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PostPosted: Thu Nov 27, 2003 10:53 pm 
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Tritoch was slightly flustered as Gingitsune and Cybele crushed the Dun Loireag chaos gate with one attack. In the coding parameters, it was deemed as an accessory with no known HP value, thusly making it invincible. As well as everything else in the Root Towns and some on the fields. But the wavemistress with her strange weapon had just completed an impossibility. Yet, overall, Tritoch laughed. It was a simple gesture.

"Non, mon cheri. The gate is fine."

He pointed his rod at the gate. Asgard and Gingitsune turned to see that, in another impossibility, the broken pieces of the gate were beginning to float. No strings. Much like Gingi's action towards the gate, Tritoch's was just as grand.

"You see, there is a program in "The World"'s code. It was just implemented after the attack of the Yoroi General in Mac Anu. The coders have made a failsafe program that automatically repairs "errors" in the game's textures and graphics, like the chaos gate." He paused as the gate began piecing itself together. The shards slid into their places flawlessly as a white glow from the cracks melded the pieces together.

"So in a sense, you just wasted your energy," Tritoch concluded. Gingi huffed and growled at the Admin as he was dead set on the gate.
Asgard, however, was thinking differently. He brought up a flashmail, adressed it to Gingi and began to write.

"Gingi. You could probably grab Vera while he's distracted. He looks pretty focused on the gate. I'll toss you a speed charm. -Asgard"


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Asura is again placed on the defensive even as the battles around rage on, his body weaving in and out to avoid the thrusts of his opponent's Ichigou. Time after time his singed cloak is pierced as he moves out of the way, his cloak only a fraction of a second behind the rest of his body. The Blademaster had to avoid every single one of these attacks if he wanted to survive, as he couldn't let chance steal his life away. Suddenly the Long Arm makes a lunge forward with his spear, a swift technique with a longer range then his previous attacks. However, the attack misses as Asura hops into the air, landing onto the tip of the spear. As the spear is driven down into the ground, the opponent is drawn forward into the tip of the Patriot, the blade spearing through the man's forehead. As the body fades away, Asura turns in time to feel the pain of the Reliance sword digging into his flesh. Electricity courses through his body as the enemy Blademaster carries out his powerful strike. The boy coughs a bit, trying to shake off the pain as more of the Rd Guard approach.

The battle had become infinitely harder then it had originally been. As normal players, the admins had the power to restart and gate into the root town an infinite number of times. Even as one player was killed, more of the Red Guard took its place, even as the dead simply logged-out and in. While the process of restarting did take some time, it wasn't enough for a decisive victory from the hacked players. Something new would have to be done if either side was going to win.

Asura immediately continues his offensive against the enemy Blademaster, no longer trying to push down the pain coursing through his body. Even as his torn shirt soaks itself with blood, Asura's strikes become more frenzied, frantic, and powerful. His pain transforms itself into desperation, which only increases his overall strength. The Blademaster seems taken attack by the renewed fury of his strikes, each clash of steel forcing the stronger player towards the cliffs of Dun Loireag. Much life the first Long Arm, Asura prepares himself to push the enemy off the cliff, except this time eager to make sure its a dead body that falls. A foot is thrust outward, kicking into the fiend's kneecap, causing his guard to lower temporarily. The Patriot then swings downwards in a quick arc, cutting into the veins of the neck, draining the life from the weakened opponent. As the body falls to the ground, Asura turns to face the rest of the Red Guard. The flow had temporarily stopped based on his sight, though it might start again at any time. Those within the World would have to defeat the rest of the Red Guard before they could log back in to cause more havoc.

Suddenly, a fountain of flames rise up beneath Asura, the spell Vak Zot. The boy's cloak lights aflame once more, this time not to return as the Blademaster leaps out of the flame, throwing his cloak to the ground even as it turns to ashes. The boy curses to himself, knowing that without the cloak it would be much more difficult to deal with lower temperatures or the wind. His long-sleeved martial arts uniform would help, but it wouldn't hold indefinately.

"I'm gonna kill ya Red Guard Wavemaster..."

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"They're giving me a headache, so kitty kill all the staff." Senko said as Vera's eyes flashed a blood red.

