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Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel -- Ghost from the Past

Post by Nall » Wed Oct 27, 2004 3:42 am

(OOC: W00t, time to shine everyone!)

The strange boy walked down the streets of Carmina Gardelica, the root town of the server Lambada. His character, clearly hacked and covered by a large torn robe. He walked towards the weapon shop ignoring all who stared. His buisness in Lambada was short but nesscary. Another cloaked figure stood to the side of the shop, waiting for him.

"You're late... I'm disappointed..."
The boy leaned against the wall beside the other cloaked figure. He smiled without looking.

"Getting the second ExSphere was more troublesome then anticipated..."

"You're always making excuses Nall... When are you going to learn..."

"Like a few minutes are really going to kill you Raine!"

"Maybe not me, but every second more and more players are being infected with Twilight. You know how badly it's spreading now..."

"Ya, outside it's a world-wide pandemic... Government's can't determine the cause, CC is doing a good job at hiding the evidence."

"Well we have to deal with things one step at a time... We can't save the world overnight."
Nall paused for a moment. It was true. Both worlds were being taken over.... It would only be a matter of time until the hackers would win.

"So, did you get me the field?"

"Yes... But..."


"You're going to drag more people into your escapades again arn't you?"

"I have to... They'll just get captured anyways... It's better for them to be running around like this no?"

"They have a right to decide! You can't force them into this!"

"They made their descision when they started playing this game... They'll fight for me as long as they believe they'll get out of this game someday..."

"And the ones who die?"

"Too bad so sad. Raine, we can't save everyone."

"Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel..... Don't let them die Nall... and don't die again yourself... You know the hackers will be there."

"Heh, do I ever make the same mistake twice?"

"No but there's always a first! I'll go search for the next field... Maybe Sheena found something."

"Gah... Sheena bugs me..."

"Deal with it, you need our help."

"Whatever... Anyways, I'm going to head to the field now... Best not to waste time."Nall pushed off of the wall and walked away.

"Good luck, Nall"
Nall waved without turning back.
"I don't need any."

Nall began typing out his flashmail as he walked towards the gate. He tried to make things quick and to the point.

Rare items are hard to find. I have ways that would enable you to obtain any rare item you desire... Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel. I'll be waiting.

If you seek rare items, it would be wise to seek me first. I can show you how to get them. I'll be waiting for you. Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.

Poor lost players... The World has had it's many casualties. If you wish revenge for Angelus, you may come see me. Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.

On the rooftops, a present was lost. Maybe you'll find it, if you meet me. Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.

If it's experience you need, you will face the battles of a lifetime with me. If you want to become stronger, Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel is the field you'll meet me in.

People die and things change... The World will never be the same... You've been lost but now been found. If you wish to leave this world, the hackers must go. A final momento of a friend of yours, lies in the hands of evil. If you wish to reclaim the spear of the wood's, meet me in, Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel. Bring the group. Ask questions later, time is short.
Nall stepped up to the chaos gate, quickly changing server's to Theta. He didn't bother stopping to enjoy the beautiful scenary of Dun Loireag. He's been there enough times.

"It's been a while... But they'll be expecting me... I'm sure Klive know's I defeated Neo-Shinja... Oh well, I'm used to traps. Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!"
Nall said his keywords allowed as he entered the field. His goldcard allowing him to break through the protective barrier place on the field. When he arrived in the field, Nall used the card so only the players that he sent flash mail's to could enter. He leaned against one of the tree's in the jungle field and awaited the chosen.

(OOC: Night will fill you in on the details since he's going to relay my flashmail to all of you. As for the newcommers, you can post however you like about your reaction to your flashmail and you may join me on the field when you desire :D)
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Post by Nighthand » Wed Oct 27, 2004 3:47 am

Nighthand sighed, and once again looked at his companions.

The Group. He didn't know if they had a name, or anything. They just were. A group of common players, thrown together by twists of fate and random chance. Stuck in a digital world with more than just experience at stake. Each of them, he knew, had logged on for the first time with nothing more on their mind than having fun. It was, after all, a game. But now, here they were, stuck in this digital hell for what seemed like forever.

How long HAS it been? He asked himself. Was it really over a year ago I logged in for the first time? Has it truly been that long, since that first day, the first encounter with Twilight, and the Hackers, and all of it? Could it really have been twelve months that my body rested in the coma-sleep in some hospital, looked after by a father and a nurse, little more than another +1 in a statistic?


The Group had been quite dynamic, in the past. Bright eyes shined in faces full of hope, players who were sure that they could make some change, stop the Hackers from ruining the game, and, above all, get out alive. They gained some players, they lost some. The faces didn't matter much. If he tried, Nighthand could still remember some. An old favorite, Nevaeh, a minor hacker on their side with a very unique character design. Wren, a more recent member, who had left for his own reasons. Argilus, a twin blade corrupted to such an extent that his arm was actually cut off. Tokki, one on the first to get hacked powers, with her ability to control water. There was rumor even now of that woman, somewhere in 'The World', though none knew her name. She, too, had disappeared. Kurai, one of the first among them to obtain a hacked weapon, the infamous Treeweaver, a spear of unknown power. Kurai who had been corrupted by his weapon so utterly that he went on a rampage, slaughtering players, friends and foes alike. Kurai, cut down brutally by Royce, his blade stolen for their own twisted ends

Kurai hadn't been the first casualty from their group. Even before him, was Nall.

Ah yes, Nall. The leader of their merry band, and quite powerful in his own right. His character had been hacked so utterly while he was held by the hackers that Nighthand wasn't sure how he even existed. Speed and Strength through the room, insane for a blademaster, and add in his own control of Twilight, his abilities to alter time itself... The man was a monster.

That is, until he met his better in the form of the hacker Garaa. The master of darkness, the Shadowdancer, Garaa. Luring them all into his trap of a server, a twisted caricature of Mac Anu and others, where they found nothing for them except a massive tournament, hacker against hacked. They had all managed to pull through that one, except Nall.

Nall had been the first to die.

Death, to The Group, was a funny thing. They were, after all, in a game. Dying was a simple action, resulting in an intangible 'ghost' form. That is, unless it was a hacker or hacked monster that killed them. If that was the case, they died. Character deleted, that's that. No one knew what happened to the body of the ones that died. Did it live on, forever in a coma until the distraught guardians pulled the plug? Or did it simply perish, with no mind left to control it? No one knew.

So here they were. The Group. All that remained. This once-cheerful, hopeful group of players, sitting in the hidden rooms in Mac Anu, the so-called 'hideout'. Looking back and forth, he realized, fully, how few they were that remained.

Asgard. He leaned against the wall, his griffon guardian Terro at his side. His eyes were closed. He was a far cry from the armor-plated heavy blade he started as. Numerous changes, disappearances and reappearances, had lead to his newest form. A Fist fighter. He'd arrived at the hideout a few days previous, looking for all the world like nothing had happened. All bravado, of course, but he kept his story quiet. He'd been with them since the beginning, or close to it.

Zavier. He’d gone through many things, in the past. Nighthand himself had seen his powers firsthand, his dragons. Kurai had taken over one of them, which Nighthand had been forced to battle… That was just before he had acquired Silverblade. Now… Nighthand wasn’t sure WHAT he was. Nighthand had glimpsed him around, carrying the class Asgard had taken for a while, as a Dualist, but now he seemed to be a regular blademaster again. Did that mean he had his dragons under control? His guardian was nowhere to be found.

Lakely. Another heavy blade, though a newer member of the group. His Naga was somewhere, Nighthand wasn't sure where at the moment. As for the heavyblade himself, he was resting in one of the chairs strewn around the room.

