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Gingitsune vs. Halcyon

Post by Gingitsune » Tue Sep 09, 2003 9:06 pm

A deafening roar of jeers erupted from the stadium, only minutes before it had been a cheer. Gingitsune smiled, "So, we've won again..."

Unlike most of her teammates, Gingitsune had preferred not to watch the battles taking place in the arena, and had left, wandering into the half-deserted root town of the Yamiyo Server, Mukamuka Suru. The place was aptly named, 'disgusting' really was the first word to come into mind. It was a dark, filthy, gloomy place that made Gingitsune ache for Mac Anu and it's beautiful bridges and sparkling, clear water. The town itself was full of unsavoury characters, all dressed completely in black with sharp, flashing, narrowed eyes, and dark expressions.

Gingi made her way to the Inn, cautiously opening the door, and walking in with her head held high, and her eyes cold, distant. She sat down at the long, black marble bar that occupied the west wall, and motioned lightly to the bartender. He was the same as the rest of them, a fat paunchy man with lank black hair and unnerving rat-like yellow eyes.
"What can I get for you?" he asked her, in a greasy voice as he looked her up and down. "Green tea," Gingi replied, unsmiling, "and in a clean glass too- if it's at all possible." The bartender narrowed his eyes and scuttled away quickly.
Gingi heard the barstool next to her squeak slightly, and she looked over from the corner of her eye.

A strangely dressed man had sat down next to her, he was short- just about her height, or perhaps slightly taller. He had pale skin on his handsome face, and his long, black hair was tied loosely at the base of his neck. He caught her glance and grinned, giving her a thumbs up that almost made Gingitsune spit her green tea out from laughter.

"Good day my fair lady," he said with a flourish, in a mock gallant tone,
"you're obviously not someone who comes to Yamiyo often- are you?"
"No," Gingi confessed, "it's my first time here- I came for..."
"The tournament" he interrupted, "I watched a little of it, but it's not very exciting is it? I prefer fighting to watching."
"So do I," said Gingi, taking another sip of her tea.
He glanced over at her wand and raised an eyebrow.
"Strange quality in a Wavemistress. Maybe you chose the wrong class Miss-"
"Gingitsune, maybe you should have become a Blademaster, or atleast a Twin Blade."
"Despite what you think, wavemaster has it's advantages, and I've never lost a battle yet..."
"Oh?" he said, turning to face her, "Well neither have I Miss Gingitsune, would you care to battle me?"
Gingitsune noticed that his left eye was covered by a black eyepatch.
"I wouldn't want to break your record, " she said, smiling sweetly, "and besides, I don't fight anyone without knowing their name first."
"It's Halcyon."
"Halcyon the Heavy Blade, yes," Gingitsune said with a wink, "I would like to battle you- but unfortunately- I can't" she said as she heard the loudspeakers announcing a 10 minute break before the second-to-last match- her mathc.
"I want to... erm... attend this match."
"Oh really? I'm positive it will be a very quick one."
Gingitsune raised an eyebrow, "Oh really?"
"I know one of the fighters very well, and he's quite good..."
"Aren't you going to support your friend?" Gingi asked.
"Oh yes, I think I will..."
"Well," said Gingi, smiling, "I'll see you there then..."
"Yes," Halcyon said, leaning his head on his arm as he watched her leave, "yes, you will."

(ooc: this was part one :D more parts soon!)

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Post by Gingitsune » Thu Sep 11, 2003 11:48 pm

