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Post by Hacorie » Sat Jul 23, 2005 6:58 pm

Where are we? Everyone seemed to disappear. Hac conversed with himself as he continued the strenuous climb up the mountain. The spirit owl was not far behind, it was keeping watch as Hacorie placed his feet in holed in the mountain and climbed upward to reach the top. You know, this is your fault. You fell behind on your own while the others took that shortcut to the top. You really need to stay with them. They are probably fighting some mini boss type person and you are just now reaching a ledge from this tremendous climb.

....There was a shortcut!....and you did not point it out to me.... Why would you do that? I wanted to see you struggle up this mountain. It is hilarious how you non flying types try and do this. Damn Bird... Exchanging socializing remarks with his pet, Hacorie did not seem to notice things that were happening around him. Two rock spiders appeared around him, one from each side of the edge. I will leave these punks to you, it is not too far from the top so I will go check what is happening up there. With a high pitch screech, the owl was gone, flying straight up. Taking out his Oceanic Aura, Hac looked to his left and then to his right.

Finally he picked the left. By sliding his left foot around behind him, Hac was in a perfect spell casting position. MeRue Zot! The fairy Aqualiea screamed as Hac’s Oceanic Aura started to light up and glow a bright blue. A rumbling came from the ground and shot large spikes up from the ledge, slowly breaking apart pieces of the ledge until it was quite small. The Rock Spider was trying to dodge the attacks by using its eight legs to move in a zig zag fashion. Finally it was stopped though from a spike that formed right underneath it. As the spike shot up, the monster became skewered. Now stopped in its place, more gigantic spikes closed in on the spot. Soon there was nothing to see but bits of rocks falling to the ground between the spikes.

Hac quickly turned around to only catch the body of the spider slamming into his stomach sending him forward into the side of one of the summoned ice spikes from earlier. Thinking sinister thoughts about the spider, Hacorie kept his tight grip on his blade. There was a problem though, his health had depleted more than it would normally. Wondering why, Hacorie took a quick glance at his stats before the Rock Spider had time to attack again. Hac’s attack and defense were lowered to almost level ten standard, if not lower. Could this be the consequences in which that owl was talking about? Could its power take from my own? This is quite confusing...

Hacorie was not afraid though. He took up his blade and rushed forward, slashing downward in the progress. The tip of the blade scratched the monster, but it slid to the ground right after. Hacorie had a smirk on his face still though. Looking at the position of his blade and the oncoming spider, Hac fell to the ground with a plan. As he fell, he turned his blade in his hands and then brought it straight up. The sword sliced the monster from the behind. The blade did not go all the way through though. Instead, it stopped one-fifth the way of its body. Taking this into accord, Hacorie brought up his knees to his chest and extended his legs. The spider then flew off the edge of the ledge and fell to its doom. “SCREECH!” The Spirit Owl called from above as it dove down to Hac’s position. We are almost there. The remaining party members have already begun to fight so let us hurry.

Quickly, Hacorie put his hands in feet on a few rocks sticking out from the mountain. He slowly made his way up the mountain until finally he was at the top, only about a thousand yards away from the rest of the party. He had finally made it. The long climb had exhausted him, but he had to get in close to help the party.

I can get there much faster than you can. You hurry along while I have a little fun with these things that are happening. Plus, I really am bored just flying around, I need some action. It looks like there is plenty up ahead.

Before he knew it, the owl was already racing off toward the gigantic bird that Hacorie had not noticed before. Hacorie was about to start running again when the sound of rocks clanking together was heard from behind him. He quickly turned around to have eight spider legs slap him in the face leaving marks with blood dripping down them all. Taking the full force of the blow, Hac watched as his HP fell down to below half. Thinking fast, Hacorie took out a Health Drink and swallowed it down. The red water like liquid went down quick and fast. Hac was not completely healed, but all his scratches had been healed up and left scars on his face.

Taking the move offensively, Hacorie quickly drew out a blade from his back. It was a new blade he had gotten, the Steeler. Rai Smash! Hac’s silver blade quickly turned to an illuminating yellow. Lightning bolts surged through it as Hac gently brushed the spider with his blade. Gently pressing his blade in the ground, Hac jumped up and pushed his body up on the blade into a hand stand position. He kept his grip tight on his blade and fell forward taking the blade from the ground and greatly smashing the enemy spider on the back. The electric attack itself caused an explosion. As the electric power coursed through the rock and made bits of the spider fly everywhere until no spider was left.

Looking up from the attack, Hacorie saw what his bird was now doing.