"No one dares take me hostage!." Vera said as her wand went back too her tail. The idea didn't make sense for BiVak Fury to be used while in the air, but she knew what she was doing. As another red guard came from the portal it seemed to burst into flames as it was hit with a dreaded BiVak Rom. "Juk Rom" she yelled as the swirling twister made its way for Tritoch as her tail stopped blasting BiVak Roms at the enemies and aimed towards Tritoch.

"Dek Vakz" Vera said as she watched his fire resistance disapate as she removed a Wizard Bane from her pouch and used it effects on his as well. "Stupid half-wit, is this the only way you can capture Asgard is too hold me hostage? How pathetic; A smart leader would have counted his loses and took who he could, but no you want to keep your own men dying. You have no honor as a leader." she said to the weakened Tritoch. "You shall pay for your own weakness. BiVak Rom and Juk Rom!" she said twisting her neck as Tritoch was bashed by both of her spells, the one from her wrists and one from her wand by her tail.

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Gingitsune composed her features quickly back into her insolently arrogant stare. So Tritoch had fixed the Chaos Gate, that was quite predictable, what other choice would he have? She had, however, greatly delayed the flow of Guards, and had destroyed quite a few in the process.
It was true, however, that the blast had taken quite a bit of her energy, and she desperately needed to stall time to regain it. It was a good thing that she was a decent actress. A bored expression filtered onto her face, and she raised an eyebrow lazily in Tritoch's direction. Waiting a few seconds, Gingitsune began to purposefully examine each of her nails with a critical gaze, inspecting each of them for imaginary specks of dust or dirt.
Tritoch looked quite imbalanced from such a bizarre turn of events, and saw it as a strange sort of impasse. Gingitsune did not seem the least bit interested in what he had just done, nor did she seem put off by it. The care which she took buffing her thumbnail was insanely frustrating, and as he made a sound of protest she simply looked up at him with an infuriatingly calm look and narrowed eyes, and went back to destroying the imaginary offender.
"And so it would seem you do not care in the least about your comrade?" Tritoch asked, finally breaking the silence.
"Hmm...." was all Gingitsune replied, feigning the bored indifference and absorption in the cleaning of her nails, something which had rarely ever bothered her before.
Tritoch's grip on Vera increased forcefully with his climbing anger.
Gingitsune felt the energy flowing back into her quickly, each soft ray of artificial sunlight pierced her body and awakened it. She only need a little more, and then she would wipe the smug smile from his regal face.

"You're stalling. You've lost energy and you need it back...." he began.

Gingitsune turned her cold violet eyes in his direction and curtly replied, "do you really think that I'll attack whenever you are at leisure? I will attack whenever I wish, and it just so happens that I am occupied at the moment, one's personal hygiene should play a great importance in one's life."

Her tail swished imperceptibly as the last spark of energy entered into her
body. She was ready now, but she needed an opening.

"If you wish to get this over with, why don't you attack?" she asked calmly.

The insolence was becoming too much for Tritoch, and he began to aim a spell in her direction. At the exact moment his concentration was absorbed Gingitsune struck. Cybele began to glow with its customary light, and the wand suddenly blazed furiously, pointing the wand in the air, the entire sky burst into blindingly bright light, causing everyone below to pause and hide their eyes, including Tritoch. Using this as her advantage she raced forward towards Tritoch using the speed charm which Asgard had given her for just that purpose. The burst of speed was phenomenal, and within seconds she was in close proximity to Tritoch himself.

Vera herself was putting up a great struggle against the Wavemaster, and under the double assault Tritoch was having trouble keeping command. leaping upward, Gingitsune used the energy created by Cybele to propel herself to Vera's height, she knew she didn't have a long time to waste up there, so she quickly made an attempt to free the hostage with the only move she knew would break her free from the control. It would be painful though. Gingitsune thought quickly, if she didn't free Vera now then the whole plan would go to naught, and Tritoch would truly use her against them.
She decided to use it.
"Vera... I'm sorry..." she said, as the light around her paled slightly. With a swing of her wand Vera was encompassed in a ball of energy, which pulsated wildly under Gingitsune's control. Cybele began to vibrate as the energy began to course through the aura which surrounded Vera, and into the invisible marionette type strings which Tritoch used to mentally keep her there. The energy pulsated not only into Vera, but Tritoch too, and both were unable to stop it, or the pain it brought. The effect was just as Gingitsune had thought, for a second Tritoch's concentration broke, and so did his control of Vera, and at that moment Gingitsune immediately stopped the spell, healed her friend, and both landed safely at Asgard's side just as the blinding light subsided, and everyone was able to see again.