The arena had emptied slightly for the intermission, and Gingitsune arrived five minutes before the start of her match. An anxious face met hers.
“Where have you been!? You’re going to miss your match Gingi!”
Gingitsune grinned slyly, and slumped onto the bench, propping up her wand. “I’m here now- I was just having a drink at the bar.” Armina laughed at this, and sat down next to Gingitsune. “Do you know who you’re going to fight?” she asked.
“No, I prefer my fights to be surprises, I don’t really enjoy prefabricated strategies,” she said with a sigh, “ I only hope it’s a heavier class so I can have more chances to cast spells before getting hit.” Her glance swept over her battered and bruised group, and her eyes widened as they finally fell upon Argilus… That was Argilus minus one arm. Suddenly she was glad that she hadn’t attended all of the fights, something like that doesn’t give a person much confidence for their own fight. Then again, they had all won, she told herself with a reassuring smile.
Two shrill beeps sounded from the loudspeakers, and Gingitsune stretched- arching her back like a cat.
“Would the two competitors please enter the arena.” Asked the commentator, though commanded was more like it.
Gingitsune gingerly grabbed her wand, smoothed her dress, kicked a rock out of her shoe, and took a step forward. She smiled at the words of encouragement and good luck that her friends gave her, and stepped into the arena entrance.
“Representing Delta Server is Wavemistress Gingitsune.”
From the other side of the arena, one green eye widened in surprise. The man shifted his sword as he saw the wavemistress enter the ring to few cheers. She held herself proudly, and scanned the arena with her cattish eyes as she waited.
“Representing Yamiyo Server is Heavy-Blade Halcyon!”
A loud cheer erupted into the stadium, and Halcyon stepped forward smiling at his surprised adversary.

(sorry for the shortness! :cry: but, I have an essay to write, and I haven't eaten dinner yet! I hope this holds you over until tomorrow :wink: !)

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Post by Rayo » Thu Sep 11, 2003 11:54 pm

Rayo's eyes narrowed. Gingitsune had finally arrived. She hadn't been studying any of the matches. Nor had she been inclined to join them in the planning sessions back at the hideout. Judging by her expression from seeing Argilus, she hadn't paid attention to the previous matches at all. All he could hope was that she had been scoping out competitors that weren't near the arena. What else would one have been doing all this time that would make sense. When he saw his partner reach Gingitsune, the words exchanged troubled him. She was at a bar? Wasn't she taking it seriously? True, no reason to get overanxious or upset in a match against hackers. But...after a quick glance at Argilus, couldn't she make sure even if she wins, that she survives without injury?
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Post by Gingitsune » Sat Sep 13, 2003 6:56 pm

He bowed to her, and spoke softly. "Well Miss Wavemistress, it seems we get to have our fight after all."
Gingitsune grinned, and nodded, "another tally to add to my wand" she said, with a wink. She moved her fingers over the deeply carved tally marks that she had made on the long handle of her wand.
"We shall see, love." said Halcyon, as the referee came forward, seperating them, and repeating the rules- of which there weren't many...
The countdown started.
Five... Four...
Gingitsune steeled herself for the battle, running all of her spells and items through her mind.
Three... Two...
Halcyon adjusted his grip on the sword, making a swift, powerful practise swing over his head before setting it down again.
One... BEEP!
At the sound of the alarm Gingitsune immediately cast a MaRue Zot, catching the Heavy Blade off-guard, and hitting him full force. As he recovered, she retreated, and cast again. The trick was to stay further away from him, while casting. Halcyon suddenly erupted forward in a blast of speed from his charm. A second later Gingitsune found herself under a barrage of heavy blows- as she evaded, and managed to duck away from him, she cast 'The Moon,' setting the infuriated Halcyon asleep as she herself recovered.
Halcyon quickly awoke, but Gingi aslso had a speed charm, and was even faster.
"MaRue ZOT!" she continued, hitting the Heavy Blade with a powerful spell and sending him skidding backwards.
A strange, hot trickle pained Gingi's arm, and looking over she found a large sowrd gash just above her elbow. Her eyes widened, and she quickly ripped a piece of cloth from her cloak, tying it around her arm to stemm the flow before...
Halcyon recovered, jumping forward and attacking again, making a quick slash at her while Gingi was distracted. Gingitsune evaded, falling backwards and rolling, then jumping to her feet some yards away.
Halcyon smiled, "Truly, not bad for a Wavemistress."
Gingitsune winked again, tapping the tally marks on her wand with a fingernail as she prepared another spell, this time she poisoned him, smiling apologetically and hitting him again as he scrambled for a restorative. The second spell sent him stumbling backwards.
Suddenly a thin flash of light streaked towards Gingitsune, and she felt a new pang of pain in her left arm, and a new flow of blood crept down her glove, and wove around her fingers.
"What the-?" A small, sharp little dagger was plunged into her arm to the hilt. She looked over at Halcyon, who was using this distraction to recover, and prepare to attack yet again.
Gingitsune swiftly pulled the dagger out of her arm, and plunged it into her obi, saving it for later...
Halcyon approached in another burst of speed, his attack was stronger now, and his aim was much better. He had a cocky smile on his face as he saw the rivulets of blood streaming down Gingi's left arm.
Pangs of pain erupted all over her body now, but Gingitsune ignored them, she was waiting for her moment.
As Halcyon liften his sword over his head for another blow, Gingitsune used her wand as a club, and bashed it into his knees, almost overbalancing him. Before he had time to recover, Gingitsune shot forward, throwing her wait against him, and stabbing the little dagger directly into the muscle of his sword arm, and then rolled away. She grabbed her wand, and swiftly gained her feet, as Halcyon dropped his sword in pain, and surprise. His eyes had widened as he noticed the fact that he was now bleeding- the fact that he could bleed at all.
Gingitsune wasted no time, she strode forward and pinned him down the sharp heel of her boot.
"Who gave you that dagger? Was it Royce?" she asked, in dangerously mild tones.