The owl had just then caught up to the party and made an ear curdling screech that was almost deafening if anyone was right next to it. The tiny owl was no match in size for the monster called Oumonotori. Wondering if the bird could understand it, the Spirit Owl screeched at it.

So you are all high and mighty, yes? Well let’s see how you like this attack. Not looking or even worrying if allies were in the vacinity, the owl quickly sped up and started flying in circles around Oumonotori. Soon only the blur from its tail was seen in a large circle. Hoping to blind confuse the enemy this way, the Spirit Owl flew straight up when it was behind Oumonotori. Opening its wings wide, the feathers of the owl turned into what seemed to be spikes of ice. Once all the spikes were formed, they seemed to grow, Then, with one giant flap of its wings downward, the spikes form the owl all shot out. Not waiting for a retaliation, the owl flew back toward Hac who was only halfway to the party.

Slow Ass....

While it was flying back to its master, the barrage of ice started hitting the monster.

I wish it would listen to me and attack when I tell it to...

(OOC:Yeah, well I felt like posting so I decided to join you all in the fight.)
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Post by Nall » Tue Aug 02, 2005 2:59 am

Oumontori screeched in pain as Lighteria's blade stabbed through it's wing. The bird head lunged out at Lighteria, trying to bite him in half with it's beak. Fortunately, Lighteria was quick enough to avoid the attack and moved to safety. He left his blade there, but was useful, pinning the birds wing down. Finally, the bird noticed Reinier's efforts against his throne. As the final rune on Oumonotori's throne was destroyed, the bird let out a skreak of disapproval. In retaliation to the attacks, it threw it's one good wing towards Reinier and Tiamat. Reinier was knocked backwards, cracking a spear in half, however Tiamat was able to fly out of range. The bird let out an angered screech as the aura surrounding it disappeared. It's healing powers apparently gone.

One of the giant spears game and struck the bird in the lower abdomen. Oumonotori was pissed and pinned to the ground. It noticed more spears coming it's way, and tried desperately to avoid them. Two sailed past while another hit it's upper abdomen. Screeching, it finally decided that an injured wing was better then being pelted with the spears relentlessly. Ripping it's wing from the blade in a painful ripping, snapping and disgusting gooping noise, it took off into the air dodging another 2 spears.

Flying in the air now, it could dodge the spears easily, however the injured wing, and the 2 spears still protruding from it's chest was slowing it down. Haccorie made a sudden appearance on the platform but it wasn't him that was noticed by anyone. His owl was the one to make the first move. Oumonotori managed to dodge most of the ice spikes from the other bird, but did manage to be hit by three. One of them burst right through one of it's wings, the other two dug into the birds abdomen.

It screeched out, though this time, noticeably more weak. It struggled to stay in the air, as it glared down into the group. It tried desperately for some final attacks to save it, launching GiGan Don at the players whenever it could.

”If you don’t come to your senses now and actually learn to fight, I’ll leave you here for the bird to feast on like some twisted Prometheus! …dammit, it shouldn’t have been that easy to catch you.”

Nall stared straight at the hacker, struggling. Frustrated, Nighthand shifted a lot to strength, and slapped Nall again with the flat of his blade. The attack was fierce enough to potentially knock Nall out. It would have knocked most players out. Nalls head spun slowly and feel to the side.

Nall coughed suddenly, and slowly looked up at the hacker. And then, to Nighthands relief, back at Nighthand. Nall looked slightly puzzled, but he wasn't confused. It was just the dazed stare of someone who had just woken up. Though Nighthand wasn't sure 4 seconds could be considered a nap. If it could, he hoped it was one hell of a power nap.

Nall coughed again, blood exiting his mouth this time. Nighthand stayed silent.

"I...why...should have listened...but..."
His eyes never lost the color of red, but Nighthand could see the rage coming back to the Blademasters eyes like a rushing tidal wave. He grabbed Nall's face and forced it to look at him.

"I'm not losing you again. Whatever the hell your problem is, deal with it later! Your rage will get us killed! So snap out of it!"

Nall growled low in his throat. It was a gesture human's weren’t supposed to be able to make. While it was still a game, it was disturbing. Nall gave a small nod towards Nighthand.

"I will control myself."
Those four words seemed to change the look in Nalls face from rage to determination. Each was frightening enough on it's own. Nighthand waited a moment and then finally released Nall from the boulder. Nall grunted and slammed his fist into the boulder he was just tied to, causing the platform to shake, and the boulder to crack. There was a small indent where the attack landed, and other then the cracks that scattered the boulder, it stood strong. Nall looked back at Nighthand.

