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In a matter of minutes the group of eight cursed players managed to strategically annihilate the dozen Cyclo Sharks and one Scorpion Tank. Reinier scratched his head, wondering how a normal field could produce such odd obstacles for the group. He had never came to a place quite like this, nor had he faced so many monsters in one setting. “Hey Night! I thought you sai-” Reinier began. The floor gurgled, rumbled, and shook violently. All the tiles flew open, sending all the players in to a dark abyss. “Fuuuuu-” He yelled as he fell, until he ultimately faded out.

Taimat hovered above the tiles, looking down in to the abyss undoubtedly thinking his partner had Down’s Syndrome. The dragon flew up, then descended down in to the abyss after Reinier.


“-UUUUUUUUU,” Reinier took in a deep breath, “UUUUUUUUUUU-” and before he could finish his profanity, he landed face first in to a massive pile of snow. His imprint of his arms and legs outstretched stood out in the snow.

Taimat free fell downwards towards the snow, and saw the imprint. He immediately knew where his partner lay. The dragon jerked upwards, threw out its’ wings, and came to a screeching halt before hovering in the sky. “Dumbass! You okay?” The dragon called downwards.

No reply.

Dumbass? You okay…?


The dragon sighed, and flew downwards in to the snow. The massive beast flew out of the snow holding Reinier’s head in his massive jaws, not really caring how much pain his companion felt. Taimat gently landed on the ground and tossed a comatose Reinier beside him like a rag doll. The dragon turned to Reinier, and pounded his massive foot in to Reinier’s chest, yelling, “Rise and shine water-head.

Reinier coughed and clutched his chest, and shot upwards. He continued to cough as he looked over to his “friend.” “Thank you for being so careful with my body, I mean, I only have one. It was very thoughtful of you to toss me around, step on me, and constantly degrade me. I appreciate it,” Reinier said very sarcastically.

No problem. Ever consider shampoo? Maybe a little conditioner? I've tasted a lot of human in my day, and trust me, I've had better,” the dragon responded, smiling. An odd smile it was, for a dragon at least. His fangs shone bright and white as snow, and speaking of snow…

Where the hell am I?

Blessed Normal Resurrection. And you wonder why I call you Dumbass.

Reinier sighed, wishing he could at least have his thoughts to himself. He slowly stood up and skimmed over the area. A gentle snow sprinkled over the square room, with what appeared to be a single exit in the whole place. Reinier looked up to see that he had indeed fell in a chasm, and that most likely the room above was trapped to make everyone fall once the monsters had been destroyed.

Good call. Guess you’re not as stupid as I thought you were.

Um… thank you?

A portal stood next to a massive tree looming over a tiny frozen pond that had an irregular bump in the middle. The portal began to spin rapidly, and in an array of fiery lightning, a single Water Witch appeared. Reinier jumped on top of Taimat’s back, and ripped out his Nodachi. The dragon let out a roar, and flew towards the single foe.

Kit’s Ap Mewma that it had cast early still had its’ effects over Taimat and Reinier, and so did the Ap Corv Reinier had placed on him. The duo darted towards the witch, which directed its’ staff towards them. The Rue crest hovered over the duo, meaning it had cast a spell over them. Taimat flew high, avoiding a Rue Zot spell, and he descended towards the earth at a massive speed.

The dragon roared, and called out, “Vak Rom!” The crest of Vak flew over the witch’s body, and it became engulfed by a cyclone of crimson flames.


The word flew over the body of the witch, as it rocked back and forth, dazed and confused from the massive amount of flame. Reinier slowly stood up atop of the dragon’s back, in a crouching position. He sheathed his sword, and leaped forwards towards the Water Witch. “HAYABUSA!” Reinier screamed. A symbol appeared over the beasts’ head, as Reinier threw out his sword deep in to the witch’s head, smashing it in to the ground.

He gave one thrusting slash, spun around, and delivered a massive downpour of a slash against the beasts’ body. Taimat descended upon the witch to deliver the final crushing blows. “Tiger Claws!” he roared. He let out a barrage of four slashes from his front claws in to a back flip, hitting the witch with his tail, then delivered the final crushing blow by pounding his foot on to its’ head.

It had no time to scream. It couldn’t express agony. It could, however, ooze blood and brain matter after the dragon killed the beast. Taimat scoffed a bit, and wiped his claws and foot against the snow to clean off his foot. Clawing a monster’s eyes out had been messy business.

