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PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, 2003 11:54 pm 
The players rejoiced at the terrific effort of the fights and their strong accomplishments. They welcomed Gingitsune back from her difficult fight happy that the worst seemed to be over. The hacker crowed that still remained were booing in discontent. They wanted to see their comerades win and their enemies die. Halcyon giving up the match didn't sit too well either. Unfourtunatly for them, the group seemed to be too smart and too strong for the hackers... Everyone in the stadium was on their feet whether they were cheering or one. Nall was sitting in a corner away from the rest of the group. His battle was the last and he knew what was comming.

Garaa's voice boomed out over the crowed getting everyones attention.
'We are almost at the end of our wonderful tournament! I know some of you are disappointed and I know some of you are quite happy with yourselves... However, it's time for the main event!'
The hackers boos suddenly changed to cheers and everyone listened intently.
'Yes, our very own famous Nall will be the last of this group of freedom fighters to fight! Everyone in the building must have at least heard of this fool...'

The crowed laughed and called names at Nall who was slowly getting up. The group was cheering him onward and wishing him luck, even though most of them had complete confidence in Nall. Nall stood in the center of the area awaiting the rest of Garaa's speech, already knowing what was comming.
'And now! Without furthur adieu, Nalls opponent shall be... Lord Garaa of Darkness!'

The players and even the crowed was shocked at the annoucement. Suddenly Garaa vanished from his little platform and appeared on the battle field in front of Nall. The group started to move towards Nall seeing the unfair match up but Nalls arm extened.
'No! This is a tournament and this is my fight, don't get involved...'

Nalls words were strong and somewhat harsh... Nalls tone and agitated stance were totally different then usual... it was almost like when he was fighting Kuja. Garaa laughed at Nall and the rest of the players, his large robe still covering his whole body.
'Nall... Everyone has awaited this day... the day you'd finally die... The Master will enjoy hearing about your death I'm sure...'

Nall spitted on the ground, his eyes with pure anger and...darkness.
'Enough of your pathetic talk Garaa, lets get this over with!'
Garaa's laugh could be heard throughout the stadium. The players were beginning to wonder though what was so amazing about this Garaa person... He was obviously hiding somthing but what? That was answered very quickly as the robe flew off of Garaa and onto the floor revealing his alterted character... He was at least twice as large as a normal heavy axemen and had the form of some demonic creature with wings. Garaa's toothy face grinned at Nall who didn't seem to be suprised. In his hand he weilded a very large mace that was even bigger then Garaa himself. What was curious though was that his whole body was illuminecent in a black light.

'As you wish Nall... Now you will feel true pain!'
Garaa dashed towards Nall with amazing speed for his size. However this wasn't the area to even test Nall in. Nall jumped into the air and gracfully landed on Garaas head kicking him several times sending him to one knee. Garaa's mace swung across where Nall should have landed but Nall quickly dodged again, clearly outclassing Garaa's speed. Garaa stood up and smiled.
'You havent changed at all... except you might have gotten even faster!'

He laughed as Nall took his fighting stance once again. This time Nall made the first move. With his speedy feet he dashed towards Garaa sending a swift kick to his face before Garaa could even defend himself. He was sent flying backwards landing on his back making the earth shake. With Garaa still on the ground he took out his sword and dash towards him. 'VAK SLASH!' Was heard throughout the arena as Nalls flamming sword came down upon Garaa.

Garaa however was toying with Nall. In front of him a black hole opened up swallowing the the sword in mid slash. It was like Garaa opened up a hole to another demension. Nall quickly let go of the sword as he realized what had happened. It got sucked into the black hole quickly and after it did the hole closed. Garaa stood up and laughed.
'Did you think that I wasn't going to use Twilight Power? Don't try and make me feel guilty... Because I know you use it too!'

The group and the crowed and even Nall was shocked. The stadium was almost silent as all eyes were on the 2 fighters.
'Hah... So you figured it out did you?'
Garaa chuckled and pointed his mace towards Nall.
'It's not hard to find out for one of the original creators of the world... Even when you hack into games there is always a maximun limit... You don't use it often but there are times you exceed even that maximum limit therefore it's obvious what you're doing...'

Nall smirked. He didn't think Garaa would reveal his secret but he assumed that it was because he didn't want Nall to hold back and hide his secret.
'Well then... I guess there's no reason to hide it... If you're going to use your power, so will I!'
Nalls eyes were blood red, the players wondered what was going on. They still didn't understand anything about this twilight stuff. Nall grined almost evily as he riped off his green jacket from his body leaving him standing there in his black muscle shirt which was pressed tightly against his very muscular body. Nall's white hair waved in the wind as well as his baggy pants. All along his arms were different colored symbols that were beginning to glow as well as the ones on his face. Garaa seemed somewhat suprised but still held his confidence. But Nalls eyes did not falter. They held anger, disgust and downright hatred.

'You do realize that you can't beat me? I'm invincible to your power!'
Nall only smiled and gave no reply. Garaa finnally lost his patience and dashed towards Nall again. Nall stared at Garaa, to him... it felt like it was taking Garaa an eternity to get to him. He raised his arm slowly, to him at least, but to everyone else, it went up instantly. No one could read Nalls movement as he suddenly appeared over the dashing Garaa sending his elbow into the back of his head. Garaa fell to the ground instantly with another small tremor. Nall stood with his back to Garaa.
'I wont lose Garaa...'

Garaa slowly moved up into a standing position gripping his mace angerly.
'Do you really think that your Time Distortion will help you? You forget you can't use it for a long period of time and it will take you forever to defeat me... My hp and defence is almost infinite...'
Nall frowned. It was true what Garaa said. In fact, he would run out of energy soon. However Nall fell into Garaa's trap. While Nall was concentrating on what he had said Garaa used one of his own tricks.

'Hahaha, you've already fallen for my trick... Shadow Bind leaves you helpless, unable to move unless I control you to.'
Nalls eyes widened as he saw the ground. Garaa's own shadow had reached out and connected itself to him. He felt his body lose control as the menicing Garaa steped forward.
'Not even time can help you now...'

Garaa delivered blow after blow with his gigantic mace. Many of the players sheilded their eyes from the gruesome sight in front of them. Nall was bloody and bashed taking every hit without being able to evade. The only reason why Nalls character wasn;t being killed was because of the constant use of health drinks... however, while his hp would recover, he body wounds wouldn't. His body was taking an extreme amount of stress from the beating. Finnally after what seemed like an eternity of beating on Nall Garaa stoped, bored of his opponent.