As if that one word explained Nall's actions, Nighthand nodded and looked towards the hacker. Either Jett wasn't aware that Nall was not fighting like he usual would, or he didn't care. He simply stood there watching the show, face unreadable. Nall slowly walked forward, Nighthand did the same. In truth, Nall was buying seconds for himself. Little bits of time that felt so long to him. He was replenishing his strength, quickly, but needed to buy as much time as possible as he used up most of it.

"Nighthand. You're better with magic. It may be risky, but I need you to use your skills against him. Barrage him with a strong attack. Force him to use his shield and nothing else to defend you."

"A strong attack... Will do."
Nighthand fingered through his scrolls, his eyes never leaving the hacker. Finally his grip tightened on one, and he drew it forth. Jett who was seemingly uncaring of the two together finally made a motion of action. Not so much fear or distress, just acknowledgment. As Nighthand prepared, Jett leaned down to the earth, drawing something in the ground with his fingers.

Nall made no motion to interrupt the hacker. It would have been useless anyways even though Nall knew exactly what he was doing. The hacker stood suddenly as light erupted from the earth blocking his image from view. Nighthand tried not to be distracted from his own affairs, but when the light cleared, he was slightly astonished. Jett stood there, twice a big as he was before. He looked like some unreal giant. His clothing ripped away from him, leaving nothing but Titan's Armor glistening upon his chest. To everyone’s benefit, there was a piece that went down and hid more private area's of the hacker. At the right angle it was possible to sneak a peek, but Nall doubted anyone would try.

Jett grunted at the two in front of them.

"Give me your best shot fools."
Nall smiled, now it was he who was losing his cool. It was subtle but Nall knew Jett well enough to tell. Nall spoke to Nighthand before it was asked.

"His strength and HP have increased dramatically along with his size. However, he's a slow ass now. His base defense is also compromised once we get through his Stoneskin."
Nall liked the look on Jetts face. Not if they got through, simply a matter of when. Nall wasn't completely sane, but he was in control. But one thought still pulsed through his mind as he grinned menacingly.

"He will be mine."[/b]
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Post by Nighthand » Tue Aug 02, 2005 4:08 am

"A strong attack... Will do."
Nighthand fingered through his scrolls, his eyes never leaving the hacker. Finally his grip tightened on one, and he drew it forth.

Nighthand, above all, was a power pack rat. He collected and held on to anything and everything that would eventually alow him to gain more power, be it sooner or, as was often the case, later. He'd actually had it come back to bite him int he past; holding on to a rare item and declining a sale in order to increase it's value, only to have it be re-released and become worthless.

This time, however, that wouldn't be the case. It was well known that he stocked many scrolls, collected all he found to use as ammunition. He didn't like pulling out his most powerful scrolls, in order to save them for when they were needed. But then, when could they be more needed than now?

Thankfully Nighthand HAD gathered a few here adn there along his journeys that were somewhat more powerful than the stock lvel one's that he habitually carried.

Even though the hacker's size, strength, and hit points were even more daunting than ever, Nighthand still grinned. Those veterans of the past few adventures would know what kind of sheer force Nighthand could unleash with level one scrolls. They also knew, at least probably could have inferred by now, that his control over darkness as his favorite element was somewhat less unpredictable than the others.

And now, as Nighthand grinned, he drew forth his one and only Nightfear. The most powerful Darkness Converge scroll in the game, since level four scrolls didn't exist. It's power under his control. PERFECT for this use.

Nighthand released the scrolls energies and watched them fly in thin streamers to encircle the hacker. Though no one else could see the display, Nighthand thought it was one fo the finest points in the game. The trails the power flowed in before it manifested were the opposite of what they were to become. Glowing, bright and yet dark, a beautiful display. In a way it was almost saddening that they so easily turned into forces of destruction.

No matter. The beauty could be remembered, so long as the destruction took place.

Nighthand reached out, his contol over the wisps of energy almost stunning himself. They barely fluctuated at all, despite both the pull of the Nightblade and the added infection to his hack. One by one, working as quickly as he could, he circled the ends of the various wisps. Now, they wouldn't be able to break free and materialize into their damaging darnkess forms until he said so. In the mean time, they would wait, growing in power. Unlike many attacks, each blow in this one would be stronger than the last.

There was still a small amount of residual energy held in the paper that once was the scroll. Nighthand gathered this as well, letting it circle and grow in his hand. Soon a globe of darkness began to show.

"Give me your best shot fools."