The snow began to melt as if spring had arrived. Reinier looked to Taimat and asked, “What now? Should we go in to the next room? What if no one else is there?

Why do you talk? Why do I put up with you? Why is the sky blue? Don’t ask questions,” the dragon replied simply. He walked towards the exit, but quickly grew tired for the trudge. He flapped his wings and flew in to the next room. Reinier sighed, and began his trudge. The snow completely melted by the time he reached the massive tree and now thawed out pond. A hippo floated in the middle of the pond, the obvious bulge he noticed earlier.


“The man was as fierce as a lion…” Garrett read. “That’s such a cliché…”

“Yeah I know… he should have put ‘he was as fierce as a hippo.’ Everyone knows more people die of hippo attacks every year,” Steven said.

“Bullshit, I’ll believe it when I see it,” Garrett replied.

End Flashback

Reinier walked up to the pond. “I told Doyle I’d believe it when I see it… these things are so cool… no way it’d attack…” Reinier muttered to himself. He slowly waded in to the pond and came up to the hippo. He outstretched his hand to pet it on top of its’ head.

Big mistake.

The hippo gave an ungodly roar, and thrust out its’ massive mouth and gripped Reinier’s hand. Reinier gave out a scream, as he was flung in to the air, still connected by the hippo. It shook its’ head back and forth, smacking Reinier in the pond on both sides. The hippo spun its’ head around in a circle, and let go of the player, sending him flying towards the exit.

Reinier landed on his head, flipped forwards, and rolled out of the room, through the exit, and found himself laying next to his dragon. The exit shot down, sealing off the room he came out of. Reinier’s hand had been completely crushed, and it burned for some reason. He looked over to his dragon, pain in his eyes, and pointed to his hand.

Oh, you want me to eat it? If you insist…” The dragon said slowly coming towards the fallen player.


The dragon sighed and muttered Repth. A blue aura engulfed Reinier’s hand, healing his wound. He slowly came to his feet, cracked his neck, and muttered, “Your move God.

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(OOC:Yea, Sorry.. I'll make it up. ;D)

-A snow flake started its decent from its invisable starting point high up in the fake world that Kakashi now resided in. Ryok was getting used to his new body, or rather Kakashi was. The snow flake drifted down, and landed on his head. Melting just as fast as it had appeared, and reappearing in the same exact spot up in the air. It seemed it was the only one that fell.. Ryok started forwards following the group towards the dungeon. As everyone filed down Ryok turned around, and looked back at the field. The snow was starting to pick up.. Something wasn't right, and for the first time in this new world a chill went down Ryok's back. He shivered a second taking in the reality that had actually swallowed him. He was a prisioner, and the moment that came to his mind he really started to feel like it.. A prisioner.

-He turned from the snowy field, and started down into the dungeon. He started at a fast pace until he noticed that the stairs seemed to go on forever. He slowed to almost a crawl.. Ryok looked down into a black abyss that seemed almost to go on forever. He stopped.. An eyebrow raised, and he looked around. His hand went the one of the brick walls, and felt it.. It was covered by a thin layer of ice from which water from the ground had seeped in through the cracks of the brick, and rock. He started down again almost completely forgetting about the whole never ending staircase. The floor to the first level appeared almost out of no where. It covered over the never ending staircase, and opened up to a small room. Ryok stepped down on to it, and started into the next room his vision blurred for only a second as the darkness of the doorway engulfed him.

-He came out on the other side of it to see some of the other characters move threw a doorway. He started at it a light sprint to catch up. His shoes hitting the ground, and clanging together as each step hit. For a heavy blade he was fast.. Or atleast he like to think so. He caught up in the next room no one even really noticing his disappearence, and reappearence. Ryok moved with them just.. Watching where he was going, and following. He liked the break, but it would soon be shattered. As he came into the first stair room memories of fighting in dungeons flooded back to him. They'd usually last over three hours until at last he'd reach the treasure box. Ryok stoped half way through the room, and looked into the staircase. The difference was that it led up, and not down. An eye twitched as he started running at the steps. He jumped up the first three, or maybe it was four?.. He didn't know, but afterwards taking two at a time to reach the top fairly fast. Ryok got into the large open room, and stood there.. Recieving a few flashmails from various people.

