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Ruri look down, thinking what can she do? What was so special about her. She didn't trust any of these people except for Rayo and Vera. She's in a coma just like the rest of them, there's nothing she can do. She was trapped in the same video game which put her cousin in the same coma. She watch the others find out their strengths and what to offer in the group. But she saw no point since none of them knew each other

Ruri sat indian style and began to think. She's failed at everything she could do, except for loving her fiancee. Then she thought about it, her fiancee, what if he came in the world and tried to do what she did. And see how she came in a coma and then went into a coma himself. She placed her hands on her ears seeing such a image in her head. Her eyes widen and can see her finacee being stuck in the world like her. Tears formed and began to drop, as a few spurts of memroies came to her.

Jorge:Say Maria....
Jorge:I love you, you know that.
Maria:Of course Jorge! and I love you too.
Jorge:You know what I love about you.
Jorge:Your heart mi amor, your heart.
Maria:Oh? What makes you say that?
Jorge:Because I never seen any one with a big heart as you, always caring for other people and trying to protect them as best you can.
Maria:I best isn't good enough to save any one...
Jorge:don't say that! Of course it is! you've changed a lot of peoples lives in your community.
Maria:But..I can't save mi familia. My cousin's in a coma and no one knows why! I just wish...I went with my cousin back to Los he offered me..I could of saved him!
Jorge:Amor...somethings are ment to happen. If you really want to help him, see if you can trace how it happen, so you can stop it happening from others and maybe it'll save your cousin.
Maria:You think so Jorge?
Jorge:I know so amor, besides you only can save the people you care for.
Maria:yeah..I guess your right.

Ruri snapped out of her memory of what her, fiancee, Jorge said. Ruri looked at Rayo, seeing him sacrifice herself for the group, but she couldn't allow that. Besides, Rayo a little bit rminded her of Jroge to much, cause at times he acted like Rayo. Ruri grabbed Rayo's wand, being shocked by it as well."Stop Rayo...that's enough...this can't be the only thing you can offer for this group to break the seal...." Rayo shook his head and looked at Ruri, trying to keep her away. "This is the only thing I have to offer the group." He said.

"No it isn't, now stop it!" Ruri gained a good grasp of his wand and put her foot on his chest and quickly kicked him in the stomach good breaking stopping him from attacking himself and Ruri being shocked. Ruri fell to one knee injuried a bit from Rayos lighting. She gave Rayo a warm smile, for the first time and then regianed her arrogant composer.

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