Phoenix, with his namesake guardian, sat near the entrance. The blademaster had just recently attained his hack, one of gravity manipulation. Which, of course, would explain the seemingly random motions of the various objects the player has around him. His face occasionally contorted in pain, his hack backfiring.

Hijinx was, for once, rather subdued. After the insanity she had just pulled the team through, it was no surprise she was a bit winded. Though she was more than likely simply giving the team a break from her antics so they wouldn't get fed up and kick her away. Her pet seemed peeved at something she had done, but that too was no surprise.

Gingitsune... The group’s unofficial co-leader with Nall before, and now about the only source of leadership, and hope, for the team. The wavemistress of light, wielding the wand Cybelle. She was, in many ways, the spirit and mental backing of the group. Even Nighthand respected her to a great degree. She alone among them looked hopeful still, that light still shined in her eyes.

One of the newest additions to the team was also seated; though in a further back position. Cypher. He seemed rather shifty, almost. Like he was keeping an eye on the group, for some reason unbeknownst to them. Nighthand shrugged mentally. Nothing they could do about it, anyways. They were low enough in number they would take all they help they could get

Along with himself... That was all that remained of their group. And now here they were, taking a well-deserved break from the insanity, violence, and evil of the hackers. At least, that's how it appeared. In reality, they simply had no leads to go on. There was nothing to indicate the presence of another hacker, or another attack. It's like they just had vanished.

Nighthand was uneasy, however. It was a sort of tension he hadn't felt for a while. Like something big was coming, something bad. Something none of them expected.

Suddenly, a note sounded in his head, an annoyingly cheerful chime.

A Flashmail.

Nighthand almost laughed at the anticlimactic event from his thoughts, until his noticed the sender.

How in the world...
Nall wrote:Nighthand,

People die and things change... The World will never be the same... You've been lost but now been found. If you wish to leave this world, the hackers must go. A final memento of a friend of yours lies in the hands of evil. If you wish to reclaim the spear of the woods, meet me in, Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel. Bring the group. Ask questions later, time is short.
Nall…? I’d better show this to Gingi.

“Gingi… Can I speak to you for a moment?”

“Sure…?” She followed him to just outside the hideout. Pausing casually against the wall, Nighthand forwarded the flashmail to her.

“I think we should go. We’re out of leads one way or another.”

“I agree” she said. “If Nalls alive…” She left the thought unfinished.

Nighthand stuck his head back inside the hideout. “We’re off.”

One by one, they followed him to the Chaos Gate, and to the Theta server. Once there, Nighthand stood and waited. They would go to the field all together.

Once they had all gathered, Nighthand raised his sword and spoke out the keywords.

“Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!”

The rings fell around them all, and they were off.

(OOC: Alright, let’s kick this off! Good luck to everyone, remember to have fun. Here’s one thing, try to only take one post getting to the gate and caught up with me. That means any in-town stuff you want/have to do, take care of in that one post. Other than that, Main plot is a go!)

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Post by Zavier_D » Wed Oct 27, 2004 5:21 am

Zavier sat in one of the rooms in Mac Anu, dubbed the “Hideout” by most of the people who inhabited it. He…he didn’t know how to feel. He saw as his comrades moved about, some just joining the group, while some had become veterans. He thought he could sense a bit of nervousness in the newcomers, which was perfectly fine. Anything they had experienced in the world…could not compare to what they were about to go through. They were now a part of this world in a way that their friends would never understand…and could never understand, no matter how hard they tried. Even Zavier hadn’t understood at first what had truly happened to him, and he had been playing in this World for a long time, a prisoner for almost just as long. He had come a long way in a short amount of time, and he had been through his share of happiness and sadness. Memories flashed across his eyes…memories of those long gone and never returning.

And, as he always did, he thought of Tokki.

He saw Nighthand glancing around at many of the new players as well as some of the old. Truly they had been through a great deal…and these new players would go through their share. They had to learn quickly what they were dealing with. From now on, a Swordmandroid was never just a Swordmandroid, and a Juk Rom could change in an instant. They would have to learn so many things in short a small amount of time…could they do? They didn’t have a choice. This was the road that Fate chose for them…they were shining emeralds in the eyes of the Twilight.

Zavier remembered when he battled Nighthand. Although he himself was fighting with Scythe, the reincarnation of the armor of the Wood Dragon that he himself had thought defeated, his body had been taken over and abused horrifically. The damage had become so severe…that he was forced to return the dragons for a while to the Twilight for healing. They most likely would have to be taken to the Source, their code almost completely rewritten. Zavier was fine with whatever measures needed to be taken in order for them to be healed, but at the same time, taking them back to the Source could mean completely wiping their memories. And if that were the case…would they respond to him in the way they had in the past? Would they even remember who he was, their dragon warrior? There were too many bad memories associated with the dragons now…and thinking about them in any way would most likely make him feel…sad.

Which…of course, brought up another memory to him. The guardians, their gifts from….wherever exactly they came from. He had lost his. Remembering those final moments almost brought tears to his eyes. Trying to go against fate and find another dragon, he had come up against the most powerful enemy he had ever faced. The Fire Guardian had demolished him and any power he thought he had, throwing away his pride. And, when it seemed as though he would be destroyed forever, Bahamut had spoken to him. He had left his body, in the midst of the fight…and he had taken the entire blast himself, allowing it to almost wholly eradicate him. With the last amount of power he had, Bahamut created a rift in the game, providing Zavier with an outlet. Zavier screamed as he was thrown through, eventually landing in Mac Anu. Players who saw him hurried by as he shed tears for Bahamut.

“I haven’t forgotten you Bahamut. I will come for you…perhaps traveling with these people again will give me more information on how to find you…”

He saw Cypher sitting with them as well and he nodded in approval. Cypher was likely his closest friend in the world. They shared the bond that everyone else shared here in this special group, but their friendship went deeper than that. Zavier knew he could depend on Cypher to help him if he were able. What more could be asked of friend?

Zavier looked up as he saw Nighthand’s eyes widen slightly. He saw Nighthand move off to speak with Gingitsune as they spoke in hurried whispers. Zavier got up, Order and Chaos in their respective sheaths.

Something was not right.

“We’re off,” was the only thing Nighthand said when he came back in the door, but it was enough. Zavier could hear it in Nighthand’s voice, something urgent. They had to get going, and yet…he hesitated.

He walked out of the door with some of the others and launched himself into the sky, flying through the air a small bit. He didn’t have to get any items, and he definitely didn’t need to upgrade on weapons, that almost being impossible now. He was about to rejoin Gingitsune, having followed her for a short while. Perhaps that was what was bothering him. He had seemingly deserted her, after promising her he would help.

I’m…sorry. After the incident with…well, you know, I left. I felt broken in many ways, deprived of the force I had utilized for almost my entire stay in the World. I don’t expect you to see me in the same light as you did, and that would be perfectly understood. I promised that I would always be by your side, to protect you…and I failed. I have those I must look after, those who have pledge themselves to Unity…but, for now, I am here. I will fight with every ounce of power I have until victory is won…and no harm will come to you, so long as a fragment of myself exists.
Zavier sent the flash mail, hoping it would make it to Gingitsune. She was someone he had always admired, both in combat and in other settings. She was the holy light of the group…and her wand Cybelle was the judgment of the World. Zavier slowly let himself to the ground and began walking towards the Chaos gate. He was about to begin what he had done so many times before…and yet, it felt different now. He was a new person, with new powers, who had lost something…, no, someone….dear to him. He was the Holy Knight of Gingitsune’s group.