As if I would do any less.

Nighthand thrust his hand forward, fingers splayed. The ball of pure darkness energy rested on his palm for a moment, then shot forwards. It was roughly the power of a level 1 Ani Don, directed at the hacker.

Jett, confident, didn't even bother to attempt to dodge. The Ani Bomb struck less than an inch from the hacker's chest, his earthen barrier rising at the last second to protect him from harm.

Nighthand's fingers closed.

Immediatly, another Ani Bomb appeared in the air behind the hacker, angling down to strike him in the back of the head. The barrier circled, blocking the attack, but not before two more appeared, rocketing in from front left and front right angles. They both struck the hacker. At the same instant, Nall swept into action. A blur of speed, the blademaster proved the name of the class by adeptly striking any, and every, opening available to him. Jett began to move, his spear parrying Nall's blade while the shield blocked the bombs.

Of course, Nighthand was far from finished. He still had quite a number of bombs left, and they had easily reached the level two power by this time. More and more they appeared in the air around the hacker.

The impacts of the bombs, though powerful, sent very little force outwards. In fact, most of the power was thrust directly into the attack. Even so, their motion, as well as that of the shield, hacker, and blademaster were kicking up a lot of dust. Nighthand ceased to even watch the fight, and closed his eyes.

Here, his hack sense took full force. The streamers of energy, now with sizable balls on the ends, rocketed at an apparition of rock that was Nighthand's perception of Jett in his mind. Nall was a whirling sreak of silver and blue, his SWORD and Cape lending a considerable water element to his movements. The Ani Bombs impacted by ones and twos, growing more and more forceful with each and every hit. Even those that didn't hit the hacker directly were affecting him. His stoneskin was beginning to weaken, his defense against Nall was constantly thrown off by the impacts knocking him around, and the shield was proving too slow to catch everything.

Nighthand supply of ammunition was half depleted, but they were now powered up the level three. Here, he increased the number flying at once.

Their soundless impacts were more felt in his mind than seen. Every figure was shaking now; Nall with controlled fury and even excitement, Jett under the impact of multiple bombs, Nighthand with a giddy happiness. His plan was working.

Nall was landing more and more blows, Jett was having a considerably hard time blocking even the simplest attacks. Of course, the shield still managed to block some, but nowhere near as many as it should have. Even Jett's fearsomely strong Stoneskin was being chipped off by many of Nall's blows.

Five bombs at a time were impacting the hacker. Nighthand was almost laughing at the sheer force under his command. He was used to immense power from minimal starts, but when he STARTED with nearly the max of what he has reached before, the results were amazing. So THIS was what it felt like to defeat a hacker.

Nighthand was swiftly running out of bombs, and Nall was running seemingly as low on patience. The Ani Bombs were forceful enough now to be taking off their own chunks of the Stoneskin, but there was still a good amount of it left.

Finally, Nighthand was down to only one bomb left. This had reached level four power.

Nall rushed in, seeming to sense the lack of ammunition, and made the perfect setup. He slid along the ground, springing from the ground with all his considerable strength and kicking the hacker in the chin. A good chunk of the Stoneskin flew off. The hacker's mask of stone impacted with the cracked boulder in the center, shattering.

Nighthand saw the setup and dashed forwards. The hacker had been lifted from the ground with the kick; though his size was immense, he still rose a good four feet. Nighthand's final Ani Bomb was released then. It exploded into Jett's back, shattering the back half of the Stoneskin and sending the hacker flying forwards.

Right to where Nighthand was waiting, shifted entirely to strength, his Nightblade held ready. As the hacker flew, Nighthand swung.

The blade impacted soldily, stopping the momentum of the massive hacker and reversing it, sending him sprawling on his back. With a single loud CRACK, the chestplate of the Stoneskin crumbled. Nall and Nighthand, now shifted to speed, appeared on either side of the hackers prone form. The battle was almost over.

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Post by Lighteria » Wed Aug 03, 2005 8:59 pm

That's odd... the healing glow stopped.... Did the runes... ACTUALLY control the healing?! Reinier's plan actually worked?! ...

....Wow, way to go.

With a painful screech, the giant bird wrenches its pinned wing away from the throne. Its feathers and bones tear and blood stains the arm rests of the golden throne. The twin blade's gut curls a little at the sight of muscle and tendon ripping and being left to rot as two spears imbed themselves into the throne where it was standing.

Eww... gross... seriously. I'd rather have been impaled... I think... ...GAH! Never mind! I gotta stop spacing out. He's taken flight AGAIN and we need to finish him off before he decides to peck Nights and Nall while they're attacking Mr. Mesa.

