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PostPosted: Sun Feb 27, 2005 3:24 am 
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The room was crowded, many beasts of all shape and form waiting. Soon, the goblin arrived; or maybe it was a different one, no one could tell. It opened a door on the wall opposite, revealing a long passageway.

“At the end of this hall you will find a room, containing your challenge. There are many mirrors, of all shapes and sizes; choose one that suits you, or your master’s, whims, and study yourself; the challenge will soon be made apparent.”

The pets looked around, some confused, some confident, some seemingly ignoring everything. Shard was one of those third.

He perked up once the goblin beckoned them to head out, though. His heads and minds all in unison for the time, he loped off through the tunnel, the rest of the pets following.

The room they emerged in was one very large circle. Mirrors were spaced out along the walls. Shard found one he could see most of himself in, and settled to watch. His heads resting on his paws like a great large dog, he studied his reflection. Around him the other pets were doing the same.

His sleek black form rippled as his muscles relaxed. He wasn’t a normal Cerberus, one of the three-headed dogs of ancient myth. Instead he was a Shadow Cerberus. He was, in fact, the last of his kind. He had been a monster in the early stages of the game, but instead of a static set of stats, he had the ability to level up, the more players he killed. Also a trait among his kind was a collective experience; when one died, his power spread among the rest. As such, there were a finite number to begin with; he was the last.

He suspected each of the companions around him had its own story, some he knew himself, but he wasn’t going to pry. It was bad form.

Suddenly, his reflection stood. He could hear the cries of alarm from the other pets as their reflections also broke from being reflections.

The Cerberus in front of him stepped forwards, and he leapt back, a low, tritonal growl rising in his three throats.

The reflection stepped forward, out of the mirror. Now it was a perfect copy of himself; the only difference being a killer gaze coming from its eyes. That gaze was perfectly evil.

Master, what should I do?
My guess would be kill it. I’ll leave it to you, you’re a smart creature, you don’t need my help on this one.
Yes, master.

As one, the pair of monsters lunged.

(OOC: Alright, here’s the challenge. Each of you has a perfect mirror copy of yourself to fight. There are no noticeable differences, making it virtually impossible to tell between the good and evil versions, so you essentially have to fight yours, not someone else’s. They have all the powers you do, the same in every way. Once you get done, basically just be patient, unless someone else wants you to help, work that out with them. Once they’re all dead, and the other group has completed both their challenges, I’ll tie it all back up.)

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 28, 2005 5:46 am 
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This isn't at all like I remember... This was a giant ice palace last time. I SURE don't remember a pet arena inside it. ...Then again I didn't explore the whole thing, maybe I missed it? Ugh... this place still makes me nervous.

Lighteria look up to the monitor and watches Kit as she stares intently at the mirror in front of her.

She sure looks ready. Wonder where she got that brave? Certainly not from me...

He sighs and looks to the others as they watch their own pets ready themselves against whatever is next.

....I'm starting to get nostalgic. ....This place feels so familiar.

...Is your final gift really here?

In the arena...

Kit's nose and whiskers twitch a little as she stares at the mirror. Her heart starts racing, considering the possibilites of what could happen next. She blinks and suddenly is struck by what should be obvious to her. "Mew Mewma! (Ap Corma!)" She says, magic attack boosting most of the pets around her. Obviously, she assumes, a battle will happen soon, she'd hate to be caught off guard and any buff she can get will help. Five seconds afterwards, her suspicions are put to rest as clones of the pets suddenly jump out of the mirrors and attack their respective rivals. Kit gasps and turns to the mirrior to face her own challenger.

"Mew? (Nothing?)" She says, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She looks back to the others, fighting their doubles and then back to the mirror. "Mew mew meow mew? (Is there a problem with it?)" She walks slowly up the mirror and places a paw on the glass. Before she can even realize it, the glass turns incorporeal and she falls instantly through, dissapearing from the arena.

"Meeeew!! (Whoooa!!)"