He went to the Chaos Gate, already having heard the words that Nighthand spoke to the device.

“Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.” The golden halos of acceptance embraced him, and he closed his eyes and bowed his head in solemn respect. He had never been here before, and knew not what to expect. But that, of course, didn’t matter; he knew what he was capable of.

“Whatever awaits me, I shall face it.”
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Post by strato » Wed Oct 27, 2004 5:25 am

I wonder what happened to them all...I haven’t seen them since I got locked out. Why was it that I was the only one kicked out of the field? Retn sent me a flash mail saying it was all just an illusion. Oddly, when I got to the dungeon entrance the only thing that happened was that I was gated out and sent back to Mac Anu. What happened? Was it because I was the only one among them who couldn’t log out?

The heavyblader Lakely had been sitting in a chair in one of the corners of a hidden room in Mac Anu ever since he had returned from his trip with the rest of the Vanguards of Twilight to Δ Reincarnated Corrupted Wavemaster. He sat and ran through his mind, the various situations that could have played out once he was kicked from the field altogether. He wondered if the others had gotten to the Gott Statue and possibly stopped Loyd’s clone AI or if perhaps something had happened to them along the way. “I shouldn’t be thinking about this. I have to believe in my comrades, because I know that with their combined strength, they survived.”

“It’s good that you trust in their abilities. You have to remember that they’re Vanguards as well and they wouldn’t have been let in if they didn’t have any type of skill at this game. Besides, I can sense their presence within the game. Anyways, you haven’t really said much to the rest of the group here. They’ve been in here for while now.”

“You’re right. I haven’t said much to them, I could ask them how everything went while I was gone.” Lakely sat in the chair silent throughout the whole conversation with his guardian, Vasuki, a Naga who at the moment had fitted himself into the form of a bracelet around the heavyblader’s right wrist to conceal himself. Lakely looked up to the rest of the group in the hideout, “So, uh...how wa---”

“Gingi...Can I speak to you for a moment?” The mysterious player Nighthand spoke to Gingi, the leader-type figure of the group, just barely making it in time for a proper interruption of the silver-haired heavyblader.

“Sure...?” The wavemistress of light, who wielded the wand Cybele, replied to Nighthand and they both made their exit from the hideout.

I guess I’ll wait then... Lakely looked down at his bracelet and then back at the rest of the group left in the room. The group, which had seemed so large and so much like a family when the heavyblader first joined, had since dwindled down to the two players outside of the hideout, Phoenix, Asgard, Zavier, Hijinx, and Cypher. I still wonder if Lord Wren and the rest of the Vanguards who were a part of the group will return as well. I know that he’s gone off to deal with certain things, and that Tempest is unavailable at the moment, but I have no clue about the whereabouts of the other Vanguards who joined when he did. Well, I guess I can ask the others how everything was while I was gone. “Well, what all happ---”

Just as he had again started to speak aloud, Nighthand peaked his head inside the door of the hideout and spoke to the small group, “We’re off.” He removed his head from the door and shut it behind him. Lakely stood up from his chair and picked up his newest weapon from the ground beside him. The Light Giver had rarely been used since he had gotten it, but Lakely was sure of himself that he would get the chance to use it today. Nighthand seemed to have a plan or he had gotten a lead of some sort.

“Are you going to come along on this one?”

“Yes, I’ll stay in this form for now. It’s rather quaint and I can always just snap off from your wrist, uncoil, and come to your aid pretty quickly when needed. Let’s get going then.”

Lakely looked down at his bracelet and smiled before he raised his hand up to his forehead and cleared some of his hair from in front of his eyes. He brushed it off to the side to make sure it looked presentable and that it was out of his way. Checking his equipment one last time, Lakely stepped out of the doorway of the hideout and followed the rest of the group until they had gotten to the main bridge in Mac Anu. He knew that they would first go to Dun Loireag before they went anywhere else, so the heavyblader had the time to stop and enjoy a little bit of the scenery. He walked down the steps that lead to the Elf’s Haven and stood between the stairs and the river, watching the river as it slowly ebbed and flowed along in perfect rhythm.

From all the time he had spent there in the past, the heavyblader had realized that no matter what, the water always moved rhythmically. He sighed and slowly turned around, making his way back up the stairs and toward the chaos gate. Once he had gotten to the gate he transferred over to the Θ server root town Dun Loireag. At and around the chaos gate stood the rest of the group. They waited for everyone to make their way there and once everyone had assembled Nighthand raised his sword and called out, “Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel” and as his words carried throughout the air and faded away, each of the players was surrounded by their own trio of golden rings which fell to the ground and absorbed every bit of their avatars.


Name: Lakely

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Spare Equipment: Light Giver, Absorber, Horse-Killer

Guardian: Vasuki the Naga King (Lv. 9)

Golden Orb is: A bit more intense.

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A glimpse into the future.... And a look into the past...

Post by Lighteria » Wed Oct 27, 2004 7:33 am

"Your voice..." A frail-looking young man meeks out. "It... it's.. um.." A blush crosses the somewhat pale cheeks of the boy. His stomach churns, the pang of embarrassment overtaking him again. "...it's familiar..."

The tall, dark haired girl blinks for a moment, her ears perking up at a familiar voice. "You're...?" They look at each other for a moment, each searching in their own mind for who the voice belongs to. The girl tenses up involuntarily, her mind passing over a thought. "... ...imagining things." Without another word, the girl turns away, her long black hair swaying to the opposite side, and walks into the back room of the diner. The young man sighs, watching her go.

This young man is Jai. An amateur writer and a part-time maid. He has parents who love him, though they only seem to express it through disapproval. With a think aura of depressed contemplation, Jai sits in his usual spot (an unobtrusive place in the corner of the dinner) and stares out at the window. His eyes not focused on anything in particular, his thoughts drift to the day's trials.

Another story rejected... sigh* I'll never get my work published. I'll be stuck cleaning bedrooms for the rest of my life.

He lets a long sigh escape from his lips as his head falls back against the cushioned dining booth seat.

"You should.... lighten up." The waitress says suddenly. Jai blinks in surprise and looks over to the dark haired girl who had just returned from the back room. "Ahh... anyway... here's your check." She says, slipping the check tray next to his plate.

"...Thanks..." He sighs out, dumping a fist full of change onto the plate as he rises from the seat. "See you again..."

Geez, I've been going to that diner for the past two years now and I still have trouble remembering that girl's name... Ugh.. one of the reasons I can never talk to people... I can't never remember names.

Jai Heartyre was long ago diagnosed with social phobia disorder, a handicap he has tried hard to overcome but failed miserably at every time. Consequentially, he's had very little luck with getting along with other people. To make matters worse, Jai has a heart condition where his heart can beat out of control should his heart rate increase too much (like when he's nervous around others for example.) With all this against him, Jai seems like a very unlikely candidate for playing MMORPGs. However, Jai has another side to him. That is his emotional and artistic side. In a noble yet still ultimately futile attempt to cure his social phobia, Jai created a character in The World in order to practice conversing with people and create an ideal on-line persona for himself.

...The results are.... ....shall we say, less than great?

Regardless, he still plays. If just for the fact that he's still got two months left on his last payment.

∆ Server
Aqua Capital
Mac Anu


"?? KIT!!" Lighteria exclaims with joy, his eyes lighting up at the sight of the kitten he'd released into Mac Anu a few weeks prior. Bursting with joy, the twin blade scoops the kitten up into his arms and tickles its belly. The kitten purrs and gently paws at his fingers, wiggling around in his arms. "Awww... you're such a good kitten..." He says, rubing his nose against the kittens. "Come on! Let's go to my special place!"