'You Nall... While I could beat you for all eternity for what you've done... I will end your suffering and kill you now with this final attack!'
The players gasped. They couldn't take Nall beeing beaten up so bad and now it looked like Garaa was going to end everything... Garaa had only been playing with Nall. Either that or he got lucky with his cheap trick.
'Now die!! CHAOTIC GALE!!'
A wave of black light rushed towards Nalls frozen body. Nall appeared to be hit directly, no one could see the warriors body from within the smoke. They all assumed the worst. As the smoke cleared, there was no sign of Nall.

'Hahaha! Ladies and gentlemen! Now that I have proven the power of the hackers and defea--'
Garaa was cut short by a voice in the distance.
'Wrong Garaa... It will take more then that to defeat me...'
All faces turned to the lights shinning on the stadium. In disbelief there was Nall, standing atop one still driping with blood.

'The problem with Shadow Bind is that you cannot use any techniques while controling the player... That is why you were only using regular attacks on me at first. Once you thought my body was beat up too much to move you released your bind on me and casted Chaotic Wind... However, you judged wrong, my body was still quite able to fight and was able to dodge it with Time Distortion...'
Garaa frowned up at the warrior who he though was acting too cool for his situation. Nall jumped down to the arena floor once again and began to walk towards Garaa.

'Oh, by the way, I don't fall for the same trick twice!'
Nall suddenly burst into a run towards Garaa. Garaa looked worried now, afraid of the battle torn fighter who just wouldn't die. Nall appeared behind him and kicked him five times sending him to the ground again. Before Garaa could get up Nall came down upon him with his elbow. Garaa's cry of pain could be heard throughout the stadium. Nall came in for another attack but Garaa fell through the ground into his own shadow. Nall jumped back away from the shawdow which still remained where Garaa used to be. Nall laughed as he pulled out four scrolls with his one hand.

'Is that all you do? Play with your shadows? If you wont come out I'll blast you out of there! LEVEL 3 THUNDER MAGIC! PLASMA GALE X 4!'
The electricity raged down and around the shadow in a counter clockwise direction. Sparks and bright light were emited from the spot where Garaa once layed. Nall waited for the smoke to clear to see if his plan worked. Obviously it didn't as Nall felt a the force of the large mace come across his head and sent him flying into one of the walls.

'Your idea wasn't bad, but you made a mistake... I can move from one shadow to another regardless of them being connected... Even yours hahaha!'
Nall fell from the wall to the ground and got up slowly. It appeared as if Nall was slowing down, whether it had been from the attacks or somthing else. Nall was however still covered in his own blood and it would be the most obvious choice to assume he was weak from the attacks.

Nall was panting heavily but Garaa, who looked beaten up still seemed fine. Garaa held his one demonic hand forward towards Nall.
'You are weak boy... without your twilight power you'd be nothing...'
Nall overheard one of the players complain about all this twilight stuff. Nall wiped some blood away from his mouth. He looked at the group and smiled.
'I've kept all of you in the dark long enough... Twilight is actually a virus, implemented into The WORLD by one of the original creators... While The WORLD's original intentions were to be the greatest MMORPG ever, one of them wanted to use it as a tool to take over the planets population.'

Garaa smiled as he continued Nalls story.
'The other programmers had no clue of the virus being in their program and released it for beta testing... The virus was directed to release it's power when the first user completed the final event in the game. By that time, he assumed millions of users would be a part of The WORLD. However, a player by the name of Helba hacked into The WORLD and made her player it's maximum level with edited weapons. She was doing it to boast that her great hacking skills could never be caught...'

Nall wiped some more blood away and continued.
'To this day Helba has never been caught... by the admins at least. You see, since she edited her character she was able to complete the final event, setting off the virus. The programmer, enragged at this happening since it was still only in beta testing had to hack into The WORLD himself and fix things...'

Garaa continued.
'The programmer was very experienced in hacking but even still, the virus he made was very difficult to stop... Players who played The WORLD were becomming infected and some losing conciousness in the real world. Altimit was about to ban people from playing The WORLD...'

Nall started up again.
'The programmer was forced to enter The WORLD himself as a player to stop the virus. However, he was entangled in the virus and got caught in his own trap. He lost his conciousness and was stuck in The WORLD... However, since it was his own program and sent him to his server, he knew the passwords and found out he was able to control everything from inside The WORLD.'

Garra then added more on.
'Without hope of being released from The WORLD he decided he'd make it be the real world... The virus was like a demon, merged with the programmers character... He could control it, but it controled him as well. The other 2 programmers found out about the scheme and the virus, furious about what it's going to do to their reputation. The one programmer went straight to the government to protest. On the way there, his electronic car exploded into flames, cause unknown...'

Nall spoke up again.
'It's not hard to guess what the cause was... The other programmer, seeing what happened to his friend decided that world domination was better then death. He joined him and was infected with the virus himself. Soon after others found out about his plan and joined him, all being contaminated by the virus...'

Garaa continued.
'The virus, Twilight, edited their character make up and basically rewrote the games data for them... It was like they were playing a whole different game then The WORLD, yet still inside The WORLD. They were able to control the virus and infect other people, making them lose conciousness, but not recieve the same advantages they recieved....'

Nall spoke up.
'Quite the opposite actually... They were basically like slaves in the hackers perfect world. The group of 8 elites are the one who joined The Master, who was the original programmer who implemented the virus, and Garaa is the one who betrayed his friend... Now you should understand when these hackers talk about twilight this, and twilight that...'

Garaa stepped forward and laughed.
'Yes, now that we've finnished our little break to tell the fools about Twilight... Why don't we continue! Shadow Clone!!'
Garaa's body suddenly went faded and black and began spliting into multiple Garaa's. When he was finnished there was 10 of them. They all stood surrounding and staring at Nall.
'Increasing your chances by 10 are we Garaa? I think I'll cut it down a bit! Time Web!'

The 10 Garaas all dashed towards Nall who was performing his magic. 3 of them suddenly stoped as if they were in suspended animation. Nall sprinted towards the one closest to him sending a kick to his stomach. The other 6 Garaa's followed Nall and attacked in unison, Nall wasn't able to dodge them all and was sent flying backwards hitting the gorund hard. Nall jumped up quickly to dodge the mace of another Garaa's attack. Turning around he jumped over him and nailed him in the back with his fist. Nall looked at the Garaa who slowly got up, also seeing the others catching up to him. 7 were still active, 3 were frozen. Nall pulled out a basic sword and equiped it.

