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PostPosted: Tue Feb 22, 2005 6:57 am 
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"Mew Mew Meow... (The Beastmaster Championship...)" Kit says, looking at the bizarre little impish looking goblin as it smiles its constant, annoying, pre-programmed smile. She looks to the entrance way into the arena, thoughts suddenly clouding her mind. Her whiskers twitch and her nose curls up as she cracks a smile. Lighteria blinks, suddenly hearing purring on his shoulder. He looks over to see Kit with her distant expression, smiling and purring and staring at the door. The twinblade smiles, sort of amused at her reaction and decides to watch what she'll do.

"Me-ew... Meow meow mew mew mew... Mew meow mew mew. (Mm-mm... I could be the champion of all beasts... I can see it now.)" Her purrs get louder and she curls tighter onto Lighteria's shoulder. She smiles, visions of grandeur passing through her thoughts. All the other pets in The World would look up to her... aspire to be like her. Perhaps wear a crown and a cape? And the cape could be scented with cat-nip!! Oh yes... that would perfect. And a new collar... a golden one, with a bejeweled fish pendant hanging from it! And a lifetime supply of milk! Not that skim kind either, no the tasty kind. The kind with plenty of flavor and a touch of sugar to make it extra special tasty. Mmm... the perfect prize for king of the beasts... Perhaps a scratching post/throne in Mac Anu? By the river preferably... with the fish jumping... mmm fish....

"Er... Kit?" Lighteria says, noticing an almost starry glint in her eye.

"M-meow? (W-what?)" Kit blink and half-laughs, half-mews. "Mew mew meow, meow! (Oh it's nothing, nothing!)" She laughs nervously and gives the twinblade a big toothy smile. There's a slight pause.


"Riiight... Um, are you sure you wanna even do this?" He asks casually.

"Mew?! Mew meow! (What?! Why not!)" Kit says, instantly flabbergasted. Lighteria blinks.

"Err... didn't think it meant so much." He says, trying to get over the slight stun her reaction gave him. "But really, it could be dangerous." His brow furrows. "I know you'll return to me if..." He shakes off the memory of the thunder demon. "But still. I don't want you getting hurt. ...And... I... I dunno, I've never heard of this event before. It just feels.. weird."

"Mew meow meow mew meow meow mew mew mew. Mew, meow mew mew meow mew mew? (You've been feeling weird ever since you started spliting into energy. Besides, what's the worst that could happen?)"

"I shudder to think..." Lighteria says with a distant sadness and worry in his voice. "If it means that much to you though, I wish you the best Kit." The two of them smile as Lighteria reaches up to scratch Kit's back. She purrs happily from his fingernails and leaps down off of his shoulder to the entranceway, swiping at the air with her paws, bursting with anticipation.

Lighteria sits down on a nearby bench and smiles, resting his chin in his hand and his elbow on his knee, admiring her tenacity.

She’s so energetic! I wonder how long it’s been since I felt so passionate about something. *sigh* Kit’s a real mystery alright. I don’t know WHAT goes through that kitten’s head, or how she got all these actual… seemingly non-AI emotions. …Or maybe I’m just reading too much into a really good computer program. …Still it’d be nice to have a kitten like that in the real world… if I ever get back.

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"Wow, a contest. For you Kitski." Vera said as she smiled and looked to her partner. Kitski was still in her kitsune form as she stared up and blinked at Vera. "Ok, whynot." she said as Kitski smiled; there was a glowing black light as Kitski was englufed in it, then slowly morphed into a female player from before on the roof.

Kitski had pure white hair, that cascaded down to her ankles; her eyes were a bright purple, which shined brighty through, Veras' soul. She had a pale complection as she wore, a white version of Veras' outfit all the way down to the boots; she though appeared human, unlike Vera, who was a fox girl. Though she had no class, this form was to only further her link with, Vera. Since they were in a relationship together, the human appearance let them, do sexual things without being further interesting to the normal people. A lesbian relationship was interesting enough to normal players, but a lesbian beastial relationship was just plain weird.

"Good luck dear." Vera said as she kissed, Kitski softly on the lips for several moments as she pulled away and smiled. "Do a good job and I will see you soon. I love you." she said as Kitski nodded back to her and turned into her kitsune form again. Slowly Vera sat down as well and as she turned on a monitor; on the screen was Kitski. Vera sighed depressingly as she watched, her partner and stared intently at the screen.