Lighteria's special place: On the rooftops of Mac Anu, overlooking the magic shop. Accessible only via a well hidden stack of boxes in an alleyway. 2 months ago, Squall, Lighteria's partner for much of the game, left The World for good and left a present up on the rooftops for him. This present, whatever it was, was stolen by a theif and has yet to be recovered.

Sigh* "This place sure bring back memories... huh Kit?"

"Mew..." The kitten noses te back of his elbow.

"Heh... not for you of course." He says, tickling its belly again. "For me though.... this place is very very special... ...In fact..."


"Hmm? Wonder who it is... Probably Rondel bugging me again..."

From: Nall
To: Lighteria


On the rooftops, a present was lost. Maybe you'll find it, if you meet me. Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.


"W-wha-??" Lighteria's jaw drops and his knees give way from the shock. Kit leaps from his arms to the rooftop, looking up at Lighteria with concern.

"Tha-.. that's impossible!! I never told anyone... Could he be the thief?? ...But why would he contact me?! ....This... this is..." He looks down to Kit, almost expecting an answer. ".... I... ...I... " The shocked expression soon gives way to one of resolve. He nods to himself, getting to his feet, picking up the kitten with his left hand. "Come on Kit. Let's go check this out."


"Hey... we're picking up an AI signal that was supposed to be deleted."

"Hm? ...Wait, that cat was supposed to be deleted when he logged out... We can't have him running around with special items like that. Everyone will want one. Get rid of it."

"Right away."

At the Chaos Gate....

"Wow... this is Theta?" Lighteria says, marveling at the sight of the wind and the mountaintops. "Whoops, don't have time to gawk... uhh... what were those keywords?"

"Mew?" Kit says, tilting her head, clearly not knowing either.

"Hey, You!" A voice calls out from behind, causing Lighteria the shriek in surprise and jump a few feet into the air, turning around.

"Wh- What?!?" He says, exasperated and nervous.

"That AI is not supposed to be active anymore! As an Administrator of The World, I am here to delete it! Hand him over!"

There is a long pause. The Admin looking at Lighteria with stern eyes and an out stretched hand. Lighteria, staring at his palm, his mind racing with thoughts. A gust of wind picks up for a moment...


Lighteria swallows, not being the type to break the rules. "Well... then..."

He glares. "It's a SHE!!!" He yells at the Admin in a squeaky, mad voice. Before anything can happen, Lighteria turns and warps to Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel, holding Kit tightly in his grasp.
Lv. 37 Twin Blade (180 SP)
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Post by Phoenix512 » Wed Oct 27, 2004 7:54 am

Phoenix was practicing with the various objects around the room. He has been trying to affect the gravity of two different objects at once but with no success. He began to feel pain as overuse of his powers was taking into effect but continued with the training in the hideout. He realized that the pain will never go away but can try block out most of the pain. As he was continuing affecting the gravity of random objects, he began to see random images. He saw the memory of the data drain of himself and the death of Kurai. He never experienced death until that day when he fought Kurai and the battle between Kurai and Royce. The memories were causing Phoenix to lose focus on a cup on a table. His powers suddenly increase the gravity of the cup causing the cup to shatter.

Why these memories suddenly come back to me? Maybe it’s your own powers are causing these memories to come back as a warning to not overdo yourself. Besides, that tragic event was when you got your gravity powers. Suzaku’s voice rang through Phoenix’s head as he stood near the entrance of the hideout. You maybe right about that. It was my childhood friend who gave me my powers in the first place. It might be his way to reminding me of not being stupid. Also, the battles will be tougher especially with our numbers. We maybe powerful but the enemy is powerful as well. He noticed that Nighthand and Gingitsune left the hideout seeming to talk about something. He began to notice the other players in the room. The first player that he saw was Asgard who was a Fist Fighter now. Previously, the last time he saw him was when he was a Heavy Blade dualist. The next player was Zavier who seem to be a blademaster dualist but unable to determine his true power. Hijinx seem to be quiet which was a first. Phoenix could not believe it if someone told him about it. There were two players that recently became part of the group. The first player was Lakely who was a Heavy Blade. The second player was an old ally of Phoenix. It was Cypher. He has not spoken to Cypher in awhile but Nighthand pop his head into the doorway saying, “We’re off.”

Phoenix saw Zavier and Lakely leaving the hideout following Nighthand and Gingitsune. I guess we finally have a lead, Suzaku. With that thought, Phoenix left the hideout and began to follow the others. As he was walking, he looked at the beautiful scenery of Mac Anu. For Phoenix, it has been awhile since he was in Mac Anu. The last time that he was here, a special duo of assassins tried to everyone in the group. They managed to succeed to survive but soon after, the incident with Kurai occurred. He stopped at the Chaos Gate and transfer to the Theta Server. Back to Theta once again. I wonder where we are going, Suzaku. “I don’t know. Only Nighthand and Gingitsune knows.” He heard the words for the field that he was about to go. “Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!” As he spoke the words, the golden rings covered himself and transported to the field. I think the memories are telling me that something big will happen soon.
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Post by ryok » Wed Oct 27, 2004 7:05 pm

-Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. A sound was ringing in his ears. His white hair sticking sideways out from under the visor that he had over his head. Kakashi turned his head towards his alarm clock which was ringing quite loudly. With his eyes still closed tightly, he hit it; The clock falling to the ground the red numbers flickering out as he opened his eyes. The beeping noise continued.. He looked around at what it was. The sight on the visor raised up so he could look around. He spun in his chair looking at everything in his room. The ground still being covered by a gigantic mound of clothes that he never bothered to pick up. Then he remembered..

-I never logged out of 'The World' last night. I fell asleep. Wait.. What?..

-He glanced over at his window the darkness still engulfing the out side. He had only fallen asleep for a few minutes. He flipped the visor down, and turned around to face his computer once again. A blue box flashed on the screen obscuring his vision of 'The World' through the eyes of his character.. Ryok. The Flashmail was labeled..


-Who is this Nall?.. Wait maybe its someone from that huge Duel. One of those people with the crazy powers. Too bad I died. So, what does he want with me?..

-The mouse scrolled over to it double clicking the button to open it.

Poor lost players... The World has had it's many casualties. If you wish revenge for Angelus, you may come see me. Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel.
-Angelus?.. But Xander is already dead.. Why would I need to avenge him?..

-His heart beat faster, and faster. The sound of them ground in his ears until he couldn't hear anything, but the sound of his heart. Everything else was slient.. It was like he was drowning. The world around him blurred, and for a moment he thought He blinked finally; His head was in a pool of water his hair soaked. It was laying on his desk his eyes felt like they were open for hours without blinking. His lips parted as if to talk, but nothing came out. His lips moved to the words..

-"He.. Is.. Still.. Alive.. O-r-r-r is he?.. I must go to.." The last words were spoken. "Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel" He sat up his lips dry, as were his eyes. He took a sip of stale water. Ryok stood up spinning around from his position, and walking up the stairs towards the chaos gate. Ryok walked past a few characters, and up to the gate. He rested his hand upon the handle of his Spider Blade. Moving it down to Terror's Devil Blade which sat straped to his belt right under it. "Theta Server!" he told the Chaos Gate the rings taking him too not to long after his words. Darkness took of the screen, and a loading screen appeared. He bypassed Theta like it wasn't there. Turning from the misty sky back towards the Chaos Gate.