Gingitsune looked at Asgard and nodded, he wanted this fight and it was his, whatever mystery his past held, it needed to be resolved and Tritoch needed to be defeated. The expression on the Wavemaster's face was very different now, the smug, victorious look was gone, replaced with an ugly scowl which warmed Gingitsune's heart.

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Kodel felt oddly calm. It was strange considering he was flowing through one of the greatest battles of his life in the World. Even the fight with the hackers, although impossibly hard, wasn’t endless. They had to flee and recuperate eventually. The admins didn’t seem to have that problem. They had what seemed like an endless ocean of volunteers, people who thought they were probably doing good and helping the World, either out of a sense of duty, or probably just for the subscription waiver they got for helping.

His sword felt alive in his hands. He shifted from long arms to heavy axes to fist fighters, the weapon snaking through weapon guards and armor like they were paper. His spines served as his shield and sword breaker, as he slogged off weak and poorly aimed blows and stabbed swiftly at necks and waistlines, the weakest points on the red armored warriors. His other weapon called for him to use it, but he ignored it. He wasn’t about to inflict that nightmare on these people, who only thought they were doing the right thing. His stepped sideways as a massive battle cracked the ground where he had just been standing, and swung in a sweeping blow towards the Heavy Axes neck. He didn’t sow down to see the now gray body vanish from the field. Only a twinblade could have rivaled the speed with which he rent his way through the mass of bodies.

He had barely noticed the exchange between Gingi and Tritoch. He didn’t have time to gap at an impossible occurrence when you were being swarmed by a near ocean of enemies. He simply prayed silently that Asgard or Gingi would dispatch the administrator, or at least give them the order to flee. He was almost certain CC had locked down the Root Towns Chaos Gate, but they could still run and hide. It sounded cowardly, but they were slowly becoming vastly outnumbered.

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As Phoenix was looking for anyone who needed his help from the rooftops, he suddenly saw a blast of energy hitting the Chaos Gate. He managed to trace the source of the blast to the wavemistress Gingitsune. I never could have imagine that she was that powerful. She managed to take out the Chaos Gate which was thought to be impossible. At least, the Red Guards cannot enter the root town now but what is this now? Phoenix looked at the Chaos Gate again and it was repairing itself. He didn't like this turn of events. I guess we have little time to remove any Red Guards left in the area before more in come through the Chaos Gate. I wonder...

Before Phoenix could finish his thought, he saw a Red Guard Twin Blade jump over his head. The Twin Blade landed behind Phoenix and had both his blades ready to cut Phoenix's body. Phoenix turned towards the Twin Blade with both hands tightly on the handle of the Singing Blade. He was wondering why the Twin Blade hasn't made the first move yet until the Twin Blade spoke to him. "You have defeated my brother and sister in battle by using dishonorable methods, hacker. I will avenge them regardless of your hacker powers." Phoenix was amazed at Twin Blade's obvious blundering of the truth. Maybe those three were some great trio in the World and their defeat couldn't happened by normal methods especially against a level 15 Blademaster. He didn't care what the Twin Blade thought at this moment right now but he had to prove a point to him.

The Twin Blade began the battle with running towards Phoenix with his amazing speed. Phoenix had his blade in a defensive position hoping that he can block the Twin Blade's attack. The Twin Blade did a dive towards Phoenix with both blades in front of him. Phoenix had barely any time to move out of the way of the Twin Blade. He positioned his sword into a hortizonal position and lowered the angle of the blades but he fell to the ground from getting hit by the Twin Blade's body. He managed to avoid being stabbed from the first attack but the Twin Blade pinned both of Phoenix's arms with his legs. Phoenix knew that he must get out of this somehow but any spell would injured him and couldn't use his sword since his arms are pinned to the ground. The Twin Blade dove both of the blades into Phoenix's body. Blood from Phoenix's body began to spill onto the rooftop while Phoenix scream in pain. The Twin Blade took his blades out of Phoenix's body and then dove back into Phoenix's body again. The pain was almost unbearable to him and felt that his life was fleeing away from his body. Suddenly, he realized that there is a way out of this disadvantage. He moved his legs towards the Twin Blade's body and wrapped them around his midsection. With using all of his strength, he forced the Twin Blade's body off of him and removed the blades out of his body. He threw the blades off of the rooftop and slowly got up. He used a health drink to heal most of his wounds but he still hurting from the Twin Blade's attacks.