"Kiiiiiit!!" Lighteria suddenly yells from the spectator area. For a second he's stunned but in the next second he runs out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He rushes into the initial hallway and looks around.

I know the hallway turned left at some point here before. They changed it for this event...

He looks to a section of the wall and nods, walking up to it and passing through it easily, entering the old dungeon of Lightless Eternal Abyss.

((OCC: ^^; See ya for a while.))

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 05, 2005 5:58 am 
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Urbosh bubbled with delight as the candy continued to dissolve in all of it's sour goodness. In fact, his good cheer made him worry less about the challenge before him and more about what game him and Hijinx were going to play afterwards. Probably the dodging game, that one was especially fun, and useful when a copy of yourself was aiming a heavy blow at you from inside a mirror. That snapped him out of his thoughts pretty promptly. He flowed quickly to the side as a whiplike extension of the enemy smacked the ground where he had been sitting. His twin bounced out, ready to combat Urbosh with everything it's evil mind could conceive.

The evil blob formed a spike and stabbed at Urbosh quickly, but failed as his opponent opened a circle where it should have impacted. The two became intertwined and thrashed about, slamming violently into the walls and floor as a cheering Hijinx raised her giant foam hand in the air and screamed encouraging advice like "Go Urbosh!" and "Show em' who's the best blob!". The creatures pancaked on the ground as they drove each other downward, neither of them receiving any damage for all of the noise and consternation they were producing. Suddenly popping up, they each changed into an arm and began to wrestle. Both failing to make any progress, they changed shapes again, this time into two giant pairs of scissors. They burbled at each other challengingly and tried again, Urbosh choosing rock as the clone stuck with scissors. Bubbling with fury this time it made another challenge. They each extended a blobbish hand and shook on a new contest, making hijinx ooooh and aaaah.

The pair withdrew into their natural forms and braced dramatically, each assuming an oval shape. Then, like thunder strikes from the heavens, they slumped into relaxed sleep. Extremely obvious bubble z's floated from them and popped, re-joining the host form imidiately. Hijinx sank into a hush and slurped a soda as she leaned close to the screen; those two were getting really serious about this whole affair.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 06, 2005 7:52 pm 
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Cerberus versus Cerberus, mirror images of one another. Each wielding the same powers as the other, they were formidable enemies. Blow after Blow, Spell after Spell; they were evenly matched. Spell was dodged, lunge was parried, not a point of damage was dealt.

We need to hit it, and hit it hard! Who cares about out damage!
No, we need to pause, think this through! Balance, balance! Too much damage and it’s not worth the win!
Why can’t we just talk it out? I don’t want to get hurt…
COWARD! I can’t believe I have to be stuck in the same body as a pacifist!
But you are, so deal with it. That’s why I’m the middle head, remember. Balance! Also, so you can’t attack yourself.
I’d do it, too! I don’t care if I’d only have two heads afterwards, it’d be worth it!

Darkness began to well up around the pair, as they simultaneously each cast Ani Zot on each other. Still mirror copies, they leaped up as the familiar spider legs rose from the ground, to strike where they no longer were.

They both rolled to the side next, a carefully choreographed dance, avoiding each other’s Ani Don, then lunging for each other as they cast and dodged Ani Kruz.

As they passed each other, the first damage of the battle was dealt; their speed and direction was to much to dodge, and they ran into each other’s Tiger Claws skill.

Damn, we’re too evenly matched. Those attacks dealt the same amount of damage to both of us! We need to trick him, some how!
Trick? No, we need to KILL! WRYNECK!

The dark summon began to form, but fizzled and went out.

NO! We can’t cast that yet, it’s too likely to miss and leaves us with too little SP

The middle head watched the other Cerberus carefully. It mirrored them, but there was something different. Something that they didn’t know about, something they couldn’t plan for. Thus far, it had been mirroring their actions exactly, but something seemed different now.