-"Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel, Angelus here I come.." He said as the rings once again closed in on him. As the rings disappeared into the soft glow of Dun Loireag. A yell from behind turned his head to look at the commotion. A special character was yelling at another character which seemed to have a fluff ball in his hands. He knew that person actually.. It was Lighteria one of the many he went with to Decending Corrupted Spiral. Three golden rings moved from the ground encircling him.

-I wonder what that was..

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Post by Gingitsune » Wed Oct 27, 2004 9:57 pm

Gingitsune's thought rushed like soldiers to war past her unfocused eyes. So that was it, wasn't it? She flexed her hands, piercing her soft pale skin with a long fingernail, and bemusedly smiling at the deep crease. So everything was going to change again... The look on her face could hardly be called hopeful, it was a mix of utter and complete discombobulation mixed with innate pain. She turned her head slightly, and pushed a small bunch of hazel curls from her face, twisting them back into their ponytail, Nighthand stood waiting for her...

The rest of the 'group' was standing at attention, most looking as haggard as she herself felt, with languid guardians littering the cold ground. Most of them she knew and recognized, while others were new to her. What had they gotten themselves into? She asked herself, muttering it under her breath in a long hiss. These poor, naive, inexperienced people entering into war with the bravado of an elephant stomping down innocent bystanders. Gingitsune shook her head, she had stopped making sense to herself long ago.

Nighthand, her friend, one of her last long-lasting comrades-in-arms, and a powerful ally. He knew very well what a quagmire they were in, being sucked in slowly into the unknown. She smiled softly, the darkness to her light, and yet he was far more positive than she. Hope, yes, Gingitsune had hope if not happiness- hope was a feeling that just refused to exit her body, like a ringworm ingesting all of her food there was hope. Now I'm just being disgusting...

Zavier, Lakely, Phoenix... she knew them all, and trusted them beyond all digressions. In this World friendship or atleast comraderie was everything, and one had to have as many allies as possible... Gingitsune was happy to see them return, after so many had disappeared into the dusk.

Lighteria, Ryok, Rhilla? Gingitsune smiled, they would have their own shares of hardships and battle scars soon... their own sets of stories and a monster tally like no other. She trusted the two new team members, and yet was slightly anxious for them... Nall, could he be trusted? Could it be him at all? Could it be one big pitfall, a trap, a trick?

She swiveled on her heel and turned her back to them, she need to think, she couldn't just rush blindly into situations as before, everything had become so... complicated. It was life or death now... or at least it was supposed to be. As usual Nall blew away all of her preconceptions, and anger welled into her usually calm and detached demeanor.

I'm tired... She thought to herself, so tired.
A chill ran through her spine, sending her into a small convulsion. Her misty lavender eyes focused once more and she took control of herself.

Nall is back. Nall isn't dead.

The statements glared at her, bold and rigid, swimming across her mind.

So What!? Where has Nall been!? If he wasn't dead, then he left us, he abandoned us! Nall, the strong, responsible leader went off somewhere and left us to fend for ourselves. What does that say about him?

Gingitsune's anger was powerul. The aura of Cybele glinted in a ferocious, belligerent red with slivers of pitch black. If Nall had died, then he had an excuse for being away - but if he had been alive for all of this time, then where the hell had he been hiding himself? Why hadn't he come back to help them? The confusion that had followed... it had been horrible, so many of them had broken off and disappeared to places unknown, and Gingitsune, as acting leader, had had such a difficult time keeping their small group unified and strong in the face of so many enemies... those enemies, they didn't care... It was up to each of them to care, they were all in the same predicament, and therefore it was everyone's responsibility to fight! If they didn't fight, then who would? Who really knew that they were in comas? If they didn't all fight together then- it was only a matter of time before someone pulled the plug on their bodies, and then... emptiness.

The thought had ravaged Gingitsune's mind for such a long time, it was so ironic that the one with the powers of light had nothing but thoughts of pure darkness. She had little sympathy for those that had disappeared, for those who went off to 'live' their own lives. It was their right, but, if they weren't fighting to be free then they never would be. They would live their pseudo-lives forever if they wished, until their true forms disintegrated and the connection was broken.

A strange smile crossed her face, what would she say to Nall? She was a kind person, but she couldn't bring herself to simply gush and smile without any real explanation of what had happened during all that time... A drop of blood welled upon her palm, and Gingitsune quickly pulled her claw-like nail back. She hadn't realized she had been squeezing that hard... The drop rolled from one side of her palm to the other, staining her gloves before finally, dramatically, dropping from the edge of her fingertip onto the rough ground. The blood mingled with the earth, and it all became one.

Shaking her head, Gingitsune kicked at Jocasta, her drowsing Guardian, a beautiful tawny Sphinx. Jocasta cracked open one elegantly elongated eye, and glared at her from all of her golden depth. Yawning, the cat stood up and shook herself, flexing her great sabre claws in and out of their velvety sheathes.

"What? Were you expecting me to listen to your sentimental dribble?" the Sphinx asked archly, "Please don't confuse a Guardian Beast (a highly noble and honourable profession) with that of some drivvely Psychiatrist."

Gingitsune licked her palm and flashed Jocasta an indignant and hurt expression. Why did she always draw the worst lots in life? Everyone else had bonded well with their Guardian, yet hers was an absolute nightmare.

A gruff, bad-tempered and utterly cold feline.

"I suppose you haven't had your distemper shot Jo, so I'll forgive you. But you're supposed to help, you're supposed to notice my absolute emotional turmoil and give me some advice or help or even sympathy... Cybele cares about me more than you do!" With that Gingitsune shook her beautiful wand, and a rain of luminescent, sparkling stars shook onto the ground, and a warm feeling spread throughout Gingi's body.

"My advice to you dear is: stop thinking about everything so much, or you'll never get anything done, go see Nall and stop fretting... what's the worst that can happen? He could have abandoned you all, and what can you do about it? Inflict physical pain and move on with your life. On the other hand he could have a good, reasonable explanation and then you can stop drinking your own blood and smile. There, advice complete."

Gingitsune smiled slightly and covered her hand up with the edge of her gauntlet glove.

I suppose this is how Jocasta acts... nicely.

Adjusting her miniver mantle and tightening her obi, Gingitsune turned around towards Nighthand and nodded.

"I'm ready... Let's go."

As the digital warmth of the golden gate enveloped her, she closed her eyes, and Cybele glowed her most tranquil blue.

"Humans..." Jocasta hissed, "they never have anything but troubles..."
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Post by Asgard » Fri Oct 29, 2004 1:36 am

Asgard looked at the pale blue chaos gate with quizzical intent. For a moment, he was trapped in the thought on what transpired over all of this time after the shifting sands. He closed his eyes to concentrate on his recent past.

"Asgard, are you well?"

Asgard almost forgot that he was rider to Terro, his gryphon ally. The creature's combination of brown fur and bronzed feathers make it to be a peaceful animal, but the power of its giant claws and the menacing look of a half bird, half beast proved otherwise. Although a bit fear inducing, Asgard seemed to be the white to Terro's black. He wore a strange outfit, seeming to be a ninja's garb. The outfit consisted of a black battle suit, extending to his feet dressed in a dark red strapped tabi. At his side was a large, dark green satchel, held on to a brown strap across his body. His shoudlers down to his hands were outfitted with a white banded material, with his hands wielding twin red padded knuckle dusters. He wore a dark red scarf, which extended down to his knees, with six heiroglyphical symbols extending from the neck to the end of the scarf.