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-Reinier ran out of the hideout to go collect Lighteria. Ryok pondered what he'd do once all of this hacker stuff ended, and he could just lay around all the time. He disliked dying although he was getting used to it. dying twice in the last couple of days can be a big shock to one body. Ryok stood up and looked around only to notice nothing to do. He sat back down sighing, and waiting for Reinier to get back. Ten or so minutes passed of him staring at the dirt wall of the hideout when Reinier finally bust back in with the vase he had take earlier. Ryok examined it carefully as Reinier sat down. He rose an eyebrow, and the vase exploded as Lighteria reformed inside of it. Ryok stood up as if to signal their leave, but no one rose with him. His other eye twitched and he made his way to the doorway. Still no one.. As he proceeded out the doorway a person with wings landed, and walked inside the hideout. Ryok eyed the wings as he passed the character, and out on to the main street. He looked back hoping someone was following now. Still, no one.. Ryok started towards the little alley that connented the main road to the clan mansion street. He walked across the wodden bridge each foot step making a hallow noise that echoed out into the empty air. Each plank of wood seemed to be getting older and more worn out with each passing day. Ryok reached the other side of the of the bridge and stepped out on to the cobble stone street, and turned back to stare at the bridge. He fell on to the ground, scratching his head as he thought..

-”Were the pieces of wood replaced? I’ve never seen them like this although I was on all the time. Thats weird.. Well, I do notice the weirdest things. Blech, whatever..”

- “Yes, yes you do. You know this one time I was standing on you, and I almost burnt a hole through your shit right? And you were sleeping. Oh, whoops I forgot to mention that. Anyways, you wo-..”

-”Please..Please.. PLEASE Be QuIeT!!@#$”

-Ryok stood up his right eye twitching he rubbed it, and started towards the alley again. He walked along the buildings until he reached the alley. He turned into it, and sat down on a trash can. Leaning against the wall he could clearly see the edge of the Chaos Gate. He closed his eyes thinking about what his parents were doing right now. He stood up, and walked up the stairs that lay in front of the gate. He turned around the rest of the group just starting to come. He walked into the box shape area, and leaned up against one of the walls waiting for everyone. Ryok closed his eyes again the image of his new pet coming to mind right away. Ryok sighed.. As he listened to the words to the field. The golden rings decended down on to him, and he was lifted to the next field.

-The plain was covered in ice, and next to him say Hidama. He glared down at it then looked back up at a goblin. Who wasn’t attacking, but talking and pointing to things. Ryok blurred out the talking until the goblin said..

-“Gladly! You will all be divided according to class, and sent into Beast Castle! Isn’t that exciting? You will wait in the waiting room, and your beasts will go in! It’s a challenge for them! At stake are some very rewarding rewards! You’ll have fun, excitement, prizes!”

-Nighthand asked the creature a question, and the goblin began sorting out the groups. Reinier, Hacomy, and Ryok stood on one side while everyone else stood on the other. Ryok sighed knowing that with Reinier,Hac and himself would have to protect the weak bastard from everything. He turned to look at Hidama then back at the goblin..

-"Wait... excuse me, um, sir... I believe you set me with the remedial group..." Reinier said. Ryok looked over at him one of his eyebrows rising.. "I should be over there" He pointed at the other group of players. "The group that won't be horribly slaughtered without mercy, excetera excetera."

-“Nope, my detections are never wrong! We have something SPECIAL prepared for you three!” Ryok stared at the goblin waiting for something else to happen. Ryok stopped then looked over at Reinier again thinking about what he just said when he spoke up again.

-"Son ofva bitch... I'm going to die, but nooo, not with the fun group... I'm dying with the boy who can't hold his water and... well... Ryok..." His eye began to twitch, and his head turned a bit. He spoke under his breath..

-“Yea, yea.. You’ll die.. Not by any monster though..” His head twitched again, and he would’ve yelled out had not his new pet stopped him.

-“Wait no!..” Hidama floated over to it’s master, and bit into his leg. Ryok’s arm came down, and hit the creature over the head a few times.

-“Let go!.. Ouchie.. Off, off.. GeT OfF!” His hand came down on to the monster wacking it off his leg. It flew back a little before hitting the ground. The area where Hidama once floated was scorched right down to the grass. Ryok walked over to the couch, and sat down grabbing his own clicker, and turning the t.v that sat in front of him on. Ryok pointed to the door, and told Hidama to go. His face was blank as he flipped through the channels to find the one his pet was on.


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A Beastmaster Championship eh?

The thought ran fluidly through Gingitsune's mind, and she looked down at Jocasta, who was sporting, as she had suspected, a grin of extreme content. Her sadistic little Sphinx looked more than a little pleased with herself as she looked around the room and surveyed the other pets, her golden eyes sparkling dazzlingly, and her pure white fangs exposed over her bottom lip.