Just now, did you sense two Wryneck spells forming, or just one?
I’m not sure, I was distracted for a moment… stupid vampires… let me ask Silverblade… No, there was only one Wryneck.
Thank you, master.


Shard lunged, under the control of the aggressive left head as the middle had taken leave for a moment. The other Cerberus lunged as well, both preparing another Tiger Claws. Something was different this time, however.

LOOK OUT! Asserting control once more, the middle head twisted, rolling under the opponent’s attack, but was still caught in the feint; the other Cerberus had cast Ani Zot, and one of the spider legs caught them full force as it rose up.

Flung high into the air, Shard twisted and did his best to land, but the pain put them at a disadvantage. Green now knew what was different about the other Cerberus.

Listen to me! The other Cerberus is only one mind! All three of its personalities have been corrupted with a lust for our death! If we keep arguing, it’ll take us out for sure!
Then let me take over! I’m sure I can get it!
No, you’re too predictable! It’s most like you, of all three of us! We need something different, like middle in control.
No, I’ve been in control this whole time; it’s predicted me just fine. No, we need you in control, right.
Yes, you; you’re the least like the other, and will be the least predictable to the other.

Reluctantly, control of the body shifted to the right head; it was now a battle between opposites. The aggressive other Cerberus, against the ultimately passive side of Shard.

(Alright people, time to get a move on. Vera, Gingi, you have a bit of catch-up to do... Jinx, if it comes to it, just post again. I'd like this to get back moving again, there's not much left to do, and it should be interesting when we come to it; but we have to get past this bit first.)

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 3:55 am 
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All of the Guardians of his friends had entered their own rooms, Vasuki accompanied most of the others in the larger group. The Naga sat and stared into the mirror and watched his reflection mimicking his every move. As each individual head of his own moved, the reflection’s corresponding head moved as well. So, what’s going to happen now?[/C] Vasuki lowered all of his heads and just hung there waiting for what was to come.

"Mew Mewma!”

A couple of mirrors to his right stood the Guardian of Lighteria, Kit the kitten, chanting a spell, that from the color of the light that encircled him and the rune atop his head, seemed to be Ap Corma. Vasuki felt the cool energy enter him as his Magic Attack stat increased. [color=green] This should be helpful if a battle ensues.

Lakely shifts in his chair and watches Vasuki curiously. Hmmm...Hopefully that won’t be needed.

Vasuki stares into the mirror and watches in amazement as his reflection stands in front of him laughing. What is going on? The reflection moves out from inside the mirror and leaps at him with its mouths wide open in preparation for an attack. Vasuki lowers his body and throws the upper part of his body toward the ground to his left, avoiding the attack. He quickly raises himself onto his body again and makes his own dive toward his reflection, following closely behind it. The reflection lands on the floor and stops, turning around back toward Vasuki’s advance. The real Naga crashes into the reflection of himself and they are both sent rolling onto the empty floor. They both rise off of the ground and face each other. “Hiss Hissss!! (Rue Kruz)” The jewel atop the center head of the reflection glows bright blue, the light shining around it and then Vasuki himself. Vasuki looks around him as the light gives way to large chunks of ice surrounding him. Gah! What should I do?

Lakely hears Vasuki’s question in his head as he watches Lighteria and the picture on his screen of Kit entering the mirror in front of him. What else? Try and dodge! It’s a level 1 spell so you should just have to roll back once, then leap up, and then to the right. If you time it right you’ll escape it since you’re pretty small.

Without hesitation, the Naga prepares himself as the ice moves toward him. He rolls backwards as the ice block to the right of him advances and misses, moving as quickly as he can he leaps up into the air as the block to his left moves just below him, missing. Once back on the ground he looks toward the block in front of him falling towards him. Shutting his eyes tightly he leaps to the right to try and avoid the ice. The block falls toward him and crashes into his tail, sending him off his expected course and to the ground. Ok, that was quick thinking. Now what?

