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Triple Threat: The Rebelious Mind

Post by Nighthand » Fri Apr 01, 2005 1:15 am

Nighthand was in a dark mood from the battle. From his perspective, it was completely unsatisfactory. They had done nothing but recover Tokki, and even that was minor. The hackers always seemed to know their next move. They always knew where the group planned to go. It was as if they could never get ahead. Relentless. Unending.

Nighthand headed directly for the Hideout. Once there, he settled on a couch and began to write up some flashmails.

To: Zan
From: Nighthand

That last attack by the hacker has probably left you inflicted with the same ailment the rest of us has; that of course being the inability to log out, due to your body being in a coma. I know you felt bad about leaving and came back from obligation… I’d just like to say welcome. Like it or not, you’re one of us now. Find one of us, we’ll guide you to the hideout if you don’t know where it is


He sent it off, and wrote another.

To: Nall
From: Nighthand

Nall, news. We went to the field to retrieve Lighteria’s blade, but we were ambushed by Melzas. He brought back a brainwashed Tokki, who we managed to snap out of it and bring back here. Time for you to come back, tell us what to do now. At the least, send me a flashmail. I’ll be waiting.


Sent and on.

To: Everyone
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I’m waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

And away.

Speaking of stocking up, it’s about time you got some new items, isn’t it?
Sure, why not? Might as well go for a stroll.

Nighthand exited the hideout, and began to wander the town. He didn’t really have a destination in mind, but rather he let his feet take him where they will.

(OOC: Alrighty… Jinxy, time for your thing… Also, if you want to now or after jinx’s thing, new members feel free to come in any time.)

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Post by Hijinx » Fri Apr 01, 2005 4:31 am

It had been a silent week; no minions of the hackers terrorizing the group, no administrators or moderators threatening them and brandishing weapons, and more disturbing, not a peep from hijinx. In fact, she appeared to be a different mood every day. The entire week she had been wandering around, something new was going wrong somewhere in the world.

On the first day(when tokki and everyone else returned to Mac Anu), she was chipper and hopping from person to person as usual. Urbosh was trying to avoid her for some unknown reason and nobody could understand a word he was "saying". A few tried their hand, but the blob's burbling wasn't even close to making sense.

The second day was uneventful, but hijinx had been away at the time. There were odd reports of errors in the theta server, but nothing too suspicious at the time.

On the third day, several players were overheard talking about some lunatic killing the shop NPC's so many times the Theta server had to temporarily closed for inspection. The rabbit was on the roof of a building next to the warp gate, thinking about something and looking perplexed. When anybody approached her, she would laugh half-heartedly and run from them.

The forth day was obviously weird, but only for people with working speakers. Confused moderators were busy all day, dealing with reports of Mac anu's music mysteriously turning to static and changing to songs that were not registered on the games music tracks. The problem apparently resolved itself around nine forty-eight in the afternoon, although the admins took credit for it.

Although the music was running smoothly on the fifth day, hijinx was brooding and casting spiteful glances at anyone that bothered her. This particular time was marred by insults as the rabbit expressed intense loathing for everyone that crossed her, mostly in the form of mockery regarding various weaknesses certain players posessed. The normally cheerful hare didn't smile even once.

Day six was unmistakable, the air itself had a musical happiness to it. Off on her own in a random field, hijinx encounted a staff member who reported being unable to strike a hacked character despite multiple attempts. Minutes later she returned, grinning like she had killed hercules without breaking a sweat. The character returned after an hour, supposedly having had her account hacked and her character data corrupted by an unknown virus. They retained no memory of what the suspect looked like.

The seventh day rolled around pretty uneventfully, with the twin-blader looking disappointed at nothing in particular. She was sulking under the shade of a street vender NPC's shop without urbosh. She was watching the hide-out. She had drugged the pets and was running through a complicated thought, the gem in her forehead pulsating between green, red, and obsidian. There were no players aside from the ones who were trapped. It was determined through various calculations she had spent the third day going over that this was the most effective way. As soon as nobody was around and the pets were all inside, a clear barrier formed around the hide-out.

OOC: Well, here we go! The barrier is indestructable, so feel free to unload on it! There's an aura that assures the pets safety as well, the characters should be capable of feeling it. So now that that's all said and done, proceed as you think you would normally without knowing all of this shield business! :bunny: Also, everyone should be rested/recovered, if a little confused. :hi: Expect no resistance from Hijinx, but don't expect me to lower the barrier.
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Post by Kumori » Sat Apr 02, 2005 5:20 am

Day One

A young boy's shoes made sand crack on the asphalt under his feet. Snowflakes still fell, even on a fine April day such as this. Snow fell in a hazy cloud, covering the sand dropped by snow plows to keep drivers from sliding off the road and into oblivion. This task, however, seemed useless in the boy's mind.

Whatever they think will help.

The boy's voice rang inside of his own head. His feet shifted angles as he climbed the steep angled pavement of the driveway of a completely still house; the shingles of the roof lay white, catching the brunt of the snow falling. The once black asphalt now lay cracked, turned a misty gray color from the light snow cover. Wet precipitation stuck to his shoes as he walked through a door, banging the frozen water off of his feet as he stepped inward. The young man's shoes flopped onto a shaggy green rug with a slight thump as his jacket and backpack eased off of his shoulders, slumping down onto the floor beside his shoes.

He merely shrugged at the actions of dropping all of his things on a snow and sand covered rug, merely grabbing a small snack out of the pantry on his right. Small shuffling sounds could be heard as his socks rubbed against tile in a tired, slumping walk. The sounds became louder as he shifted from the tile of his kitchen, transisting into the hard carpet of his bedroom floor. His body slumped into a computer chair as his hand moved towards the power switch, flicking it on in a quick motion.

Soft whirring sounds eminated from the sleek, jet black casing of his computer. Knuckles cracked as he moved his hand onto his mouse, letting his free hand slide naturally onto the same jet black keyboard. As his desktop finished loading, his hand instantly flicked the mouse to an icon in the upper left, double clicking it in the same rapid motion. A login screen, presumably for "The World", came up. "The World" was quite an addicting game indeed - and the boy, who went by the name of Kumori, would find out how addicting.

Username: Kumori
Password: ****

Keys clicked as Kumori typed in his username and password, slipping on his VR Visor. It covered his eyes completely, like something out of a science fiction movie. He thought nothing of it as he materialized in Mac Anu, the water capital of delta server. The city, locked in an eternal sunset, was beautiful (as usual).

A small beeping noise traveled into his ears as a small envelope shaped icon appeared in the upper right corner of his vision. It grew and opened itself as Kumori's finger touched it, leaving a simple message from an unknown user.

To: Everyone
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I’m waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

Nighthand...Nall? Hideout?

He knew nothing of these people, or this "hideout" that this somewhat shady character, Nighthand, had mentioned in a random flashmail. He decided to flashmail this random figure, this "Nighthand".

To: Nighthand
From: Kumori

Who are you...? I got your flashmail, though I think it got sent to me by a glitch of some sort. However - something about a hideout?

Typed and sent.

Kumori decided to sit down over by the recorder, his footsteps making soft clacks on the cobblestone as he strode down a small flight of stairs and veered right. No, not the recorder. He veered left again, and eventually decided to hang out on the bridge. It was common hangout within Mac Anu, favored by many players. Kumori jumped up onto the railing of the small bridge, hovering over a gently flowing river. And he waited.

It was to be an interesting day indeed.
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Post by Hacorie » Sun Apr 03, 2005 4:37 pm

(OOC: Part of this is explaining the formation of the Oceanic Aura)

After sticking the byakuen deep into the ice pillar Tokki created, Hacorie watched as the ice melted and the fire katana fell deep into the moat that formed around the whole room. Bubbles and steam began to, come up, where the sword fell, but soon subsided as if they were never there. The water in the pillar was filled into the holes Hac had created in the ice using the byakuen and the Magnifier swords. Unbeknownst to anybody though was what happened after the sword was dropped. This would forever change the sword, elementally and in power.

In the moat, a clink could be heard near the bottom of where the sword hit. The pure water soon began to press upon the blade expending the power of fire within the blade. Slowly, the Byakuen's red aura was diminished. In one excess of its power though, the sword let out a gasp of its fiery power. This simultaneously began to heat the water around it thus ending in bubbles and steam. The bubbles stopped at the top making steam from the popped bubbles. A normal silver blade was all that lay on the bottom of the water, but would soon be changed. This was because a once in a lifetime event would happen.

The pure freshwater began to cover the new non an elemental blade. Passing into the places the fire had been, the sword's aura began to change. Instead of a crimson red, a feint glow began to ignite from the blade. The water itself acted almost like a spring of myst. It changed the sword due to its watery power. Except no goal was to be reached into putting the original blade in. The water acted on its own and had no clear objective, but to overwhelm the blade. Up above the water, the battle with Tokki was coming to an end, and the sword was still on the bottom of the moat.

MeAni Kruz. Hacorie thought in his brain as a darkened black glyph was sent toward Tokki's location. Hacorie watched on as Hijinx jumped in the way and began hugging Tokki, but not before completely deflecting any attacks toward her, except one. Acting rage of the oncoming attack, Tokki seemed pulled between two sides. As if her memories were returning showing she was once friends with some of the group.

With a large speech from Vera, Tokki herself began to snap to of her trance. In rage she darted toward Melzas to only miss her target in an attack. The golden eye of his even knew this was going to happen, or at least how to avoid the attack. Soon after Melzas reappeared and caught Nighthand, the highest level of the group, off guard. The Heavy Blade was quickly sent off the ledge he was on and fell straight to the ground. Still watching on in awe, Hacorie soon turned his attention away from the battle. A cold chill became to engulf his spine once again, but this time it was not that of Tokki's doing. This feeling, is different then before.