-To: All People in this room.
-From: Hac

-I have no way to kill the sharks. It is immune to Water. So if I could have a little help here it would be appreciated. In return I will get rid of the Scorpion Tank. Though it would not take much, It is the only thing I can do from here. I may not be well known or liked, but I would like to survive ^^

-Was the first followed by another from Asgard..

To: Nighthand, Ryok, Hac, Lighteria, Reinier, Hijinx, Phoenix
From: Asgard

'Terro' is the word to scream if you're going down the pits.


-Ryok didn't pay much attention to them nor did he pay much attention to anything. He just stood there dazed. Well, of course until the ground fell apart, and he hit the ground below. Ryok woke up a few moments later.. A wind blew over him as he looked around for a way out. The room was blank it seemed as if nothing had touched it for ages, but there was something different at that. The walls weren't the usual dark blue color rock, but instead a pale brillant color stone. The weeds the grew from the cracks were a dark dark green as if they flourished in the room. He turned to look behind him a gigantic creature towering above him. He smirked as he knew what it was.. A Mu Guardian.

-Battle Mode On

-It read across his face as he slowly got to his feet. it seemed as if it was.. Sleeping?.. Ryok took a step towards it, and its eyes opened. As if it were a monster portal awaiting him. Ryok's left hand swung across his body, and grabbed his katana. He charished it being the one and only one of it's kind to ever be used in 'The World'. Ryok knew if he kept thinking that, it'd soon not be one of a kind. Ryok pushed the hilt of the blade up a notch, and slid into his position. He knew that if he attacked the higher leveled monster would.. ... ... Completely destroy him. He waited, and waited staring into what he thought was it's eyes. A white light encompassed by metallic strips that spun hung underneath it. The wind blew past him again this time a more aggressive wind. Ryok looked around, and then back at the Guardian. It glew with a light green aura. Ryok moved at a slow pace as he jumped forwards trying to move out of the way. The leaves picked up.. Where leaves came from was a mystery, but there were leaves. Ryok's body was torn from head to toe. Ryok stood up his now clothes now rags. He knelt dusting himself off, and licking the blood off of his lip. Ryoks clothes mended themselves his position staying the same.

-He shifted uneasily.. Why hadn't the creature attacked again. Ryok stood up, and leaned his weight backwards. Resulting in a half assed back flip that safely put him out of harms way. The guardian finally moving from its statue like state. Ryok stood upright astounded that he just did something like that. The pillar of stone and gravel rised up from the ground disappearing after it had hit nothing, but air. The guardian started at him at a fast pace for a monster of its size. This puzzled ryok for a couple seconds until he noticed its hoveringness. Ryoks right hand let the hilt of his blade fall down, and he reached down into his pouch taking a Speed Charm out as he retracted his arm. He slapped it on to his stomach, and instantly felt the speed boost.

-Ryok jumped sideways as the creature flew past him. He turned towards the guardian, and ran at it. His blade was pulled from its sheath, and started using up the charms increase. He ran faster than he ever could in real life, and was soon close enough to attack. He jumped as the creature shifted forwards as if to physical attack. Ryok kept going.. up, and up his sword hanging behind him clutched in his left hand. Up and up he went until he reached the area where he believed its head was. He landed, and took the blade up in both hands. Crouched on a tiny platform in front of what he thought was its face he sat. Ryok thrust forwards nothing seeming to stop him. The crackle of metal on metal sounded, and there was a burst of electricity. Ryok fell backwards off the creature back down on to the ground. The guarded reared for another 'physical attack' ryok left his blade as he crawled from the guardians range. Ryok rose, and looked at where he should've left a mark. Sure enough a hole resided where his blade penatrated its shell. His blade sat helplessly under the creature.

-Speed wasn't enough, and Ryok now knew it. Force would have to take this thing down. Ryok unequipt the Spider, and out came the Flame Sword. It was just now being used for the first time.. ever. Ryok took it up in a weird position that was indeed foreign to him. He ran at the creature both hands now tightly strapped to the blade. He jumped closer this time than before. The creature set a spell a few feet behind him, and as ryok hit as high as he was going to go he yelled out a skill..