As Lighteria stews in thought, trying to think of a good way to assault the flying beast, the bird screeches yet again and a brown glyph appears over its head, with bloody rage in its eyes the bird targets the group for a powerful hail of rocks, the spell GiGan Don. Now the group has been fighting this blasted bird for a while, hit points are not something that's abundant right now. One too many of those spells and the team would easily be short a player or two, the rest easy picking for Jett. With his heart skipping a little, Lighteria turns to Kit and shouts.

"Kit!! I need magic support! Now!" He yells to the kitten. Kit's ears perk and she turns her head, hearing him call. The serious tone of voice he rarely displays indicating that this is no time to be cheeky and argue with him. With that in mind, she leaves her post in spell range of Nall (a bit tired from healing him) and rushes to her partner's side.

"Mew meow? Meow mew mew mew mew meow meow... (What's the plan? You know I can only heal with my current abilities...)" Kit says, looking up to the twin blade. Lighteria shakes his head

"I have the best magic defense out of the team since I'm the lightest class here. I'm taking the hit so it doesn't reach them and they can attack easier. Keep me healed, ok?" He says, rushing towards the casting bird. The kitten blinks and watches him.

"Mew mew MEW!?!? (Are you NUTS!?!?)"

The answer: probably. But Lighteria knows his logic is sound and he's not completely without a plan. An active spell usually leaves any character temporarily immobile and vulnerable to attack. If the spell only hits one instead of all four then the chances of the team being able to land a hit is tripled. ...At least that's what he hopes as he rushes up to a semi-barren part of the mountain top, skidding to a dusty halt and gripping his fist tightly. An orangeish glyph appears in his hand as he glares up at the giant bird.

"Gan Rom!!" He shouts, flinging his hand forward, his palm out. No sooner does he shout the spell does the hail of rocks from high above begin. A muss of huge boulders hurtles downwards from the bird towards the twin blade, each with enough explosive magic power to dent the very earth itself. As the rocks draw near, Lighteria's hand pulses and a tornado of dust and rocks erupts from his palm, aimed right for the oncoming rocks. About two thirds of the way downward the spells collide. The giant boulders easily smash the smaller rocks of the twin blade's spell, turning the earth into powder as they continue their descent. The wind from the spell however, helps enough. The boulders shift just a little in the wind, enough to divert them from full on HORRIBLE PAINFUL direct hit to merely MASSIVE indirect damage.

Wow... now that I see how big those rocks are, this may not have been the best pl-


All that's left of the area is a huge cloud of dust and debris, each rock exploding with earth energy on impact. The twin blade screams out as he's flung around the explosions like a puppet. Kit's repth spell is almost instantaneous, relieving a little of the pain, but coming no where near enough to fully heal him.

Aw man..... I really hate this bird...
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Post by Zan » Thu Aug 04, 2005 10:25 am

So tired...drained. It was as if someone had stuck long, merciless needles in every sore spot on his body and had begun to slowly siphon his essence into some proverbial vial. It took far more strength than it should have to simply hold himself up on his knees, to stay wavering and not fallen. The werewolf could claim no serious wounds to attribute to such weakness, but could only direct any of the curious to the whistling waves of oversized spears he had sent hurling towards the screeching poultry. Lucky for him it hadn't been in vain as it had before, Reinier's attack on the throne seeming to have taken away its ability to simply patch itself up. Even his attack on Oumonotori didn't quite seem to account for the severity of his fatigue. No, it was the length the Beast had clung to its control, the vast stretch of time it had held back Zan's logical hemisphere. The sheer determination, the sheer press of will it had exerted throughout the weapons' heaving had simply spent his stamina to a dangerous degree.

So there he rested, nine feet of trembling muscle and fur, stubborn, inhuman growls accompanying each shaky breath that rattled from his lungs. The drive to stand up without the capability to do so was overwhelmingly frustrating, that old familiar black rage bubbling in his gut without a way to vent. Looking from a more abstract, less biased point of view, his current predicament would have been mildly amusing. A creature of such immense physicality left shaking and helpless like some dog caught in the rain. The metaphor alone was entertaining enough, but, sadly, this simply wasn't funny. It was really happening, a truth he had still been unable to fully grasp. Though he had been treating it more like reality than the game it was, there was still a large part of him that believe he had some invulnerability. Just a game....just a game.....just a load of crap. Zan needed something, anything to shake off the slump he had been set in. As much as he wanted to curl back into his own form, to claim the body he felt was his own, the Beast held its iron grip. It refused to be human, to be as helpless in looks as it was in truth.