"Yes. I'm fine. I'm just thinking-"

"Yes, you seem to be doing that frequently ever since we returned with Laten from the Well." Asgard huffed while Terro snickered in his moment of glory. "You shouldn't worry about him. Loki and Laten known about the well now. What harm could that cause?"

"They are sure to block off the passage to the well by now." In one instant, Asgard reached to the chaos gate. The window for transport appreared, questioning on the three keywords to be used. In one fluent effort, he shot a pointed hand at each word.

Reincarnated, Talisman, and Secret Tower. *tik tik tik* The sound effects of buttons being pressed as he hit the words on the gate. He hit the enter button and waited. For a second, he was hoping for an open field. But they were quickly terminated.

-We are sorry. This field is currently going under modifications, please retry your field query later-

The message was strewn out across the gate and spoken to him in a calm, person-over-the-phone quality message. The fist fighter cursed under his breath. "Shit. This is bad."

"We will deal with it later. Now, are we going or what?" The gryphon did have a point. They had to deal with whatever Nighthand had in store for them. He had received a message that Nall was alive, but didn't...no...Asgard refused to believe that he was alive. He wasn't able to see it, but from what the others told him soon after, it was pretty hard to believe that someone could come back from fighting Garaa. That hacker had some otherworldly abilities that even Asgard was afraid of.

"Yes...Nighthand. I'm ready to go."

The pale blue gate shone for a moment and three golden rings of radiance enveloped Asgard and his ally as they went to the field. Much was to be done, and he hoped that after all this time, that he hadn't gotten rusty.
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Post by Hacorie » Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:29 pm

You have a Flashmail. I think you may have noticed, but I think you need to open it and reply. Why do you never just let me have some alone time and stay out of my head. It seems that as soon as I sit down to think you pop in my head which triggers something new I go and do. I will answer this Flashmail, and I will do it now, but just because it may be an invite to a quest does not mean I will go. The Battle Royale wore me out as is. You are such a wimp, I cannot believe you can even wield me. You are nothing but a coward and it would sicken me, if I had a body of my own. All right, all right, have it your way then. With a few clicks of the mouse a window opened on the Heavy Blade’s screen as he gazed on at the message.

Flashmail To: Hacorie
From: Nall


Rare items are hard to find. I have ways that would enable you to obtain any rare item you desire . . . Theta, Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel. I'll be waiting.

End Flashmail

Smirking with a violent smile, Hacorie lifted himself up off the ground of Mac Anu where he had been sitting, and then slowly and cautiously walked up to the Chaos Gate. “Thet . . . ” He said, but was soon stopped in his tracks as a Long Arm character bumped him out of the way. “We still need to have our duel. Follow me. It will not take long.” The voice said. The Heavy Blade character knew exactly who it was, the former hacker Morgaine. Stepping up to his feet, Hac looked at her straight in the eyes, and as his eyes glared into her, a raging fire burned in them. “Ahh, so your going there, good luck Haccie, I will see you again sometime, maybe.” Morgaine said as three bright and golden rings enveloped her and deteriorated her data.

“Over Here! That hacker must be over here, let us find her.” A Knight in armor ran around the corner with his sword drawn in Mac Anu pointed at Hac. No way I am letting them hit me, Knights of War or not. I am not a pin cushion. These thoughts ran through Hac’s mind as he placed both hands on his KK, and then planted his right foot behind him. With a quick pull diagonally upward, the two blades of the warriors clung, but not expecting it, the Knight had a loose grip. Thus, his sword was thrust out of his hands and into the air. “Hac then put down his hood revealing his blond skater’s hair. “I am not a hacker, and if you want your sword back, you better go get it!” He yelled as the knight looked back at him in disgust, and then turned and walked toward the river of Mac Anu.

Nall....why does this name sound so familiar? He is not on my Member Addresses list....Wait now I remember. The Battle Royale, he was there. I never met him in person. Ah, but I did. He was with the group who had special powers that aren’t very common at all. I was at Ryok’s side for those fights, and then after that, I was at Lyra’s. Nall, has immense power within him. He is not one to be toyed with. Another person with powers, is Phoenix, though he did not show it, I could sort of sense it. Phoenix? Powers? No wonder. I finally understand what he meant by he cannot be seen around us. He does not want to endanger the entire clan of getting deleted. Well, I will not. I am going to find out what they want.

“Theta Server!” Hac yelled as three giant and luminous rings lifted him up in the air and then set him down in the server city of Dun Loireag.

The moment he had a glance at the city, Hac yelled into the air the name of the field he was left with.

“Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!” His hood was still down, and his blue eyes were staring into the Chaos Gate as the normal rings came and started to carry him to his next destination, the field, Nall, and rare items.

Whoever you are, there better be some nice rare items involved in this if you want to keep your life. If not, watch out for I will be after your head. I need a lot of Rare Items, it is my goal to collect and use them. So if you interrupt my goal, you will be punished by one of my blade’s wrath.

Can I do it?

Sure you can, normally I try to ignore you, but if this Nall is powerful, he may have powerful friends. I may need your help in the fight.

A light then appeared and Hac gazed on as he withdrew his Moumokuteki looking around for any signs of initial danger.

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Post by Cypher » Fri Oct 29, 2004 11:17 pm

Clouds…happy clouds, covering the sky, making him…happy. Other words described his feelings experienced, but sometimes simplicity was the best thing. Granted, he was on a mission, a secret one few knew about. But still, the fighting had not started, and there was always time to smell the flowers. The standard three golden rings fluttered and twisted behind him, signaling the arrival of a player. The person ran by carelessly and bumped Cypher’s shoulder, making him snap out of his daze. He was not mad at the person, and instead felt a curiosity to figure out the person’s identity. Using his Control Panel, the player was identified to be a level 1 twin blade. Kiki…the sound he emitted as he saw the player’s “vitals.” It was the classic beginner’s class, and he knew there would never be a shortage of them. Another repetitive sound was heard, but this time, it was not a form of strange laughter. A flash mail had been received.

To: A-9

Careful…you are alone, and we cannot retrieve you. If the situation gets too hot, unplug. You shall not be judged for obtaining no information.
Yeah right…

The sender was protected, meaning it was sent by the higher ups. As for his name…it was a work name, used by officials to refer to coworkers. It placed the person a step above the regular player, a sort of invisible pedestal. Cypher, being the modest person he was, did not like it, and at times forgot that he was called that. A straight look stole the happy smile he wore just seconds earlier. He approached the “hide out,” as his contacts fondly referred to it. Luck was on his side recently. The newest form of it was meeting up with Nighthand, a “suspected” player. They had shared previous encounters, although very brief. Soon, he had buddied up with the heavy blade, up to the point where he received an invitation. He formed part of a rouge group, nameless, that took swift action on those who illegally delta with the game’s data or, what it is commonly referred to as hacking. He felt some speculation on their mission, knowing they themselves had forms of hacked data. But still…something about Nighthand convinced him.

He led a petition at work, requesting that he, and only he, took charge of the investigation. After some battling, he obtained permission to investigate. He was quite surprised he received a yes, and even more by the degrees of freedom he had obtained. All went, as long as regular players were not harmed.

I’m here…

He stopped short of the “hideout,” finding Nighthand and a wave mistress standing nearby. He greeted Night and the girl, whom he called Gingitsune, and entered the hideout. He took a seat as small chit chatting began. He paid little attention to it, and instead kept an eye on those who entered. One by one they came, and he was quite shocked at whom he saw. Amongst them were Zavier, long time friend and rival; Hacory, another good friend, and holder of many challenges against Cypher; Strato, member of the Vanguards of Twilight, and initiator of many offline technical talks; and Phoenix, fellow blade master, and one of Cypher’s favorite party members. They all knew each other from previous occasions. Cypher received many pats and salutes, and he swiftly returned them. Suspicion must be kept to a minimum, and he knew this would be hard to avoid due to his “new guy” status. But still, he noticed no long gazes. Soon, Nighthand called everyone out.