"Now attack!" Nighthand's voice yelled aloud breaking Hac's concentration on where the aura was coming from. A feint blue glow came rushing at his body and with the sound of a small snap, Hac felt cold arms wrap around his body as the face of his pet appeared in front of him. With only seeing the change of expression in his pet's face, Hacorie turned his head to the side, not by will. A different sound began to echo through the room as a red hand print was imprinted on his face. Why did you not free me? I could have helped you out, but instead you went for a fire monster, one with no manners at that. I......

Turning his attention back to where Tokki and the others were, Hac reached his hand at his side and drew the KK once again. Usually he did not do this, but this was a special occasion involving the hacker. About to run forward to confront the ice hacker Melzas, Hacorie felt his legs not moving. Upon closer looks, it could be seen that ice was creeping up his body keeping him in place. Looking down at the ice, Hacorie tried to change its form to water so he could force his way out. Nothing happened though. In front of him, Hacorie's pet was already miniature size again and flying in the air so not to get trapped by the same type of spell.

The climactic and cliche point was about to happen in the quest. Melzas quickly took up the monstrous spear almost as powerful as the Treeweaver. The watery spear soon hardened in Melzas's hand and without any provoking of Tokki, he stabbed toward her. An eruption of ice began to take place as Melzas and Tokki began playing a gruesome game of push the spear. Tokki seemed no match for him though. With one bust of energy, Melzas thrust the spear right into the stomach of Tokki.

Talking directly to the seemingly quite hurt Long Arm, Melzas disappeared leaving the castle. Right after it began to start to crumble.

The ice that engulfed them all disappeared and ice began to fall from everywhere. Again though, Hac began to feel an icy feeling form on him. Melzas was gone, and Tokki was near death. Nothing else could be emitting the aura. Not even Hac's pet sent shivers up him like this did. Hac looked around and noticed something different in the moat. Tokki had created one small patch of ice in the circular water area to keep Vera, but Hac clearly saw a patch of ice covering the top of the moat in a different location. What in the world?

Quickly, without any more attention to the collapsing castle, Hac made his way toward it. Everyone seemed to run by him as he made his way to the patch. Above his body A large block of ice broke off from the ceiling and was falling straight toward Hacorie. "Merrows!" A voice yelled from near him. A giant beast revealed itself in front of the Heavy Blade and sent out a gigantic wave which quickly destroyed the large ice.

Looking into the ice and deep down into the water, a deep aura of blue could be seen. It was the only thing that glowed and could be seen near the bottom, the rest was a dark black. Widening his eyes, the Heavy Blade focused on the light. Slowly the feint glow began to spread more revealing what it was. A medium sized katana rose. Its blade was incased in ice, but also more. The water had formed the Byakuen earlier into a water element, but the water also fused itself into the blade. Hac's weapon was not pure water or ice like Tokki's, but it could be controlled by his powers since it was forged with the element.

A great wave game up under the blade as Hac gripped the blade. Turning to his side, Hacorie noticed ice was falling everywhere. All his teammates were gone, even Tokki who had been rescued by Vera. Hac and Aqualiea were the only ones left. Quickly turning to the exit, the Heavy Blade ran with all the speed he could muster while sheathing his new sword. Luckily he had an extra sheathe. The Byakuen was no more. Without being able to awe in its power, Hac quickly began to rush out of the ice dungeon. After a few rooms, Hacorie was back at the exit. A large ice piece, like earlier, started coming down on Hacorie. I do not have enough Skill Points for Merrows again! Aqualiea yelled worriedly.

Clutching his arms over his face and in a blocking position, Hacorie clenched his teeth. A wetting feel then came upon his head, and enveloped his whole body. The ice had turned to water. In defense, Hac's powers erupted from him turning the large sickle to a liquid form. Drenched in water, Hacorie quickly exited the dungeon to see everyone standing around. "Let's go home." Nighthand said as golden rings enveloped everyone and landed them back in Mac Anu.


To: Hacorie
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I'm waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

End Flashmail

Looking down at the newly acquired sword, Hacorie spoke to himself. I shall call you, Oceanic Aura. He said to himself gazing at the blade as he sheathed it.

Standing up from his bent over position, over the rail of the bridge in Mac Anu, Hacorie hopped off and landed on one of the gondolas. Aqualiea had stayed at the hideout so not to get noticed by some newbie player. Letting the Gondola let him drift, Hacorie looked into the sky as a breeze of wind passed in front of his face. The zephyr brushed his hair to the side and actually made him smile a bit. This was the first time in a while Hacorie had not smiled for an evil or fighting reason.

Watching the clouds pass by over head, the Heavy Blade jumped off the small boat and landed near the armor shop. After a quick browse, Hacorie saw nothing he wanted and thus left. Making his way back to the hideout, Hacorie bumped into something. He could see nothing, but something was there. Confused the Heavy Blade tried walking through again, but came to no avail. Quickly writing out a Flashmail, Hacorie waited for a reply.

To: Nighthand
From: Hacorie

Do the Hackers know where the hideouts are? I was going back to the clan house and I bumped into an invisible wall of some sort. I do not think I can break it, but I am going to try. See if you can think of something or assemble everyone here.

End Flashmail
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Post by Crimson Rose » Mon Apr 04, 2005 2:59 am

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Post by Nall » Mon Apr 04, 2005 9:33 pm

Nall layed in the comfortable bed. He was wraped in warm blankets and bandages. He looked from side to side, scanning the room for anyone. The room, as expected, was empty. Raine and Sheena were quite often busy and never stayed beside Nall while he recovered. He tried to move and was happy to feel little pain from the movement. His body was ready to go again.

"You look chipper."
A squeaky voice came from the doorway. Nayru fluttered into the room and landed on the end of the bed.

"Shut up."
Nall spit at his pet.

Nayru took flight again dodging the pillow thrown at him.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were off with the rest of the group?"
Nall got up from the bed and proceeded to take off his bandages. Nayru found another landing pad on the far dresser.

"They were doing some stupid event, I didn't want to join them..."
Nall threw a buddle of bandages at Nayru.

"You're so lazy. I wanted you to keep an eye on them so they don't do anything stupid."

"Pfff, I need to keep an eye on YOU more then them!"
This time the lamp on the bedside table was thrown at the big mouthed creature. Nayru had time to dodge to the side, this time staying in flight.

"Well if you would quit SUCKING I wouldn't have to!"
Nall growled as his eyes flashed red for a moment. Nayru was clearly frightened of the blademaster this time. However, Nall's eye's changed back to normal and he collapsed back onto the bed shivering. Nayru did not go check on his master, he stayed as far back as possible from Nall as possible.

Raine and Sheena burst into the room. Nall quite often broke things, but the surge of power that tingled accross their skin was unusual. It wasn't accidental, Nall had better control of his powers then that.

"Nall! Do you not realize yet WHY you're getting injured so badly? You arn't used to wearing that cloak yet, I wish you'd take it off..."
Nall scoweled at the two girls.

"Shut up! The more I use it, the more I'll get used to it! I'm not going to hide from them until it's too late!"
Sheena's face looked sullen, a face she was not used to wearing. She stepped closer to Nall, ignoring Raine's cautious arm on her shoulder.

"Nall... It will never be too late..."

"IT WILL BE! They've got ALL the advantages!"
Sheena took Raine's hand off her shoulder and sat beside Nall on the bed.

"They don't know where they are..."

Nall glared at Sheena, winding back his arm. He stopped himself before punching.

"WE don't either... We've been getting lucky... There's only ONE we've found without them knowing, and they've found one too. The other times, they found it first and we've stepped in on them. Our luck will run out when they finally feel threatened."
Nall got up from the bed and grabbed his stuff. Raine tossed him a vial filled with what appeared to be blood.

"Is this...?"

"Your body has recovered... That... Should keep you from comming here anymore......"
Raine paused. Both her and Sheena looked sullen now. Even Nayru looked saddened.

"This is what you wanted... You'll be protected from yourself with this..........."
Nall nodded. He already knew exactly what this vial contained, it's effects and limits.

"Shame, it was nice seeing you more often......"
Nall coughed and quickly removed himself from the room. Raine joined Sheena on the bed and put her arm around her. Nayru flew beside the two girls. Nayru did not want to be around the blademaster right now, and felt pity for the group that would be.

"Don't worry, he'll be fine... As weird as it is... He likes pain... He has to..."


Nall's body materialized in the root town of Mac Anu. He had recieved Nighthand's flashmail some time ago. He was wondering if the group had gotten into more trouble since the events he described. The first thing Nall noticed, was the lack of players.

"Hmph... This is weird... I've never seen Mac Anu this deserted... Maybe there's server maintenance..."
Nall didn't even think about the hackers. If the hackers were here, Sheena and Raine would have known and warned him. Nall strolled down the streets, fidgeting with anythinig and everything, comming up to the bridge. He looked around seeing only a couple player's, and all he noticed were part of their group.

One player caught his eye though, Tokki. He remembered Nighthand saying something about her in his flashmail but he was still confused about everything. He slowly made his way over to the mysterious LongArm. His hands continued to fidget and his body seemed to always stay in motion. Nall reached Tokki and greeted her.

"Tokki, long time no see."
Nall gave more of a smirk then a smile. There was something different in Nall's eye's then last the group had seen.