Zan's wish for that second wind was granted with something he wasn't entirely thrilled about. The bird's spell appeared in a moment of frozen time, as if some large creature had tossed out rocks over the sky like a child would sand. It was irking, throttling, the perfect inspiration for self-preservation. It was all the Beast needed to feel the adrenaline flow in a returned kick through his veins, a lash of energy that had him on his feet. Standing with a stillness few statues could boast, he readied himself for the impact, waiting for harsh rain to meet its prey. In midst its fall, the Beast hoped it would concoct a plan, another wish he was desperate to see fulfilled. To his surprise, Lighteria was way ahead of the rest of them, initiative seized and used rather impressively. Though the earth tornado he lofted to counter the large bird's skill wasn't a match in the least, it's winds and its granite seemed enough to disturb and soften the potential damage the assault had to offer. There was such a fierce bite in the amber of his eyes, a renewed hope that this battle truly would turn. One would have expected him to come to this conclusion when the runes had been decimated and his spears had hit their mark. However, Zan, the Beast, both had waited for it to all be for nothing like their past advances had been.

With the rocks' fall only seconds from contact, Zan swept up the Absorber into his hand. It was too small for him now, more a wakazachi than a real sword. It was something he had never really considered before, having chosen to use his fists and his claws upon transformation. Almost the same moment he had begun to drop the blade it began to take on an auburn blaze, humming with life, with a mirth one wouldn't expect to come from a sword. A split second later and the light had settled, leaving a larger blade in its wake; as if the steel, the design itself had grown to accommodate his hand. The blade itself now sported a wicked curve at its tip and a howling wolf along its length. Not questioning it but instead choosing to embrace it, he gripped the remnants of the handle in his other hand and planted his feet firmly into the mountaintop. A roar of fury coupled itself with an exaggerated overhead strike as the first boulder tried to fall on top of him. The mass of rock split cleanly down the middle, either half falling harmlessly to his sides. Slice after slice left him untouched, the first wave of earth having no notable success with the lycanthrope. Arrogance left him snarling a smile, his awareness diluted with pride.

One last swing forward left the blade out in front of him for one more second than was necessary, a boulder's fall catching the tip of his weapon, yanking it from his hand to leave it pinned underneath its mass. It would have been rather easy to heave the boulder aside and reclaim his weapon, but the continued rain of earth above him left him without the necessary time to do so. Humbled now with the fog of his confidence lifted, he called the extent of his agility to his muscles, into every fiber that moved him. No longer trying to destroy that which was trying to destroy him, Zan chose instead to dart in between boulders with dashes of dexterous movement that kept him in safety's arms for a while. Sadly, even his speed proved pointless without the necessary room to move, the mountain top too limited. Again he found himself on the offensive, boulders spiderwebbing cracks before imploding into dust and harmless gravel, his fist all the hammer he would ever need.

Though the logic of Zan's presence told the Beast to stay focused and see through the battle-driven buzz his body held, that primal half of him didn't listen, that overdone belief settling in once again and leaving him unaware of the shoulder that would crack over his right shoulder. Bones churned in response, snapping and fracturing underneath the weight. His heightened metabolism pushed back the numbness that would have initially set in and hit him with the full force of the agony, a bellowing, bestial noise crying out from his throat. Head tossed up, knees buckling, he staggered to his weapon's side before finally collapsing beside it, his good hand managing to swat the boulder off the Absorber as he did.

Though sleep begged to claim him and the pain seemed determine to assist such an action, he could not allow himself such an indulgence. Zan knew he had to stay awake, knew he had to keep fighting. This knowledge came not from the back of his thoughts, out of priority with the Beast's wants, but before it, in front of it. This brought his eyes snapping open, curious eyes glazing over his form; human. His right arm curled into his stomach, he grabbed up the Absorber into his left hand, a nauseating wave curling into his gut as he got to his feet. He had reverted to his human form before his shoulder could fully heal, the ache continuous as he sought to get his bearings. Wracking his brain to formulate a plan with the rock rain now cleared, he managed to summon up enough wit. The plan wasn't exactly solid, but the Heavy Blade feared that the longer he waited the more time the bird would have to strike again. Calling upon the advantages of his Clabro form, his legs toned and swelled a touch, muscle gathering strength as he slowly began to crouch.

