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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 3:06 am 
(OOC: Warning! This is the new longest post in history! lol, sorry nevaeh but I was like 3/4 way through my post when you posted. Royce isn't really the type to just casually talk anyways...)

<Royce/Nall post>

Royce was getting annoyed and somewhat upset about the insults. She knew they were just pranks trying to upset her but she took pride about herself. Especially her looks.
'Look you little brats! I'm doing you a favour by giving you a chance against my monster! But if you want me to interviene then I'll kill you all right now!'
Gingitsune and Raye just ignored the comment and continued to harrass her. Meanwhile Nall was alive again, but not moving. He was crouched on the ground, eye's wide open like he had seen the scariest thing in his life. In the real world his body ached like a thousand knives had pierced his body. Those around him heard him muttering over and over.
'The light...'
They tried to snap him out of it but he was frozen. He couldn't think straight. He was so confused about what had happend. Kayin walked over to Nall and bent down.
'Don't just sit here.. You can do somthing! Stop blaming yourself! Ignore Royce! She's nothing!'
Nall still had a blank look on his face. Kayin thought for a moment.
'Why Nall? Why did you come here and lead us here in the process? Whatever the reason was, you shouldn't give up on it now! Keep fighting!'
Nall looked up slowly at Kayin. The reason why he came here... He thought about it. It was like life suddenly grabbed Nall and lifted him into the air. Nall cracked a smile.
'Thanks Kayin... I got so worried about everything that I've done wrong that I forgot my true purpose for comming here. This isn't the first time I've felt this type of pain... I'm not gonna lose!'
Nall's original charisma returned to him. It was amazing how wuick his attitude changed. He felt envigorated and pumped. He saw 3 lava pools left to be covered... Even after they cut off it's heat, they would have difficulty with the armor... Nall saw the fighters knock down another 2 stalactytes into the pools. 1 left. He looked up a Royce who was occupied by Gingitsune and Raye. She hadn't noticed that he had snapped out of his 'trance.' He saw Asgard try to knock down the last stalactyte but Shinja attacked her and sent her flying. Shinja had incinerated the spear that held it's mouth at bay by now. Shinja was protecting the last pool at all costs. Nall remembered the warriors blood Asgard gave him. He saw his chance. He had to do this perfectly in order for his plan to work. He needed to hit Shinja in the right place, the right time and needed to break down the stalactyte in perfect precision. He'd only get one chance.
'I'm sorry for before guys, I hope I could make it up to you some time!'
Nall unclips a pocket on his front jacket, a scroll falls down into his hand.
'This is why Royce wanted me out of the picture by the way..'
Nall smiled as he ran forward using his warriors scroll to increase his attack. Shinja just went into the middle of the lava pool regaining most of it's stregth. Nall saw the opening. He jumped up into the air, scroll held high. Shinja didn't realize it until it was too late. Royce was freaking out when she saw Nall was active.
Ice began to converge upon Shinja. Shinja's body, weak against the ice froze completely. Nall who was already en rout in the air towards the stalactyte chopped at it. With the warriors blood it only took one slice to send it down. The Stalactyte impails Shinja as the ice around it shatters. However, along with the ice, it's armor shattered as well! Shinja broke free of the stone and began slithering around again. However slower and weaker. It no long had a protective shell and no long had spikes protruding throughout it's body. It now was a monster that was possible for the group to fight! Nall landed and looked at everyone.
'Even if it is a hacked monster, this game is still based on reality. Basic science lesson, anything that is super heated and then instantly cooled will shatter!'
The other smiled as they saw their chance. Royce looked upset. However she quickly turned her expression.
'Hahaha, now I see your plan... So you wanted to distract me so I wouldn't notice Nall hmm? But look at what you did to my poor Shinja! But I should have expected no less from you Nall!'
Nall walked over to where Gingitsune and Raye were standing. Royce gave a sly smirk towards the group.
'Ha! Well kids I must say. I'm somewhat impressed... It's too bad you're all gonna die anyways!'
Royce began to raise her hand but stopped when Nall spoke up.
'You wouldn't do that now would you Royce? I do believe we beat Shinja, that was the challenge was it not?'
Royce looked at Nall and lowered her hand.
'Hahaha! I always loved you Nall, you know that! You're right, you passed my test! However, next time we meet I wont make it so easy for you to beat my pet!'
Royce gives a final laugh and blows a kiss to Nall. She then dissapears with a flash of light. Nall looked at Gingitsune and smiled. The others were beating the monster all right. It wasn't dead yet, but now it was just like a normal boss!
'Lets go help the others!'

