesh. His conversation with whomever didn’t last terribly long and he poked his head around the corner to see Canti already off. He scurried after the man, pointedly avoiding eye contact with the guy that was standing outside this place. For the most part he kept his eyes down, looking up briefly only to verify that the Twin Blade was still well within his sight. A few more turns and twists before Canti ended at a giant jutting tooth. The boy registered briefly that that was in fact where Canti turned before turning to look at a giant jumble of . . . stuff. That was the only way he could describe. It was large, much larger than anything in sight so it would make sense to think that this thing was the “castle” of this are, but it was decidedly strange. It could’ve been seen as if the armor, the tailor, the tanner, the blacksmith and the elementalist all sneezed at once and this castle was the result. It had sections of pure prismatic light and other sections of the flimsiest sheets of cloth he had ever seen. It was fascinating. And it was never the same one moment to the next. The various pieces parts slid and shifted around like one of those panel puzzles that you got to slide around.

It fascinated him so much that although he would never dream of venturing in, at least not by himself, but enough so that he lost track of the fact that he was supposed to be following. In fact, he did indeed lose them, but they were long gone by the time he noticed. He panicked and gave a start when he noticed he had a couple of flashmails one from Dien and one from Demorian. The response made him swear up a storm, for the first time since entering this sector not really caring whether anyone was paying him any heed or not. Of course their target fled to the Raio Sector. The Raio Sector. With his current . . . allergy that would be the equivalent of suicide. Extreme suicide. He wouldn’t last 5 minutes in that area, but seeing as nobody else was in the Stitcher Sector he saw no reason to dally.

He hauled ass to the Chaos Gate taking careful care to not bump into anybody or step on anybody’s toes but he wasted not a second gating back to the Elemental District. He strode quickly and surely back into the Gan section passing by the guardhouse until he paused a few feet from the entrance from the Raio Sector.
To: Demorian
From: Raquar
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Message: Going into the Raio Sector in my . . . current condition would be probably the stupidest thing I can do. I’m currently perched outside its entrance in the Gan Sector. If something comes up or you want/need me to do anything let me know, preferably not in the Raio Sector, but if I must, I must.
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Part 5

Post by Dien » Tue Apr 27, 2010 7:06 am

(OOC: Sorry this took so long. x_x)

What logic Dien had left was focused, honed and centered in on the one goal of killing the man in front of him. And when the majority of the feedback from his body about the battle situation was cut out of the picture, there wasn’t much left that logic could really do. He knew the stakes—it was the only reason he’d hesitated before jumping into the arena with Suraisu. The man was at least twice his level, if not more by now, and so he’d need every edge he could get. Fortunately, the boots Nighthand had given him were working like a charm. It felt like his blows were doing more damage, he could tell exactly where Suraisu was, and given the fact that he couldn’t feel any damage to his own body, it seemed like he was given temporary invulnerability.

Just as he’d presumed, this fight boiled down to his own relentlessness. Attack after attack after attack would be dealt to the fistfighter, all in an effort to lay down as much damage as possible before the Ap wore off. There was no way of telling either way how much he’d been delivered, though the last hit felt like it did sink in.

Without another moment’s hesitation, he lunged forward, moving to stab his target once again. Suraisu didn’t move, but his weapon didn’t connect, either. Odd, he thought, letting his blade bathe in the black once again as he pulled into an Ani Revolver and leaned in. The attack grazed off of his target, who promptly fell to the ground. And apparently dragged Dien along with him. Still, as he was falling, Dien let off a Vulcan summon in the man’s face, attempting a little bit of psychological warfare as he went down. His target seemed unaffected by it, and so once he was on the ground, the blademaster moved to get up and restart his weapon attacks. Still, something was pinning him to the ground—like the ground itself was holding him there.

There wasn’t much time left, and he could tell. Another Ani Revolver was activated, and it freed him from whatever had been holding him. The non-blade arm wasn’t responding, but that would be dealt with later. He needed to deal as much damage to Suraisu as possible before the buff was gone. Very luckily, he was already there.

It was one Ani Slash after another until the fight was through. That had been his most effective attack that he could tell, and it seemed like the best choice for dealing the most damage as quickly as possible. Every blow connected, and after the third, Suraisu fell to the ground. One more attack was dealt, to which he didn’t even respond, and then Dien’s eyesight came back. The effect was gone.

