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Cursed Corrupted Pilgramige

Post by Nall » Mon Apr 14, 2003 10:09 pm

Nall and Gingitsune were away for a good while. They finnaly returned to the hideout and the secret door opened. When they returned nothing was mentioned about where they had been. Nall looked normal, a somewhat emotionless face but it seemed a little more... depressed. Gingitsune looked just like Nall did at the moment which was particularily unusal for her. She had lost that lovely cheerful smile that she often had. Some of the players asked where they'd been but niether player was going to answer. Nall perked up a bit as he adressed everyone.
'Come on everyone, it's time to go! We'll be going to 'Cursed Corrupted Pilgramige' It's a level 14 water field. Anyways, I gave you all enough time to prepare I would think. Let get going! Oh, by the way Nevaeh, you'll be able to hack monsters if you wanted to because there wont be anything special there.'
With that he looks at Gingitsune, she gave the best smile she could to him and turned towards the door. Nall sends a flash mail to all the players telling them to meet at the chaos gate. Nall, Gingitsune and everyone else walked to the chaos gate. Nall checked his inventory as he comenly did. However, this time his inventory was quite well packed, which was suprising to him. He even included items that could help a group instead of just one player since now they had to work together. They arrived at the chaos gate. Kurai and the others that were wandering around town were already there waiting.
'Yo! Let's not waste anymore time!'
They all walked up to the chaos gate as Nall shouted into the air.
'Cursed Corrupted Pilgramige!'
They arrived on the field. It seemed to be a normal ice field. It was cold but not unusually cold. However everyone did feel the cold. Someone asked why this happened since this was't supposed to be a hacked field.
'Our characters are modified now since we've been in contact with Royce. From now on while we're in a field zone we'll feel pain or whatever. The only way to get rid of this is to either destroy the hacker network or make a new character. Since you're all in on this we'll just have to deal with it. It's no biggy.'
Gingitsune was enjoying the cold. Her face had lightened up a lot since they got in the new field. She seemed to have forgotten about what happened with Nall, or tryed to forget it. Nall however was shivering. Nall HATED the cold and even with his huge jacket and multiple layers her was still freezing on this moderatly cold level. It was obvious his preference was the boiling hot dungeon they were in before.
'Well everyone, the dungeon is to the north. If we see anymonsters they should be weak compared to what we usually fight. However they still will be around level 14 so be careful.'
With that Nall started walking north holding himself as if it was 40 below.

(OOC: Xero, Kaisamyuu niether of you have confirmed that you want to come with us... I don't know what you want to do but Kurai has already said he's with us and thus, he's in the main story line. Anyways if you want to come with the group you'd better say somthing EARLY. I don't want to sound too picky but we can't have people showing up in the middle of this event or any for that matter.)


Post by Kaisamyuu » Mon Apr 14, 2003 10:21 pm

**Kaisamyuu finally moves from his spot behind the Magic Shop, walking slowly, keeping his head low and his face hidden. He steps up the steps as he passes the Recorder, heading towards the Gate, his long cloak dragging behind him as he stops behind the group. As he is gated to the new fridged area, he still shows no sign of emotion. The cold seems not to bother him and you barely see his warm breath in the cold air. As they head off North, he keeps to the back of the group, taking up the rear if anything decides to pop up and meet his blade. He doesn't leave footsteps behind him as his cloak runs over his tracks. As he walks, his body still remains hidden, but underneath he is tense and alert, finally ready to destroy something.**

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Post by Nighthand » Mon Apr 14, 2003 10:30 pm

the golden rings scrolled down from his field of view, an nighthand stepped out into the first ice field he had ever been to. he pulled his cloak out of a pocket and threw it over his shoulders, fastening it in the front with a golden charm.

he took a few steps away from the area where they all appeared. the snow and ice coating the ground was slippery, but not enough to make it hard to walk on. it might be hard to run swiftly, but they shouldn't need that with the large group. he looked over to where a few people had gathered around the leader, nall.

he went over to them and joined the group.

"So nall. whick way do we go?"

"That way."
he pointed out to the horizon.
the group started off, with nall in the front. nighthand followed closely behind.


