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Armina Returning: Tour De Monde

Post by Armina » Wed Mar 29, 2006 6:11 am

((Happens simultaneously to the Tour De Monde group fight))

"Ani Blast!"
Putting her marble orb back in her pouch, Armina jumped to her feet & raced out to join her friends.
"Rai Cyclone!"
The relief at hearing Asgard's voice again was quickly overcome with the thought that he was obviously fighting someone in the root town... again. She hastened her run around the grunty farm.

Her breath caught in her throat at the site that met her eyes. The stream of players in ornate red armor was terrifying... more terrifying than her & Rayo's duel in the hacker arena. These where people she had heard about: the Red Guard. They were on the "good" side.... they should be helping them -those stuck in the game- not fighting them. Don't they realize deleting us kills us?

Obviously not. One of their LongArms bypassed around her friends to face her down. With a sigh, Armina broke into a fighting pose. She was eight levels above this Red Guard -- there would be little fight there. Still it did not feel good. Armina consoled herself that at least the other LongArm would not die when she defeated him. The Red Guard cast a malicious sneer at her. "Planning to fight me with dirty hacks?"

The vehemence in his voice strikes her sharply, perhaps enhanced by her budding telepathy as she "hears" the same hatred echoing in his thoughts. "I can't hack, you ignorant prick. But I don't need hacks to beat you. DoubleSweep!"

Spinning her Berserk Spear around in its dance the battle maiden let herself relax in the elegant turns of the attack. She had not even bothered to use one of her speed charms on the arrogant admin flunky. If she wanted to win she had to fight the system. As distasteful as that was to her. Armina wanted to respect authority. Too bad they wanted to kill her, inadvertently or not.

Her spear reached in under his, burrowing deep. He was not prepared at all. Twisting mid jump Armina yanked the point out & swung the shaft around her, leaving her back exposed for a handbreadth of a second, before whipping it into the back of his knees. She didn't even smile as he went down.
"Freaking hackers & your stinking hacks!"
"I'm not a hacker!" Armina screamed, tears stinging her eyes. "You righteous scum! You don't know anything about what's going on!" Raising her spear in both hand's over the Red Guard’s prone form her Armina's tears flowed down her cheeks to splash lightly on his armor as she readied the final blow.

Her arms were pulling down when it hit her. Not a physical blow... no retaliation from her fallen opponent.

Not bad You're not a leader here, Wren, remember that! This is new turf, leave the leadership to Gingitsune and Asgard. blurry maneuvers Maybe my masterblades, or the shadow blades? I could always use those other ones, but they aren't that great..... oh well. Time for an old trick I guess. confidence Joy, pride, & sarcasm. move calculating I am not, I can’t fight, I have to go. I am to weak to fight them, my level is no where near them, I am going to die, I don’t want to die, I want to live, I want to make it out of this place I want to live and no one will stop that. righteousness dark bloody confused How did it come to this? Why did this have to happen? If this were the real world, I would have a fair chance of holding my own. But in this world... this game, your strength is determined by your level. Levels... if only there was a way to bypass such an inconvenience. Don't forget! If you take a wound, you take a wound. This is more than a game, now. Come to papa... Of course! hatred That attack... if it had hit me... would I have died? They don't know... they don't know anything! How can they justify such actions without the necessary information? They're unknowing murderers... all of them! Hackers must be deleted! This is the perfect opportunity for a surprise attack... I can't let the opportunity go to waste... I must strike! Such... power...

Armina's strike for the heart went off target, piercing the outer edge of the left ribcage instead of going true. As the thoughts & perhaps some of the emotions of the battle so far flowed into her head the LongArm collapsed soundlessly & reached in her pouch for Desmith's present to her. The little orb was gone. Through the chaocaphy of others' thoughts it dawned on Armina that she must have absorbed the last of the telepathy hack. Fat lot of good it did her now.

malicious intent shock anger indecision Vera was taken hostage & more RedGuards flowed through the gate. Armina buckled further under the swelling force of her foes' hatred of the Vanguard. Her friends.
"Vak repulse" She managed to breathe, arcing her spear at the LongArm she lay upon. His shock at her fall & sudden evil jubilation at the sight of reinforcements was too much at this close proximity. Armina did not know how he did it, but she heard his parting thought. At least I got that flash mail off to Kendara while the bloody hacker was having her breakdown.

Who's Kendara? The LongArm wondered, perhaps too loudly in her mind. Not that it mattered. The rest of the vanguard was too busy with their own dilemmas to take note of her errant thought. Not that it mattered. A Wavemaster -female by the curve of her ornate red armor- was charging at Armina flanked by a HeavyAxeman and a Blademaster.
"Kendara! Let me in front!" The HeavyAxe shoved past the more delicate Wavemaster forcefully. protect mine. destroy theirs. His Axe came frighteningly closer as she closed her eyes against his thoughts.

What am I doing here? I should have never left Mac Anu. Why am I-- The axe cut into her shoulder, springing up blood. There's no blood in The World! The BladeMaster. Armina almost smiled in hopes that perhaps one of the admins' beloved RedGuards might get a glimpse of the truth.
"Repth." Forcing herself up she managed to eke out the spell, feeling the pain of her new wound lesson. She could not think but the LongArm could act on impulse. She hoped.

Filthy hacker! How dare she cut down my Thelonus like so much red meat! The Wavemaster Kendara's thoughts cut Armina more soundly than her coinciding magical blast. Armina could barely make out the familiar call of "GiRai Rom" in Kendara's unfamiliar voice before the shafts of lightning struck the LongArm. She buckled under the force, muttered another "Repth" under her breath & jabbed blindly where Armina had heard the voice. The press of resistance vibrated the pole of her spear, and she knew she had struck true. But the BladeMaster now added his blows to his companion's... and her Repths were not healing enough fast enough.

I'll destroy the gate mocking. the gate cannot be destroyed

wounded. pain. Armina's head swam. She stabbed again, feeling the target weaken. "Repth" Tactics, like Rayo, were gone. Jerking the spear out she whacked at another attacker. She managed to strike, but blows fell on her from behind. There was no room in her head to think. "DoubleSweep" One of those surrounding her fell, but Armina barely noticed. A flash of steel & crash of spell gripped the LongArm. "Repth" The thoughts & emotions of the battle overpowered her... she could barely hold herself upright. "Repth" Belatedly, Armna realised she was out of SP and could not think what to do next. She stabbed blindly, her body & mind barely hanging together. Slash. A bright flash of light filled her fading sight, streaked with shafts of aquamarine. Nall's lights never had any color... She thought drowsily, holding to her theory despite the pain. Dying's not so bad...

The light around her intensified. Armina could no longer feel the blows of the RedGuards upon her, and the thoughts of battle that had been plaguing her slowly started to fade away. Before she passed out, Armina's last thought was for her friends. I hope I've not let them down.

((Continued in Maneki Library: Armina Returning))
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