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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2003 2:59 am 
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Vera's eye twitched as she looked at everyone; Kurai had ruined her own plan, and she wasn't exactly in the best mood. “You all know what, screw you all! I have had for more then enough from all of you!" she yelled as she glared at them all, a fire burning inside her eyes.

Vera quickly shoved her way through everyone as Rayo gripped onto her arm "Vera, what's the matter with you?" He said as she tore her arm away and glared deeper at him

"My problem, my PROBLEM! You ask? Well here is my problem; you’re all driving me insane." Vera said to him with a harsh tone on her voice. She continued to force herself forward as she looked around and raised her wand up.

The question of if Vera had flipped her lid or not was on everyone's mind, as she spun around with her wand to the sky. She continued to spin till she stopped and smiled, "I feel better now just needed to get that out of my system. Now to anyone, who wants to fight us, come on if you can hear me, I'll beat you like a little pathetic piss-ant." she said tauntingly as she laughed more

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2003 6:19 am 
Kamui stared in disbelief. She had seen the players gathering for a final attack but she couldn't believe that it was possible to attack in succession like that to bring down such a higher leveled enemy. Needless to say she was a step past furious. Hackers wern't supposed to win against admins.

'that idiot... That stupid idiot.... How could he make a fool of the Admins like this!!'
The players watch Kamui as she got worked up. Some thought of strategies to beat her, but to the players that used common sense. She was on a much higher level then the group. She clenched her staff and glared at the group, slowly realeasing it and regaining her devilish grin.

'I don't know whos more pathetic... you or Tritoch who ran away from you... But it doesn't matter... Because thankfully I'm here... And I can kill you all without effort...'
The players didn't know how to take it. Like most high ranked players she was arrogent but she was not lying this time. With instantaneous speed she appeared beside the longarm who had caused her previous humiliation. Armina barely had time to see Kamui before her body was sliced clean in half, top to bottom. Kamui wasn't lying, she had killed Armina in one attack.

The players gasped as they saw this. She was so strong... how would they beat her? Kamui struck again, this time appearing beside the weakend twinblade Argilus. He raised his blade to parry but it did not work as Kamui used Double Sweap against him, again killing her opponent with one attack. The wavemasters began launching their attack towards her, all of them missing except Gingitsune. Even though her attack hit, it did not do significant damage and didn't stop her from killing Ramza. She then noticed lightning comming at her from all directions and knew exaactly who was doing it from previous experience.

'Your lightning hacks again eh... I'll finnish what I started!'
Kamui disapeared from sight and appeared behind Rayo. He didn't even see the spear cut through his body, vapourizing him into a ghost. The players suddenly realized that they were in trouble. However, there was no way out at all. Kamui was suddenly behind Hijinx. The players couldn't keep up with her. The only person would could compare was the late Nall... Unfortunatly, he wasn't here to match her speed. Hijinx was diced in two and second later so was Vera. Kayin was next on the list. His death come from a Juk Repulse which cleanly vapourized him to a ghost like the others. In less then a minute, Kamui had taken out 7 of them.

Their group was being totally decimated. At least when they faced the hackers they gave breaks and chances. Kamui was ruthless and wanted to end this fight quickly. She was in Tiraths face now, jabbing her spear through his chest and launching hin into the nearby building killing him. Nighthand was taken out next, a little fancier then usual, kicking him up in the air, and doing an arial combo before sending his body down to the ground with an earth shattering crunch. Just to be sure, Kamui landed on him spearpoint down.

Ruri who stayed quiet most of the fight was finnaly noticed, but Kamui didn't take the effort to dash over. She casted GiGan Don, eliminating her as well. Asgard and Kurai made a dash towards Kamui, Kurais treeweaver glowing. She jumped and her body seemed to float in mid air before she suddenly got a burst of speed and came down on Kurai jabbing her spear into him. Kurai reeled back with heavy damage but it was soon ended as Kamui performed Juk Repulse finnishing him off. Asgard came at her with Darkside feeling the energy rage inside him. He called out Suvi Lei to stop the speedy longarm however his spell did not get through. She had a resistance to status ailments and could not be harmed by them.