-"VAK DRIVE!" Roared from his mouth as his blade came down on to the creature, but.. It didn't He was stoped short one of the creautres matellic strips in his stomach. A few feet behind him the pillar of stone just pierced the surface of the ground. Ryoks blade fell down on to the creature its blade melting right through the first few inches of its armor as it landed in its side. Ryok flew back as the rock pillar rose from the ground. It was almost perfect.. The timing of the whole trap. The pillar clipped ryok in the back of the head sending him up in a spin. The pillar disappeared as ryok hit the cold ground. He looked up from his state of hurt the guardian hovering over him...


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Phew... That was easier than I thought.

Lighteria thinks as he stows his blades, Yosetu & Fuyou, back into his item pouch, again returning his Master Blades to the sheathes in his belt. He smiles softly and turns his head to Kit, who's been hiding in the corner to avoid combat. "Come on Kit, it's safe no-"


Lighteria blinks looking to hit feet.

"....crap." He says to himself, as the floor gives way under his feet. With an echoing yell, the twinblade plummets into the darkness, his eyes on Kit who falls through the floor as well, though he quickly looses sight of her from the lack of light. After a second he shuts his eyes tightly, waiting for the inevitable piercing of the spikes he saw in the holes before. He keeps them shut... five seconds... ten seconds... nothing? He blinks, suddenly realizing he's no longer falling.

What on earth...? What the hell happened to me?

By twisting his torso a little, the twin blade quickly finds he can straighten himself back to a vertical position. After much twisting and annoyed groaning, Lighteria's foot touches a soft, grainy surface. He blinks, getting both feet on the slightly angled ground and re-aligns himself into a standing position, gravity suddenly returning to him. "Whoa!" He says, almost falling forward but managing to twist himself back into a standing position. Adjusting his feet on the soft surface for a second his eyes trace around the room.

Total darkness... Dangit... just my luck, I can't even tell if Kit's here.

"Kit?" He calls out. "Kit are you in here?" His voice echoes softly in the room but there's no answer. He sighs tries to plod his way up the grainy slope, slipping occasionally but having no real trouble ascending it. Eventually the tips of his fingers touch the outer wall of the room. He gasps a little and quickly scurries up the remainder of the slope and hugs the wall, being the only totally solid surface he's encountered so far. He slowly side steps along the wall, taking four slow slides until his foot hits the base of something metal. He blinks in surprise and reaches out, his hand grasping around a tall, thin metal pole.

...What is this...? I can't tell in the dark. I need to get some sort of light... or fire... then maybe I can figure out a way out of this hole... short of flying of course.

He blinks. "Fire... fly..." He snaps his fingers. "That's it!" Instantly his free hand dives into his item pouch. After a fair amount of clinking and feeling around he extracts a health drink bottle containing six tiny, dull green glowing fireflies. He smiles and holds the bottle up, the insects emitting a faint glow, just enough to see a foot or two in front of him. "Forgot about this..." He says holding the bottle up to the metal object. He examines it closely, tracing the bottle slowly up the pole until a metal basket filled with some kind of thick liquid and straw appears. He blinks and looks closer at it, using his new found gift of in-game smell to sniff the mysterious mixture.

"...That's oil... ...A torch?" He glances back to the dark room, gripping the bottle tighter, thinking out loud. "I could light it with a vak spell... but it's so small it probably won't reveal much..." He squints along the wall again, holding out the bottle. "My SP hasn't recovered since the first couple of fights... I can't afford to waste it yet." He shakes his head and shuffles along the wall again, looking for the door. The grinding noises beneath his feet as he moves gives him pause and he looks down curiously. "What am I stepping on anyway?" He kneels down and carefully sets the bottle on the ground, pressing it down into the grainy surface to make a secure indentation for it. He reaches down and scoops up a handful of the floor, holding it next to the bottle, letting it fall from his hands.

This is sand... I'm walking on a hill of sand?

He shakes his head and picks the bottle up again, walking slowly along the wall, keeping one hand on it, looking for a door. He passes by a second torch... a third... "A door!" He breathes a sigh of relief and grips the handle, pulling on the door with all his might. ...Nothing. "What the-? hey come on!" He growls and pushes on the door instead, grunting and pushing as hard as he can but getting very little traction due to the sand. "Son of a- It's locked!"

"And it will stay locked, human. Until one of us dies."

Lighteria blinks and whips around, squinting into the darkness. "W-who... whose there?!" The twin blade suddenly takes a deep breath, feeling a bit hot. In the middle of his inhale there's a sudden spark at the far side of the room. Instantly the torches encircling the square room burst to life, flames roaring in the mixtures of oil and straw, filling the room with a hot glow. Lighteria gasps and covers his eyes, not used to the light. "Agg-... what is this?!" He squints and looks up, gasping. His first real view of the room.