The Twin Blade was now angry at Phoenix and realized that he didn't bring a backup weapon but it didn't stop him from trying to kill Phoenix. The Twin Blade used his speed to trying to increase power of his fist. Phoenix pickup of his blade and was ready to finish off the defendless Twin Blade. He saw the Twin Blade disregarding his character by rushing towards him with no weapons in hand. "VAK ROM!" He positioned the tornado just as the Twin Blade centered in the center of the tornado. The Twin Blade was feeling the effects of the tornado as it was burning his skin. The Twin Blade dove through the tornado and hoping that Phoenix was nearby to tackle him down but he landed a few feet in front of him. "RUE SLASH!" Phoenix's blade became ice covered with a blue aura around it. He stabbed the Twin Blade in the back as the Twin Blade was still on the ground laying on the rooftop on his stomach. The Twin Blade looked at Phoenix and said to him.

"There's no way that you could have defeated me without using hacked powers. You're only a level 15 Blademaster. I'm five levels above you. So was my brother and sister. How you can defeat them without using hacked powers?"

Phoenix realized that the Twin Blade's beliefs were destroyed by Phoenix's skills. He gave him an answer. "I have no hacked powers. As I said to your brother, to you it's a game but for me, it's real with my survival hangs in the balance. The will for survival is very strong to me. Now, I send you to your brother and sister now." Phoenix took his sword still in the Twin Blade's back and remove it. He quickly stabbed at the Twin Blade's neck as he was trying to get back up. More blood covered up Phoenix's body as the Twin Blade's body was motionless and turned gray. The Twin Blade was gone from Dun Loireag. Phoenix began to finish his thought from earlier. I wonder how long before we can hold out before fatigue comes into play. I don't we can hold off an army of Red Guards. He looked towards Gingistune and Asgard. The only chance of survival lies with those two defeating that admin. Phoenix watched the battle from the rooftop while resting his body before the next wave of Red Guards come through the repaired Chaos Gate.

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The energetic Hijinx leapt down upon the head of the Fist Fighter and twisted his helmet lopsided so he couldn't see. After he had thrown a few mismatched punches in awkward directions she gave him a swift hit and bolted. Wren could only stand and watch this come to pass. His thoughts were elsewhere. This was his first true fight where his life was at stake and that was a numbing feeling. Sure he dispatched two or three Crimson Knights already, but the fact that he could die just hit home. What am I doing? There's no way... My friends. My life. It's all--"GONE!"

A surge of anger flew through Wren's body. He knew in the back of his mind that it was no one's fault. Or at least not the faults of anyone who stood here. But rage once unleashed can not be quelled until the thirst for 'justice' is quenched. "Ap Do!" A gold rune formed around the ankles of the Blademaster, and a blue light splashed upon his clothes, soothing and calm in contrast to the red hot fury that fueled the furnace of his emotions. The golden rune spun more swiftly until finally it broke, throwing myriad gold wisps of light unto the air around Wren. His heartbeat sped up and he could feel his limbs twitching with speed and acute alertness. Everything around him seemed to slow, when he knew that it was he who had quickened.

When Wren turned his focus to the Fist Fighter standing before him, the PC had turned his helmet to its proper position. Though he was still turned off to the general direction in which Hijinx had gone. He hadn't moved his attention back to the Blademaster whom he'd attacked those moments before. A single teardrop of blood rose from the depths of the enraged Blademaster and trailed down the side of his mouth. Turning his lips up into a smile, Wren licked the blood away. "Now..."

He unraveled the scarf from his shoulders and face, wrapping it around his left fist so he could block and attack at the same time without injuring his left hand or forearm. Wren's neck was a sight in itself. A void of black with twinkling starlight within flashing by in an instant. Puple data drifted through the void, as well, the corrupted data that was Wren's character. Even now such corruption was spreading through him, just as it had been for months, now. Ever since his fight with the Wavemaster.