'Hahahaha, you can't beat us with a basic sword... thats the worst weapon in the game!'
Nall smiled as he played with the sword in his hand.
'I don't need a powerful sword, any sword will work with this technique!'
Nall dashed forward slicing quickly at one of the Garaa's. It's body fell to the ground, completely severed in half.
'Hahaha... so that's your trick, cuting a rip in the whole game to completely delete a player in one attack... clever but it wont work on all of us!'
The remaining 6 Garaa's stood in a defensive stance as they began to fade. They faded to black, then completely invisable.

'You can't hurt us if you can't see us!'
Nall frowned and took a defensive stance himself. He couldn't tell where they were to attack or defend for that matter. He suddenly felt the sharp pain of Garaa's mace crush into his side sending him flying. In mid flight he was bashed down to the ground by another invisable Garaa. Nall screamed out in pain as he felt the strength begin to die out of him.
'You're finnished now Nall... The final attack!'

Nalls eyes widened as the black energy of Chaotic Gale came towards him. He tried to get up quickly but one of the Garaa's was holding him down. It looked like Nall was finnished this time but he still had some tricks up his sleve. Nalls body suddenly disappeared before the blast hit him, instead only destroying the one Garaa clone. Nalls body appeared behind the Garaa who made the attack who was semi visable. Placing all his energy into the attack he sliced through him, severing his body in half. 4 Garaa's remained, still shrowded in invisability. Nall couldn't see their faces but he could tell they were shocked. Nall panted heavily as he said two simple words to explain.

'Time freeze.... more....playing.... I'll!'
Nall jumped up into the air spinning like a top. Blood was splattering all over the arena from his wounds and his tapings and ribbons flew off towards the crowd. His necklace, which no one ever payed much attention to or even noticed because it was hidden most of the time snapped off and flew towards the group of freedom fighters landing at their feet. Nalls body began to emit light as he spun faster and faster, almost to the point where he was turning invisable. The light emited turned into bright balls or energy which surrounded Nall. Nalls voice could be heard throughout the arena.

'With the energy expanded....from the time entangled....I release the power....and the energy expelled!'
The energy surrounding Nall shot in all directions, hitting the stadium, the ground and the sky. The balls exploded with great force whenever they hit an object. The stadium exploded violently, the sky cracked and shattered, the ground was on fire. When the explosions subsided and the dust cleared, only half the stadium was left standing, half the hackers were deleted, the others were running, only a small percentage braved it out and watched. The group was only slightly injured and taken aback by the blast. It was more of the damage of the falling rocks that injured them then the explosions themselves. The group of elites were completely unharmed, gaurded by Royce's barrier which protected that side of the arena. On the ground, there was no Garaa's left but the ones frozen. Nall fell to the ground, panting and out of breath. The players couldn't believe their eyes, Nall was really that powerful? He stayed on one knee for a while, panting, sore and proud. The hackers in the crowed who remained were booing and the elites looked very angry. The group didn't know how to react to the battles outcome. Sure Nall beat Garaa but the way he did it... Nall was about to get up but he felt a sharp pain... His ruinic symbols were burning... He looked down at his arm and then his eyes widened. He turned his head and smiled.

The three Garaa's who were frozen were unfrozen now! Two of them vanished leaving the one left smiling behind Nall with his arm out stretched, black energy flowing around it. The players gasped as the cry rang out through the arena.

The black energy surrounded, consumed and vaporized Nalls character. He was gone... Completely gone... Garaa chuckled.
'Hahahaha! Nall loses... Unfourtunatly for him he ran out of energy! Nall's powers only last for so long as previously mentioned, his time web didn't last long enough I guess! Chaos Gale made quick work of him... As they say, third times a charm!'

Garaa laughed menicingly. The players were shocked, scared, and sad. Some of them expected Nall to jump out of somewhere and make another one of his miraculus come backs. Sadly, it didn't happen.
'I'm sorry to say but since Nall lost his fight, you all must die now as well! hahaha!'

Garaa began to advance on them. They were scared but suddenly the necklace whiched lied at their feet began to shine brightly. Garaa and everyone covered their eyes as light stretched across the whole stadium. When the players opened their eyes, they were in Dun Loireag, root town of the Theta Server...

The wind blew across their battered bodie as they looked at each other... They were all hurt to some extent... Many of the players broke out in tears realizing the magnatude of the situation... Their hearts ached, they wondered if it was even worth fighting for... everything seemed so hopeless... They had lost their leader who had any knowledge of the situation... They had learned of the powerful virus that gave the hackers undefeatable strength... They were left with nothing but Nall's pendant which still glowed. The obvious thing they needed to do was rest and recover... They were all too tired to even think about all the questiions that puzzled them. Little to their knowledge a pair of eyes were watching them, but had no intention of revealing itself for a while...

(OOC: Well then, I dunno if you enjoyed reading all that in one post but I thought I should make my last one long and exciting! hehehe, after writing that I have an urge to write more but the jobs already been given to Asgard so :P I'm sure he'll do a great job though! Good luck to all of you and sorry for the inconvinences I've been causing...)

 Post subject: The Real World.
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[OOC: If you didn't read the prologue ... c&start=15]