Upon hearing the announcement, the immaculate Sphinx began once again to touch up her coiffure, sharpening her lethal claws and adjusting her headdress. Looking up at her mistress Jocasta once again put on her toothy grin, her eyes closing and elongating in uncharacteristic happiness,
"Now you'll see how it's done Gingitsune" she said silkily, her long plumed tail swishing back and forth across the ground.

"See how what's done exactly?" Gingitsune asked, slightly put off by her guardian's tone, she felt like her 'pet' was more like her mother.

"The grace and elegance of battle, you've been a little clumsy lately dear, perhaps you need some more training- or an 'easier' pair of shoes" she said, fixing her cattish eyes pointedly on the sharp heels.

"I can walk just fine," said Gingitsune, twirling around on her heel sharply, "now stop wagging your tail like some demented puppy and get on with it" she said, pointing a manicured fingernail at the doorways just ahead.

"Aww, so you won't be cheering me on then?" asked Jocasta, her voice echoing a mock disappointment, "don't you worry, I won't let you down- or atleast, I won't let myself down, a Sphinx's dignity and proud is more important than anything. We have been idolized and worshipped for thousands of years across the ancient civilizations."

"Yes, or atleast you would have been, but I'm afraid you're made up on digits and pixels Jo," Gingitsune said, rolling her eyes, "someone drew you and put you into this game to make my already miserable life even worse. Now goooo~"

Jocasta smiled, "You should be very grateful to this 'person' that you weren't stuck with some less satisfactory pet" she said, pointedly glancing around at the other guardians, a flicker of disapproval appearing around her mouth, "some of these pets are nothing more than just that- pets. They live for treats and playing fetch, and God knows what other indignant little tricks. We weren't made for your amusement, we weren't put here to make you happy-" Jocasta cut off and sighed, then brightened again, "well anyway, I'm glad someone here has thought about our fun rather than yours."

Gingitsune shook her head, and said farewell to her guardian as the haughty Sphinx made her way to the door, looked back once with a confident smile, and disappeared. Fighting down a huge urge to laugh, Gingitsune turned around and made her way back to her teammates.

She was happy not to have to fight for once... though she had skipped the last quest as well. She was getting lazy with her old age, she thought, as she shook her head and smiled. Her birthday had been a couple of weeks ago, she had almost forgotten about it. She entertained herself for a few minutes imagining her hospital-coma-birthday-party, but then sighed, and got her attention back to the present.

Reaching the couches she plopped down next to the less-than-happy Reinier and grinned, "this should be entertaining to watch..."

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So? Are you willing to do this? It’s been a while since we’ve been with the others. This has been both good and bad. You may not be as close to the other guardians as you used to be, but in the time we were away from them, we were together and our bond has strengthened.

Yes, you are right. We have grown quite close as of late, especially with that last little adventure we went on in search of your former allies.

Yeah, that was quite the challenge. We really have become a better team since then.

So, are you going to let me participate? I really would enjoy testing how close of a connection we’ve got. There is also the fact that Beastmaster Champion sounds like a really good title for me, don’t you think? Beastmaster Champion Vasuki! Champion of all the Guardians!

Haha, well I guess you’re right. It does sound like a good title, and if it is your wish to join, then let it be so.

Lakely curiously watches the impish creature as he unlatches the small bracelet encircling his wrist. He places it on the ground and stands as it begins to glow and emit a bright green light. The bracelet is lost within the light and from the light emerges a Naga, using its body as legs it stands at about the height of Lakely’s waist. Vasuki is his name, and like all other Nagas he has many heads and at will it seems, he can change how many heads he has at a given moment. The center head bears a jewel, clearly giving away which is the main head he uses for thought.
Vasuki slithers over to the wall where the other guardians have stood and looks back to Lakely, his head nodding.

Well, I guess this is where I go. I know you will, but I may as well ask you to do your best to help me out.

Lakely looks back at his guardian and winks. You know it! Go do your best, and remember to listen if I give you advice, I’ll be watching you on the screen over here. The Naga raises his heads up and turned toward the door behind him, exiting. Lakely sat down at one of the empty chairs at the side of the room and turned on the screen in front of him. The screen flashed with a small light and then filled with many colored lights forming an image of his Guardian standing with those of his comrades.

Wow, he really wants to do this. It will be interesting to watch how he does without me physically by his side. I’ll be there with him in thought, and hopefully the bond we’ve built will be strong enough to survive anything thrown our way. He’ll do well, I know it.

Lakely stared at the screen and for the first time in a while, he smiled as he watched his Guardian so content with all the others.



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OOC: I like this one :bunny: . Better read it, important stuff in here.