(OOC: btw, sorry if your mad about me using your character as much as I did Kayin! I just thought that you were the most insightful one that wasn't doing somthing already ^^)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 3:39 am 
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(ooc: No problem, I'm surprised, as I was reading thats along the lines of what I was thinking about posting :shock: )

Kayin smiled as he raised his sword, the obvious difference in power of the Shinja easy to see. He looks over the creature trying to decide where to attack it.
"So many choices, but exactly how much weaker is it now...? We'd better still be on guard, just to be safe..."
He quickly rushes forward newly invigorated, and tired of looking at the big snake. He decides not to think too much and just jump right in to the fight again, he moves to the monsters left to attack it where its body comes to meet the floor. "Calamity" he shouts as he make three powerful slashes at the monsters body.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 4:48 am 
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(ooc/ darn! I missed the harass Royce session! *giggles* maybe later then!)

Shinja almost looked pretty now, sheethed in ice. I need to do my part too! "Repulse Cage!"

Spining wildly her lance flashed in the flickering light played by the lava. Armina felt alive & strong. Is this why? Is this why people love this game so? She grinned happily, enjoying the feel of her weapon in her hands. I cold definately get used to this!

She saw the flash of other weapons on the shimmering Shinja. The amount of hits were rapidly out-weighing the number of misses. There were still too many, too fast, for her to keep track of them all. But this actually being able to affect Shinja was almost electrifying! This time it actually looked like they were making progress! It couldn't be long now!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 6:34 am 
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Kurai charged forward, at the Shinja snake. Now that they could hurt it, it seemed to be a very easy battle. "HAAAAIIII!" Kurai yelled, as he brought his spear to the snake's underbelly, as it kept itself occupied with Armina and Kayin. The snake roared in pain, and whipped around to face his other attacker. Just then, a large bal of magic blasted it in the face. It whipped around, trying to face what just hit him.

The snake was overwhelmed, everyone was attacking it at once. Every now and then, Repth would be called upon, but they had it under control. Armina spun her spear around in perfect form, using her Repulse Cage whenever her SP allowed it. Kayin chopped away, his large blade doing excellent damage to the exposed monster.

Nall, Ramza, Nighthand, Gingitsune, Hijinx, Asgard, Haiiro, Raye... everyone was doing their part to take down the monster.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 2:14 pm 
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Gingitsune grinned as Royce made her exit, she was a coward,just like Gingitsune had thought, she ran at the first sign of trouble.
Gingitsune turned towards Shinja, the monster was looking pathetic, and the collaborative attack was going amazingly!
The creature began to look completely worn out, and no more than a normal monster, bending under everyone's constant attack.
"I should probably do my part too!" Gingitsune said, grinning, and raising her wand up high.
She knew her attacks weren't of the best element, but Shinja was really weak now, and anything would work on it, one more round of attacks, it would be dead... finally.
She synchronized her final attack with everyone elses, having regained all of the energy she had lost before, fighting Shinja...
Everyone raised their weapon, and Gingitsune's wand glowed, in a stormy aura.
"Alright everyone, on three, attack it, I think it should be enough!"
One, two, three...
Everyone exploded into a flash of speed, swords, spears, and wands raised against the creature who was struggling to move, and didn't have a chance in hell at blocking.
"GiRai Rom!"
Shinja shuddered under all of the blows, and Gingitsune's attack crackled all over it's beaten body, then it raised it's head for one final time, and collapsed.
Everything went really quiet, and everyone let out a breath of relief.
Gingitsune grinned broadly, "Oh wow... We finally did it! I didn't actually think we would ever make it out of this disgusting heat! Let's just go back to Mac Anu... I'm throwing myself into the first puddle of water I see!"
Gingitsune knew that wasn't the last they'd see of Royce, she was just too obnoxious to leave them alone, and actually, Gingitsune was looking forward to it...
To beating the smirk off Royce's face.
Gingitsune grinned evilly with the thought, and then motioned to everyone else.
"We're pretty much done here, ne? No reason to stay, we're just about half boiled anyway," Gingitsune winked, and loosened her hair...
The next place they meet Royce, had better be cooler...
"I need to buy a new weapon too! Not that I don't love the old Wand of Storms, but I need some different spells..."
With that Gingitsune waited for everyone to be ready to set out, some of them looked too exhausted to even move, others were standing over Shinja's dead body, and some were just standing around in little groups, smiling in relief.