Part 1: Arrival and Misconception.
Meanwhile, in the real world Michael sulked down the halls of his house. He was constantly telling himself that his parents were just at work, just at work. He had already packed clothes and food and anything else that he thought was going to be needed. He was going to stay with a friend in Yokohama. It was the closest he could get to the main CC Corp building, it was the best he could do. Michael was going to leave tonight so he was walking around his house trying to kill time; he kept memorizing the bus stops and the schedule for the 5th time. Finally at 7:00 pm he grabbed his bag and headed out, towards the bus-stop; only waiting 10 minutes, the bus pulled in. Michael quickly boarded and sat down. now, he thought,now just two stops, transitions, then you’re in Yokohama. But, once next? After that what do you plan on doing? Go to the CC Corp building and just say “Hey! Why are these kids in Comas!”? How many people do you think have already done that!? Michael sighed and looked out the window.
Michael made the bus transitions and got on the final bus, it felt strange; he stopped midway and turned to face the back of him. It felt like he was being followed, he nodded it off and sat down on the bus. This bus was the last one and it was going to take him straight to Yokohama so it would be about 30 minutes before it stopped. Michael slowly dozed off and what seemed like 1 second he woke up.
There was a sudden burst of something, he quickly turned to his window and saw huge rivers of smoke shoot up from a far off building. Sirens were soon filled in the air, and flames could be seen underneath the rivers of smoke. He suddenly heard the radio from the bus crackle on.
“This just end! Senstusus Cable Company just took big hit, outbreaks of fire; terrorism is the most likely possibility.” Then the radio transmission went off, Michael narrowed his brows and felt a sudden jerk he slammed at the seat in front of him, he quickly got up and shot his head out his window and saw that the street lights were acting up again.
“Oh! Come on!” The gruff bus driver yelled out, he lurched from his seat and ran to the door of his bus; he swung half his body out and glared out. A Mini-Van had crashed into a SUV right in the center of the intersection, below the street lights. A small’s stream of smoke was flowing upwards. Michael pushed his head against the window to try and get a better view; the bus driver suddenly flailed in the air a bit and ran to his seat. He closed the door, “Everyone hold on!”
Michael shot his eyes wide, as the bus began to move backwards. Flames were flaring from the cars collisions, the two drivers were being dragged from the scene. Were the cars going to explode? Michael thought to himself, he gripped his bag handle and shut his eyes, and then at the sudden hearing of a loud BOOM he shot his eyes open, and felt a crash in the back of the bus.
The frightened passengers gasped and screamed at the same time. Michael fell forward again, and gave a small yelp, he looked around and saw that the bus hit a car in back and the two cars in the intersection gave a small tease-explosion. The passengers in the back moved closer upwards, and Michael quickly got out of his seat, the bus door had somehow opened so he ran out. He began to run towards the sidewalk, and felt a sudden gust of force he tumbled on the ground as the two cars exploded.
Michael crouched in a ball and hugged his bag he dug his head under the bag and clenched his eyes shut. He heard people screaming and yelling, telling everyone to get out of here! Michael finally got up and picked up his bag there was smoke and debris here and there people were running in lines out of sight. What is the cause of all this destruction? Sirens were still in the air, from the earlier fire outbreak and then they were getting louder as they were apparently approaching.Is this all because of ‘The World’? Michael kept thinking to himself.
Welcome to Yokohama, Michael. Your home, your solution.
Michael was still standing around in the pouring down debris, the fire trucks had made it and were showering down the cars. The flames were gone and Michael sat down on the curve, he got up and grabbed his bag. He would have to walk the rest of the way to his friend’s apartment; he headed towards a pay phone and put in some change, he needed directions.
“Hello?” Michael said, after a few rings had ringed.
“Hello?” The voice said on the other end.
“Is this Jacob?” Michael said unsure, the voice sounded different.
“Yeah, Michael?” Jacob replied.
“My bus broke down so I have to walk the rest of the way, I’m in Yokohama, near the cable store that just had fire problems, and did you catch that on the news?”
“Yeah I know where you’re at, just head up…” Jacob spoke out directions, from streets to designated land marks; Michael took small notes and told Jacob he’ll call him again if he gets lost. Michael hung up the phone and looked out of the booth; there a few feet away was a man in a Black SUV. Michael took a gulp and headed out and began to walk down the sidewalk, he had to find Li-Pa Street. The Black SUV speeded up and began to follow Michael, he knew it was following him but was too nervous to turn around.
“Hey!” The gruff voice yelled out, Michael froze but then continued he quickened his pace but could still feel the SUV moving closer, he could here the low and quiet rumble, “Hey wait a minute! If you would like to no more about me don’t worry! I’m not a stranger, it’s about the comas and CC Corp!” Michael suddenly froze, Should I turn around? he thought to himself. He turned around to face the man.
“Ah, I knew you’d like that! First off my names Rock! I knew you must be investigating the comas...”
“How?” Michael said, he kept a good distance from the man in the car, he gripped his bag and felt sweat form around his hand.
“How what?”
“How did you know I was investigating the comas?”
“I have my sources, listen get in. I can drive you wherever you need to go; I’m honestly not going to kidnap you or anything”
“I don’t...”
“Talk to strangers? Typical momma’s boy I suppose, but if you want the information you want your going to have to make certain risks.” Michael blinked, was he right? Was he going to have to result to consulting to strangers to gain information? “Listen, my sons’ one of those... victims... I’ve been trying everything but... things haven’t been working, for me.” Michael noticed the sudden change in tone his voice, he heard the sudden punch of guilt and sadness. Was it all a story? Kidnappers were good at these kinds of things
“Your son?”
“Yeah, his name is Halvin, I know that the reason that he fell into a coma was because of The World, but listen we have to get moving or else I’ll get in a whole mess of traffic. Please get in!” Michael took a deep heavy exhale and walked towards the car steadily; he opened the backdoor and slid in. The man looked back at him and smiled, “You sure?” Michael stared at him and nodded. The man hesitated a bit getting a good look at him Michael just stared back and gulped again.
“I need to get to Hishine Road.” Michael said, his voice was shaky from this current situation. The man nodded and turned back to the front, he started up the car again and began to drive down the road. Michael looked out the window and watched as the debris slowly faded away from sight.
“I am a computer hacker if you wanted to know more about me, I’ve been trying everything with to try and see what happened to my son when he was playing that game.”
“Why did you only check out your son’s computer? There are a total of 8 people in a coma-“
“Yeah I know that. I don’t know those other people yet and my sons computer is the only one I can access late at night and whenever I want.” Rock took a sudden right and continued down the road. Michael looked out his window and to the sky the sun was setting now.
“I myself haven’t managed to get any information just yet” Michael said.
“Well, I know just a little myself, CC Corp likes to keep things on the low down as much as possible. I know that those who fell into a coma were only just kids, your age and just a little older. They were all playing The World of course and all had no traces of anything wrong with their VR Visors. Some cases are more severe than others though, one boy seems to be in a worse state the rest he has gotten strange bruises along his face and arm while still in the hospital.” Rock stopped at the street lights and looked out of his frontal window, the street lights were blinking red.
“CC Corp has said stuff like ‘They adjusted their VR Visors and game resolutions different’ is that really a possibility?” Michael said, he felt like he was a report rather than an investigator.
“Not really, these kids weren’t hackers or super good at computers. They were just normal kids, so they only had basic knowledge of the game. If you wanted to adjust your VR Visor or change the game resolutions you have to do something different then to just click ‘the red button’” Rock hit the pedal and drove down the road, “There is one other significant case, a girl, she is actually rather sick besides the coma and is getting treatment as it is, but there’s not much they can do without her being able to them what they should do.” Michael nodded and then gave a small “emph” to let Rock know that he had heard him, they continued to drive in silence leaving Michael in suspense.
“Well here is it.” Rock said pulling the car over to a sidewalk. Michael shook his head as he was slipping off into sleepy land. He quickly looked up and saw the street sign, he looked at Rock who was sitting there and staring at him.
“Oh, thanks. Here’s my cell phone number, call me if you get any more information on this ok?” Brock smiled and nodded, he took the little piece of paper and handed Michael a paper of his own.
“That’s mine, now your getting the hang of this. I’ll keep in touch and same goes with you. You find out anything let me know” Michael nodded and got out of the car, he walked and wave bye to Rock and headed up the street on the sidewalk.
“Thanks again for letting me stay here” Michael said as he unpacked, Jacob was hanging around at the doorway.
“No problem, I go out early and come home late so don’t expect me to hang around”
“Right” Michael said and hooked up his cell phone and laptop to their charges, “Night” Jacob walked away from the room and threw his hand in the air. Michael turned on his laptop and waited for the desktop to pop up. The internet kicked up and he saw that he had mail, he clicked on it and gave a small gasp.
Sender: Unknown < ????@????>
Subject: <No Title>
Walk along the stairs,
Ring around the roses, howl to the moon. Count the numbers and see.
Michael stared but was completely tired so he headed over to his bed after turning off his laptop and went to bed.