His eyes trace along the square dungeon room, the sand hill turns out to not be unique to one side as he had thought, instead the sand slopes down from all sides creating a sort of square funnel-like shape with the sand, the center being simply a low point in the sand where the hills meet. The only place that isn't purely granular is a concrete square platform extending from the opposite wall for about three and a half feet away from the wall and extending down for who knows how long into the sand. Atop the platform stands what appears to be a wavemaster, only she's dressed in black and has a strange face mask making her look like a monster. "Who... are.. you?"

She holds up her wand, her body glowing red. Lighteria narrows his eyes a little and rushes at her through the sand, drawing his blades.


A drop of water from the ceiling falls into a pure surface of water, maybe a millimeter deep. The surface ripples softly making the reflection of the sky blue ceiling warp a little. The ripple splashes a little water on to a small kitten's already wet nose. She blinks her eyes softly and rolls to her feet, shivering and trying to vibrate some of the water clinging to her fur.

"Lighteria?" She calls out, her soft voice making a tiny echo in the distance. "Lighteria, mew meow mew? (Lighteria, where are you?)" She looks around the room. Aside from the water and the softly colored walls it is completely empty, save what appears to be a tiny doorway embedded in the wall. Curiously, she walks over to it, her feet making tiny splashes in the shallow water. Arriving at the door, she paws the handle softly, trying to force it open.

"Hiss rowr growl hiss hiss growl (You won’t be getting out that way.)"

Kit makes a curious purr and turns around, seeing a jet black, male kitten with glowing red eyes staring back at her. “Mew mew meow meow? (What are you talking about?)”

"Growl. Hiss rowr hiss rowr. (Come. I shall be your opponent.)" It says, rushing forward, its claws extended.

“Meow!! Mew meow mew meow… (Stop!! I don’t want to fight…)” She glares softly and leaps backwards as the jet black kitten pounces on where she was standing, water splashing outwards from his paws. “Mew meow mew… Rue Mew! (But I will if I must… Rue Rom!)” She calls out…

((OOC: Now hopefully this teaches Nighthand a lesson about giving freedom to make my own room. Conclusion post to follow.))

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The last thing that Phoenix remembered was that Nighthand killing off the last shark which caused the remainder of the floor to disappear. As he slowly got up, he examined his current surroundings. The room that Phoenix was in did not appear to be a room at all. Phoenix was on a cliff which had gray clouds enveloping the surrounding cliff faces. Up ahead, there was a mountain that extends near the crimson sunset. The sky was covered with a beautiful orange which made the gray clouds appear to be better to look at. The base of mountain contained a rusted iron door that would refuse to open under normal conditions.

Phoenix felt a sudden wind blowing towards his direction which causes him to use his strength not to be moved by the wind. He did not want to fall off the cliff but he knew there was another danger nearby. He did not had time to think about what happen to rest of the group as he tried to get near the door. Suddenly, a huge shadow was cast down on the cliff. Phoenix looked at the shadow and realized the shape of the shadow. He looked up towards the mountain and the sun and saw a monster on top of the mountain. It’s a bird monster but I don’t know what sword to use against it. I’ll try to use the Matoi this time.

Phoenix drew out the Matoi sword which he recently acquired in a battle. The bird monster quickly descended down from the mountain and dove towards Phoenix. As the bird got closer to Phoenix, the wind started to pick up again. Phoenix was in a dilemma as he stood his ground trying not to be moved by the wind but could not risk being hit by the bird monster. He got a better look at the monster which was a Death Crane. The Death Crane had a similar appearance to the Chicken Hand monster but only more powerful. The Death Crane had a blue talon with purple with a tint of blue fur all around the body. Its hair was brown which was shaped in a V. Phoenix’s choice of sword was perfect to fight the Death Crane due to the monster’s wood element. He raised his sword and begun to take a swing at the Death Crane but his timing was completely off. The wind helped increasing the speed of the Death Crane causing Phoenix’s midsection to be completely wide open. The Crane caused Phoenix to fall to the ground which the wind carried him an additional few feet almost near a cliff edge.

