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Mac Anu -> TDM: Downtown Ambush

Post by Asgard » Wed Dec 03, 2003 7:02 am

{Dun Loireag - Theta Server}

The deed was done.

The crimson guard, numerous as they were, now lay down as lifeless corpses. Even though they were trained to be the best warriors of The World, they stood no match to the fury of the Vanguards and the others.

The golden chaos gate, which was waylaid by Gingitsune and her powerful wand, Cybele, was repaired flawlessly. It laid open for travel to fields and other servers, yet nothing came out from the other end. It was almost as if the admins were letting Tritoch, who was still there, die.

"You see the destruction here, Tritoch? That could have been avoided!"

Asgard held up the bloodied admin by one hand. The wavemaster's feet dangled in the air, his stormlord rod hitting the ground with a dull thud, making an impact into the ground. Tritoch was a lifeless heap in the Dualist's hands.

With their wounds healed, the group was revitalized. Even though the battle they fought felt like going through every level of hell repeatedly, it was almost as if they liked it. With every slain foe, they increased in power. To the group who were in the struggle from the get go, battle felt like a second nature. Not saying that the Vanguards were content in the battle. Their whole group was below those of the guards and they showed little trouble dispatching them.

Now the people gathered around Asgard, holding Tritoch. He waited with the Wavemaster raised into the air. He waited for an answer. The lapse in time felt like days had passed.

"What's going on?" Nighthand said as he walked back to the huddled group, shining his magnifier with a piece of wavemaster robe cloth.

"I don't know," Kain said nonchalant. "He's been like that for minutes now."

Hijinx raised a quizzical eyebrow "It's almost as if they're trapped in one of those invisible boxes that those mimes use! DAMN THOSE MIMES!" The lucky rabbit thrusted a hand forward to prove fact from theory, but Wren, the leader of the Vanguards of Twilight, stopped the hit with the blunt end of his Blademaster sword.

"Be patient."

Asgard wasn't listening. Tritoch's sudden inactivity was making him uneasy and impatient: Two things he hated being with the admins after him. He shook Tritoch violently. "Wake up. Time to meet death in the face, Tritoch."

Almost as if his name was the magic word to return life to the lifeless, Tritoch blinked. Waringly, some drew their weapons. Tritoch looked down to see what has occured and saw that his captor was the hunted man.

"You better run, boy," the Wavemaster jested. A line of blood rolled down his cheek from a forehead wound. "There are more people dying to see you."

"Really," Asgard retorted with disgust, "I don't think there's a person in this game that cannot handle what I have become." He tighened the grip on Tritoch's robe. The admin laughed silently in his mind.

"You're too blind in your ability, Thor. That WAS your fatal flaw. If you weren't so confident, your allies would still be alive." Almost instantly, Asgard dropped Tritoch to the floor. With one hand he drew Ultima and sword slapped the wavemaster with the flat end. It left a terrible dark red mark on his cheek. Asgard raised Tritoch back up with the other hand, the bruise reddening in ferocity.

"You ever mention that again and I'll make sure that you get the sharp end."

"No matter," Tritoch continued, "I bet you don't even know why I was inactive." Asgard waited. The Dualist knew that he was going to spill the beans anyway.

"I was contacting my, how do you put it, 'lackeys'."

Gingitsune stepped into the conversation. "Look around, if you can. Your lackeys are just huddled corpses now. Nothing you throw at us will ever bring us down. We have something much more important to worry about now."

"Obviously not, mon cheri. Asgard can vouch for me when I say that these two will be the end of you."

Asgard eyes suddenly widened in a horror he didn't want to relive. "Gem and Eye."


Asura stepped in. "Wait. Who's Gem and -"

Before the Vanguard could finish, Asgard threw Tritoch into the nearest building, the Elf's Haven. The unwary NPC took a body full of wavemaster and was sent straight into the backroom of the mountainside shop.

Drawing a charm from his pocket, the Dualist chanted "Ap Do". It was his mantra now. He heard a humm of power emanate from the charm and a slight glow appeared around his vision.

"Wait, Asgard! Where are you-" Gingitsune was cut off. The Dualist took off, leaving a dustcloud in his wake. Asgard dashed full force towards the gate. A list of select options appeared before him. He quickly plotted the series of commands to activate the gate and to send him away from Dun Loireag.

If what Tritoch said was true, then he had to lure the deadly Zodiac away from the team.


{Mac Anu - Delta Server}

The golden chaos rings fell down towards the paved city streets of Mac Anu. From the yellow halos and blue spheres of energy, Asgard appeared.

Yet, from the moment he regained consciousness, he saw that everything was wrong. Dead wrong to be blunt.

The sky was a dark blue, covered in the thickest storm clouds. He could feel the patter of rain upon his shoulders. A lightning bolt streaked across the clouds, the thunder following shortly behind. Another fact being that there was no one in sight. Sunrise is one of the most oppurtune times to play.