"What are you!? All you hackers will die! I'll make sure of that!"

Wren's jade eyes sparkled with a menacing and sadistic delight that he hadn't felt before in his life. The soft, white wings that he bore on his back spread forth to either side of his body. Their massive wingspan shadowed the player himself as they flapped back and forth in a soft, fluid motion. The Fist Fighter was sick of waiting and he rushed forward to attack.

A quick jab with his left hand aimed for Wren's face was met by the pommel of Wren's sword with near-equal speed. Wren made a strike out at the player's ankles with his left foot which was effortlessly evaded with a hop. The Fighter backed away. He made a second charge at Wren, throwing a Right Hook followed by another jab with his left hand. Wren caught the jab with his padded left fist, and was nearly thrown off balance. The jab managed to clip his right cheek, sending Wren sprawling backwards.

The blademaster reeled back and got a firm grip on his sword, blood swelling up in the wound left on his face. Now it's my turn to strike. Wren ran forward with his sword straight out ready to lunge at the Fist Fighter. Quickly Wren skid to a halt and flapped his wings once, combined with a jump that rose from a crouched position. This single motion vaulted him into the air and he twisted his feet up over his head in a rising arc. Wren's feet came back around beneath him just in time for him to land. He came down behind the Fist Fighter and drove his sword towards the player's right shoulderblade. Though the Knight moved at the last moment and took a hard pierce to the shoulder. He doubled over and gripped his right shoulder with his left hand. Wasting no time, Wren lifted his sword up overhead, blade tilted back and away, and then he drove it down on the Knight's spine. The counterweight pounded into the Fighter's back and he nearly fell forward onto his stomach.

Though, Wren was careless. After his weapon struck its foe in the back, all his weight was leaning forward. The fighter, still leaning over, pushed off the ground and turned in the air, just a foot off the Root Town's floor. When he turned, his feet caught Wren's leg and pulled his support out from under him.

Wren ended up on the ground, as did the Fighter. But the Fighter was prepared for the landing and quickly leapt to his feet. Taking this time he cast Repth on himself and waited for the wound in his shoulder to heal. Wren had begun to stand. He was on his hands and knees, and his wings were draped over his body, hanging limp on the grass of Dun Loireag. Two fists intertwined wrought their fury upon his back. Driving down onto Wren's spine like a mallet. The Fist Fighter knocked Wren back to his stomach and then walked around behind him laughing.

"Pathetic. I thought a hacker would be more of a challenge... Honestly."

Wren's mind was spinning. So many feelings and emotions, so much pain. Anger, confusion, the pain. It wouldn't go away. He wanted to cast Repth, but his voice choked whenever his mouth opened. He fought to stand up as the Fist Fighter circled him like a vulture would do its prey. Every time Wren went to stand he got a swift kick from a greav-clad foot. After trying three times, the Knight kicked him so hard he thought his ribs would crack, and Wren was thrown onto his back, looking up at his opponent, and at the sky.

His chest was expanding and contracting slowly. Wren was battered, he had strength left in him, but he was afraid to use it. Afraid that he would be unable to stop even a single enemy. Paralyzed with fear. The greatest thing Wren feared was being unable. If he never went all-out, he would never know if he wasn't truly able of stopping something or not, so then he would never have to deal with the pain of being unable. So he laid there trying to recouperate.

Of course his foe wouldn't allow that. After a minute of watching Wren lay there, the Fist Fighter became impatient. "If you're unwilling to stand up, I'll end it for you now!"

Taking two steps over, the Fist Fighter leaned down to the feet of Wren, grabbing onto one of Wren's ankles. When he leaned back and pulled Wren up into the air by his ankle, the Fist fighter spun around several times, twirling Wren's body around like a rag doll. Finally he let go, and Wren was flung across the Root Town. He landed just feet from the edge of the island. Looking back across the Root Town, his sword lay far out of reach. Wren took this chance to cast Repth. His body was engulfed in a cool white light that poured across his body and mended his tattered body.

