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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 3:42 am 
Corsel charged at Ruri swing her sword violently, only but to miss Ruri and hit the ground, causing earthquakes here and there. Ruri mocked and laughed at Corsel's fustration. Corsel began to slowly lose her temper even more and began to make even more mistakes. Ruri took the antiative and kicked Corsel once in the stomach, sending her flying on the ground, with her blade flying to the other side. Corsel held her stomach in pain while a few drops of tears rolled down her cheek.

"Aw, I'm sorry, does your tummy hurt? Would you like some gasex?"Ruri said walking up to Corsel. Ruri held her hand out to help Corsel out. "That was rather uncalled for from me. I appologize, lets fight fair Corsel." Ruri said giving her a warm smile. Corsel growled like a wild animal at Ruri, only smacking her hand away hard. "I see....well if you don't wish any kindness from me now, then so be it Corsel. I was going to give you a small chance. But I see you want to go it the hard way. RaiDon!"

Ruri shocked Corsel. Corsel hit the ground again, this time fried from the zap. darn I gotta be careful with my SP, because I know I have very little left now, if even little now. Man, the rest of the way all I can do is beat her up martail arts way. At first it seemed Corsel wasn't going to get up again. Ruri noticed this as a few moments later. Ruri used her wand and poked Corsel to see if she'll get up. Nothing at all, Corsel's body seem to be lifeless now. Ruri kneeled and went to close Corsel's eyes before her body disappeared. But soon as Ruri reached out, Corsel grabbed her wrist and began to twist it as she began to get up.

"Thought I was dead huh? Not so fast, I don't die that easily brat!" Ruri screamed in pain as Corsel twisted her wrist more and more as both of them were standing. Corsel pushed Ruri to the ground as Corsel walked over to her blade and grabbed it. Corsel walked back over soon as Ruri rose back up, holding her wrist in pain. Corsel grabbed Ruri by the air and bent her head back a bit, having Ruri look at her while tears of her own formed. "Well well, it seems the little harlot is crying now. How does it feel to be in pain? Good you say? Well then, let me make it even better."

Corsel picked up her blade by one hand and hit the blade hard in the ground having a huge spike rise from the ground. "Now be a good girl and cry out in pain." Corsel threw Ruri into the air and then she jumped into the air, putting her fists together and smacked Ruri hard in the stomach, having her fall on to the spike hard. Ruri's body missed the spike, but her shoulder blade went through it. Through out the whole arena, everyone can hear Ruri scream out in pain. Corsel landed on her feet and snapped her fingers.

"Damn, I missed having her body land on the spike. That's ok. I'll fix that, well consider yourself fortunate little one. We get to play even more." She said having the spike disappear. Ruri slowly sat up holding her shoulder blade. Ruri's Hp went down dramatically because of the spike. Ruri sighed, knowing she only had two healthy drinks left. Ruri slowly reached for her wand, but hand trouble trying to hold it because of her injuried wrist. "You may of injuried me dramatically, but it'll take more than that to stop me from fighting." Ruri used her legs to help herself up. Ruri barely held on to her wand and charged Corsel as best as she could, but Corsel blocked her wand attack with her blade.

"Nice try, but in your state, you'll never defeat me now." Corsel said smirking. "Oh yeah, well don't count me out yet. Because just like me, your Hp is just as low."Ruri said. Ruri used her legs to Kick Corsel away from her. Ruri stood on one leg, keeping her balance, while focusing her attention on Corsel. "Give it up Corsel. Because as of now you can't win, its over now." Corsel looked at Ruri with a blank expression and the busted out with laugher.

As Corsel laugh, Ruri charged as best as she could with her wand, and stabbed Corsel with it through her arm. "I eye for an eye..." Ruri said. Corsel's mouth dropped and then looked at her arm with Ruri's wand through it. Corsel was in to much shock to scream in pain. Ruri Barely kicked Corsel away, so she could have her wand back. Both women fell to the ground, really unable to get back up again. Ruri let go of her wand and laid on the ground with her eyes open, unable to move any part of her body.

I can't use my last two healthy drinks..I know I'll need them for later....*sigh* I lie here, hoping Corsel will die. Unless she heals herself, then I'm screwed...Somebody..anybody...please....finish off Corsel or help me up to finish her. Don't let her heal herself. Ruri closed her eyes, hoping for some sort of mircle to happen to at least finish her opponent off for good.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:33 pm 
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Tokki was already a couple steps ahead of Ruri. Standing behind the fallen Corsel, Tokki lowered the blue orb of her Mistglaive towards the hackers head, washing her face area with a cerulean illumination that seemed to accentuate the sadness and pain that the hacker was experiencing at the time. Tokki wondered how it must feel to look death straight in the eye without any ability to get a word in edgewise. An eerie gust of wind swept through Tokki's hair, relocating the cyan locks from her face and lifting her blue tresses from her shoulders.

"No mercy." Tokki muttered, under her breath. Without hesitation, a sharp blade of ice extended from the orb of floating water, slicing into the hackers head from straight between the eyes making a sickening sound like a machete going through a melon. Tokki turned her head away from the vile scene, and waited for the hackers body to turn grey before turning back to the injured Ruri.

Tokki knelt down by her side, and helped her to a sitting position. The girl coughed up a bit of blood, and Tokki's expression turned from unchanging stoicism to one of worry.

"Here, you can use mine." The long arm held out her hand to offer the wavemistress a Health Drink that would restore her to health so that they could all aid Kayin in his battle if need be. Tokki shifted her gaze to Kayin and the hacker he was facing to get a grasp on the situation.

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