To the normal passer by, this would just be something that one would think would happen in The World's Root Towns. The weather becoming violent, night time, heat waves. Yet, Asgard knew one thing that the normal person wouldn't know.

On record, it never stormed in Mac Anu. The inclusion of changing weather in Root Towns gave risk towards crashing the server. Either something was seriously wrong, or the admins were starting to get serious.

Deadly serious.

Asgard looked down the street. Two figures stood side by side, looking dead straight at Asgard. Covered in black ninja gear (mask, gear, tabi, kunai, dual swords), they stood as still as statues.

"Welcome Thor. It is good to see you again."
"Yes. Very good indeed."

Asgard remained silent. He could still feel the ebb of Ap Do in his system. But that was irrelevant. The Dualist was now in the company of the two fastest Twin Blades in The World. Gem and Eye, the famous admin strike team.

"Shall we dance?"
"Dance we shall..."

The two assassins drew their twin short katanas. Before they could even step forward, Asgard dashed at them. Turning into a defensive fashion, they drew their katanas high in the air, ready to descend in a strong hit.

Asgard dashed closer, the lightning booming overhead. Before he got in range, he cut into a diagonal run, narrowly evading a quick slice from the mercs. He went straight for the wall and kept going, making the wall of the save shop his own personal inverted walkway. Like a shinobi in the night, Asgard ran forward on the wall and leaped effortlessly off. He landed right in the middle of the bridge which interconnected the Root Town.

The two mercenaries were speechless. They were impressed.

"Not bad for a has been..."
"Better retire Grandpa, before you break your back!"

Gem took the oppurtunity and leaped high into the air, over Asgard and landing over on the other side of the city. Eye closed off the other path. The pincer was in place.

Seeing as fighting was now his only alternative, again, he reached for his hip sheaths and drew Ultima and Awaikage. Pointing one sword for each enemy, he waited.

Back at the gate, Gingitsune, Asura and the rest of the group emerged from the gate. Seeing the iminent danger, Nighthand drew his magnifier and ran to help.

A beep from his Flash Mail stopped him.

To: Nighthand
From: Asgard

Don't even dare try. Head on attacks will end you up dead. Go plan an ambush attack for them. When they set their sights on a target, nothing else becomes important to them, except for a possible lone attacker.


Nighthand, defeated by a Flash Mail, looked back at Asgard. The Heavy Blade hoped that the Dualist knew what he was getting into.

But now was not the time to worry. The time of planning was now...


OOC: Now we're going to try something a wee bit different. I am going to open up a thread in the Delta server for the planning of attacks. I want ALL of you to try and devise a plan on how to at least weaken Gem and Eye. I don't want ANYONE posting in this thread, except for Gingitsune and myself of course :D If I see anyone post IC in this thread, there will be consequences.


I'm doing this part of TDM to see if you guys can amaze me with tactics and plans. I feel like I've been hogging the planning and such, so you guys can give it a shot.

Don't worry about levels. In this case, if your plans work, then everybody wins. That's right. Everybody. Devise something from this info

Gem and Eye
Class: Twinblades
Level: 50
Element Strengths: Fire, Earth, Thunder (for both)
Known Strengths: Ap Do speed without the use of the spell. Knows every human pressure point. Sixth sense (can sense enemies).
Known Weaknesses: Eye easily loses balance. Gem cannot swim. Eye can be distracted more easily than Gem.

Have fun.
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Post by Gingitsune » Sun Dec 07, 2003 5:51 pm

Gingitsune and the other players arrived in Mac Anu seconds after Asgard made his own flight. With nothing left in Dun Loireag but the rubble and carcasses of the battle, slowly wasting away and repairing in streams of data, there was nothing to stay for.
Besides, they were all curious, and as tired as they were from the last battle their curiousity managed to get the best of them. Curiousity killed the cat. Gingitsune thought of the quote, it was a very 'Asgard' thing to say, she thought, he would tell them to stay away- to not follow, that he'd be alright, but then again Gingitsune figured that she was in charge, and so she could follow is she and the team so desired.
Following in the wake of Asgard, they plunged through the now faultlessly fixed Chaos Gate and arrived in Mac Anu.
Gingitsune looked around at the graceful Root Town, it was so beautiful, even after Dun Loireag the calm canal town was still able to take her breath away. It was like Venice, with stone pathways, and arched bridges over still, clear blue water.
Suddenly a wave of nostalgia swept over Ravija, she remembered now, her eyes scanned the Root Town until they found the bench. The exact bench she had been sitting on that first day in Mac Anu, when everything had happened. When she had met the group, and Nall for the first time, and when they had fought that first hacked creature.
Were they going to destroy Mac Anu again? Was it going to be once again reduced to rubble before her very eyes.
If so it wouldn't be something new.
She shook these mutinous thoughts out of her head and focused on the message Nighthand recieved from Asgard.
They couldn't do this out in the open... She motioned with her head across the bridge, and down an alley way- back to the old hideout where they could formulate their plan.
Pacing up and down the cramped premises they all voiced their own ideas, from balls to drowning to tactics for diversion. Slowly the plot became formulated, and after awhile, Gingitsune restlessly swishing her tail in a comfortable chair, it was done. The team was split into different groups for different objectives, and all were satisfied.
"Alright..." she said, sighing and moving her cramped legs, "so this is what we've decided?" She grabbed a piece of parchment and sketched out the plan in a curly, fancy sort of handwriting that sprawled across the page.