The small transformation seemed to take longer than it usually did, his exhaustion from continuous hold of his current form seeming to make any other such attempts move through metaphysical molasses. When the proper force had finally been called, he unleashed himself upward, a large jump hurtling him towards Oumonotori. Half-way up, he let a call of 'Dek Ganz' fly through his lips, hoping to cripple another GiGan Don it might attempt. The proper precautions taken and the necessary altitude achieved, he put all the force he could muster into a horizontal swing at the monster's throat, the attack aimed at where a jugular normally would be. It wasn't much, but they needed to kill this thing and kill it now. If Zan could manage time to help Nighthand and Nall, than he damn well would.
Lv. 50 Heavy Blade
Special: Levels, GR Sendai, PL Sakai, Darklore.
W: Tonosama Sword, Mineuchi, Jundachi.
A: Samurai Helm, Able Hands, Rare Greaves.
I: Holy Sap, Treebane, Cooked Bile, Nightbane.
EX: Elemental Summon (Lv. 2), Overdrive (Lv.1), Elemental Attacks (Lv. 2), Enhance Dark, Elemental Breath (Lv. 2).

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Post by Nighthand » Mon Aug 29, 2005 3:04 pm

Oumonotori was losing it's battle. While it was the greatest bird of all the skies, mightier even than the most fearsome of Rocs, it was losing. It's feathers were ruffled, displaced. It's eyes had lost their gleam. It's thunderous cry, while still fearsome, was wavering and weak. It's prey, what should have been an easy hunt, was getting the best of it. It simply couldn't understand what was going on. For all it's fierce intelligence... it was clueless.

"Dek Ganz!" Came a muted cry from one of it's prey. Under normal circumstances, a status effect like that would have no chance of hitting; but in it's already weak state, the spell managed to find a hold. The bird's formidable earth powers were greatly diminished. The same small creature, resembling more wolf than man, leapt at the bird as it hovered near it's throne. The wolf-man's blade flashed, and Oumonotori was barely able to thrust itself up in time to avoid a full hit. As it was, the blade's tip tore through it's wing, sending flares of pain to it's brain. It screeched again, attempting to gain some height and rise above their range of attacks.

From the side, another of the small creatures leapt upwards. This one had managed to avoid several of it's devastating spells, and had more than once used it's pair of small blades to deal more damage than they should be allowed to. Before Oumonotori can respond, the third of it's prey, mounted on a dragon, swooped in from above. The dragon's claws raked at it's eyes, leaving enough of an opening for the twin blades from the second man to tear once more into it's wing. The dragon looped, flames gushing from it's mouth as it attempted to light the bird's feather's on fire. Abruptly, Oumonotori lashed out, it's good wing slamming into the dragon and it's rider, sending them both sprawling to the edge of the mountaintop. When the rider didn't rise for several moments, the bird turned it's attention elsewhere.

Now, the late arrival prey was leaping for it's wing. Though it's accompanying ice owl was nowhere to be seen, the creature's blade was still something to be wary of. Using all the strength it could muster, Oumonotori darted it's head forwards, snapping up the heavyblade in it's powerful beak. With a sickening crunch, the bird bit down, cutting the silent heavyblade in half.

Unable to savor it's kill through the pain, the bird tossed it's head, sending the top half of Hacorie flying over the edge of the mountain. Swallowing the legs quickly, it turned in time to see the wolf-man once more descending with his sword bare. This time the bird's reflexes were too late; the blade bit deep into it's wing, slamming into the bone with all the weight of the player behind it. struggling to regain altitude, the bird slammed it's wings downwards. The wolf-man was thrown off, landing heavily and refusing to rise. The damage was already done, however.

Screeching in pain, Oumonotori used the last of it's fading energy to try to escape. Gravity turned out to be too hard an opponent, and the bird crashed to the ground. It's one good wing was impaled on a spear near the edge. It's body fell over the side, it's bad wing hitting and snapping where the wolf-man's sword had cracked the bone. It's body slipped over the edge, it's full weight landing on the fragile flesh of it's impaled wing. For an instant it held, then the flesh tore, sending the bird plummeting. It's cry of rage and pain was cut short as it slammed into the side and bounced, falling freely to the ground.

Lighteria, the sole conscious member of the group fighting the bird, dragged himself to his feet. Kit was quickly by his side, casting Repth as he picked her up. Staggering slightly from exhaustion, he made his way to the central boulder, cracked from Nall's massive punch. There he slumped against it, unable to do anything but watch as Nighthand and Nall worked to finish off the hacker.

* * *

"You should have run while you still could, Jett."