There on the ground before him was his foe, the man responsible for his entrapment. Or rather, what was left of him. It was as though he’d been run through a meat grinder, and then had every charred piece of his flesh packed back together into a form that resembled the body he’d had. He was still alive, barely, and looked more afraid than the victim of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller. It was only when Dien looked down that he understood why.

He had no throat. His left arm was completely torn off. There were punch-holes in his body in multiple critical places. And to cap it all off, his own lower torso was completely shredded, practically missing in action. It was only after he’d seen the extent of his injuries that the pain from them hit. One after another, each reeling blow sending its nervous reaction through his body as he flinched, coughed up blood that just splattered out of his throat, and doubled over, twitching intermittently as the damage kept racking up, and with it, the intensity of the exquisite pain he felt. Quiet whimpers escaped his blood-saturated mouth, and he literally could not hold still. It was almost as bad as when he’d first fused with Twilight, though realizing that in the moment would be a tall order for him. And then, just when he thought he was about to pass out, it was over, and his body stopped moving.

A ghost formed, but he just lay there next to his body, maintaining the fetal position and trying to wipe away his own expression of searing agony. And he hadn’t even accomplished his goal. All of it was for naught.

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Re: A Night on the Town: The Underworld Awaits!

Post by Lord Canti » Sat May 08, 2010 5:43 am

(This was extremely bad. On the one hand, this might've been a fake or something just weird and he would only be dead. But on the other hand, if this was the real Suraisu and not the other one...then he was gonna be hella-hard to negotiate with, even if it was the aggressive and knifey kind. Shadow's paralyzer didn't help, and frankly neither one of them looking to get too close at this time. That was when a summon came in and intercepted its first strike. Surprise attack! Awesome! Canti felt a...presence. It'd been there before, and now he knew who it was that supported him.)

“Looks like everything’s a mess, need a hand?”

(Takua. He'd gotten in. Good, because there was no way that Canti wanted to be alone with this thing, Suraisu or not. That being said, there was uhhh...something that he hadto share with his sudden helpful companion. The Twin Blade turned to face him...)

Canti: Tak? Run.

(...and then went for the door. Nah, forget it. This place was a deathtrap. It had 'deathtrap' written all over it in metal chains and Canti wasn't having it. He assumed Takua Ap Do'd himself and then also make to join him in this. However, even as he moved down the hall to get out of here, the door was blocked with metal chains. In fact, this whole place was writhing with them. Canti skidded to a halt in front of this mess and muttered a totally justified "Fuck". As he suspected, a trap and a damn good one. The question was...would a condensed blast of darkness find its way into corroding the door to this decidedly metal and chained door? It wasn't exactly a vault. Let's find out! BANG! Canti let loose the Spirit Gun of the Darkness Flames, and Takua summoned Yarthkins on top of that. Maybe neither alone would've done it, but now the chains snapped and the door was open. They moved, oh by god did they move, like the lightning that would soon chase them - that being Suraisu - kicking Shadow out to be certain he WAS fast enough. Canti was now about a foot-and-a-half off the ground, seeing if Frankenstein's chain-wielder was following. Everyone else was out...and momentarily safe.

Shadow: Master, that hurt. How did you even do that?

Canti: Sorry, Shadow. Needs must when the devil drives.

(There was a decided lack of activity from inside that metal hovel. The Suraisu-being wasn't coming out...and it was too quiet. For good measure, Takua summoned Vulcan. There was alot of noise and effect, but no dice. No reaction. Canti backed away a bit further. This looked like...trouble. Tak next summoned the lightning god and that only made an odd 'shwump' sound. THAT wasn't good... The Twin Blade looked over at the Wavemaster.)

Canti: Don't...do that again.

(He launched an ordinary Darkness Fireball into the place. No pleasure there either.)

Canti: Takua, I don't think this is the real Suraisu. This looks to be living home security.

"...that would be an interesting way of putting it. In that case, we're unlikely to be able to deal with the fucker. He's also not going to follow. What do we do?"

Canti: Find the real Suraisu, if I'm right. Talal said he was fighting Dien. Come on!