"So... Do you know what's going on here? There's a weird feel to the town... And why is there no one around?"
Nall stood, never ceasing to halt his fidgeting, waiting for Tokki.
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Post by Gingitsune » Mon Apr 04, 2005 10:48 pm

Gingitsune sighed as she massaged her forehead, trying to dispel the piercing pain that seemed to be shattering her skull. It had only been getting worse, day after day the same blinding headache, pulsating in her temples and spreading, like a bevy of needles and nails, throughout her mind. She had passed out earlier, her eyes misting over and her body falling like a heap to the ground. Luckily, she had not been in view of other players, having siddled into an alley as the pain had grown, leaning against the cool wall for support as her legs and consciousness gave out.
What are they doing to me? she thought, closing one eye against the excruciation and sighing audibly.

She could only imagine what was happening to her body, all the way across the digital expanses and wastelands to the real world. It was hard to imagine the distance between soul and body, if it was indeed her soul which had been trapped in the game, or merely her mind and consciousness. In inches and feet it was, perhaps, not formidable- but the true distance , the distance that she would have to cross to reach it, was illimitable. She was as far away from it as zero was from numerical infinity; two parallel specters, doomed never to intersect, desiring to touch, to intermingle, to become one.

Were they killing her? She closed the other eye, summoning an image that she fought each day to preserve in her mind, her family. There was one portrait, hanging crookedly over the couch in the living room, that she was particularly fond of. She was sitting in the middle, looking rather prim with her hands folded on her lap and a cattish look in her eye, her lips curved up prettily. Her father and mother stood at either side of the antique armchair, their hands resting on the plush backrest as they both smiled. The photograph was carefree, artistic, and beautiful. Now Gingitsune's pained mind imagined those two people in the photograph standing over her hospital bed, authorizing her death... a sudden cold shudder pervaded through her body, leaving her chilled and exhausted.

Would her parents do that? Would they let her die?

Was that the pain in her mind? The pain of death, the slow agony of expiration?

"Damn I wish I had Tylenol," Gingitsune heard herself mutter, and a small smile appeared on her lips, brightening her tight, pale, pained countenace. Within seconds the pain had seceded, leaving her with nothing but a ringing in her ears and nail marks in the soft skin of her forehead and cheeks.

It had been the same way before, and now Gingitsune cringing, tried to force the pain from her mind before it returned once again to wrack her body. They would probably be wondering where she was, she was letting them down. She spit into the sandy earth at her feet, expelling the taste of pain from herself, the bitter bloody saliva that collected around her tongue, where her teeth had punctured a small wound. Wiping her mouth delicately with the silk lining of her cloak Gingitsune forced her eyes open and surveyed her surroundings. She realized then that she hadn't known where she was, nor how she had gotten there. A quick glance down at her leg showed that Jocasta was neither with her spiritually nor bodily. The Sphinx had disappeared, and Gingitsune had no memory of her presence or exodus.

Weak, she said bitterly to herself, weak.

She had not done anything to help anyone in a long time, she skulked around these dank, dark alleys like a rat, grovelling in her own pain and misery as the others, doubtlessly, risked their lives. She wondered candidly if they would even want her back anymore, she seemed a husk of her old self, her once inspiring hope had dwindled to a cool cynicism, and her posture had slouched, shoulder blades curving inward and head down.

Get yourself together, she said in disgust, is this what you want to be?

With great effort she wiped the moisture from her eyes, tears she had not noticed trickling down her wan cheeks. Gingitsune shook out her hair and lifted her head to gaze into the clear sky. Well at least nothing ever changed here in Mac Anu, despite all of the things that had happened here it still bore the same grandeuse cheerfulness that it always had, with the buoyant sound of many armored feet echoing on the cobblestone walkways. The chatter of voices pervaded into even the most distant and secluded alleyways, "Want to trade?" - "How was school today?" "Let's go on a quest, I'm bored!" So many carefree players having fun.

Gingitsune smiled despite herself, she was getting old and grouchy she supposed and with one final sigh picked herself up, straightened out her clothing and walked out into the street, her wand gripped firmly in her right hand. Her mind was refreshingly clear of the turmoil that it had fought with lately, and all she wanted to do was enjoy the fresh breeze and warm sunlight. She felt the photons dance across her skin in small patterns, swirling across her face and drying her tears. She lifted up a hand toward the sun, and twirled a finger across it's celestial brightness, laughing as the little sunbeams playfully circled her outstretched digit. Sunlight was a truly powerful force, able to instill hope and happiness into even the most careworn entities. Gingitsune felt like laughing and dancing in it's warmth, and she did, evoking the surprise of many players. Those that did not hurry along stood and watched in a bemused manner as the purple-clad Wavemistress invoked all of her worldly ballet training to create an energetic ode to sunlight, her cloak fanning out behind.
A minute later Gingtisune stopped, laughed, and felt utterly refreshed and insane as she caught the eyes of her audience. Bowing low she gathered up her wand and dashed off in the direction of the hideout.

A flashmail checked her progress and Gingitsune paused to open it, quickly reading:

To: Everyone
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I’m waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

Stock up? Gingitsune grinned, she had not stocked up in a rather long time and, checking her stores, she was sorely low on anything that would be of use. Full of crackling energy she turned on her heel and went back, visiting the shops quickly before once again making her way towards the hideout.

As she approached the building, however, she felt a twinge of apprehension. Reaching out her hand towards the structure she felt she was right, there was something definately wrong, her hands met only resistance as if a clear bubble had stretched itself, barring the way in. Gingitsune's brow furrowed, she had not made a barrier, nor were her barriers completely clear as this one was- hers contained a tinge of gold from the light. This was more like a great invisible plastic bubble than her pliable, warm, golden barriers. She shook Cybele, but the wand had activated no powers or spells, and Gingitsune shook her head. Well... this was indeed odd. Looking around perfunctorily, Gingitsune raised her wand and concentrated a thick beam of sunlight onto the shield, trying her old melting trick. The light power was usually able to loosen the atoms of the object- be it creature or object. Gingitsune groaned, it hadn't worked, the shield was still whole, despite the penetrating heat of her sunbeam. She tried many of her spells in turn, aiming them at point blank towards the barrier, but nothing happened, it did not budge a millimeter.

Gingitsune's eyebrow twitched, and her mouth pursed into an irritated frown. What the hell was this thing? And why?
Exasperated, she kicked the barrier with her foot, felt a sharp pain in her toe, and stood back looking thoroughly peeved.
She would just have to wait for an explanation.

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Post by Tokki » Tue Apr 05, 2005 2:03 am

Tokki regained the majority of her consciousness on the cool stone pavement of Mac Anu staring into the eyes of Vera, the red-haired gunner who had somehow succeeded in snapping her out of the blind zeal with which she was following Melzas, the one-eyed hacker with a speech impediment. She chuckled softly to herself; a feat in itself. The ice goddess would not allow herself to fall into a self-pitying depression because of what Melzas had done. Sure, that was what the hacker had wanted-- for her to sulk pathetically because she had suffered a blow of ironic proportions when Melzas had used her weapon against her, but it was not in her personality to wallow in sorrow. It merely encouraged her to put forth that much more effort, and come out victorious the next time. The next time...

Tokki pulled herself to her feet, grasping her stomach where the Mistglaive had entered. The pain was as tangible as ever, and Tokki didn't think she would ever get used to it. The fact that she was based highly off of physical evasion made the moments when she did get struck by her opponent particularly difficult to endure. Vera gasped inaudibly, and took a step towards the long arm. Tokki merely held up a delicate hand, and signaled for her to stay back. Tokki smiled weakly, and nodded in silent appreciation of Vera and Kitski's efforts to bring her out of the collapsing dungeon alive. With that, Tokki turned away from the gunner and the mistglaive's orb floated with her.

"I know we were friends. Forgive me if I cannot completely remember those feelings that made us that way. You are simply a different person to me, now," Tokki spoke calmly. She paused momentarily, and laughed, this time much more energetically. Two angelic wings sprouted from her back, and spread magnificently for all in Mac Anu to see. They expanded miraculously, and all over the walkway leading to the Chaos Gate audible forms of reverence could be heard. Tokki was sure she could hear the occasional "Invitational Champion," and "Isn't that Tokki?" amongst the passerbys, but paid them no mind. "I think I'll scour the town alone for a while." Tokki jumped high, and with a mighty flap, her wings carried her up toward the sky, and over the closest rooftop. She landed calmly above the streets of Mac Anu, and hopped from roofcrest to roofcrest, taking in the delta server's sights and players. The next seven days, she would spend in solitude. Taking in the freedom of the game, making random parties, and spending time seperate from those caught up in the problems with being infected in the world, and having fun with players who were carefree. A feeling she longed to remember.

Seven Days Later

Peering over the side of the building over the Elf's Haven, Tokki watched the players passing by with a frail sense of focus. The occasional banter about a monster seen in the bowels of a dungeon, or of something funny that happened in a school lunchroom, along with the occasional overhead bubble containing "/pizza" flickered by in and out of the long arm's view. In the distance, over the calm Mac Anu canal, something caught Tokki's gaze. A shimmering bubble seemed to surround a section of the town, and players were standing idly by it wondering what it was. Most players just ignored it, as that wasn't an area people ventured to since no shops were back there, but a few were standing there, puzzling at it's existence. One of which was the Heavy Blade that seemed to have the same abilities that she did.

Carelessly, Tokki stepped over the edge of the building and let her body fall, spreading her wings to send her gliding across the canal in a meticulous stride. A strong flap of her white sharp wings slowed her descent, and allowed her to land upright, several meters behind the heavy blade. She paused, wonderously staring at the bubble that seemed to block the freedom fighters from their goal, per Nighthand's flashmail. Tokki hardened the mistglaive, pointed the tip of it towards the bubble and focused. As particles of water collected around it's pointy tip, her eyes began to glow that strikingly familiar sapphire hue. Moments later, she focused the molecules into a blast of ice directly at the bubble's surface, only to watch the particles collect upon the surface of the sphere as a stalagmite, and fall to the floor in a magnificent shattering display. Tokki frowned, and crossed her arms, releasing the mistglaive and turning it simultaneously back into an orb of water.