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Rayo looked around. That tournament could have turned out better. The whole purpose of the entering was to recover Kayin. While it was true that was a success, Nall was gone. From what Rayo had experienced and what he had heard from the others.....Nall was the one who had known where they needed to go. What they needed to find. It was like a helping hand. Now it was as if those training wheels had been removed from their bikes and now they needed to ride on their own. That was fine. If you continued that analogy, there was more to consider than solely those extra wheels. Everyone there made up that bike; it was still possible to go on.

Glancing from player to player, the situation could have been worse. Everyone was accounted for. No one appeared to have suffered any additional damages during transit at least. Argilus looked the worse off, still missing his arm. There was no point in trying to help him though, judging off his reaction when Armina had tried to. He was a survivor; he'd live through it. Kayin still looked like he was probably still very tired as well. He had been in bad shape even before his match had begun. Appearances could be deceiving though. Rayo's eyes flickered as he thought of Kayin. He had been experimented on. Hopefully the hackers didn't leave any surprises for them. Perhaps a way of tracking them or being able to see what Kayin saw or any other type of hindrance.

There was also the issue on where to go. Personally, he had never even visited the server they currently were on. He had heard of it but it was a bit high for his lv. at first, and then he was drawn into the current mess. There was no going to Nall’s previous hideout though. It wasn’t on this server. Even if they could reach it, without Nall, could they get in? That left the situation with Asgard to consider. His armor prevented him from being tracked. He however, was wanted and everyone knew what he looked like. Without a secure place to lay low, he would have pursuers. Hopefully, the wanted posters didn’t reach as far as this server.

Gingitsune was hard to figure out. While he couldn’t read any visible emotions, he really couldn’t tell. He wasn’t good at guessing how other’s felt. She had seemed to know Nall for quite a while so most likely she was upset inside over this. He assumed Armina would be her usual cheerful self, even after all that happened. It was hard to know though, something like that could have shaken her. He decided to not walk over to her; he didn’t want to see her depressed.

He counted Tirath, Hijinx, Kodel, Ramza, Nighthand and several others. He hoped after all of this they would be able to get organized…

Rayo shook his head. He didn’t know the area and that bothered him. As much as he felt like walking off to check it out, he didn’t plan to. Splitting up would not be that wise. That was after all, how they captured Kayin. Instead he considered walking over towards Vera and Ruri to see how they were doing after this whole mess, he opted against it. Better to find out first what was going on. Gingitsune seemed like the closest to Nall and probably the most logical one to plan their next move but he didn’t feel like rushing anyone.

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ramza looked around at his new location, the highland city of Dun loireag. he saw all the normal shops. then he looked at his team. they were a pitiful sight, everyone bloodstained, battlescarred, some missing limbs, kayin unconcious from his capture, and someone missing completely. suddenly it hit him, his mentor, his leader, his friend, had been killed. he dropped to his knees with closed eyes, and grieved. he finally understood the danger of their mission.

but now where to go, what do to? he thought, nall took them everywhere with his card, and warned them of enemies, and gave them strategies. he was their one big threat to the hackers, the only one they feared. he rememberd freeing nall from the ice, getting punished by the spider just to melt it away. it wasnt fair. where would they hide out now? there are now allies here, not like mac anu. now asgard was wanted, they needed to move out soon.

and what about that twilight thing? could it have been nall who was the original virus writer, no couldnt be, he wasnt the master. and it isnt garaa, so is it royce, or are we to meet him/her soon? that power, why didnt nall tell us? now who do we go to for answers? we have questions?

that all doesnt matter now, focus on task at hand, regroup, find a place to hide, and finish the grieving, although we will never forget....nall

(OOC:movin to theta oh yeah, by nall, well miss u, keep in touch)

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"A dirt hole with some buildings..... this sucks. Where are the trees, the water, the ......... GRUNTIES! ALRIGHT! I'LL BE BACK SOON! I'm geetin me a grunty!" Scrambling up the mountain side, Hijinx looked furiously about the landscape. "Do we have this twilight thing too?"

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Tirath stood in amazement, he didn't even notice the change of landscape. The only image he could see was that of Nall's destruction. He had for the longest time been very upset that he hadn't recieved a fight, but among the group it appeared he was the only one who hadn't been severly injured.

He wanted to cry at seeing Nall killed, but not because he missed Nall, at least not completely. Nall had told him that there was a chance he could find Kat, but now with Nall dead, he had lost his only lead. There was little hope left in him that he would ever find her.

Finally he gets a grip on himself. Nall sacrficed himself that they might go on to fight this battle and that was what he was going to do! He looked once more at the players scattered on the ground and set about helping anyone he could. Obviously some one was going to have to carry Kayin, as he was rather tired and very likely, unable to move well on his own.

"Hey Kayin need a hand? You did a great job back there and I couldn't help at all. So atleast let me help you walk until we find a place to hide. After all if some bounty hunters were to come after us looking for Asgard, I don't think anyone is in any condition to fight them off...."

