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Post by Kayin » Fri Jun 06, 2003 8:40 pm

Kayin moved towards the inscription and read it carefully. With a moments thought he sighed, three words came instantly to his mind. But, which one was most likely the answer, Kayin wasn't sure, and he didn't want to risk the wrong answer.

"This one is rather easy, but maybe too easy. I can think of three answers that could fit perfectly." he said as he thought some more. "Wait, two of them could be placed in the other one as categorizing"

Kayin quickly moved to the letter and looked for an S, then a T, next an O, then an R, and finally an M. "Storm, it should be the answer." But nothing happened.

Kayin tilted his head curiously, "Well nothing bad happened, hmm the sea, that would most likely rule out tornado, so hurricane?" Kayin quickly went to spell out the word. H, U, R, R, I, C, A, N, E. He waited quietly for something to happen.
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Post by Nall » Fri Jun 06, 2003 9:29 pm

The ground shook a little and then instead of a bridge appearing and stone rose up in the middle of the platform. It had a short inscription which read:

What is a clear aquamarine color...
usually found in liquid form...
needed to live...
and is sometimes called H2O...

The answer is obviously water right?
You might be thinking these riddles are getting easier not harder...
but lets try and fix it up a bit...

What is a clear aquamarine color...
usually found in liquid form...
has a mind but no body...
has no eyes but can see...
Lives but feels no pain...
and can take the form of whatever it wishes...

As soon as the players finnished reading this the stone exploded and a bridge appeared connecting them to the next platform. Some commented on the weird stone that was confusing to say the least. As the players crossed to the next platform the water below them was quite rough now... It was almost scary to look down. once the players got to the other side they were suprised to see nothing... Nothing was there and the bridge to the platform with the dragon head statue was there. Tokki had begun to feel uneasy... Something was wrong and she didn't like it. She was starting to lose her connection with the water... She was too proud to mention it though but the rougher the water got, the more her senses of the water were dwindeling.

You are weak... And it will be proven!

Tokki clenched her teeth. Even though she'd never admit it she was feeling a little scared since she had begun to lose control over the water. They all began to step forward with Tokki showing no signs of emotion. Some of the players were confused... Some were happy that they were almost done. Some however realized what was going on. It was all... too easy and whenever they have encountered this type of scenerio it spelled bad news for the team. They tried to be extra careful as they crossed the next bridge. But to their suprise, the statue was ungaurded and it didn't seem as if anything was around stopping them from achieving their goal. Until they tried to walk inside the mouth of the dragon head statue that is. There was a magical protective barrier blocking them from entering. They were confused, how were they supposed to get past the barrier to the key? Someone spoke up, they had found another riddle...

Among you there are many brave adventurers...
Each with their own special abilities and weapons...
To open this door you must each use your gifted ability...
Once all have shown it the path to your destiny will be opened...

Once again, another weird message. The players wern't sure on what they should do but at least it wasn't like the riddles they had before. It was more like it was telling them what to do. They pondered for a sec but some of them stepped up. Showing their best and most brillant abilities to try and break the magic seal...

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Post by Tirath » Fri Jun 06, 2003 10:07 pm

Special Talent? What is my special talent anyway? I'm not really all that strong and I'm not that smart.....

I'm alittle crazy sometimes or rather reckless when I worry too much about failing the group. If anything I cause more trouble for the group when I get myself in trouble.

I don't have time for all these games, I have to find Kat damnit. Wait is that it? My devotion to my friends could be my special talent right?
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Post by ramza » Fri Jun 06, 2003 10:36 pm

OOC: easy, ive done reports on this.

ramza steps forward to the next. another riddle is written. eye that cannot see. watch by the see...maybe a storm, he thought. he thought of all he learned before he logged into the world.

"wait a tick, this is easy. the answer is a hurricane. i am sure." as for special ability though, in the real world it was that i was crafty, cunning, and witty...but here...?
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Post by Kayin » Fri Jun 06, 2003 10:46 pm

Kayin thought throught the problem briefly 'Special Talent, what makes us each special... Its not going to be something from our class skills, that would be way too simple..'

"I somehow have a feeling that its not the skills we employ from the game, but something personal that gives each of us our edge in the game." he said aloud as he moved closer to the magical seal. Kyain reached up with his sword to test the barrier, no effect. Next Kayin tried his left hand and pushed, the appendage was still sore, but Kayin pushed anyway. "Hmm, perhaps that may be it for me..."

Kayin determinedly pushed against the barrier, he was giving it everything he had, that was all he had, the will and determination to pass. Kayin used every position he could think of to force his way through, his left arm was throbbing from the pressure, not as badly as before but it still ached. And it was hurting him, he continued pushing as he casted a repth spell on his arm.