The twinblader in the observation room yells at his screen as his Guardian enters the mirror and vanishes. Lighteria immediately runs toward the door in the room and slams it behind him. “Damn! I have to go with him and make sure he’s alright! I can’t just let another Vanguard run into what looks like an obvious trap unaided.”

Hello!?!? Anything special you want me to do?

Yes! Try and finish off your reflection with a Rue Rom. If it’s exactly like you, and you were light enough to escape the full blow of that Rue Kruz, then it should be pretty lightweight as well. If you trap it in the tornado and it’s placed correctly, it should fly back into its mirror and disappear. After that, you have to follow Kit and jump in his mirror. Both Lighteria and Kit have run off and we have to go help them.

Right! I’ll try it! Vasuki nods his heads and looks at his reflection, and then a few feet behind it. “Hiss Hiss! (Rue Rom)” The jewel atop Vasuki’s head begins to shine brighter than his reflection’s had. He dives toward the reflection and knocks it down to the ground, sliding toward the tornado. The tempest swells and the ice blocks crash into the reflection, lifting it higher into the storm and spinning it around even more as more blocks collide with it. The storm fades away and the last ice block flies away, carrying the reflection, and into the reflection’s mirror. The reflection explodes into strands of monochrome data floating in the air and within seconds the mirror swallows each and every bit of data. Vasuki nods his head and moves toward Kit’s mirror Alright, I’ve finished it off and I’m following Kit as we speak. Vasuki leaps into the mirror and flows straight through it, in pursuit of the small kitten.

It had been some time past, but as Vasuki spoke to him, Lakely had already taken chase after Lighteria, entered the door, and shut it behind him. He hoped he would be able to find him, and as he ran down the halls, he caught glimpse of the twinblader running to his left. Lakely chased after him and stopped when he noticed there was no turn in the hall for Lighteria to take. “What’s going on?”

Alright, I’ve finished it off and I’m following Kit as we speak.

Good! Aren’t you glad I’m here? You wouldn’t have known what to do without me. Anyways, I’ve followed Lighteria but he turned left and all I see here is a wall.

I’m sure, where would I be without you? And yes, you did sense sarcasm in what I said. You ever stop to think maybe that wall is an illusion created for the event to cover up the path to the dungeon? That’s what I thought, now where exactly would you be without me?

Lakely chuckled and attempted to place his hand on the wall, though to his dismay Vasuki was correct and he fell through the wall and to the floor. Great! I don’t know where I would be without you, but I know where I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be here with my face in the ground. I guess that’s the best definition of teamwork we can come up with. Anyways, I’m heading after him now. The heavyblader rose to his feet and walked through the wall, entering the dungeon of the Lightless Eternal Abyss.

(OOC: Woo! Catch you guys on the flippity flipside of laters on!)



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PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:28 am 
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Kitski slowly walked around the impending area as she looked around and became slightly confused at all the mirrors. Her eyes turned from left to right as she continued to size up the situation before walking slowly to one of the mirrors and staring at it curiously. "Well yay for pointless things." she said to herself as she continued to stare at the mirror. Looking back her was a the same kitsune; it's white fur clean and brushed out as it's tails swayed from side to side.

Suddenly the reflection took a small step out of the mirror causing Kitski to jump back. They stared at each other for a moment; looked in a staring contest as neither seemed willing to quit. "Hmm A cheap copy...Kinda cute though. Hmm look over there a big monster!" Kitski yelled as the copy kitsune turned its head. She began to laugh as she had tricked her copy into loosing, but suddenly felt a sharp pain as she was struck across the face. Skidding across the ground she quickly jumped up as she knew the intentions of her foe; they were to do battle and only one would live.

"Ji Rom!" Kitski yelled as the spell materialized and crashed upon her foe. It smiled for a moment, shaking its head as it sighed happily in the battle. "Ji Don!" the kitsune yelled as a brick of white energy came crashing down upon Kitski as she growled and glared at her opponent once more. Neither of them was greatly hurt by the other's spell, but the copy was still set on killing the original.