Post by Xeronemoff » Mon Apr 14, 2003 11:06 pm

He quickly follows the group and enters the new world, he looks around slightly weirded out before looking around for the group but he is quickly confronted by some grunty food and he picks it just in case"Hmm this looks a lil interesting maybe I could use it later in the game but until then where is everyone!!!"

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Post by Hijinx » Mon Apr 14, 2003 11:48 pm

Her breath steaming in the cold air, hijinx began to blow rings of steam. She didn't really like the cold, but she din't think it was all that bad anyway. Laughing at nall she decided to play around a bit with the new guy. "Hey Xeronemoff, think fast!" He turns just in time to catch a snowball in the face. The laughter of hijinx only draws attention to the fact that she's light enough to walk on the snow instead of through it. "I like this place, it's fun!" She skillfully dodges Xeronemoff as he drags his weight and moves as quickly as he can after her. Being more agile then him she quickly leaps over and white washes him. Stopping for a second she fastens a hooded cloak of white about herself and ties a pair of miniature stuffed penguins to her weapon.

OOC: My character looks nothing like a hamster. I wear arabic style clothing and am humanish. You know, like genie's wear, but more coverage, it's cold here you know.
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Post by Kayin » Tue Apr 15, 2003 12:01 am

Kayin quietly followed Nall and Gingitsune to the Chaos Gate.
As the golden rings appeared and then disappeared he let out a soft groan, seemingly a little irritated at going from a lava pit, to a snow field. But with a shake of his head he begins trudging along with the group.
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Post by Yammy » Tue Apr 15, 2003 12:41 am

**Yammy tumbles out from the Chao gate and lands right infront of the party, looking at each person as she blinks a bit and immedietly stands up, her legs shivering** H-hi everyone, I'd like to join your group...you seem like a nice bunch of people.**She then looks at Kaisamyuu, smiling** Hiya Kaisa! But, back to the point, may I please join your party?


Post by Kaisamyuu » Tue Apr 15, 2003 1:02 am

**Kaisamyuu turns slightly as he sees Yammy tumble out of the Chaos gate, a small sweatdrop on the side of his head. He gives a gentle smile as he waits for her to join the party, his face hidden even to her. He glad that she is here, for she is one of the friends he has been waiting for. Now there was only one friend left to join, but would she make it in time? Kaisamyuu pondered this as he removed his cloak for the very first time, letting all see his appearance that was all so long hidden under the dark as night cloak. You are slightly surprised to see how well he could blend in with the scenery if he had lost the black attire. His soft, white eyes look over to Yammy as he pulls his cloak around her, tying it at the neck of the girl and pulling the hood over on her head playfully. He gives a light smile to her before turning back Northward, looking out beyond the frozen desert terrain. He silently stares for a brief second before looking back to Yammy then the rest of the group as he pulls his blade up a bit as it clings in it's normal position on his back.**

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Post by Ryo Blazerock » Tue Apr 15, 2003 1:02 am

As Yammy stumbled through the portal, Ryo popped out the next second. "Jeese, where are all these people comin from?" Nall asked to no one in particular, shviering in cold.

Ryo sat still in the winter temperatures. He had gone through worse, but the ice was not his favorite landscape. "I wish to join your party," Ryo stated solemnly, staring confidently at the group of more experienced warriors.

"Listen kids, we'd love for you two to join us, but this is a Level 14 Terrain, a bit much for you-WHOA!" Nall cried as a large Yetti beast came careening out from a mountain, sending a large hairy fist toward's Nall.

Kaisamyuu leapt in front of Nall just in time, the Yetti's large first glancing off of his blade. The other warrior's in the pary took a battle stance and charged the gargantuan creature with mighty force.

Ryo swung his spear up, lightly slicing the Yetti's belly. Nighthand swung his huge blad into the Yetti's side, smashing it to the ground. Hinjinx Dragon Spear flew through the air and stabbed the fallen ice monster. The large beast was finished by Nall's blade that stabbed through it's ribs from the side.

Nall ripped his sword through the back of the beast, sending it flying. "So can we join the party now?" Ryo asked with a smile on his face.