Now he stood, slowly. The Fist Fighter didn't bother to give chase. Not until he saw Wren cast Repth. Once Wren was on his feet, the Fist Fighter was almost within punching range. Wren opened his eyes to see this oncoming threat. Far behind his foe Wren saw the Prometheus lying in the grass. He had to get to the sword. Either that or fight with the Corpseblade. Though that was far inferior.

Not giving the Fist Fighter any chance to react, Wren rushed forward and threw his foot out into a ungainly kick. Luckily this connected and knocked the Fist Fighter off balance just long enough for Wren to get by. Though the Fist Fighter caught Wren's ankle as he passed. This knocked Wren down onto his stomach again. But he was within range of the sword. Gripping the hilt firmly in his right hand, Wren turned onto his back and swung the Prometheus up over his head in one powerful slash. The sword connected with the Fist Fighter's right arm, removing it from his Player's skin. Shuffling to his feet, Wren came to stand over the Fist Fighter.

"This is where it ends." Wren looked down at his defeated enemy with unremorseful eyes of rock-hard jade. Grabing the Prometheus by the pommel, Wren stabbed it down into the chest of the Fist Fighter, skewering him. Lifting the body of the PC up overhead, Wren slashed out at the expanse of clouds, throwing the player off the weapon.

The Fist Fighter flew off his sword and fell off the edge of the island, surely he'd restart his terminal and be alright, but Wren walked to the edge of the Root Town and looked over the edge, just to reassure himself.

After that was done, he turned around and unraveled the scarf from his left hand and wrapped it back 'round his shoulders, neck, and lower portion of his face as it had been before. The fringes of the scarf fluttered in the breeze behind him when he turned back to the others, some of whom were still fighting off the Red Guard.

I'm exhausted...

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Kain could feel his energy draining more and more each time the Blade Master applied pressure on to his head. Kain was losing breath quickly, since his nose and mouth were stuck in the grass. “Crack Beat!” Kain heard someone yell, he hoped it wasn’t his enemy Blade Master. Then he felt the weight that was on top of him disappear. Kain rolled over miserably and looked up to see Phoenix standing above him. “Heal yourself and find another Heavy Blade weapon if you needed it. I'm going to help out with anyone else if they needed it," Phoenix told Kain. The Heavy Blade watched as his Blade Master healer went over to the roof tops before Kain could thank him. Kain pushed himself onto his feet and pulled out his Earth Sword. It was so long since he had used this blade. He just needed a little protection in case he got attacked while trying to get his Stun Sword.

Kain walked over to the edge of the island, he was still limping. He needed to heal his foot, but he wanted his Stun Sword first. Kain managed to walk to the sword and the pain in his foot increased. Kain bent down and picked up his Stun Sword, he equipped this one and put his Earth Sword back with his other unused equipment. “Repth,” Kain said as he was quickly healed, and back into fighting fit. He did some quick circles with his foot to make sure it was completely healed. It was. Kain then looked around to see if he could help anyone, he felt obliged to do it. After all he was helped by Asura and Phoenix. I must prove myself, Kain thought as he turned around and looked at all of the players fighting and tried to see who needed any help. One person who needed help stuck out, he was Asura. Kain nodded when he saw this and knew that he must help his fellow member of the Avantgarden der Dämmerung. Asura was surrounded by a Wave Master, Blade Master, and Long Arm.

When Kain ran over there he noticed that Asura disposed of the Long Arm and the Blade Master. Then the Wave Master performed a Vak Zot, singeing his cloak. Kain held his sword horizontally and charged at the Wave Master’s back. His blade pierced into the light armor, making direct contact with the Wave Master’s back. The Stun Sword broke through the armor and touched the Knight’s skin. A little scarlet blood rolled out of the Wave Master’s back. Kain moved his sword back out and performed a vertical slash. It crashed against the Knight’s helmet and neck. The Wave Master stumbled forward and Kain stuck out his foot, tripping the Wave Master. He stumbled forward and fell into the ground. Kain ran forward and did a dive forward. He stuck his Stun Sword down into his enemy’s back and pushed off, putting extra force on the back of his opponent. More blood rolled out of the Knight’s back as he stood up, wobbling a little.