"How the hell are we supposed to get in there?" As Tokki continued thinking, a familiar voice broke her calm thoughts. She turned suddenly, and was greeted by the Freedom Fighters strong, fleeting leader, Nall. Tokki smiled widely. It was the first time she had done such a thing in a long while. Nall asked her what was going on, and suddenly all of her renewed comfort slipped away from her as quickly as it had found her. If Nall, the leader of the group, did not know why there was a forcefield erected around their base-- who would? Tokki shook her head, and peered back at the glimmering field.

"I don't know. I just got here, and there was a bubble. I don't know anything about it. Perhaps we'll just have to wait." Tokki's brow furrowed at the idea of waiting once again. Waiting was all she seemed to have been doing for the past year and a half. Acting is what she was looking forward to. Despite her internal gripes with the plan she had presented, she knew there wasn't much else in the way of options, nonetheless. Tokki's wings contracted, and the girl let out an exasperated sigh. Out of the corner of her eyes, Tokki saw a famliar figure across the canal where she was before. It was the fighter she had challenged during the last fight. He had impressed her immensely despite the fact that it was obvious he was much lower in level. Sure that he remembered her as well, she called out to him.

"Heeey.. Yeah, you! Care for some company?" Tokki motioned for him to come across, and instantaneously five pillars of ice, acting as makeshift stepping stones protruded from the canal. Tokki did her best not to make them obvious, and quickened her beckoning motion with her hand, hinting at Reinier to utilize them quickly so that she could submerge them once more.
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Post by Reinier » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:46 am

((OOC: There's holes in this post for a reason :P))

And thus another had been claimed by Twilight, the vicious virus which put players in to comas, and yet granted them odd powers. Reinier rolled his darkness gem over his knuckles as he gazed in to the river of Mac Anu, thinking over his position in this group known simply as the Freedom Fighters. Zan, a fellow Heavyblade had been sliced and diced by Melzas the Ice Hacker of the Elites. Irony is, Melzas adopted the name Sazlem, which means “God’s Peace” in another language. He tossed the gem in the air and caught it in mid fall to earth.

Reinier spun around from atop the railing of the bridge and hopped down. Mac Anu felt dead this day, as few people seemed to care to log on to the server now a days. He watched the happy people pass by, bubbles floating above their heads as publicized thoughts. One that caught Reinier’s eyes had been a particularly odd one. “/pizza. Brb guyz.” He scratched his head wondering what the hell had came over The World, when a Flashmail popped up.

To: Reinier
From: Knai
Subject: Everquesters!

Dude, have you heard of those Everquesters? They’re swarming to The World because their crappy game can’t compete anymore! You can normally tell they’re from Everquest because they talk in leet and constantly type in /pizza. Pretty stupid, huh? Watch out, they tend to get violent seeing as how The World “took” their territory. You need to keep in touch more dude, seriously. There’s a shit load of rumors going around school you’re in a coma of sorts. Pretty whack, huh? Well, I have to log out. Schaffer’s given out another freakin’ project.


Reinier let out a small sniffle, and walked down the bridge and took a right. He went in to the ally and found a secluded corner away from the hustle and bustle of the town. He screamed a massive profanity and punched the wall. The sounds of crunching bones echoed slightly through the ally, yet no one heard except Reinier. He held his fist up to his face and watched as blood slithered down from his split knuckles. Blood bubbled out and ran down his arm as he thought of the massive amounts of resentment he had for people in the real world now. Just the very thought of people being free from his imprisonment made his blood boil and his rage uncontrollable.

Thoughts of his real world life flooded his mind, increasing his rage. He stomped out of the ally, and climbed up the stairs. He began to head for the hideout, when a Twinblade came up and asked him, “Hi, I’m new… how does the /pizza opti-” before he could finish his statement, Reinier grabbed him by the collar, and lifted him up. He grabbed him by the leg with his left hand and began to spin the player around. After two spins Reinier let go of the Twinblade and watched him fly in to the water. He breathed heavily while watching the Twinblade flail around in the water, trying to gasp for air. Reinier shook his head and snapped out of it, realizing he had done something just a little naughty.

Taking a look around at people’s reactions, he quickly left the area towards the Hideout. He ducted away in between two buildings and watched a small herd of people run by. He fell down to his butt and looked down at his bracelet, and noticed it pulse quickly. He found this a bit odd, but doubt it would yield a weapon. He pulled up a Flashmail screen to ask Nighthand if he had any powers over this gem. It was darkness element after all.

To: Nighthand
From: Reinier
Subject: Gems
I gained a gem from Melzas, but I couldn't activate it. It's a deep purple, so I suppose it would most likely be your specialty seeing as how it's most likely darkness. I'll meet you at the hideout.


Within seconds of being sent, Reinier received a new message from Nighthand.

To: Everyone
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I’m waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

Hrm, a general message. Perfect. I might as well head back up there… I wonder if Taimat’s still asleep…

Yes he is, now shut the fuck up, please‘kaythanks.

I just want a pet who’s not evil… why… common God…


I’m… I’m finally back…

Reinier looked over the beautiful structures of Mac Anu, a smile plastered on his face. His bracelet weighed heavy with a new addition, the Earthen stone. The trials of the Soul Shrine had proved to be near fetal, and it made Reinier wonder how any normal player could survive. It proved that Nighthand indeed couldn’t be a normal player on any scale. Reinier inhaled a massive breath of fresh air, amazed by the rejuvenation effects of the Shrine. The golden sun shimmered in the distance, a crescent shape over the buildings. It reflected brightly over the river, giving an amazing serene feel to the area.

Reinier trotted down the steps towards the bridge of Mac Anu and found himself on the bridge. The river passing under the bridge, like always, stayed oddly still. Then something hit Reinier. No other players littered the streets of Mac Anu, and he found it odder that Taimat didn’t say a word to him when he had returned. He looked across a canal to see the mysterious Ice Queen in a normal setting. A chill ran down his spine, as he didn’t know if he could instill trust in a person who tried to gut his partners. “Heeey.. Yeah, you! Care for some company?” Reinier let out a silent profanity, not knowing if he wanted to go over to her. He looked down at the water and noticed five ice steps had suddenly formed.

The woman motioned him over. Another chill. He gulped and hopped over the pillars and soon found himself face to face with the woman. His hands where in his pockets, and he could easily pull out his Flowstone armor, but he didn’t know how long he could last against her. “Hello, enjoying your week? Did I miss anything big?”
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Post by Lighteria » Tue Apr 05, 2005 3:55 am

"Sorry to say this, friend, but you can't logout anymore. You're now officially one of us. One of the damned."

Asgard’s right, we can’t log out, and you’re one of us now.

"Idiots! The hacks you all carry with you are like giant beacons! Coming out here without me is like waving a giant flag that says 'look! We're all alone without any guidance! Come kill us Mr. Hackers!"

System Error:
Cannot Log Out. Please try again later.

"My god... I really am stuck here in this game... Hell, I don't even know what happened to my body... Am I still in my room? My VR visor still on? No... by now I'd have starved...

...What if I did starve? Would I realize it here? ...What... what if I'm dead on the outside? What if this is all that's left?! What if right now I'm six feet under, pushing up daisies!? They could have already had the funeral!! My god I could be DEAD!!! The horrible specter of death with its cruel icy scythe could be coming for me right NOW!! Lurking in the shadows and waiting for just the right moment to pounce and deliver my ultimate DEMISE!!!!!!!"

"Yo!" A green-haired long arm says behind him, tapping Lighteria on the shoulder.

"AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" The twin blade 'replies', the shock sending him leaping into the air in complete and utter shock, coincidentally sending him careening off of the rooftop he had been standing on.


"Hey do you see that?" A wave master suddenly pipes up, turning his head toward a fading splash in the water.

"Huh? No, what?" His female long arm friend says, peering past the bridge railings.

"It looked and sounded kind of like a flailing howler monkey falling from the rooftops and landing in the water." He says casually.

An awkward pause ensues.

"...Yeah, Mike? I think you've played enough today."

Five minutes later on the water's edge...

"Man! That was quite a dive you took there buddy!" The green-haired long arm says, kneeling down to the water, making no motion to help Lighteria OUT of said water. "You ever think of trying out for the Olympics? I hope not, because you'd lose BAD!" The long arm laughs uproariously, causing a few people to turn their heads towards the two of them, curious and a bit weirded out. "Woo! Lose bad... MAN! I'm just coming up with this stuff, you know?"

"....What do you want, Rondel?" Lighteria mutters darkly but meekly, trying to convey as much menace as one can when ones hair is soaked and clinging to one face, covering one eyes as water drains out of ones ears.

"What do I want?!" He asks incredulously, honestly not getting why ANYone wouldn't want to spend time with him. "Why I came to spend the day with my greatest pal in The World! Get it? The game's called The World! Like the phrase!" He laughs at his own joke again, slapping his thigh for emphasis as Lighteria slowly gets a slippery hold on the cobble stones lining the waterway.

Rrgg... just... one.. more.... inch...

"MAN!!!" Rondel suddenly says, whipping around and getting to his feet, sliding his foot towards the water, knocking Lighteria's fingers away. "What a GREAT day to be alive!" He continues, ignoring the subsequent shriek and splash. "Just makes you wanna go out there and DO stuff! You know what I mean?" He says, not actually addressing Lighteria who is, at this moment, attempting to climb out of the water a few feet away from the long arm. "Yeah, these days don't come by often enough, you know? Gotta seize the day?" He continues, twirling his spear casually along his side, the blade scraping the cobble stones every turn or so. "Yeah, today's definitely gonna be our day." He says, walking obliviously towards Lighteria. The blade clanks onto the metal about an inch away from the twin blade's hands, the second twirl definitely going collide directly with a few of the player's more precious digits.