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ooc:I'm low on time so it will be short.
Tirath brought up a good point. Could they fend off the threats? Abandoning Asgard was an option but that would in the end, hurt them more. He was too valuable to them as an asset.

"If they come Tirath, they'll die. You seem quite well rested," he continued.

Glancing around made it fairly obvious that Tirath was probably in the best shape in the group. He was their reserves. Their trumph card. By not lining Tirath up to fight a match, they left him in condition to help afterwards.

"We'll form the defense. Keep your eyes open, if anyone comes near, keep track of them and if they even start whispering about you know what or give him a funny look..." Rayo pointed his finger to his head, "bang."

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(OOC: i also have not very much time, so i too will make this quick.)

Nighthand staggered when he appeared in the strange root town. he had never been here, but there were a lot of places he had never been, so it was no surprise. what was surprising was th fact that they were not dead, and that Garaa had not come after them. hopefully, he didn't know where they were. hopefully...

but thet was about the only bad thing. for now, all he wanted to do was find somewhere to rest. he was so tired, so very tired...

the strain of the fight on his mind was almost too much to bear. he felt like he could sleep for a week. small pains riddled his body, and he was getting a headache. he just hoped they could find somewhere safe to rest...

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He couldn't believe it. Nall was there just a moment ago, revealing the inner demons of Pandora's Box. For such an act, Nall was now just....nothing. He was totally, and utterly, gone. Asgard couldn't help but feel sad, but terror was much more evident on his face and in his mind. He could feel a drop of sweat start from his golden hair and slide down his cheek and straight off onto the dirt path of Dun Loireag. With all the insanity going on in The World, he didn't know what could possibly happen in this game gone bad.

Asgard was sitting down near one of the mountain city edges while he thought of the impending doom that Nall and Garaa conversed about during their fight. Overlooking the low-lying clouds encircling the city, he sighed, depressed and with no sense of feeling. Without Nall to guide them, how would they be able to revive from the grasp of the Twilight Virus? Better yet, how will they survive without a place to stay? It was all too overbearing and too hard to grasp answers for questions he had just begun to think about. He picked up a rock from the dirt path, most likely made to give the image of reality, and tossed it forward. The rock flew without restriction for a brief moment, then began to dive to whatever was below the city. The rock, to Asgard, was a symbol. It signified the group and how little impact they seem to have on the grand scheme f things. Battle after battle, we emerge victorius. Yet still, the hackers taunt us from their fortress named the Yamiya server. It all seemed so pointless...

Asgard shook his head in disbelief. Was he really starting to lose faith in the cause? I bet that everyone feels a bit doubtful, he thought, Now we have no eyes to see or no hand to guide us in the right direction. How are we going to stop the hackers? How are we supposed to stop Helba's creation? How are we supposed to possibly defeat "Twilight"??

The Heavy Blade rubbed his eyes, feeling both the fatigue in his body and the painful scars from his near-death fight with Niamah. He had nulled the pain as much as he could, but a nice rest would do his body some good. Either that, or something to take his mind off of current events.

"Maybe a walk will do me some good," he said to himself.

Getting back onto his feet, he headed down the city path. Crossing the sea of bodies upon the landscape, Asgard overheard a conversation...

"Have you heard about the wanted man?"
"Yea I know. The admins must really want him BADLY. He must be one of those hacker rumors that have been floating around."
"Well. I don't care who or what he is. Three hundred thousand dollars and a full set of rare items sound really good to me!"
"Yea. You said it."

Double the bounty and rare items? Am I worth that much now? They must know of the hacker tournament...but how??? He pulled up a status screen. Even through unconsciousness, he was obviously still part of the game after all. It had been almost half a day since he fought and won his fight. He gathered that was when his armor was destroyed to the point of no salvage value. Under his armor was a dark blue/black bodysuit getup that fit him snug. Along with a dark coat and a red and gold sash, he was obviously not the Asgard of yesterday. Yet, without his armor, how could he block himself from the prodding of Administration Central? In the timespan of 12 hours, he thought that millions of Admin teams would have been able to find him, unconscious in Yamiya. Either the hackers rigged some admin protection via their dark skills...or...

Of course! he thought to himself, If I am truly comatose and in a hospital, yet still playing The World, then there's no IP or computer to play from! He smiled, almost wickedly. At long last, he was free from the grasp of those who sought to destroy him. Smiling brightly now, he headed over to the storage shop to deposit some items...


Heading away from the item storage shop, Asgard was happier than before. Even with Nall's death, he still felt great about not being the wanted picture anymore. As he strolled across one of the rickety bridges, his foot bumped into something. He stopped and looked down, seeing a baby Grunty on the end of the bridge, blocking his way. The tiny one gave off a cute smile (n_n) at Asgard's attention to him. Asgard smiled in response. He had forgotten how cute baby Grunties were. It also reminded him of Exodus, Thor's Iron Grunty. He got off the bridge and knelt down to the Grunties' height, and petted him on the head. The Grunty responded by leading its head into his hand, the tiny bristles of hair stroking Asgard's palm. Just by petting the tiny animal made all of the Heavy Blade's worries go away. Noticing that it was quite a distance from their location to the Grunty Farm, Asgard got back up and started walking in the direction of the Grunty Farm. As he had hoped, the baby Grunty started following him and eventually, right back into the open Grunty Pen.

"Ah you found him!" Asgard heard the rancher say, "I was looking all over for that rascal! Thank you so much!" The man shook hands with Asgard feverously. As he did, the baby Grunty nudged Asgard's leg, asking for attention. Asgard looked back down, seeing the Grunty standing on it's two hind legs, the front ones in Asgard's leg.

"Daddy! I'm hungry! Oink!"

Asgard sighed. He really wanted to give him some food, but through his travels with the group, he never really found any kind of grunty food. As he pondered about the situation, the rancher reached into his pocket and pulled out a Piney Apple. He handed it to Asgard, saying "You know what, you take him. You're the only one he seems friendly to." Asgard contemplated a response, but decided that there was no other alternative, and the Grunty would just follow him wherever he goes. The Heavy Blade nodded, taking the apple, and feeding it to his new grunty. It bit into the apple halfway, then ate the whole thing in a couple of bites, save Asgard's hand. It seemed very pleased, prancing about. After a bit, he rolled into a ball and slept. Asgard patted the rancher on the back. "When Kjata wakes up, tell him that I said to behave." With that, he had one more thing to do.


Looking over the mountain range of Dun Loireag, Asgard sighed. To his side, a scarlet armored Heavy Axeman stood at his side.