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Post by Gingitsune » Sat Sep 13, 2003 7:11 pm

He refused to answer, and Gingitsune moved the sharp stiletto heel of her boot deeper into his stomach. There was another surprise for him, he could feel pain.
"Did Royce neglect to tell you that the dagger was infected?" she asked, smiling sweetly as she felt the same virus pulsing inside her own 'body.'
His eyes widened slightly, but he made no other sign of surprise.
"No, I suppose she didn't. Now you're in the same 'boat' as all of us Halcyon, your body is now also comatose- and you'd better hope someone finds it soon."
"Oh yes, we're all comatose now Halcyon, now this digital body is directly connected to your own real body, and the blood is your blood, and the pain is your pain. We're LIVING in this game now, and who knows what will happen if we die..."
"So why are you fighting? What if I had killed you? Aren't you afraid Miss Gingitsune?"
"No. If I don't take risks, then I'll have to live like this forever, in this game. How long do you think they'd keep you in that hospital in a coma? How many years? At some point they'd pull the plug anyway. Might as well fight for the chance to live, rather than to wait for them to kill you."
Halcyon looked at her strangely. "Do you know Royce?"
Gingitsune smirked, "Aren't you a hacker Halcyon?"
"Nah. I'm a mercenary. Y'know, the game got boring, so I decided to sell my services..."
Gingitsune rolled her eyes, "Well you sold them to the wrong people."
"Give up Halcyon." Gingitsune said suddenly, looking him in the eye.
"Quit the fight or I will kill you, because I need to win this."
Halcyon gave her a confused look.
"I can't just give up..."
The heel moved slowly from his stomach to his neck.
"Give up Halcyon." her voice was steely now, and she was hoping that Halcyon couldn't sense her weakening from the virus.
"GIVE UP!" The heel was on his jugular, and Gingitsune's cold, cattish eyes flashed with anger.
Halcyon took awhile, looking at her, and then finally nodded.
"I give up." he whispered to her.

She moved her heel off his neck and took a step backwards.
"More loudly please."
"I give up." he said loudly to the referee, and the loudspeakers beeped again, signalling the end of the match.
"The Winner: Wavemistress Gingitsune of Delta Server."

Gingitsune smiled, and then turned back to Halcyon.
"What're you going to do now?" she asked.
"Figure out if all you told me was true."
"Oh, it was, don't worry..."
Halcyon smirked.
"Add another tally to your wand for me, but I'll be sure to scratch it out the next time we meet."
"Next time... alright. Take care Halcyon..." she backed away quickly now, feeling strangely short of breath. She sprinted away from the arena, and back to the place where her team members were.
They were giving her confused glances.
Her match had been anything but conventional.
"There weren't any rules," said Gingitsune suddenly, paling, "so I didn't break any."
She moved over into a seat, and gave them all a wild look.
"What's happening to me?" she asked, in a small voice...
... then blacked out.

(grah, I know that sucked, but I REALLY wanted to get that over with, and I'm REALLY bad with fight scenes- pardon!)