It was time to go.

Here we go…

Cypher followed behind Zavier, walking out of the hideout and to the Chaos Gate. What happened next was a blur, for Cypher entered another day dream. He made sure to be near the group when they transferred, but knew little of their destination. Thoughts of what was to be rushed through. In it, fortunately, he did not see his own death, but nothing else was seen, for a field’s name was spoken. It was Nighthand.

“Beautiful Fated Fallen Angel!”
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Post by Nall » Sat Oct 30, 2004 6:01 am

(OOC: Careful people... Pay attention to whats happening in the story. We may have degraded over time, but we still have a reputation to recover. Watch simple little slip ups like mentioning players that arn't around. Haccorie and the other new players for example are not with the group yet, they're off on their own being called by Nall. At the moment they have no relations to the group. On another note, I'm a little disapointed with the posting activity... Yes a good number of you posted in proper time, but a good number didn't. If you posted on friday, you took too long. I gave a days grace since it was the beginning. But I'd just like to make it clear that in the future, if I decide to post and move the story, tough cookies for you. If I waited for everyone to post, people would get to post once a week. Anyways, it's not a huge deal if you miss some posts, but don't make it a habbit. Aaannnndddd, while I'm on the subject. It is not nessecary to have a 3 page long post ^^;; If you don't have time to write a large post, it's not a sin to write a short one. Quality over quantity. A post of 300 well used words beats 800 words of random bable. Even your worst post beats no post :D As for the people who couldn't post because of marching band or computer troubles, thats fine ^^;; As long as you give notice, it's all good ^^; )

Nall was leaning against one of the towering tree's in the vast jungle field of Beasutiful Fated Fallen Angel. His jacket hung losely down his body, his black undershirt obeying the strong muscles that defined it. Nall's thoughts began to wander. Why did he really call back the old group? Was it for aid? Were the players he had chosen just pawns in his game of chess, used as sacraficies to get ahead. Or maybe he really did care about them, and wanted to help them get out of this game and return them to their real world.

"Geeze... Maybe my flashmail didn't sound too urgent, but seriously, how long am I gonna have to wait!"
Like the way most things seem to happen in life, as he finished his sentence, golden rings billowed down revealing a character who had just entered the field. Ryok was the first to appear on the field.

"Well hello, Ryok. Before you ask about Angelus--"
Nall was suddenly interupted again but more golden rings. This time, the figure that appeared was Lighteria holding a small kitten in her arms. Nall smiles at the small creature; he was always one to love cats. Nall cleared his throught.

"Ahh, hello. You must be Lighteria. Welcome."
Lighteria and Ryok exchanged glances, wondering what the heck was going on. Why were they both summoned? Was it a trap, a hoax? Nall smiled at them both. He didn't want to keep them in suspense, but it's not like they could leave if they wanted to... Protection had already been placed on this field long before Nall came. No one could leave the field.

More golden rings appeared in the field. This time revealing Hac and soon after came Reinier and Rhilla. There was now 5 players on the field, all looking to Nall for answers to the weird flashmails.

"I did not lie in my flashmail's to any of you. However, in return for me helping you, you need to help me..."
Nall paused. He liked being dramatic, it was his best, yet worst quality.

"Very soon soome old friends of mine will join us here. Many of them you will have met before and may even be good friends with. I'll leave the explanation of how you can help me to them. In return, whether it be rare items or a lost present, I will help you."

There was a bit of mumbling and outright complaints, but Nall wasn't paying attention. He did not have to wait much longer for the group he so anxiously, yet reluctantly awaited. Golden rings began to poor down the field revealing a small group of players. It was Gingitsunes group, or what was left of it. Nall knew they had lost some members, but he couldn't fathom how many. As soon as the players arrived, he could feel a cold sharp gaze from Gingitsune. He tried to ignore her for now.

"Hello everyone.... Long time no see..."
Nall padded himself and twirled around.

"Yes, it's really me. And I guess you want an explanation... But I'd ask that we complete our mission here first. The more time we spend, the more dangerous it will be... If you've noticed, there are 5 players here whom you may have met before... Please try to help them along and guide them as to what they need to do..."

Nall paused noticing some skeptical looks. Of course, why should they trust Nall when he's supposed to be dead and hasn't led them for a long time.

"I realize this is very sudden, but every moment we spend chatting, the memorial of Kurai is being desecrated on this very field... Stay here and do nothing, or trust me and try to save yourselves and your friends. Your choices should be obvious..."
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Post by Nighthand » Sat Oct 30, 2004 6:03 pm

"Nall... forget it. I'll talk to you later. I see why you did this, though."

Smooth of him, bringing those weak players here. Now, if we leave, we'll be leaving them to almost certain death at the hands of whatever beast Nall leads them to. Our only real choice is to stay...

I agree... There's no other option at this point.

But Nighthand would not be left without his questions answered. So he began typing up a flashmail to the blademaster.
Nighthand wrote:To Nall:
What's your deal? Really... How'd you come out of that alive? We SAW you die! I agree though on your methods, and our group has been rather motionless recently without any sort of clue. Flashmail because I agree, we don't have time to stand still and chat. So walk, and talk, and we'll see if you can be trusted enough to follow once again.
There, that should do it. He hit the send button and studied the field around them. Jungle, of course. If Kurai, and the Treeweaver, are involved, it would have to be. That spear is so terrible... And in the hands of a hacker? Nighthand paused in his thoughts.

"Nall, who are we up against this time? Melzas wouldn't use wood, neither would Garaa or Kuja... And we know Royce stole it, but those... place, doesn't have the feel of her to it."

I think it's pretty obvious we're up against a new one... You havn't fought them all, you know. I think the tournament showed that.

Yes, but... It also showed we can't beat them on their own terms.

Can't beat them... Nighthand sighed at the thought. Yet they would try, even if it was the death of them. Because that hope was all they had left.

(OOC: Alright people, from now on it's mostly Nall leading the show, so you don't have to wait for me, or anyone else for that matter, to post before you. Unless of course it's stated otherwise, but in those cases we'll likely have the posts written up beforehand. So post as you will, but try to keep up... We don't want to leave you behind if you miss a post, but we don't want to wait for you either.)

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Post by Reinier » Sat Oct 30, 2004 6:21 pm

Three golden rings fell over Reinier’s body, as he appeared in the field. His sister, Rhilla, stood next to him as baffled as he, as they both wondered why they had been summoned.
Reinier skimmed the group and found other players, none of which he knew. They all seemed to be gathered around a single player, a Blademaster, who looked rather important. He cleared his throat and began to speak.

"I did not lie in my flashmail's to any of you. However, in return for me helping you, you need to help me..." The player paused for a bit, as if he were in deep thought.

Something isn’t right about this player… he doesn’t seem… normal. This isn’t going to end well…

"Very soon some old friends of mine will join us here. Many of them you will have met before and may even be good friends with. I'll leave the explanation of how you can help me to them. In return, whether it be rare items or a lost present, I will help you."

Reinier wondered what he meant by “you will need to help me.” His suspicions of this gathering being a trap became more and more solid for some reason, as the group waited. But, for some reason Reinier couldn’t log out. He didn’t have the heart to leave. His curiosity would most likely end up harming him later on, but he wanted to take the chance.