"So you're sure that what they said was real. That Twilight actually is a reality," the Axeman asked.
"I'm not surprised you don't even know. All admins knew it was just a fairy tale from Fragment, but it's quite real now. I'm comatose in Canada IRL."
"So you're sure that no one can pick up this sword."
"I'm sure. I placed a NOGRAB flag on the item. If anyone wants to take it, their hands will just pass right through the sword."
Asgard sighed, "I can't believe that all this is happening. Make sure to tell them that things are sure to get worse."
"I will..."
"......Thanks Loki....I never really say that do I..."
"Not often enough..."

With that, they both gave a heartfelt handshake, a pat on the back, and then Asgard and Loki went their separate ways...for more reasons than one.

As Loki logged out from Dun Loireag, Asgard returned to the group to plan on what their next move was. Yet, on a piece of the mountain, connected by two bridges: One from the Grunty Farm and one from the Main Street, on that mountain was a katana struck into the ground. Gleaming a red hue in the setting sun, it casted a slight shadow. It was Asgard's Kotetsu Sword. It emanated an invisible aura around it, making sure that no player can touch it. Upon closer inspection, there was scripture on the thin blade.

In memory of Nall, our Twilight Saviour


OOC: Oh the drama and such! Btw, I know that I gave the sword away in a contest and opted for my two new ones, but the Kotetsu Sword was just for story purposes ONLY.

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Gingitsune's eyes opened slowly as the virus drained itself out of her body. She grinned slightly, Royce had obviously meant for it to only weaken her throughout her battle, she had faith in Halcyon, and had believed that he'd finish Gingitsune off before the virus had lost it's effect.
Gingitsune felt the nausea she had experienced weaken, and disappear, while the constraint on her muscles alleviated as well. Her eyes remained slightly blurry, but she blinked it away as she searched for Halcyon down below. His pallid form was being dragged off the arena floor by an embittered Royce; the small dagger was still sticking from his right upper arm, and a small stream of blood was oozing from beneath the hilt.
The expression on his face was very familiar to Gingi, it was the expression that everyone had had when they realized they were comatose in the real world, though Gingi didn't know what she looked like, she might have been smiling like a crazed monkey.
The note sounded that the final match was about to start up, and
Gingitsune stood up, dusting herself off. This was the deciding match, and she had full faith in Nall... he just had to win.


Nall was dead...

The silence that struck the stadium was almost deafening, and the tension that resonated from the group behind her made Gingitsune almost wish she could disappear. Her mind was jumbled with truths and contradictions, she had never expected that Nall would die. He was always so strong, and confident, and yet now, he had given them a first glimpse into the strange reality of the game.
She had known the dangers and risks, but the whole thing had always seemed to her like the type of thing a mother would say, a "wear your hat outside or you'll get pneumonia" kind of thing. People knew very well that it was possible, and they were afraid at first, but after awhile it just goes into the back of your mind, as forgotten as the hand-knit hat you bought.
Nall was dead.
He wasn't coming back at all.
It was a game, and yet it wasn't anymore- there was life and death, and she knew the team behind her had awoken to the fact as well, since the tension had risen to an almost unbearable level.
What would it be like now?


The root town of Dun Loireag was very beautiful. The rustic wooden plank bridges, and rounded white buildings sparkled in the bright sunlight, bathing the whole town in a golden glow. Gingitsune smiled, she still preferred Mac Anu. The curving canals, and European architecture were more appealing to her- sitting on a bridge and gazing down at the sparkling water was something she was just used to. Now, as she moved away from the group, edging away from the tension, she secured an isolated part against the wooden parapet, where she could stare down into the cloudy abyss. Suddenly she wondered whether it was possible to throw something down there, anything, a potion, rock, person...
Pushed by the overwhelming curiousity she rummaged through her obi and pulled out a small glass bottle. She dangled it loosely above the abyss, then let it go...

Nothing happened.

Tears of frustration welled into her eyes and she wiped them away with her glove. If this world was real enough to allow someone to die, why couldn't you drop a bottle into an enormous sky?
She wished she could go back, to the real world, where one could send any object plummeting to it's demise...

(I'll finish this later, alright? I wrote it all out, then the server threw a fit, and I lost it! *cries*)

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Kayin hadn't moved much since the fight he was involved in. He had been helped from the arena to a seat near the others as girl that he had let live was drug out of the arena by some of the menacing 'officials of the tournament. Afterwards he sat and watched the the remainder of the fights through an unchanging gaze. Was he just that apathetic? Was he even conscious of his surroundings..? Even through to Nall's death, Kayin's expression didn't change much.

Only when Tirath offered a hand of assistance did he noticably move, though it was only a nod to start with. But shortly after he glanced around and quietly asked "Does anyone know where we should go next? Or even if we are safe here? Its probably not a good idea to be standing around in the open like this..." he trailed off as he surveyed the root town.

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Lying on the ground, Argilus was battered and bruised. His body was completely worn down, but his health points were fully restored. His body would need time to heal, especially since his left arm had been removed. His eyes were clenched as he could feel his body finally relaxing. Argilus was now set in a new place, never touched by Argilus fingers, the sky blue with white fluffy clouds hovering above and racing by.

Leaning up he could see Kurai, Gingitsune, and Asgard. They were all near by, and looking around as well. They were in memory of Nall, they just couldn’t believe that the one who was leading the strong willed group was now gone, erased from “The World”. Argilus soon got to his feet and looked around his new surrounding area. It was Dun Loireag, Argilus heard of it’s marvel, must have been Theta Server. Had they advanced this much? Argilus walked forward and moved along the narrow bridge and across to land plat forms. Asgard, Rayo watched as Argilus moved along, he still noticed Argilus had been minus his left arm. Hopefully his gift would help him along the way. The Spark blades were a great gift and Argilus would have to use them till he was gifted with perhaps a rare weapon.

Then it struck him. Nall….gone? That would mean one thing to ask. Who would lead them? Who would guide them to the answers, who would help them along the way to solve his quest. Argilus then couldn’t remember why he was with this group to begin with, in fact as he tried to remember why, the furthest he could remember was Mac Anu. That was it, he couldn’t remember where he came from and how he came to be. All he knew was that he had joined along this party to solve something, but what? All he could remember that he joined them to find the answer…the answer to everything.