(ooc: sorry, had to end it here, lol, I'm sure you all won't mind! I think we should have some nice quality time in Mac Anu before we set out anywhere again, atleast for a little bit! And I'm leaving on Saturday *sniffle*, though I probably willll be on Tomorrow and some of Saturday morning/afternoon)

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 8:09 pm 
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ramza jumps up and down and pumps his fist in the air. he is extatic. they finally did it, they beat down the shinja, and they apparently scared away royce.....just as he thought of this second thing, he stopped and stood calmly. it isn't over. it wont be over. where are they going next. he woke up out of his trance.

"okay, im ready to go nall, when we leaving?" he said the rest quietly. "nall, dont worry about it, we all came willingly.....our on will. dont feel bad. we cant expect you to do everything."

ramza sat back down next to nall and thought about all that has happened

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2003 8:58 pm 
(OOC: hehehe, I tryed to make it sound as much like your character as possible Kayin! ^^)

Nall looks at everyone and smiles. They did it. They beat Royce twice now. Victories that he couldn't have done on his own. Even though he knew she was just playing with them, actually beating her monsters was impressive. Even though they beat the monster however, all he learned about Royce was that she was still as strong as before. Nall looked at Ramza.
'Thanks Ramza. I just feel really bad about deciving you guys... I should have told you all about everything... You guys... Without you all we couldn't have beaten that monster!'
Before anyone could respond he decided he was being to emotional.
'Royce lifted the barrier when she left. I'll transport us all back now!'
Nall took out the gold card again and held it high in the air. The whole group had magic rings around them and they transported back to Mac Anu. At Mac Anu everything appeard to be normal. The admins were still around and the knights of war were parading the streets. But no one seemed to notice anything about the hacked area. Balmung gave the group a quick glance. Nall could tell that he knew where they'd been, but he knew Balmung wouldn't bother them too much. It was Kamui who was the problem. They had to keep it a secret from her and the knights of war.
'just a quick announcement... No one say anything about what just happened or where we just were out in public... If you want to talk about it I have a special place we can go to...'
The others had weird looks on their faces. Where could they go that wasn't patrolled by the knights of war? Nall walked over to the edge of town. There was hardly anyone there. Nall looked at everyone, held out a red card and tapped on the wall with his sword. The wall suddenly opened like a door.
'This isn't a hack but it is quite useful! come inside everyone.'
They all went inside. Everyone can rest here if they like. People like Nevaeh might like it here because it's hidden from the admins etc. If you want to leave there's an escape exit that leads out under the bridge.'
Nall walked over to a shelf, put up all his armor and equipment and then sat down on a big comfy couch. He looked at everyone who was also finding places to sit.
'you can't get in here without me but I'll let you all in if I'm around.'
He looked at the group. They obviously had some questions for him but he was a little tired and let them make the first move if they wanted to.

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