(He went rushing off in a promising direction, but then he altered his direction as soon as Shadow ran in a somewhat different one. Why? Well basically, the Twin Blade had then given orders for the dark hound to locate Dien by his data profile. Piece of cake. They'd find this place he was at in short order. Takua followed, of course. Would you want to be left behind? I think not. 'Cause, you see, ummm...Suraisu's pad exploded. No, seriously! The whole thing went up in flames and debris as a number of chains reached out of it to hoist up the Lightning Hulk. There was a somewhat-humanoid shape embedded inside alot of chains, using around six or so projected chains as legs. To what end? Why, to follow them of course! Home vindictive security! It pierced ground, walls, and players in order to get where it was going. People were ghosted and the area was gettin' wrecked. Fortunately, Tak and Canti had taken the Gandalf advice. Fly, you fools!)

Canti: Wonder what happens if these two meet...?

(No time for pontificating now. Time to get the hell out of dodge. Strictly speaking, they were running, Ap Do'd still. Canti was actually low-level flying, but that didn't matter because he wasn't abandoning the others. Takua attempted to hit it with another Yarthkins, but that wasn't really doing much to hurt it or trip it up yet. This thing was like a much-more-sinister Doc Ock, and wouldn't be so easily tripped, tangled, or whatever. Also, he was gaining on them, slowly. In flight, Canti turned around to let off a rather big flamethrower-type darkness blast, returning to seeing where he was going shortly thereafter. Also, Shadow attempted to cast Dek Do on the pursuing Suraisu. Neither of these seemed to help all that much. You couldn't Dek 'im and the Darkness Flame didn't seem to hurt him much. Although...it DID look like he couldn't see there for a moment. Looking around, the Twin Blade tried to find something for the pursuer to hit if blinded, also so that he himself didn't fly into anything. Nothing special, just a gradual curve. Damn. From here, though...)

Canti: I have a cunning plan...

Shadow: Like the ones in Black Adder.

Canti: Hell no! This one's gonna rock!

(The answer to his focusing-on-the-problem-at-hand issue? Canti landed on the Bogie's back and took a seat, facing the approaching killer-whatsit. Hey, as long as Shadow knew where HE was going, it was fine. And, if nothing else, he still had Takua's support when he needed it. Afterwhich, the Twin Blade proceeded to fire at face, torso, and the beginning points of chains-as-legs with Darkness Fireballs to see about knocking him off his balance, making him trip, etc. The good news is that it knocked the sucker around a bit and made 'im blind for a moment. The bad news is that that...was it. He didn't trip or fall or anything else. Phooey. Well, it wouldn't gain on them so long as he was shooting, at least, but that was hardly a solution. Okay... Fire two! Two tons, that is. The SP-buster that parted a mushroom cloud to make way for its evil. Canti fired a condensed and highly-explosive blast of darkness, putting his SP to zero to cause a monumental kaboom! To which, shortly thereafter, he turned to the accompanying Wavemaster and said...)

Canti: Well, I'm out of ideas. How 'bout you?

"Reinforcement from anyone else would be a great idea. Can we broadcast an SOS for anyone who thinks they can slow him down a bit? Barring that, I can keep bombarding him with spells while running to try and slow him down."

(The result of that big-ass attacked? It'd been knocked around alot and it was staggering quite a bit right now.)

Canti: Ummm...let's keep running for now, and lemme recover SP. Oh wait, I have items. Nevermind. Hiyo, Shadow! Awaaay!!

(In one hand, Canti was replenishing his SP with Made Souls. In the other, he hit the music selector and now there was some loud music filling the area as they ran and rode the hell over of there, the Twin Blade riding bare Bogie-back. By the time they were out of sight from the creature, there was a hideous shriek of metal and they could hear it coming again with a vengeance!)

Canti: Tak, have you got any Resurrects?

"And Rip Maens."

Canti: Oh good. Because if push comes to shove, I've got a really stupid plan. In fact, three of them. But they depend entirely on you being alive so I can come back ghosted and get raised.

"Works for me, just lemme know."