Clapping her hands excitedly and hopping in circles, Hijinx cheered over and over again the same few words. "Urbosh gets to plaaaaay, Urbosh gets to plaaaaay!" she chanted happily, the blob bouncing around with her at high speeds and burbling incoherently, literally turning into a long blue line of happy bubbling goo. Hijinx stopped suddenly stopped and held her arms out, catching the pet right in the chest and squeezing him tight. "Urbosh, it's your first big solo ever!" She nuzzled her pet for a second before sitting up, holding him out at arms length and smiling. "Now remember to play nice, don't take candy from strange administrators, and tell me all about it when you come back, okay?" Setting him down in front of her she pulled out a Commando Blob lunch box and handed it to him, along with a big red apple shaped clock. Sticking a plastic name tag in him she patted him once before giving him a little push towards the door. As he was just about to enter she remembered, pulling a little flashing ball of candy out of her pocket. "Urbosh, try your hardest, okay?! Have a pick me up for good luck!" Tossing the sweet confection to her pet, she beamed and wiped her right eye. "They grow up so fast..." Slipping a note slyly to Tirath, she popped to her feet and dove into her chair. Urbosh had placed his stuff in the corner and was just starting to dissolve the candy as she pulled out a giant foam hand with the index finger extended. Behind her, reflected in the ice, were three different shadows.

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Stunned at what had happened as he entered the field, Aqualiea manifested behind him. Starting as a small glow, she grew into a woman of sorts. Her only difference from that of an actual woman was that she had wings on each side of her back. They were not angel wings, but wings that you would see on a dragonfly. As the wings buzzed, she began to float next to Hac, both looking at the little Goblin. Hac tried not to, but the strain in his jaws was getting to him. After a few moments he let out a small breath. The Goblin perked up and looked at him, as he knew Hac's breath was a laugh. Straightening up after the look Hac looked at his guardian and spoke telepathically to her.

"This is The Beast Master Championship!" The demon thing said as it kept hopping along in front of them like a little bunny rabbit. Hmm . . . a tournament for the pets? What could be up with this? I mean, why would the admins go through such a hard or easy time just to let our pets battle. I mean if they really want this to happen, why not just do something else. I wonder if they have something up their sleeves for this event, or if it really is just an event, and all the people not fighting can relax. The next think Hac knew is that he was in a large room with televisions all around. Next to him was Aqualiea who had said nothing at all about the event and if she was going to participate. She was not a beast. Thus, Hac really did not know her outlook on the matter, if she wanted to participate or not. All he could do was ask her to see if she would or would not. Either way, Hac would let her decide.

The teams were soon decided, a team of three vs. everyone else in the party. As soon as this popped up, the fool Reinier began to complain about he was put on the wrong team completely. Idiot, either he thinks power is only decided by level, or he just does not want to look bad once we all are beat into a pulp. So, that is how you think it will turn out huh? I guess you have no confidence in your own guardian. Remember, even though I have not fought much during my time with you does not mean I do not know how to fight at all. I still hold the essence of water flowing through my body. I cannot control it any more since I passed my powers onto you, but I can still summon it along with a few other spells. I need you to watch me though.

A small mutter came from Reinier's mouth and it broke Hac's concentration. The little bitch had directly, or maybe indirectly insulted him. Hac could not speak, but he did think of something devious that he would save for a while. Reinier would pay for the comment. It was just a matter of time. Hac might even get some blood out of it in the end. Nothing could be said for sure though. One thing that could though, was that Hac still could not trust one single person or thing in the room. Not the couch's, chairs, people, or the Goblin itself. Everything seemed to be set up perfectly the way someone wanted it. The Goblin said an Administrator did set up the event. If this were true, why did they send a talking Goblin to do the introduction to the place instead of themselves 'in' person?

Off the subject of the low-level Heavy Blade, Hac turned his attention back to Aqualiea. So, by your response a minute ago, I suppose that you are going to fight in this. I want you to be careful though. I do not trust our allies or foes in this battle. Who knows what kind of dirty trick these people have up their sleeve? Since I cannot fight along side of you, I will abide by your wishes and look out for you on the monitor. Thank you Hac. I will not let you down. If I get in trouble, I use my most powerful spell. Just make sure that you watch over me and communicate with me. I do not want to be all alone, not again. For too long was I trapped in that city. You helped set me free. That is why I am helping you now. I rest my life in your hands. You will not let me down. I believe in you. I will not let you down.