Group G - Gingi, Nighthand, Strato, Kain, Asura

Group E - Hijinx, Neo, Zavier, Tirath, Wren, Phoenix

I decided to go to group E and putting Wren in group E also unless Wren wants to go to group G.

Here's the strategy.

Group E will lure Eye away either Zavier using one of his dragons or using Tirath's ball. Once Eye is lure away, we used a variety of attacks to get Eye off balance and tried to trap him under some rubble or throw him into the river.

Group G will attack Gem once Eye is lured away and various spells to get Gem onto the bridge and knock him into the river. Then they used the spells to keep Gem in the water until he drowns.

"That's it..." she said, "Now it's time to put this plan into action..."

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Post by Gingitsune » Mon Jan 05, 2004 10:52 pm

Looking around slowly she nodded to all of her team members, tapping the bejeweled end of Cybele onto the rough stone floor as if to finalize it. The plan was finished. It was now time to see how good it really was, and whether or not it would produce the desired effects on Gem and Eye.
She put her hand forward and the door of the hideout burst open at her command, smiling pleasantly she motioned with her hand through the door, "It's time to go see how we rate as strategists... After you!"

Outside they could see Asgard confronting the two warriors Gem and Eye, though they had a plan it still didn't relieve all of the tension and nervousness emanating from the group- the two warriors were still much more powerful level-wise than any other player...

Gingitsune sighed deeply, "well now is the time for it- no regrets, no looking back- as soon as we split into the groups we have to go by the plan... Unless" she said with a flourish and a toothy vulpine smile, "something goes very wrong! But relax- the plan sounds good!"
Her speech didn't seem to be helping much so she moved along quickly, "We all know what to do- I hope? If anyone has a question ask now or forever hold your peace! No one?" she asked, looking around once more at the grim faces around her. "Fine then, off we go chaps!" the vulpine smile had reappeared on her face as she ushered the team members along, "the faster we get this over with the faster we can... Well- the faster we can do anything, they're the target, the barrier, they are keeping us from attaining our goal and they must be destroyed!" Cybele flew up, showering everyone in a storm of small pink shooting stars. Gingitsune stood back, and to the left, marking where her group would stand.
"Ready? Set..." Gem and Eye looked towards them now, curiously, they were advancing forward...

(alright now, we're RP'ing the plan, if you need a refresher go back to the Plan thread and find your group and your target! ^_^}

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Post by Nighthand » Tue Jan 06, 2004 4:33 pm

(well, inactivity has lasted long enough. i'll be the first to brave this "level loss" and post along with gingi.)

Nighthand drew his magnifier, not that it would do him much good. the agile twin blades would be much faster than him, no matter how good he thought he was. he clutched the blade in one hand, preparing to pull energy from it to enhance his scrolls. he slowly siphoned vak from the blade, putting it in a charge for each of his scrolls.

in his other hand, he held three scrolls at the ready, preparing to unleash them all as quickly as possible. the extra fire energy from his blade would be sure to help, but would it be enough.

beside him, gingi prepared her wand for her won spells. she would have the hardest duty among them, using her powers on so many things at once...

the others in group G clustered around him, preparing for the attack. all they waited for now was group E to position themselves and distract Eye. once that happened, they would spring into action.

nighthand tensed, waiting eagerly for that moment.

(OOC: see, that wasn't too bad, was it? i feel fine, so far...)

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Post by Hijinx » Tue Jan 06, 2004 9:26 pm

Giving an exagerated military salute, hijinx acts serious and puffs her chest out. " Aye Aye captain! Beginning phase one of operation drown the twinblade." Hijinx's mouth twitches and she doubles over with laughter after being serious for such a long time. Bounding against a wall, she jumps back and forth to quickly ascends to the roof in a meer three seconds. Walking up to the edge, she look down and slowly counts off on her fingers the distance to the river on her fingers. Whooping and hollering she backpedals to the other side of the house and skids to a halt, bracing in a racers positon. "BANZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Taking off full tilt, she jumps the distance and gets in cannonball position, shouting loudly and generally terrorizing the fish population. Having angled herself precisely, her head came out above the waters surface just in time to see the splash cascade like a downpour on the huddled party of assorted players and asgard.

OOC: This isn't the jinx, I really just wanted to get asgard.
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Post by Gingitsune » Tue Jan 06, 2004 11:09 pm

(ooc: there's no level loss my dears, keep what Asgard gave you- that was the reward for the planning ^_^, and I shall post again when I come home!)

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Post by Vera » Fri Jan 16, 2004 8:19 pm

ooc: Interesting
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