Post by Kaisamyuu » Tue Apr 15, 2003 1:07 am

OOC Some entrance....

**He places his arms over his chest as he crosses them neatly, his white, dead eyes moving over towards Ryo**

"I think it's a bit much for you too....she isn't the only one at level 1."


Post by Nall » Tue Apr 15, 2003 2:35 am

(OOC: Guess what, Nall is going on a rant again! I leave for an hour and I come back to 3 pages of posts!!! All by the same people by the way... Now, I've already done a rant about this so go find it somewhere and read it. ANYWAYS, I deleted all those posts because they are #1 one line posts which I strickly said there shouldn't be. and #2 it was totally irrevalent to anything. Now I probably sound like I have a stick up my bumb and hey, I just might but this is an example of why I suggested that all new players have to play in the sub plot for a while to get used to things and then maybe do a test or somthing... Anyways, If you all want to post like you were doing, hey thats fine. but do it in the sub plots please. Let the people in the main story play. Thank you, that is the end of my rant. If you have problems, PM me, don't spam the main plot more then it needs to be. And the reason why I posted this in the thread is because some people obviously don't read the annoucements etc.)

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Post by Tirath » Tue Apr 15, 2003 2:38 am

Tirath enters Mac Anu, ready to join the rest of the group and do his part in defeating the hackers. He reaches the hideout only to discover that the door is now locked. He runs around, asking anyone if they have seen any of the members of the party. Out of the corner of his eye he spots a cloaked man running as he approaches. He chases him down and corners him in an alley. After a bit of "persuation", the man speaks up and says that the party went to the field Cursed Corrupted Pilgramige. Tirath makes a dead sprint for the chaosgate and quickly enters the key words. He arrives just in time to see Nall bearing down on a yetti. His first thought, was that maybe they didn't need his help after all. The next thougth was that it was rather cold, he wished he had worn warmer clothing.

OOC sorry to make such a sloppy entrance, but you left me in my personal field. I had to get in some way righ?
also sorry bout havin to redo this post, didn't realize the yetti was dead :oops: .
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Post by Kaisamyuu » Tue Apr 15, 2003 2:39 am

OOC: (( Bleh, I did read the Announcements, and I am well familiar on how to RP here. That was more of a fun thing to do while we were waiting for you to continue to RP. And I don't mean fun by annoying you with all those one liners. I shall apologize. ))


Post by Xeronemoff » Tue Apr 15, 2003 3:27 am

Lays back in the snow not quite that sad here he wonders what will happen later if anything at all...He stabs his sword into the ground and rests some there since most of the monsters in the area were cleared he slowly drifted off...."Hmmm I wonder what will happen later, maybe I will return to Mac Anu but I rather like it here in the cold.He says to himself...

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Post by Kurai » Tue Apr 15, 2003 6:54 am

Kurai stood beside Nall and Gingitsune, His spear pointed forward, ready for anything to come their way. He was glad his clothes werent very thin, as he thought his armor plates must feel quite cold, about this time. He blended in with the snow, his pure white clothing making the blue runemarks seem to glow.

Kurai looked back at the group, trailing behind them. Most of them were following in the footsteps of the othes, to make treading through the snow easier. It seemed they had picked up a few 'newbies' this time around, which was good and bad. He just hoped they all had played other MMORPGs or something, and knew not to expect a walk in the park. He took a breif look at them all, and one caught his eye the most - a wavemaster, with a purple cape, and eyes to match. He looked at her wand, and sighed. It looked to be a Nautilus Wand, which unfortunately, didnt cast fire. His thoughts went from newbies to spells, and then he hoped someone in the group had fire attacks... His were mainly wood. It didnt matter to him, though... he wasnt a caster. He had his wooden spear to do the damage...

Kurai came out of his daze, to realize they had moved a good distance. "So, what exactly is here?" Kurai looked onward, but spoke in the direction of Nall. "I would certainly like to know what we are against, in this field and dungeon... Last time, we were led in blind." He hoped those words didn't cut deep into Nall, as he really didnt mean them in a negative tone.
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