With minds made up, the Water Faerie bowed and turned toward her door. She then lifted off the ground by fluttering her wings and zoomed in. As the channels changed back and forth to humor those easily amused, Hac waited for the channel of his pet to come back on. As it did, the Heavy Blade warrior saw her just floating there. Smiling through the television set, he wished her luck. Thus, her battle would soon begin and Hac knew she would do well by herself. Deep within his mind, he knew her strength. The only problem was that he did not know the strength of all the other beasts who were to be competing. Especially the ones which were suppose to be on his team. Laughing mentally, Hac stayed standing up, and looking at his screen as he began t drift into deep thought.

It has been too long. So long since I last logged out. It has seemed as if an eternity. I wonder if my body was ever found at all.I was alone then, no one around at all. Schools would be the only ones to call or investigate what happened. Still, I wonder if my corpse is just sitting on the computer desk withering away. If that were the case, Hac began to think of what would happen to his character. Would it get erased, or would he have to dwindle inside the game for all eternity? No use dwindling in fate's territory. I need to think about the present and stop thinking of old times, and times to be. This card was dealt by the fate, so this card I will play. If I were to die though, I would be reincarnated unless in this lifetime, I learned all my lessons. Thinking no more, the vampiric player smiled and sat on the ground, focusing on the screen.

His eyes did not blink, but it was not noticeable for his hood covered the eerie, regular glow of his blue eyes. The excess cloth of the black cloak just seemed to rest itself in folds, waiting for the battle to start. Hac was still aware of his surroundings though. Even though he was near comfy looking couches, he just stayed on the floor not thinking or caring what the others would think, if they were thinking at all.

Let this start...

(OOC:Bleh finally got it up)

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(OOC: Continued in the two topics! Tirath, I'll leave this open so you can spot a post in, but not forever.)

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Tirath took a moment to see exactly where they had landed
There didn’t seem to be anything special about the field. In fact is was rather normal. He wondered why Nall would have wanted them to come to such a... well frankly boring place. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted

”Hello!” Rang out a yell.

He looked up to see goblins in pinstriped suits approaching. As they did several thoughts ran through his head.

Hmm... more hacked creatures... by why didn’t they attack right away?
Who could have created this particular bunch?
Well... at least when we kill them I can grab one of those suits... this jackets looking a bit dusty...

The last thought lead him to one more before he reached down to his blade and prepared himself to fight...

I’ve spent way too much time in Hijinx’s world

“Welcome to the Beast master Championship! I trust you all have your beasts on hand, yes yes? GOOD! Now, let us be off!”

What? They weren’t here to fight them?

He gave a quick look to Tutong, who only seemed to shrug at him...
Unsure of what was going on he did just what everyone else had...
He relaxed his grip on his sword and followed the little green creature toward the distant castle...
He was about to question the goblin about what was going on, but Nighthand beat him to it...

”So, explain what this is all about?”

“Gladly! You will all be divided according to class, and sent into Beast Castle! Isn’t that exciting? You will wait in the waiting room, and your beasts will go in! It’s a challenge for them! At stake are some very rewarding rewards! You’ll have fun, excitement, prizes!”

”Alright, is this some kind of admin event? And when will you split us up?”

“Yup! Administrator Sazl’em set up this event! As for dividing you, right now!”

The pinstripe goblin began sorting through the group, gesturing to one side or the other. Soon, he had two groups. They were also decidedly uneven. Ryok, Reinier, and Hacorie were on one side, their respective pets next to them. Everyone else was on the other side.
Tirath waited and listened patiently while Reinier tried to argue his way out of the assignment.

When the issue was finally resolved the goblin continued...

“Each couch has a monitor for you to watch your beast with! Those of you who can, giving orders to your beast is perfectly fine! When you are ready, send your beast through its door!”

Tirath looked to the roc on his shoulder and thought about what the goblin had said. Most of the others would at least be able to give direction to their pets... but he wasn’t able to do so... Despite that, He wasn’t at all worried.

“Ok Tutong... We don’t know what to expect and I won’t be able to help you once you go through those doors. Just be careful and pace yourself. I know whatever happens you can handle it. Just take care of yourself first, then worry about the others.”

Tutong seemed to understand and with a nod the bird took off and waited by the door with the others.

Hijinx, having finished giving directions to her blob took a moment to slip Tirath a note. He found his seat among the couches and when he had gotten comfortable finally unfolded the piece of paper. There was a crudely drawn picture of Reinier in a soiled diaper in the corner that made him smile a little, but when he read the note he couldn’t help but laugh.

In Hijinx’s child like handwriting it said “We go for the suit on three".

He looked over to the giant foam hand wielding rabbit and she gave him a wink and a smile.

Well... Tirath thought to himself as the pets left the room... This should be interesting...

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Unequiped: Unicorn Blade(Ani Slash)Executioner(Crackbeat)

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