"Hey! Whoa!!" Lighteria yelps, having to release his vice grip on the cobble stones and fall backwards into the water with a ker-plunk. Rondel blinks and flips his spear over his shoulder casually and looks down.

"Hey, why aren't you coming out of there already? No fun being all washed up, eh?" He laughs at himself again as a very soggy Lighteria scrambles as fast as he can onto the walkway. "Washed up!! MAN! I slay me sometimes... heh heh... Woo!" He smiles, proud of himself and turns towards Lighteria's direction. "Ahhh, but seriously. We're gonna have fun. Right pal?"

No one is there.


At the entrance of the hideout....

"Man... we'd better not be able to catch colds in this game..." Lighteria mutters, trying to wring out his shirt. Noticing a few people staring at the door and not going in, the usually quiet twin blade pipes up. "Hey... uh... why're you guys just standing out here?"
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Post by Nighthand » Tue Apr 05, 2005 4:01 am

(OOC: The holes in Reinier and my posts will be filled with a bit of back-story coming soon to a library near you. Stay tuned!)

Day One:

Nighthand left the hideout not long after he sent his flashmail. Something was itching him; he had to get out and about. He mingled with the denizens of the town. It was much to his surprise that he was receiving no few stares of awe. He was puzzled, for a while, until he pulled up his status screen to check if anything was odd.

Level 50
EXP: 3/1000
Money: 23836
Class: Heavy Blade

Nighthand paused himself, for a moment. Level fifty? When did I hit THAT?

Apparently, you’ve been gaining experience this whole time. Not that you’ve ever paid attention since you entered the Soul Shrine. Once you got that first taste of illegal power…
Yeah, yeah… I like my powers, though. I just didn’t think I was gaining that much exp…

Shrugging internally, Silverblade went back to whatever it was he was doing these days, probably ‘reading’ the various books Nighthand had read in life. Nighthand moved on, wandering through the town. He had barely taken another three steps, however, when the annoying chime of the flashmail sounded.

To: Nighthand
From: Nall

Well I'm impressed that you were able to fend off Melzas. Hmmph... Brainwashed Tokki? I think Melzas was trying to show off. He doesn't have the strength to take over a player. Anyways, I'm busy right now. I'm sure you'll be able to find some more trouble to get into. While I'm away.


More trouble… Of course, that’s NEVER far away from us. I wouldn’t be surprised to find hackers waiting on every rooftop, just watching us. He sighed and continued on. Another three steps.

To: Nighthand
From: Reinier
Subject: Gems
I gained a gem from Melzas, but I couldn't activate it. It's a deep purple, so I suppose it would most likely be your specialty seeing as how it's most likely darkness. I'll meet you at the hideout.


What could this be about…? Well, I may as well check it out.

Nighthand reversed his steps and was soon back in the hideout.

Day Two:

For this, the second day, Nighthand was nowhere to be found. Not a note was left, no clues to his whereabouts were to be found.

Day Three:

Today Nighthand could be spotted around town; however, he was avoiding everyone if he could. The few times he was encountered by someone, either a fan who noticed him the first day, or by a partner, he was short and seemed irritated at something.

“Hey, aren’t you that level 50 player everyone was talking about a while earlier?” came a voice, from one of the times when he was indeed cornered.

”What does it look like?”

“Looks like… YES! You are! You wouldn’t happen to have any items or anything I can use, would you?”


“You’re sure? Not even a few GP to spa-“

His voice was cut off by Nighthand’s blade streaking out. Held levelly in one hand, the Corona blade sparkled with the reflected light from the Mac Anu. ”I don’t have GP to spare. Now I suggest you spread the news before you get hurt.”

Gulping, the player nodded and ran off, leaving Nighthand in silence. He went back to his vigil of the river. After a moment, he stood; an instant later he was gone.

Day Four:

Nighthand entered the hideout early this morning; the only inhabitant was a sleeping Taimat. Eyes widening, Nighthand poked the dragon and was rewarded with a swift bite. A short conversation later, and he departed.

Days Five and Six:

For these two days, Nighthand was nowhere to be found. A careful observer on the night of day four may have been able to spot Nighthand, Shard, and Taimat gating out of town.

Day Seven:

This day began with Nighthand in town again. And once more, it began with the annoyance of a flashmail. Shard, tired and in need of rest, left his tattoo form and walked across the various rooftops, and was soon presumably in the hideout.

To: Nighthand
From: Kumori

Who are you...? I got your flashmail, though I think it got sent to me by a glitch of some sort. However - something about a hideout?

Kumori? I’ve never met this guy before… Why did he get my flashmail? Well, that’s one mystery to solve…

Three steps. He didn’t know why he doubted it, but for some reason the appearance of a second flashmail was unexpected.

To: Nighthand
From: Hacorie

Do the Hackers know where the hideouts are? I was going back to the clan house and I bumped into an invisible wall of some sort. I do not think I can break it, but I am going to try. See if you can think of something or assemble everyone here.

End Flashmail

Figures… They all turn to me with questions. Ah well, at least I can answer this one.

From: Nighthand

The hackers DO know where the hideouts are… But they don’t attack in the open or anything. If there’s something blocking it, it’d be more likely the admins than the hackers. I’ll be there in a few moments, I’ll see what’s up.


Nighthand took a step. Two. Three.

With a sigh of released tension, Nighthand straightened and continued to the hideout. For now, it seemed, he was flashmail free.

Soon, he came upon where the hideout was located. Gingi, Tokki, Nall, and Hacorie were gathered around, with Reinier coming in from nearby. Nighthand glanced at Reinier, cracking a small smile. Then his eyes focus on the hideout.

Sense anything? Nighthand silently asked Silverblade.
Nothing… It’s not a spell blocking the door. Actually… I can’t see anything there. From where I’m sitting… there’s nothing there.
Just what I thought… I don’t see or register anything either.

Nighthand took a few steps forward, ignoring the rest of his team for the time being. He put his hands to the wall where the doorway should have been. He felt the wall, and indeed there was a barrier. Invisible, made of seemingly nothing. It was the same as the temperature of the bricks around it, and was for all intents and purposes null.

”Stand back.” Nighthand warned his allies, and stepped back himself. His hand reached into his scroll pouch, and came out holding a pair of Fire Tempests.

He activated them at the same time, and reached out with his still-unstable powers to take hold of the energies, and charge them individually. (9) Much to his dismay, they each slowly began to wither. I have to do something else…

Shrugging internally, he took the pair of fire tornados that as yet had not formed, and merged them together. (15) Thankfully, this time the hack took hold. The two level one tornado’s merged their invisible energies into one, level 2 tornado. Now, one more charge… (12) The energies began to grow, spilling over out of his control as they hit the third level of power. From two level 1 scrolls, Nighthand summoned and released a level three fire tornado, directed at the barrier.

Heat, waves of heat blasted from the ground at the foot of the barrier; it left the walls and ground scorched and blackened; but had no effect on the barrier. As the spell died off, Nighthand walked up once more and put his hands to it. No change in temperature at all.

Shard is in there… He left to come here early, he must have made it before this barrier came up, which is why he hasn’t contacted me since.
Nighthand, I think I’ve found something. In some of the old books you’ve read, similar barriers have been stumbled across. I don’t think this is a barrier placed by the hackers OR the admins… It seems like something you’d-
Get to the point; can we break it?
Look, this may sound silly… But close your eyes and walk into it backwards. I’ve seen it before in these books, it might work.

Nighthand sighed. Well, if it works… The heavy blade turned, closed his eyes, and took a step back. Two. Three.

The chime of a flashmail rang in his head, and his eyes shot open. His first thought was who would flashmail him now that seemingly all of Mac Anu had. His second was victory.

He was inside the hideout.

All around him were the pets, scattered around and seemingly resigned to their situation. Shard leapt to his feet and padded over to his master. The flashmail icon disappeared.

That was me; I guess you haven’t gotten any of the messages, nor has anyone else…

Nighthand’s nod confirmed it. Well, if I could get in that way, I may be able to get out that way… Once more he turned, back to the wall, and closed his eyes.

Step. Ste-CRACK!

Nighthand slid to the floor, cradling his head. “Damn… it HURTS to walk into a wall like it isn’t there…”

Shard gave him a very odd look, and the head with the red eyes reached down and bit his hand.

”OW! What was that for?”

To see if you really were our master; that was an incredibly dumb thing to do, even for you.
He’s got you there…
Hey, it was YOUR idea…

Nighthand tuned them out and explored the barrier from the inside. It seemed exactly as it had from the other side, save this one didn’t let you out.

He was trapped, along with the pets.

The first thing he tried, of course, was a flashmail.

To: Reinier
From: Nighthand

Don’t repeat my actions, I’m trapped; tell the team


An instant after he sent it, a chime sounded.

To: Nighthand
From: SysAdmin(auto)

Your message, “Don’t repeat my actions, I’m trapped; tell the team”, was not delivered for one of the following reasons; Username (rainier) not valid, User not logged in, or unknown error.

Crap… I really AM stuck. Oh well… I wonder who did this.

Nighthand rubbed his head as he thought, still leaning against the doorway/barrier. If anyone DID try, against the better judgment he hoped they had, they’d trip over him and fall rather hard to the floor.

(OOC: Wewt, I’m in. Problem is, no return. I suggest no one else try, there’s no exit.)