Nall's rage had settled down, but it was still there, simmering under the surface. These hackers had been allowed to run freely for far too long. It was time they did something about it. He had killed one, Kuja, and they had been laughed off as playthings. No more. He would kill the second here and now. Jett would see his final hour.

"Even now you are too weak to kill me alone, Nall. Jett said.

"Oh, but he's not alone, Jett. You forget me." Nighthand said, from the other side of the fallen hacker.

Jett's head turned, his face impassive. Then, inexplicably, he began to laugh.

"You think you two can beat me? I still hold power you cannot even dream of!"

Jett was suddenly on his feet. He held his spear in one hand, held loosely at his side, the other hand pressed against his chest plate. Beside him the ground bulged, and from it emerged another Stone Golem.

Nighthand's eyes narrowed. The golem didn't attack, nor did Jett order it to. The hacker was up to something, and that something would not be good for himself and Nall.

The golem shifted, raising it's own arm to mimic the posture Jett held. Beside Nighthand, Nall's eyes widened. He recognized the move about to occur. While the pair looked on, Jett raised his hands. The golem mimicked the move, seeming to slide closer to the hacker.

"Not this time, Jett! I won't let you!"

Before Nighthand could even move, Nall was in action. He appeared in front of the stone golem, his tattoos and eyes beginning to glow.


Nall's blade whipped out, all of Nall's considerable strength behind it. Instead of glancing off the heavy rock like Nighthand's had before, the blade passed through it as if it were little more than paper. Jett's odd motions continued, but the golems froze.

Jett seemed to strain against some invisible bond, grimacing as he tried to lower his arms. His expression turned to rage and his arms were suddenly released. They fell to his sides, and the golem exploded in a cloud of dust. The stress of Nall's Time Slash locking it and Jett's controls and skill forcing it to move was too much for it's existence.

His face once more calm, though his technique had been stopped, Jett lunged for Nall, his spear swiping from the side. Nall spun and parried the blow, but Jett's fist lashed out, sending Nall skidding several feet. Immediately, Jett was thrusting his spear for Nall's face; a blow that would surely kill the blademaster.

Seeing his opening, Nighthand threw himself in the way of the blow, the Nightblade striking the spear and sending it wild. Nighthand spun, slashing for the hacker's chest. Jett recovered in time to block the blow, but it was all the opening Nall needed.

Nall, now behind the hacker, Slashed him across the back. He spun, his spear flying high over Nall as he ducked and stabbed. The blade was carefully placed at a joint in Titan's Armor, allowing nothing to be blocked. Jett reeled back in pain and soon after horror.

"You may hold great power Jett... But you and everyone one else risks it everytime you come out to play. Out here you're slower, weaker, and unable to tap into your true power. This is my playground, I will not play by your rules."

All at once there was a blinding flash of light and unseen movement of Nall. Nighthand's sight was blinded, as was his hack's senses. Nighthand turned, squeezing his eyes closed in an attempt to block out the glare. An instant later it was gone. All that remained of Jett was his armor, which Nall quickly scooped up. It disappeared into his inventory.

Nighthand looked at Nall, who nodded towards the boulder, where Lighteria was still blinking the light from his eyes. Nighthand nodded in return, and made his way over.

Taimat was the first of the unconscious several to wake; he grabbed the still-unconscious Reinier by the leg and dragged him over to the boulder. Nighthand picked up Zan on the way, laying him down next to Reinier. He stood and looked around, but couldn't see anyone else. Nall spoke the news he didn't want to say.

"Hacorie is gone... We're all that's left."

Crouching by the boulder, Nall pulled a Health Potion from somewhere and healed Zan. Kit cast another Repth on Lighteria, making sure he was up to top health. Nall moved on, repeating the procedure on Reinier. They would wake up soon, but they would likely be sore for a while.

Nighthand held up the Nightblade, looking admiringly at the blade. It had definitely served him well for the first use.

"Powers of Wryneck served well; Return for your reward." Nighthand didn’t know where the words came from, but they seemed the right thing to say. He cast the blade into the air, the first time it had left contact with him since he had called it. Another hole in space, like the one that had called it forth, appeared, and a dark, scaled hand reached out to snatch it up. An instant later the hole, blade, and hand were gone.

By mutual consent, the party prepared to leave. Taimat picked up Reinier, tossing the player limply on his back. Nighthand stooped and picked up Zan once more, while Lighteria held Kit securely in his arms. They nodded to Nall, who produced his Gold Card and raised it high. Gold rings descended, and they were gone.

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Post by Cypher » Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:09 pm

Zan + 2 lvls
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