Several people stared at Kayin, slowly realizing he causing himself pain as he was trying the seal. Others in the party were wondering if the heavy blade had lost it, he was slowly hurting himself with his attempt.
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Post by Kurai » Fri Jun 06, 2003 11:14 pm

Kurai stood next to Kayin. He put a hand on the barrier as well. He first winced in pain from the sudden shock. It was as if thousands of needles were shooting through his hand by the second.

"I am here, friend." Kurai closed his eyes, and pushed harder. My skill.. My will to help others, my wish for my friends safety.. This is the only skill I possess that i would deem great. Kurai casted repth on both himself, and Kayin. My weapon, it does not lie on my back. My weapon is myself. My thoughts, my actions, it is the only thing that seperates me from everyone, as well as the mindless creations we constantly battle. It is the best thing i can put forward.
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Post by Asgard » Sat Jun 07, 2003 2:12 am

Asgard raised his Kotetsu Sword into the air. He could easily say that this is his contribution to the team...a rare and valuable weapon. Yet, even that wasn't his only contribution.

Asgard struck the barrier with his sword. It stuck into place in the ethereal guard. Asgard could feel the force rejecting the sword, trying to push it back like a set stone in a tornado. He pressed on, almost walking in place, his sword trying to cut the barrier.

"I will aid too," he added, "We can't let this slow us down." As he pressed on, trying his very hardest.

My strength...my battle prowress...I could say all of those are which that I can contribute to my team...No...My strength is my past experiences and those that I've witnessed with my new friends...That is my true power.
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Post by Tokki » Sat Jun 07, 2003 2:53 am

Tokki stepped forward, uneasily. A single, slender hand had swept around her back and pulled forth her Glaive. She gritted her teeth, frustrated, and forced her eyes shut, holding back something from the rest of her group. This evicted a couple of quick glances, though nobody took too much notice to her anguish. She was becoming frustrated, and it wasn't only because she was losing the connection to her ability to control the water elements effectively-- but it was because she was losing her connection to KJ at the same time...

She was forgetting.

A single teardrop fell lazily from her cheek, running over the side and splashing silently onto her hand, before running along her contours and dampening the handle to her Glaive. The teardrop resonated with her, though weakly, and made her spear glow a faint blue color. She swalloed hard, and stepped to the barrier, thrusting forth her glaive. She forgot about her sorrows, and spoke.

"I--I contribute to our group my agility, strategic prowess in battle, and strong-willed personality.." she paused, swallowing hard again, and forcing herself to keep her eyes opened, "personality traits that hopefully will turn out to be a positive addition towards obtaining our goals as people suffering through the same dire straits."

Tokki's head dropped, and she sighed under her breath. She would have to pull through on the outside-- and on the inside. Being emotional was not something she was used to.
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Post by Argilus » Sat Jun 07, 2003 7:26 am

Argilus, who continually remained quite almost the whole period, finally gave out a large sigh. His frustration of being with these people was starting to wear thin. With all the riddles and people trying to show off to each other, he would rather be fighting these battles alone. Glancing afar, he could see Kurai pressing still against the barrier, Argilus moved up, passed him on the left, almost in a careless strut.

Forget all this. This is foolish! Nothing but childish games and simple creatures, where is the fun in teams, when all you do is sit around and think all day!” Argilus was obviously holding something back. Was he truly this upset? He was gripping his blades, and turning them a bit, shining the light against some of the plat forms.

All this talk about talent, so far you’ve been showing nothing but what you can do with your gifts! Tell me, why do you people continue to move forward? Answers? Ha, answers only lead you to trail another question, until you’ve found such an answer you think it’s right, but the answer has question to it, then you end up at the beginning. An endless cycle of thoughts, pondering one after the other.” Argilus blurted. He had been thoughtless for way to long, and so he wanted action. He had no time for riddles, but that was the only way to get through. Patience wasn’t very high on his preference stats.

The still continued to struggle against the barrier, pushing and giving it there all. Till it seemed like they weren’t pushing at all, but just holding their selves there. Argilus almost met eyes with Tokki, but he looked away, for he would begin to feel shame to see such pointless efforts. This was it, Argilus had no hope for anything or anyone, and it was like he just never had much to give in the first place. His stubbornness and arrogance would soon strike the others, but was it a last ditch effort to try something else, or was it just a way of dealing with the recent occurrences. Now, Argilus looked upon the barrier, Kurai, Tokki, Asgard, and Kayin still focusing what they thought was the answer.

Another sigh, arose from Argilus. “Fine.” His hands unwrapped his blades, and his hands set upon the barrier. Closing his eyes, searching, he could only find the pit of being lost. He was lost, because these people were working so hard for the answers, but not knowing why. He just knew that they had to.
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