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Post by Zan » Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:22 am

Zan was up in the air before he could get a single word in, a series of chaotic events all seeming to unfold at the exact same moment in time. The Heavy Blade’s body had quite literally been made into neatly cut chunks of his former self and, had it not been him involved in such a scenario, it would have been something that had him rolling around with fits of juvenile laughter and his sides ripped asunder. The attack hadn’t riddled his body with blinding pain like he had expected. Why should it? He was simply another player who had minced with a rather nasty attack. If only he had known that that supposedly harmless attack had shattered his consciousness, his soul, and the very thing that made him human from his body.

No, for now he knew only darkness. For now, he only knew the world that was going to pieces around him. It was like being forced to watch a horror movie and you couldn’t close your eyes at the scary bits. Zan’s eyes in the World showed him only darkness and the part of him in the real world, the part that was slowly slipping away, had him plugged into a series of events he was unable to stop. He felt…helpless.


The whistling erupting from the tiny speakers in the college student’s goggles was harsh and undeniably loud. As small trickles of crimson began to trail their way from his inner ear down to the poorly carpeted floors of his dorm, Conner thought to remove them immediately. It was then the horrific reality of his situation struck; he couldn’t move his hand. Something else, legs perhaps. Limb after limb was attempted and neither head nor waist would swivel with his protests. Someone was yelling at him. Someone in the room was trying to shout over the whine of his VR goggles with absolutely no luck.

It was only when Leo, his best friend, roommate, and local of the World known only as Domini, removed the headpiece that Conner tilted from his seat and hit the floor with an audible thunk. For a moment Conner heard nothing; no movement, no sharp inhalations of shock, nothing. He could almost feel his friend tense up behind him. Lost, completely lost. Panic had begun to make his heart beat frantically against his chest and, seeing Conner unmoving and showing no outward signs of consciousness, Leo fell to his knees in a desperate attempt to shake his friend free.

“Conner? Conner, this isn’t funny damn it. Conner? Conner! Oh, Christ!” Leo’s words dribbled out with anger initially but soon were overwhelmed by the nonsensical stimuli assaulting him. Buttons being dialed. Shouting. Footsteps. Sirens. A blur of sounds that tried to keep him linked to the real world.


Days 1-6; Unrequited Darkness

Back in the World the darkness continued. It was like a tangible shroud of shadow had been pulled over his eyes and tied around his neck like some makeshift noose. It made him choke and gag for a sign of air, hands grabbing in vain at his neck. More terrifying than the constricting sensation was the fact that he could see his hands, his body. It was no longer like being trapped in some wayward tunnel unmarked and undiscovered. Zan now felt like he was trapped in a void of what could only be described as nothingness. He couldn’t tell if he was falling, rising, swaying, or staying firmly in place. Vertigo had him turned in so many directions it was hard to tell which one was the more correct.


A few thuds and a series of clinking metallic noises filled his only quasi conscious body as he was pulled from the ambulance and wheeled hastily into the welcoming doors of the hospital. Strange voices murmured and shouted over and around him; everywhere. Conner’s mind swam with the conflicting impulses and, the vertigo somehow managing to affect him even here. If his body had been getting the waves of nausea his mind thought to send it, he would have undoubtedly been doubled over and ridding himself of anything he had eaten for the past week. Throughout all of this madness the only voice that held any familiarity was the one that undoubtedly belonged to Leo. He seemed to be arguing with the nurses that wouldn’t let him through as Conner was pushed through another pair of swinging doors. Though he was sure this was supposed to keep his friend from going into hysterics, it was having quite a negative effect on the sanity of the poor man that still lingered in the husk of viscera.

Without something he recognized to focus on and mentally cling to, the effects of the Twilight’s infection were happening at a much more rapid pace. The hazy blur of what Conner guessed was a doctor as he lifted the college student’s eyelid was the last image he saw before slipping completely from the real world. Lost.


Day 7: The Awakening

For a long while now Zan had been too mortified to open his eyes. He didn’t wish to see the black eye of the void staring back at him again. Not again. When his eyes were open everything was colder and seemed to bite at his face with an unforeseen but very harsh wind. Letting his lids fall heavily onto the soft patch of skin below his eyes took away the shards of cold glass that threatened to make ribbons of his face. Truly, he could tell no difference in the blackness whether his irises were visible or not, so the Heavy Blade chose warmth over the brisk new reality he seemed anchored to. It was only the sudden, jolting sensation of cool cobblestone pressed against him that begged him to take a look around.

Was it just an illusion to get him to brave the storm of emptiness yet again? Realizing that the vertigo had finally ceased and he was almost definitely lying down on some road or another, a sigh of reluctance passed his lips and his lids finally slid up once more. At first, the Heavy Blade had no clue of his current position. He was convinced that the hospital had simply been a horrible dream and he had wandered out of the university in some sort of sleep walk.

He pressed a sweaty palm weakly against a very intriguing building as he drudgingly made his way down the street, eyes searching wildly over every inch of the odd environment. A moment or so passed before the main street of Mac Anu presented itself in all of its sunshine-shimmering glory. Confusion racked his body and sent Zan slumping against the wall with an unhealthy wobble. Perspiration had begun to dribble from his pores and had his brown hair plastered in tendrils to his forehead. The Heavy Blade’s skin boiled with an obscene temperature, but shivers continued to course through his body. It felt like he had the flu, like his body was shutting down as trickles of ice water seemed to glide along the expanse of his spine.

The Twilight Virus swam through his veins and dulled his vision to soft blurs as he fought to make sense of the situation. Nighthand had explained to him when they first met that him and the small bandit-like group had been spiraled into their own comas and existed in the World like they would in the real one. Had that been what happened to him? Was he simply stuck in the World? Had Melzas somehow infected him? The flurry of questions and his obvious illness sent him into another stream of unconsciousness. Several minutes had passed before the incessant beeping of a flashmail woke him from him slumber.

To User: Zan
From User: Nighthand

That last attack by the hacker has probably left you inflicted with the same ailment the rest of us has; that of course being the inability to log out, due to your body being in a coma. I know you felt bad about leaving and came back from obligation… I’d just like to say welcome. Like it or not, you’re one of us now. Find one of us, we’ll guide you to the hideout if you don’t know where it is


End Flashmail!

It was as he suspected. The World had surpassed obsession and become his waking reality. Nighthand seemed to have been in it far longer than any of the others and he was still infected with the odd disease that ailed the rest of them. If he hadn’t been able to find a cure by now, who was to say there was a cure at all? The Heavy Blade expected the thought to make his head spin like one such had before he fell asleep again. To his surprise, he felt perfectly fine. No; no, fine was too bland a word, too insignificant an emotion. Zan felt jubilant, elated. Never before in his life had such clear health swam through him and brought his lips twitching to a smile. Thought after thought crossed behind his eyes and he started a languid pace down the main road yet again.

The moment he passed by a shop window her froze in place, eyes widening almost inhumanly as he spun to face it. It wasn’t the items inside that had his mouth near gaping, but his own appearance. Where had once worn a rather snazzy looking cape with feathered shoulder guards and other such fantastic garb, he now stood in the normal street clothes he had adorned in the real world. Loose black jeans fell over sleek black boots and a black dress shirt lay unbuttoned over his simple white t-shirt. With brown hair falling just above his ears, he looked like a copy of his real world self. One of the only things new and out of place were the odd, golden pair of what looked like wolf eyes staring out of the center of his chest; unmoving and intimidating. The last addition to his wardrobe was a small metal necklace that hung from it what could have one been a full moon.

The Heavy Blade had only seen one pendant like it before. Back in his high school days he had taken up a harmless interest in the supernatural; vampires, werewolves, fey, Lilith legends, the works. Graduation brought an unshakable bout of laziness and his casual interest ended soon afterwards. Zan had picked up the hobby again not a week ago and the pendant had been rumored to decorate the necks of a rare breed of shapechangers that he couldn’t quite call to mind. Before he could figure out the implications of such a thing, the light tap of footsteps from a road a few paces over caught his attention. The moment he took a step forward he fell painfully to his knees and clutched shaky palms to his ears. What had started as faint footsteps had become individual earthquakes that jackhammered mercilessly into his ear drums. It was as if someone had cranked up the volume inside his head and he couldn’t turn if off. Zan’s eyes had slammed shut and when everything seemed normal once more, he opened his eyes and lofted them in the direction of the once deafening noise.

Just as suddenly as his hearing had gone haywire had his ears suddenly become like military spy satellites. Little did he know it, but his irises had taken on the same golden hue of the eyes on his t-shirt as they focused in on what had become a very detailed fiber of an unknown player’s clothing. A quick shake of his head brought his senses back down to earth, drowning the gold of his eyes away with a ring of emerald. The Heavy Blade didn’t have a name, but he had seen her during the encounter with Melzas assisting another player with what could have only been one of the ‘hacks’ Nighthand had referred to a while back.

With administrators supposedly after the group, Zan feared his outlandish clothes would gather the attentions of nearly every player in the game. As he kept up a careful and inhumanly silent jog a distance behind the girl, it became vividly obvious that the normally bustling server was completely and utterly empty. Again his thoughts were interrupted as the strange player came to a stop amongst other people familiar to him only by a glance from the fight that had ended up becoming a tourniquet for his life.

Zan’s insane and masochistic senses kicked in yet again as he attempted to make his way to the rest of the group. Nostrils flared involuntarily as a tide of smells smacked him in the face, ignited his lungs, and nearly swept up him off his feet. He tried his utmost to make sense of the complete jumble of stimuli, but was only able to pull out a select few from the copious overthrow that itched the inside of his nose; the musty kick of the cobblestone trampled day in and day out by numerous players, the salty edge of the river that ran flawlessly around the root town, and the brisk chill of the air were the first to come to mind.