(Their erstwhile tagalong gaining to a distance of two blocks from their behinds, the two Freedom Fighters got their rears fully in gear and headed still on to the arena they were suppose to hit. And damn straight, because there was NO WAY they were getting run over by Thor's gift to God of War. The next part...happened very quickly, and all at once. {1} They arrived at the pit. {2} The chain monster arrived at the pit. {2} Dien was delivering his last blows to Suraisu. {4} Suraisu was ghosting and Dien was dying in agony. {5} Canti swore. It should be noted that, at this point, the chain-monster was now entirely berserk because Suraisu had been ghosted and this in turn allowed Takua, Canti, and Shadow to be swept into the pit with its chains and it followed them... As this happened, the Twin Blade tried to get Suraisu's ghosted self to talk while Takua tried to resurrect him. No dice. Dien was risen just fine, but the Fist Fighter couldn't be targeted. He appeared to be...frozen at the point of death. That was very strange. Also, Dien was unable to fight because he was paralyzed or out cold or something. It was at this point that Canti realized something.)

Canti: He wait a second. I didn't revive this guy much. How come he isn't dead?

Shadow: Maybe it was completely darkness-immune?

Canti: Aw, dammit... I wish these things would say so next time!

(If darkness WAS useless, and it might be, then Shadow is looking like the biggest lost puppy since Zuul emerged in Ghostbusters. Experimentally, Canti doth look at the thing and cast BiVak Rom, for color. This...produced a useful effect. The chains started glowing orange. Glowing chains usually meant heating up to melt. Good! Of course, it started taking long chain-sweeps at Canti and he was forced to backwards somersault, watching life flash before his eyes on the embers of a glowing chain over his head. Takua, picking up on things quickly here, casted a couple deadly fire spells and brought the chains to a smoking red-hot as the both of them had to run avoidance now, taking to the sky a bit to get out of the way of the more-rapid swipe-attacks. Canti's foot still got hit, but that was negligable. To blind it again, Canti used the Darkness Flamethrower on it again and used his fire-based items on the monster while Takua unloaded on it again. The result? EXPLOSION!! Steel flies everywhere, and the two of them were almost killed! Almost...but not close enough. Now, they had two Suraisu's one on top of the other. And incidentally, mostly everyone ran. The only people that would be here now was their own, such as Talal. Canti resurrects Dien - because the explosion had killed him again - and then...wonders what the hell to do. See, it looked like they had enough people to carry everyone out, but unfortunately...the Suraisu twins here couldn't be moved at all, by anything. They were frozen together like one bit of scenery now.)

Canti: Demorian, where the HELL are you when we need you?!

(Answer? Nowhere to be found. What happened to him? He was the one the Twin Blade had actually called, but he didn't show up. Something must've happened... Canti sent Takua ahead to get Dien out of here before he somehow ended up dead again. He remained with Shadow in the pit, and nobody else around except Talal. He looked and he poked and he prodded to figure out anything he could about the pair of frozen Fist Fighters. He had Shadow analyze it anyway he could, but it wasn't any help. They both matched as Suraisu, but that couldn't be right. Canti...was far from pleased about any of this. Dien was gonna get it for this. He was going to be in the more royal-ass trouble and the Twin Blade now felt like he'd explode because of it. He tried to remain objective and sarcastic about it. It didn't help.)

Canti: Well, this plan is a bust. Dien went nuts, I battled with home security, and maybe neither of these is even him! God dammit, I didn't want this!! Try to do something right for a change...

(Instead, the yelled-out part was loud enough to carry some distance, sounding like Canti was really raging for a moment. He managed to find some of his indoor-voice as both he and Shadow got out of the spikey pit, either by flight or by agility. But let's just face it. He's pissed. It seems they'll go home empty-handed again.)
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Re: A Night on the Town: The Underworld Awaits!

Post by Nighthand » Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:34 pm

So not much to this thread. It's officially over now though. Exploring Yamiyo didn't turn out as well as I would have hoped, and Dien/Canti kind of took over with Suraisu, partly my fault. Hopefully we still have enough people to make the next thread more of a success.


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All: +3,000 GP, +2 Resurrects, +4 Health Drinks

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Kind of terrible rewards, but it was kind of a terrible thread, really. Props to Talal for barreling through and keeping involved, despite not having personal involvement in Suraisu.

So uh... yeah. New thread will be coming relatively soon, but every time I try to set a "this week" or something I end up missing it, so I'm not going to do that. It'll be up when it's ready. Incidentally, that gives a few of you time to finish your side quests.