Without Nall, they were unable to go forward. Would he need to depart their group, or just hang around till something happens? Argilus didn’t realize that when he was placed (trapped) in “The World” his memories began to depart, and his Character that he began role-play was becoming his personality. A cold, over confident, silent and raging character, which had his own goals, but now unable to remember why he was even with these people.

His right fist tightly squeezing till white knuckled and his teeth grinding. People walked by, noticing the one armed character just standing off near the edge of the land platform. They couldn’t believe that such advancement had been done to the game, or was it a hacker, just trying to gather attention? It was apparent that Argilus could not proceed with just one arm; he would need to find something or someone to fix this alteration.

Argilus noticed Gingitsune’s eyes filled with tears. He didn’t like it when girls cried, it made him feel awkward, he wanted to say something but what? It wasn’t in his nature to get involved in someone’s personal emotion, but he went ahead just for this time and walked over to Gingi, setting his right hand upon her shoulder.

Gingitsune, I know things seem almost impossible, but think of it this way. Things are rapidly changing, and as we move forward we seem closer to the end of this. I’m sorry for whatever you feel for Nall, but he was our guide to the path we must choose for ourselves. He knew that it would come to this, and he would of wanted us to keep going without looking back.” Argilus said with a plain and encouraging tone.

“I…I can’t seem to remember Gingistune, but I will keep going till I find the answers. You can trust me on that.” He finished.

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Frowning at the situation, hijinx slides down the slide of the hill sideways. "OK. This is probably bad. Nall seems to be very gone, the grunty farm is too far away too be running off, tirath is acting like a child, we need a place to sleep, gingi here is just now recovering from that damnable blade, and i guess that makes me the second least damaged...... DAMNIT! THIS SUCKS!" Stomping over to the egde of a brigde, hijinx looked down into the misty depths. Blinking and cursing in frustratio, she mumbles something about feeding her goldfish. Wrapping a leg up in the rope, she dangles off the bridge. "Can we still return to mac anu, or should we locate some shelter here? Maybe someone knows where to where to get some food too." Sitting up and hopping the railing on the bridge, the exasperated twin blade thought to herself for a few moments. Running in circles, hijinx stops and looks about the party. "Hey wait a second. Do ya think that maybe nall secured a hideout in this town for us too? Like the one at mac anu?"

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Nighthand cursed very softly, and hurridly walked behind a building.

"What is it now, Kiltran."
:how did you know i was here?:
"I don't know. look, we're in kind of a bad situation right now, and i don't have much time to talk."
:No, you have plently of time. don't worry, Asgard seems to have everything under control.:
"Asgard? come on. i'm sure he's a great guy and all, and that whole wanted thing, but still. him, replacing nall?"
:he has the experience.:
"Of course. fine. well, if you aren't going to help, then how about you leave me alone."
:If that is what you wish at the moment, then so be it.:

the presence left his mind, and he was once again alone with his thoughts. then suddenly, a second entered.

"Oh great. now the trash program comes to visit. am i really that messed up?"
nighthand, don't act this way. we are only trying to reassure you.
"of course you are. but it doesn't matter. we're still doomed."
fine, be that way. i will make sure none of the others can contact you until you wish it.
isn't that a bit harsh? wait, hold on a second. OTHERS?? how many of you people are there to talk to ME?"
i will not tell you, and for now, you will not find out. goodbye, nighthand.
"Wait..." but he too was gone.

muttering to himself, nighthand walked back around the building and sat down again where he had been, waiting for something to happen.

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As the golden rings left from their encirclement of his body, Xeromessia opened his eyes. He was now in the Theta server, and he was very eager to search it out. He had just finished a quest not too long ago, and this kept him in very high spirits. Cypher, although a bit rash and hasty at times, had done an amazing job, and with his help, they were able to claim even more power for themselves. "They boy does justice to the Blademaster name. I'll have to keep him in mind for future dungeons. But, for now, let's have a look at this root town."

Xeromessia began walking down the winding road he found himself on, and began to take in his surroundings. Things were pretty routine, some players running around, many in groups talking to each other, many very bruised and banged up...

With this last observation Xero stopped in his tracks. Strange that this many people would be gathered at one place, and that all of these people would have similar injuries. "Very curious indeed," he thought as he watched players rushing to help their fallen comrads receive medical attention. Xero decided to delve into the situation and began heading off several of the characters.

After speaking with them, he felt he had a jist of what had happened. This was the fabled group led by Nall who had been on a crusade against hackers for a long time. He suddenly remembered Zavier's first log into the World. In fact, that was the first time Zavier had witnessed a hacked battle, and of all places, in the root town of Mac Anu. The main group had left, and Zavier, because he was very weak, decided not to follow them. But this group...was considerably larger than the others.

"They must have gotten new recruits over time...and to think, they've been after hackers this entire time. Well, excellent, where there are hackers, there tends to always be fun." Xeromessia chuckled to himself as he continued to walk around this new town, familiarizing himself with the terrain, the shops, and the general atmosphere of it.

After talking with others, he had confirmed the news; Nall had been destroyed. The thought did not dismay him, but it did slightly intrigue him. Nall was no weakling by any means; for him to be defeated by a hacker? That hacker had to have some serious power. Then, upon all of that, to see those hackers, as well as Nall, use Twilight power...the sheer thought of such actions almost boggled the mind.

"In any case, that does not concern me. I wish to join this group, this party of hacker-hunters. I'm sure they could use all the help they can get. And the way I see it, I'm a pretty good amount of help." With that last remark, Xero began to laugh as he felt the powers of his dragons stirring within him. He would put them to excellent use.

He looked at the different faces of the characters, trying to find one that he could approach about joining this little faction, this resistance. His eyes finally settled on a female character, who although appeared to be on the verge of tears, seemed to resonate a strong determination and inner power. Xeromessia was greatly intrigued.

He walked over to the character and her name showed up as Gingitsune. He stepped in front of her and pulled out his blade, bringing it down in front of her and kneeling to one knee, his eyes never meeting hers. Clearly she was the most powerful player, and he knew his place.

"Madame, I am Xeromessia, a traveller from the Mac Anu server. I have heard of your ordeal, and I am indeed sorry for your loss. However, allow me to offer my services as a Dragon Knight, so that you may rid this World of hackers...and return it to the way it was...the World of Zero..."

Xeromessia caught himself, daring not to finish what he was about to say. "Strange," he though, "I hadn't planned on saying anything like that. Well, it is of no importance. She understands me quite clearly I believe." Xeromessia stood back up, awaiting his acceptance or denial, and not caring which character of this group awarded either to him.

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