A small group of players suddenly appeared from practically no where, and still Reinier knew none of them. At the head of the group seemed to be a Wavemistriss who gave the Blademaster one of the coldest glares Reinier had ever seen. He gulped, wondering if a battle would break out. The Blademaster soon began to speak once more.

"Hello everyone.... Long time no see... Yes, it's really me. And I guess you want an explanation... But I'd ask that we complete our mission here first. The more time we spend, the more dangerous it will be... If you've noticed, there are 5 players here whom you may have met before... Please try to help them along and guide them as to what they need to do...”

What does he mean by “help us along?” It’s just a normal field with normal mosters… right? He’s being kind of dramatic for just a little dungeon adventure…

"I realize this is very sudden, but every moment we spend chatting, the memorial of Kurai is being desecrated on this very field... Stay here and do nothing, or trust me and try to save yourselves and your friends. Your choices should be obvious..."

Reinier pulled down on the gauntlet on his left hand, while twisting his wrist. He gulped once more and wondered why he had been called. Why me? I’m only a level four player… This Kurai guy must be some big game player or something, and if that’s the case, whatever took him down must be like… bad. Damn my curiosity!

He looked over to Rhilla who seemed to be smiling and ready to kill something. At least I’ll have a good meat shield by just using my sister…

Suddenly, a player spoke up. “Nall... forget it. I'll talk to you later. I see why you did this, though” So… his name’s Nall… odd name, but whatever. That player seems pretty pissed off at Nall… I wonder what their history is…

"Nall, who are we up against this time? Melzas wouldn't use wood, neither would Garaa or Kuja... And we know Royce stole it, but those... place, doesn't have the feel of her to it."

I really doubt I’ll be getting any answers at all… Why us? Those players look strong enough to take on whatever they’re up against…

Reinier looked over to a fellow Heavy Blade from the first group, and wondered who he was. He held a massive sword which seemed to be followed by a dark aura. A rare weapon obviously. Probably a rare item hunter… that’s probably how “Nall” drew him over here with us… Reinier wandered over to the player and asked, “Um, hi… I’m Reinier… are you following any of this?”

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Post by Hacorie » Sun Oct 31, 2004 3:14 am

Entering the field, Hac looked around to see Ryok, who he had dueled before in a team duel, and one named Lighteria. The Heavy Blade knew the name from somewhere before, but he did not know where exactly. A player stood in front of them all looking a little perky, as if he was the one who summoned them to this spot. The sound of golden rings then came from the back of Hac, and as he turned around, two more Heavy Blade’s were dropped on the ground. One was Rhilla. A girl Hac remembers in his first few months in “The World”. She was the one who knocked him out of the tournament. The other Hacorie did not know at all, but by the equipment he carried, he was of a low level.

"I did not lie in my flashmail's to any of you. However, in return for me helping you, you need to help me . . . Very soon some old friends of mine will join us here. Many of them you will have met before and may even be good friends with. I'll leave the explanation of how you can help me to them. In return, whether it be rare items or a lost present, I will help you.” The man said as he looked around at the group. He must be Nall. Why should I help him at all, I can get rare items on my own. He seems just like a common crook. Luring the unsuspecting to help him which ends up in catastrophes for the helpers. I will not let this happen to me. Playing along might be a little fun though, I need a bit of fun. Hac thought as he stared at him.

With his hood still up, Hac went over to a nearby tree and leaned up against it, unsheathing his Moumo and putting it next to his side, just in case. A set of many golden rings then appeared and illuminated the field even more, and as they entered the field, Nall started talking to them. "Hello everyone . . . Long time no see . . . Yes, it's really me. And I guess you want an explanation . . . But I'd ask that we complete our mission here first. The more time we spend, the more dangerous it will be . . . If you've noticed, there are 5 players here whom you may have met before . . . Please try to help them along and guide them as to what they need to do . . . I realize this is very sudden, but every moment we spend chatting, the memorial of Kurai is being desecrated on this very field . . . Stay here and do nothing, or trust me and try to save yourselves and your friends. Your choices should be obvious . . . " He said looking at them with a smile.

As soon as he was done talking, Hac turned his head as one of the people from the second group spoke up in a tone not suited for old friends. "Nall . . . forget it. I'll talk to you later. I see why you did this, though.” Hac paused and looked back and forth at the two for a moment. He then looked into the black eyes of the Heavy Blade who entered with the second group. His face then turned to some of the people in the group for whom he had seen before. One was Cypher. Leader of the Army of Darkness, and tough duel opponent. He was a force to be reckoned with. Zavier Dragonus, a former Blademaster who was now a dualist, wielder of two swords. Hac had also met Zavier in a duel once before, and he was the leader of his own clan, the Unity. Then, an old friend was noticed. Hac’s eyes widened. It was Phoenix. A flash from the past then came to his eyes as he just looked at the Blademaster with widened eyes.

Flashback(will be in bold and last until /Flashback, but my thoughts about the flashbacks will happen in italics, and not in bold)

"I'm sorry. I can't go back just yet. I have become something different which is frown upon by the admins of The World and cannot have them coming after the clan to get to me. This is why I left the clan. I know that you have been trying to find my whereabouts and that will have to stop. I brought you here for one reason only . . . to fight you. I'm doing this for the clan. You may not understand now but you will one day.”

Why do the admins frown upon you? Is it because you got involved in another group? Have you turned evil, no that cannot be, you did not kill me when you had the chance.

The Heavy Blade, with Magnifier still in hand jumped back and as Phoenix’s Figure appeared Hac started to fall downwards. He felt one slash across his stomach from where the Blademaster’s speed was shown. The Heavy Blade then hauled his sword over his head and drove it into the stone walls. He made enough force to penetrate the wall, but the sword still slid a little more downward before completely stopping. Since the pyramid had more of a horizontal slant than a straight forward ‘/\’ shape, Hac could not climb back up. He was trapped between a rock and a hard place. The only thing to do was wait and see how Phoenix would finish the Heavy Blade off. Holding on with all his might, Hac thought as he just hung there

“Rue Slash!” Hac heard as Phoenix started to swing his sword at him. The sword then stopped, and Hac looked at Phoenix with eyes full of question. "One day, you will learn why I didn't finished you off right now. If you meet me again before that day, you may not be so lucky. Goodbye for now." Phoenix called as he gated out.

Is this, that day? We meet here, and now. These people, if they are with Zavier, Cypher, and Phoenix, then they are powerful. I must watch out in case they are enemies.

End Flashback

A voice then interrupted his train of thought. “Um, hi… I’m Reinier… are you following any of this?” The Heavy Blade with low level equipment said as he walked up to Hac, seemingly looking at his sword. “If I am not mistaken, this person is Nall, the one who summoned us. These other people, are a special fighting force with powers. I had a duel with a few of them. One, being Zavier. He told me, he was part of a special fighting force. Gingistune’s special fighting force. They all are not normal players. By my duel with Phoenix, I figured out he was an outlaw in the game. Thus, they all must be. They are being hunted by the administrators. Why? I do not know. That is all I know.” Hac said looking at each person as he talked about them, and then at the Heavy Blade.

“Now is the time for questions and action if must. A memorial is being desecrated? I am not very religious, but graves should be left alone. For those who do not know me, then I guess that is your loss. I came here for one reason, rare items. So what do I need to do to help you?” Hac asked as he looked at Nall. He then waited for a reply as he shut his eyes and stayed leaned up against the tree.

What do you want with us?
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