The closer he got to the rest of them the more something foul and alien burned up his nasal passage. Everything had it; everyone (including himself) reeked of it. It wasn’t his logic, but an instinct that told him what it was. Something primal, something that promised him power if he was brave enough to tap into it, lurked in the back of his mind and had whispered ‘twilight’ in such a way that it rubbed the inside of his skull like velvet.

No matter how much Zan tried to fight it, his smell seemed to be the strongest of them all and it had him tapping into that ancient animalism that everyone carried in the dark, forgotten recesses of their hearts. The Heavy Blade’s first look was shot towards Nall. Not only had his tweaked instincts begun to send hot crackles of energy along every last nerve of his skin, but he could literally smell the power ebbing from the near-stranger. It took a disturbing amount of self-control not to growl at the man as he approached the collection of coma victims. It wasn’t out of anger; no, something seemed to tell him that Nall had the capabilities to be a serious, serious threat. His second glance was offered towards Tokki, the one he could have sworn he had almost taken a leg from before all hell broke loose. Unlike Nall who, underneath his little aura of strength, had a distinct scent, this woman lacked such thing. It was as if the Long Arm was a simply a ghost and he would find no resistance if he attempted to walk through her. It was only after a painful amount of concentration that he was able to pick up a hint of anything. It didn’t smell human, but rather gave off the impression that he had stuck his face inside a freezer. Condensed water, nothing more.

That was enough. A sigh rolled reluctantly along his tongue and passed through his lips with a brief puff of air. Any life that he had shown upon his approach had suddenly died out as he withdrew inside himself and cast his wandering gaze with a stab into the ground. It was going to be a very long day.
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Post by ryok » Tue Apr 05, 2005 9:15 pm

-Ryok closed his eyes and looked back to when he'd wake up to the chirping birds almost every morning. He stepped forwards and fell nine feet to the bottom of the stair in front of the Chaos Gate. He stood up looking around, embarrassment over took him for a second or two from his stupidacy. His eyes shifted around for something to stare at until everyone resumed what the were doing. A rock that sat on the ground a few iches from his feet laid there.. Almost teasing him. His leg reached out and brought it into towards him. He kicked it between his two feet until he glanced up and saw no one watching him. His eyes shifted back and fourth as he grabbed the rock up off the ground. Putting it into one of his pockets he shuffled his feet back, and sat down on the second step. He sighed and looked around.. He has yet to try to log out, but what was the use. He couldn't feel his real body, and he knew that the pain he felt when being attacked was real.

-What's was the defination of real again?..

-To him the word had no real meaning anymore, because of what happened. The game had shifted his understanding of reality, and the realness of everything around him. Just because he can't feel something does it mean something else can't? Just because it's a game does it mean it's not real? Standing up he turned away from Mac Anu the first Root Town he had ever laid eyes on and started up the stairs. He watched each step pass as rubbed his neck. He needed to sleep.

-"Theta Server" He said in a dull monotone voice. The rings decended down on to him and for the first time he actually took notice to how traveling as data to another server felt. Although the feeling was of nothing in reality, it 'felt' different. Just as water has no taste, but in it's own sense does. The rings lifted up from the small raise cobble stone area that the ring lay on to reavel ryok standing still with his eyes closed. They opened slowly to show his bright purple eyes which clashed with the expression his whole body showed. A foot step forwards set him off the stone platform and on to the pillar which held the golden ring that was the Chaos Gate high up in the sky. Before him lay the Theta Server root town which was newly added only a few months ago. Closing his eyes he started across the narrow bridge the wing blowing gently again him and the side of the bridge rocking them back and fourth. The next pillar he stepped out on to held a shop and led to two other stones in different directions. He stopped walking opened his eyes and aligned himself with the next bridge he kept going in this fasion until he reached his solemn pillar with the giant rock. He climbed up on to it and laid down. His limbs were strung off the sides, and before he fell asleep he glaced over towards Hidama who was burning herself a path in the grass to sleep. With everything in place he felt that it was time to depart from this reality for a while to rest. His head swung from its upright position into the rock. It seemed that he had knocked himself unconsious due to the over working of his new 'power' and the fact that he just slammed his head into a rock. Ryok fell into his thoughts, maybe thinking a little too much for his own good.

-First the perplexing thought of where the glove and actual power came about. I for one know nothing of it yet it seemed to be a longing ever since I joined the game. To become stronger was always what I had wished. Why, for me was never the question. I always had someone stronger then me that did everything, and it almost seemed like I never did anything to help. That didn't answer the question though of how, and where I got this stuff from.

-His eyes shifted around as he sat up slightly feeling better the sky was just begining to fill with the warm colors of the sun. It was going to be a nice day, but nothing to do. He could walk around, but it wouldn't do a thing for him. Physically he never changed, nor did he plan on it ever changing. He laid his head back down on the rock and watched the sky as the oranges, reds, and yellows cascaded into it. It was soon blue, and the light mist that always seemed to cover the city appeared. His arm folded itself over his eyes to give him an artifical night.

-Kakashi opened his eyes to his mother standing over him. She was shaking his bed with her foot while trying to do her hair, and yelling at him to get to school. He threw his sheets off his bed and grabbed a pair of pants that lay somewhere on the ground. He opened the shades of the window and looked out, something was wrong. There was no sky, no ground. Only darkness, and it covered everything. He turned around and it was then he remembered what had happened.

-"It's a dream!.." His left arm proped him up from his bed, the rock. Sweat covered his face, and he breathed in and out deeply. Ryok's right hand wiped the water from his face. He felt relieved as the cool morning air bite his face. A small flame passed in front of him, and down below his sight Hidama marched around the rock with joy. Picking up the nearest rock, he threw it just in front of her. She being as much as a little child as she could, had her eyes closed. The next bounce landing right on the rock. She rolled over on her side, and yelled out with pain.

-"You threw that there!" Ryok's eyes grew a little large and he fell back down on to the rock silently. She rolled over making more burnt marks in the ground. Turning right side up Hidama floated up and turned towards Ryok. She stared at him a second before landing on him. Ryok being the idiot he was, just laid there trying not to shout as the flames that rose off her body started burning the skin. He thought up a plan which was rare for him, and he acted on it. He turned flinging the arm she was on off over the rock. Hidama stuck to it for a moment before being flung off the edge of not only the rock but the pillar as well. Ryok sat up with a small smile across his face. He looked over at his arm which was now burnt down to the third layer of skin. We was still smiling as tears started rolling down his cheeks. He tried holding it in but the pain was to much. Sighing longer then the one he had dispersed a few days before he flung back down into the rock. His head hitting a flat part of the rock, and again knocking him out. The longer he slept the more of his memories seemed to return, although this time it was more to dull the pain then before.

-Sweaty.. Something burning?.. Hot, Hmm.. Smells good. Wait, what is that?!..

-He awoke to the sound of Hidama chanting something as she run around in circles burning what was left of the grass. The rock like a heating plate was over the tempture of what a normal rock should be. His face again as covered in sweat but it wasn't because of a dream. Hidama looked up at him as he sat up. A smile ran from one side to the other side of her round body.

-"Wha-.." He stopped knowing that she knew what he was going to ask..

-"I'm cooking you!.." She smiled. "Thats the second time I've been knocked off the edge of the town and it'll be the last!.. OR I'LL COOK YOU AGAIN!!" Her mouth getting bigger and bigger as she shouted louder. Ryok's eyes shrunk, and he laid back down. He huddled up into a ball, and threw another rock her way. She stopped going around in the circle, and sat down in the grass. He drifted off again as the area around him and the rock cooled off.

-I can still remember the day I left. It was raining.. Maybe.. I've forgotten the weather. It doesn't matter now anyways. I had played early into the morning, and wasn't being bothered. I had fallen asleep and woke up, ryok laid on the ground, dead. He was in the middle of a dungeon when I had fallen into the deep blackness of my eyelids. I wasn't to happy the rest of the day until I didn't have a body on the outside to be upset with. At first it startled me, but then I thought of all the complications of my life and almost saw it as a good thing for a time. Until I met up with the first hacker, and felt helpless again.

-He awoke, and looked about for his pet. He was doing wasting the free time he had in this world. No school, no work.. Although he missed his friends and family the trade he felt was worth it. Ryok pushed his hands into the rock and slid off the side on to an edge of the pillar. A burnt path ran all around the entire rock and the spot where she had slept the first day was all burnt to char. He circled the rock.. His little friend no where to be seen. Ryok knew she was alright only because of the fact that before she had met him she was alone as well, or so he thought. He started across the bridge when the blue box that pestered him so appeared in front of him as if he had just signed on. He opened it..

To: Everyone
From: Nighthand

Gather in the hideout when you feel like it. I’m waiting on word from Nall what to do next. No hurry, take your time and stock up.

-Nothing new.. Almost seemed like it was going to be boring to gather into the hideout like they've done in the past. Although its only been a few times he could already tell it wasn't going to be any fun. He strode to the Gate, and casually spoke out 'Mac Anu'. The three golden rings came down on to his position and took him to his destination. As he arrived he looked around, and felt as if someone was watching him. He couldn't put his finger on it, so he just moved on. Shifted eyed he walked through the city until he came upon the hideout. He got closer, and closer passing everyone standing outside it wondering what they were doing outside. Nothing he could've done would've stopped him from running into the force field. So he ran into it.. His right hand hit it first because of the way he was walking his hand swung back and fourth. His left hand landed on it to try and stop his body, but Ryok's legs just kept going. His face flatened itself against the clear field. He fell straight backwards on to the cobble stones. His vision blurred for a moment, and as he regained that sense he pushed his hands into the ground and sat cross legged on the ground. A blank face flashed across his face as he looked around at everyone.


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Post by Phoenix512 » Wed Apr 06, 2005 4:20 am

Kazuma-sama! Kazuma-sama! Kazuma-sama, where are you?