'Nice try Thor... But I don't like getting dragged down by weaknesses!'
Kamui was behind Asgard delivering the final blow with Juk Repulse taking him out. All that remained of the group was a determined Wavemaster and a scared child.

'Hahaha... I've made quick work of the others... but I didn't notice the small one there hiding behind you Gingitsune...'
Falcon held onto the wavemasters leg, quivering with fear. As Kamui got a better look at him she realized who he was.

'You're the boy who got away from me before... The hacker who was saved by that damned Blademaster!'
She eyed him furiously. Gingitsune held up her wand ready to defend herself and Falcon.

'Don't worry... This time I'll be sure to take care of you...'
Kamui was behind the two instantly, but more amazingly then that, Gingitsunes staff met Kamuis spear. She jumped back suprised.

'How did you move that fast... You level is pathetic compared to mine and you're a wavemaster... Bloody hackers, always causing trouble...'
She attacked again, but again was blocked by Gingitsunes staff. Gingtisune didn't know what was going on in her, but somthing was giving her strength. This time Gingitsune made the attack, MeRue Zot was casted instantly, not giving the Longarm time to escape. While not causing enough significant damage she still questioned the speed at which her spell was casted.

'Impossible... There's no way to cast a spell that fast... It's not even writen into the game...'
Gingitsune was in a trance, the power clouding her thoughts. Falcon however watched the fight still clung closely to her. He had his eyes closed the whole time but now looked up to see Gingitsune. The Amulet of Nall was glowing! He didn't know what it was or why, but it was warm, he wanted to reach up for it.

Kamui came in for another attack. Doing a Juk Sweep, this time however, Gingitsune could not block it with her staff and couldn't move out of the way. Her and Falcon flew backwards and hit the ground hard. Falcon was turned to a ghost. All that remained was a weakened Gingitsune. She stood up slowly and watched as the super fast Kamui dashed towards her. Just before Kamuis attack hit, Gingitsune instantly casted MeRue Zot again, knocking her back.

Kamui was fed up, she didn't know why this wavemaster could cast spells so fast and wanted to end this. She finnaly dashed towards Gingitsune and disappeared, moving super fast behind the wavemaster stbbing at her back. It made contact with her body however it did not penitrate it... Gingitsunes whole body began to glow as the familiar white light covered all of Dun Loireag...

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 12:24 am 
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Gingitsune - Ninja Anklet
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Kayin - Ice Hunter Cap
Vera - Winter Coat
Argilus - Fire Lizard
Kurai - Air Bracer
Rayo - Great Elite (Broken. Cannot use Lanceor Ch)
ramza - Muddy Wand
Tirath - Frost Armor
Hijinx - Wyrm Hide
Armina - Peasent's Cap
Falcon - Mountain Boots
Asgard - Ranger's Boots


3500 Gold
2 Resurrects
2 Speed Charms

Wavemasters - 4 Beast Bane each
Heavy Blades, Blademasters - 2 Knight Bane each
Long Arms - 3 Warrior Bane each
Twin Blades - 2 Knight Bane each

If anyone has a problem with their equipment or items, PM me.


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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2003 4:13 pm 
(OOC: I'm trying out a new leveling system, I think it'll work out better then the previous one except level bonuses arn't as huge as they used to be and the whole partys average level compared to the players level plays a slightly bigger role then before... It might take a bit to work out the bugs in this system so bear with me >_<;; anyways, if there are any problems you can pm me or whatever hehehe (don't throw rocks because levels are a tad lower then usual ^^))

Armina + 4
Gingitsune + 3
Tirath + 4
Kayin + 1
Hijinx + 4
Ramza + 4
Nighthand + 5
Asgard + 6
Argilus + 4
Kurai + 5
Vera + 3
Rayo + 5
Xeromessia + 4
Falcon + 8

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