The Wave Master began to perform another spell, but another member of the Crimson Knights fell into the Wave Master. They both toppled over and Kain charged at the Wave Master. He stuck his blade down into the Knight’s stomach. Kain then ripped it out, allowing the Wave Master to stand up. The Wave Master rose to his feet and Kain charged at the Knight. He struck behind the Wave Master’s knee causing him to fly into the air. Kain then slammed his Stun Sword into the monster’s back. Bits and pieces of armor flew into the air. The Wave Master struggled to his feet again and had his back facing Kain. Kain smirked as an idea of how to kill the Knight came into his head. A sadistic sort of laugh came out of Kain’s mouth as he walked over to his opponent. His Stun Sword was held with one hand and dragging along the ground.
Kain lifted up his Stun Sword once more and sent it straight through the Wave Master’s armor once more. The cut grew larger this time, large enough for Kain to stick his hand through. This is exactly what he did. Kain plunged his right hand into the Wave Master’s back and held his Stun Sword in his left hand. Kain felt the Wave Master’s spine. With a quick flick of his wrist he snapped the Wave Master’s spine and he crumbled to the ground. Kain raised his Stun Sword and it plunged into the Wave Master’s kidney. The Wave Master was on his knees helplessly as Kain’s hand drove forward and it reached inside his opponent’s ribs. The Stun Sword managed to break the ribs, and Kain could feel the heart. He quickly jolted forward with his hand and grabbed the heart. As soon as Kain began to squish the heart, the Wave Master turned gray and into data.

Kain fell to his knees and looked at his hands; oddly enough they were still covered in blood. Before all of the blood would vanish once the deceased monster would vanish. Kain shook his head; he didn’t want that kind of a killing. What if that was a real person? What if they couldn’t log out? Did Kain just kill someone? So many questions flew through his head. “This is a sorry sight, looking at these hangman’s hands,” Kain recited some excerpts from his favorite play, Macbeth. He fell onto his back and looked up at the sky, so frightened and nervous. He heard a lot of commotion in the background, but he didn’t look. Nothing mattered anymore; he didn’t care what happened to himself. After killing the other player, Kain felt he should be punished. “Hmmph,” Kain made a sound of pain as a Long Arm kicked him in the stomach. He didn’t try and fight back, he just lied there.

“Get up, hacker,” the Long Arm hissed as she continued to kick Kain. She eventually made him roll over, and brought him to the side of the island. He was dangling over the edge, and she let out a slight laugh. His Stun Sword was hanging half over the edge as well, and Kain looked up to see the player mocking him. “One wrong move, and I’ll kill you, hacker.” She raised her spear into the air and brought it down into Kain’s stomach. He made little movement. Good, this is what I want to happen. Kill me, Kain thought as the spear came down again with more force. The blood began to roll into the mist below. Kain could only smile; this seemed to enrage the Long Arm. She held the spear up high over her head and did a little leap forward. The Heavy Blade raised his hand and then slammed it down on the edge of the Stun Sword unintentionally. The Blade came up and hit against the Red Guard’s arm. The force of the sword flung her over Kain and into the mist. Kain heard her scream on the way down. He then put his hands on the island and pulled himself up.

Kain was sitting on his knees once more and he watched his scarlet stained robes. The blood on his hands remained there; Kain didn’t want it to go away. “This is a scar of remembrance, how easy it is to take someone’s life away,” Kain told himself as he looked at his companions. He walked over to Asura and began to talk. “I hope you don’t mind that I killed that Wave Master. “Do you know if those Red Guards are in the same predicament as us, or can they log out?” Kain didn’t want to kill anyone. “Repth,” the Heavy Blade said as he healed himself. “Do you need anything?” Kain asked his fellow member of the Avantgarden der Dämmerung.

Kain//Level 20// Heavy Blade//Calamity, Juk Rom, Gan Zot, Repth

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Great jaerb everyone :) Here's some lvls for you

Gingitsune - 2 Levels
Vera - 3 Levels
Hijinx - 4 Levels
Asgard - 5 Levels
Wren - 8 Levels
Kain - 12 Levels
Asura - 6 Levels
Neo - 7 Levels
HackerNuse - 10 Levels
Phoenix512 - 6 Levels
strato - 7 Levels
Nighthand - 4 Levels
Kodel - 6 Levels

All: 2500 Gold + 2 Lvl 1 Scrolls of your CHOICE + 2 Health Drinks

The next part of Tour de Monde will be in the Delta server btw :P


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