The bird was surrounded by nothingness as she tried to find her master, Phoenix. She flew in no particular direction as Suzaku continued to yell out Phoenix’s name. Suzaku began to wonder if she would ever find him in the eternal nothingness. It was getting harder for the bird to flap her wings as fatigue began to set in. She fell and hit something that could be called ground. Her instinct and desire wanted her to move but her body was not going to move. The guardian’s eyes were getting heavier and harder to keep open. I cannot give up now. I must find him.

In a blink of an eye, Suzaku saw the figure of Phoenix on the ground lying motionless. Kazuma-sama! Suzaku managed to dig deep and found enough energy to fly to the motionless Phoenix. She was out of breath from all the flying as she was trying to talk to Phoenix. Kazuma-sama. Are you alive? I will… not… let… you… die… Just when Suzaku was about to cast Repth on Phoenix, she heard an evil laugh echoing throughout the nothingness. The bird was searching for the source of the laugh but did not see anything unusual at first. Suddenly, multiple figures of Phoenix surrounded the motionless Phoenix and Suzaku.

“Why didn’t you protect me, Suzaku? Why did you leave me to die?” said the multiple Phoenixes. The multiple Phoenixes’ voices were in unison and deafening to the bird. I was captured by the enemy and was knocked out. I’m sorry that I could not protect you, Kazuma-sama. “Sorry isn’t enough. You failed me when I need you in my darkest hour. For that, you need to be punish for your sins.” said the multiple Phoenixes. Suzaku was in tears as she spoke out, I will not let Kazuma-sama die. He will survive. REPTH! REPTH! REPTH! The healing spell did not make its usual blue glow on Phoenix. The multiple Phoenixes disappeared and the supposedly motionless Phoenix spoke.

“It’s time for your punishment, useless bird.” When Suzaku looked back at the motionless Phoenix, it was not him but the masked Phoenix instead. The guardian was all confused and sad at the same time as a sword pierces her heart. She coughed up blood when the sword was removed from her chest. She fell to the ground as blood spilled onto the invisible floor. With her last breath, Suzaku said, I am sor…

Suddenly, Suzaku awoke in an empty room on a bed in a state of confusion. Was that a dream? I appear to be ok but that seem so real. The last thing that I remember was being drugged by that masked person who had clothes similar to Kazuma-sama… Oh no! Where’s Kazuma-sama? She looked for her master frantically in the room but saw no one. I wonder if he gone outside or did not come back with me. Actually, I do not know how I arrived in this room. I should look for him anyway.

The bird began to search for a way out of the room. She found a nearby window and shattered the glass with a Vak Kruz attack. She flew out the window and managed to figure what server she was in. I am in Mac Anu but this is strange. Where are the normal players? There is no one around. I should go to the hideout if the group knows anything about Kazuma-sama’s whereabouts. Suzaku was flying in the orange sky of Mac Anu and felt good for her to be in the sky. To her, it felt that she have not flown for a week now. Her graceful flight was about to come to an end as Suzaku was approaching fast to the hideout.

Suzaku noticed a few members hanging around outside of the hideout. She descended from the sky to understand the situation better. She hovered just about the other members and wonder why they were standing outside of the hideout. When Suzaku usually talked to Phoenix, her voice sounded like a normal bird call to the rest of the people. This time, she altered her voice so that the group would understand her. “Why is everyone standing around outside of the hideout?” The members of the group were confused by the voice of Suzaku since they have not heard her speak before. After the initial confusion, someone told her that there was a transparent barrier surrounding the hideout and Nighthand found a way in but got trapped in the process. At that moment, she felt the presence of the pets inside of the barrier but could not contact them. “The rest of the pets are inside of the barrier but I cannot get through. As for Phoenix, I do not know what happened to him or even how I got here. Right now, rescuing the pets should our main focus.” Even though Suzaku’s master, Phoenix, was not here, she needed the group to find him and bring him back. Kazuma-sama, hang on. Once this diversion is taken care of, I will find you and be happy once again. Suzaku was hovering and waiting to find a proper course of action for the situation at hand.
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Post by Vera » Wed Apr 06, 2005 5:29 am

Vera kept herself quiet the whole time Tokki had talked. She was still somewhat annoyed with the experience involving the hacker Melzas. Her ears had laid for a quiet a long time and she hadn't been in the mood to talk. Though she felt odd as of late like something was supposed to happen soon, but she couldn't figure out what it would be. She had so much trouble focusing on thoughts lately that she just let them wander this time.

Day 1

Vera had been slowly going insane through out her stay in the game, but now it was really taking its toll. "I tell you man! This is not real cheese!" she yelled to one of the shop NPCs while shaking her fist violently. There were other players around as well, but they preferred to stay far far away from the gunner. What was running through her mind no one could tell, but something wasn't quite right. She stared at the ground for a moment with a blank look on her face. What was going on; why was she acting like this?

Day 4

The girl was sitting on the side of the bridge as she sighed softly and stared off into nothingness. Her mind wandered again, but time she snapped to it. There was a flash back to something odd in her time, but what was it? A cat-girl jumping off the edge of the bridge as people rushed to her and then laughing. Her eyes narrowed as she pushed herself off the edge of the bridge and landed safely onto one of the passing boats as the NPC stopped and let her off. She chuckled softly, but only for a moment before sitting down behind a barrel and going to sleep.

Day 7

Blinking as the sun cut into her eyes she yawned and cracked her neck slowly. Something rushed through her mind at that moment; it was later then normal for her to wake up. Normally she had received a flash mail from Kitski with a cute little phrase for the day to cheer her up, but today she hadn't gotten one. Her mind began to wander about what could have happened; she normally slept in a place that only Vera knew about and she would kill anyone besides the gunner that got near. Maybe the kitsune had slept at the hideout and such with all the hackers being whinny little skanks about losing the pets and Tokki. Let out a small growl of disapproval she forced herself up and walked towards the hide out.

Once almost there, she stopped and watched the person already there. Nighthand was attacking it from the looks of it all, but why would Nighthand be using his power to attack the hideout; she had no idea. Taking a breath she lowered her head and waited to see what would happen, but before she could open it the player was gone. Her eye brows raised as she began to wonder what had just been going on, but then again this was The World and a lot of weird crap went down. She began to walk again, this time nothing was bothering her until she came to the entrance. She crashed into something as she glared at everyone and then with her face red tried it again, but the same result there was something keeping her out and from the looks of it others as well.

Reaching into her inventory she removed five of both types of darkness scrolls. If attacking it worked for Nighthand then maybe it could for her. Staring at it for a moment she raised all ten scrolls and closed her eyes; this was it for her theory on beating the crap out of invisible things. "Night Blight!" she shouted as she released the five scrolls and jumped back as the darkness energies began to ram and attack whatever it was in her way. "Dark Night!"[/b] she shouted as well releasing the remaining five and watching them go forth. The spells were doing their work to a degree, but as soon as Vera had cracked a small smile they fizzled and died. The scrolls had failed and the barrier seemed perfectly fine. "You gotta be..." she muttered to herself before chuckling lightly at her next option.

Removing her guns from their holster she gave a small grin. The words 'Chamber Break' appeared over her twice in quick concession. She was preparing for the gunner's signature skill; one of the eater techs and her personal favorite Ani Eater. Lifting her weapons to point they flashed black and began to give readings of the energy. "Blood soaked upon the hands of the innocent. The fire of those who die for their cause; I call them to my being. From the Beauty of Death comes Life and from Life comes more death, this is the cycle. Now prove yourself to me! Ani Eater!" the words rang as her chant ended with the activation of the skill. The ani particles from the field began to flood everywhere to her one point. As the guns gained their charge something flooded deeper into her as she smiled and stared towards the field. The charge ended and there was a crack throughout the area as it fired. The ball of pure darkness that could take out just about anything it hit. Though something was greatly wrong as Vera watched in horror. The barrier had deflected her attack and sent it flying into the air. "Ohh shit; that won’t turn out good when it comes down." she spoke while staring at the shot. It had gone up a good fifty feet and now was coming back down very fast near the river. She was right and it didn't end good as the shot crashed into one of the NPC boats and turned it to nothing but dust.

The Gunner was still in shock though that the barrier had beaten hack her attack; granted it wasn't as strong as it could be, but still that was just wrong. Sighing she walked around the perimeter of the barrier and sighed. Leaning against it she stared at the sky then closed her eyes; why was this happen again. Then something rang as her ears perked up and she grinned; it was a flash mail, but when she opened her eyes she was in the hideout. "Well damn that was funny.".

She began to look around the hideout as she saw the pets, Kitski and then Nighthand. Before she could begin to yell at Nighthand for whatever he had done she was pounced on by her own pet. "Vera Vera Vera! You're ok, but why the hell didn't you respond to my mail!" the kitsune yelled at her for a moment and then turned to her other form as she kissed Vera and smiled. "You're ok that is all that matters." she told the gunner as they both smiled before letting Vera up.

"I love you so much and sorry about the mail thing; I never got them till just now. Someone is blocking everything; hell I don't even know how I got in!" Vera pointed out before she began to slow her breathing and calm herself. "Nighthand; do you know what's going here?" she asked; her tone was somewhat of a 'Lie to me and you're be pissing through a straw' attitude.

OOC: Jinx gave me permission to enter the barrier and such
Weapon: Shadow Guns
Armor: GunnerHeadband|Gunner Cloak|Dark Gunner Gloves|Shadow Anklet
Skills:Rapid Shot|Ani Eater|Ap Torv|La Repth|Ani Kruz
Power: Night Vision and Blindness Immune
Wishlist: More Ultra Light Gunner Equipment

Golden Orb is Currently: faint blue glow