"Enough playing around then! I am going to rip you a part you good for nothing skank!!" Kitski yelled as she lunged at the opponent as she dodged quickly and shook her head. "Staccato it said softly as it lunged quickly at Kitski and hit her straight on with the flurry of attacks. The kitsune skid across the ground again as stopped, she struggled to her feet and lunged at the copy again before it could recover. She bit directly into its shoulder; her grip was like an iron vice as she used her momentum and spun around. The spin finished as the copy came crashing hard into the ground, blood dripping from its shoulder as it struggled to get up and smiled again.

The battle was an interesting one; the passionate and loving Kitski and the copy of her, which seemed cold and single minded. The copy jumped towards her as the original just side stepped and grinned.
"Staccato." she yelled with a grin as she unleashed the attack against the copy, her hits were somewhat precise as she unloaded several direct strikes to the copy’s' stomach and chest area. Kitski grinned as she saw her opponent laying there seemingly dead; she grinned happily as she turned to see if she could help anyone, but as she did the copy jumped onto her back causing her collapse as it bit into the back of her neck.


Vera watched in horror as she stared at the screen then jumped up furiously. "Where is that fucking goblin!" she yelled as she stormed around the room trying to find him. He had hid himself from her or at least left as she was unable to find her. Her eyes were filled with anger and the urge to cause great pain as she removed her shadow gun and fired several shots into the air.

"I want to know what the hell is going on!" she yelled again as she became increasingly angry. Suddenly she stopped and walked over to her monitor as she took a deep breath and began to calm herself. She wasn't one to lose her temper anymore; her body began to cool as she aimed her gun and shot Hijinx's monitor without even thinking about it. "Sorry wasn't paying attention." she told the girl though Hijinx's monitor had only been nicked and was still working. Her eyes rested on her partners' fight as she put her hands to her chest and prayed that she would make it through.


The copy continued to bite down on Kitski's neck as there were small cracks and pops. She was losing the fight as her eyes closed and a small tear came from them. "I'm sorry Vera. I am always on you about not dying, but looks like this is my end. I..' Kitski spoke as she was cut short by the copy as there was a loud crack and Kitski fell limp. The copy had broken her neck as in the monitor room there was a loud scream as Vera wept. It began to laugh victoriously as it stood over the corpse of its fallen enemy and smiled. "How utterly pathetic. I thought that would be a better fight." it said as it turned around and walked near the mirror and laid down to rest.

"Wow, I am rather amazed that worked. One would have expected that breaking my neck would kill me, well news flash idiot. You did it wrong, but I do thank you for popping it I really needed that." Kitski said as she began to stand up and grin; her body was badly beaten as she walked towards her surprised and half awake opponent. "Repth" she spoke as the wounds seemed to just disappear from her. Her steps were light as she began to run and pounced on her opponent. She bit her enemy directly in the neck as it yelped in pain. Kitski held it down as she continued to torture it; there was a loud snap as she removed her mouth from the copy’s' neck.
"Aww I paralyzed you. Well since you can't fight back I might as well tell you why you lost. You see the difference between you and me is simple; you have no one to care about you. While I have Vera, she loves me and I love her back; we're how do you say it...together. But it is somewhat the same for everything else in here, they all have someone who cares about them, but none of you copies have anyone of your own. You're all worthless not even worth the data you're created from. And now that I have finished with that, I will show you how to actually break a neck." Kitski said as she grinned again and took the clones' neck in her mouth. Within moments there was a loud snap that echoed through the room as Kitski stepped off her fallen foe; its head had been completely twisted around as Kitski turned and waited to see if she could help. The copy was actually dead and Kitski had been victorious, but she was unsure of what was next.


"Yay!" Was the only thing Vera could say as she sighed happily and leaned back in her chair. She took a deep breath as she smiled at her partner and nodded. Vera was truly gifted to have such an amazing partner.

ooc: There bigger then normal and such lol

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