That was almost close. I can’t risk prolonging this battle especially with this wind. Right now, the crane is not doing anything. I must kill it quickly. I think I have the right attack for it. Phoenix got back up which the Crane was already preparing to knock him right off the edge. He ran towards the Crane which was in its similar attack pattern from earlier and jumped towards it. “GAN REVOLVER!” Phoenix’s sword pointed towards the Crane as it was being covered in stone. The spinning action was producing rocks around Phoenix and acting as a barrier. The Crane was being impacted by the rocks as Phoenix’s sword went through its stomach. The monster used its talon to pull itself away from Phoenix causing him to fall to the ground once again but with talon scratches on his chest.

The wind picked up once again and causing Phoenix to be knocked over the edge. He quickly used his sword to prevent him from falling. He used his free hand to grab the edge of the cliff and then he took out the sword from the cliff which he put away for now. Phoenix was about to climb back up when the Death Crane used its talon to smash his fingers. He yelled in pain as he quickly put his other hand on the cliff edge so he has something to hold on. Lucky that bird only has one foot otherwise I would be screwed. I need a way to distract the bird long enough so I can get back up. Suddenly, Phoenix remembered that Urbosh was with him instead of Suzaku. Urbosh, it’s time for you to be useful. Do something to get that Death Crane away from me. If you don’t do it, both of us will fall to our deaths.

Urbosh emerged out of Phoenix’s armor and transformed into a spider. The spider blob climbed the cliff edge and transformed into a scorpion. Urbosh went up to the Death Crane and stabbed its talon with its tail. The Death Crane stopped smashing Phoenix’s fingers as it was affected by the poison from Urbosh’s attack. Phoenix took this chance and climbed the cliff edge. He redrew the Matoi sword and used the Gan Crack on it. Phoenix jumped up into the air and the stone sword smashed the Death Crane’s head. The monster was now extremely weakened and tried to fly into the air. Phoenix quickly responded by jumping towards the Death Crane and stabbing it. The attack caused the death of the Crane but the wind once again caused Phoenix to fly back but Urbosh caught him with a huge baseball glove.

The blob went back into Phoenix’s armor and cast Repth on Phoenix. Thank you, Urbosh. You are actually more useful than your mistress. Anyway, let’s go and find the others. Phoenix sheaved the Matoi sword and proceed towards the recently opened rusted iron door. As he entered through the opening, he was blinded by a bright light and somehow emerged through the other side where new dangers would be waiting for him.

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OOC: Sorry this is a little late, just a little busy with college starting up :bunny: .

Hijinx rolled about on the ground, laughing and holding her ribs. It wasn't everyday you saw a comical little man with a long beard threatening you with a bent stick. She WAS in a poorly decorated hallway with icy floors; in which she had planned an amazing displace of skill with ice skates(which hacorie had interupted and would pay for soon enough); but following a collapsing floor and much cheerful cheering on her part she arrived in a fairly nice place.

The room had a plain like feel to it, grassy with yellow racing lanes painted in the grass that ran along a concrete wall that strenched upwards in a dome. In the middle sat an old monster of oddly short stature who pointed his staff at hijinx as she landed gracefully on her hind paws as menacingly as it could manage.

-----A few minutes and much laughing later-----

Whipping out a watermelon, the twinblade yanked the cord attached and the melon sputtered like a startled lawnmower. After three attempts the melon was running properly and floating above the floor, the rabbitine player sitting atop her fruit. Lowering a pair of goggles over her eyes she laughed and reved the melon a little, challenging the mage monster. It accepted by reving it's crystal balls magic and pulling up next to the playful hare. Casting a sideward glance at the grand cold she smiled and took off, the angry creature right behind her and trying desperately to pass. As they rounded a turn the volatile mage came alongside Hijinx, turning towards her. Swerving into the Grand Cold's crystal ball she growled, sparks flying as the two collided repeatedly. As they came to another bend the creature plowed towards her again as they neared a finish line. Letting up on the speed for a moment, she watched as it carreened into the wall and exploded, little peices of wreckage boucing into the grass and smoldering at her with annoyance. Her watermelon suddenly sputtered and choked as she crossed the white line, flames and smoke pooring out of the back. Hopping off, she watched with glee as it slammed into the wall and combusting. Several tractor wheels rolled from the wreck as hijinx smiled at nothing in particular, her eyes remaining closed. A door opened on the far side and she left the room, whistling and skipping as she went.

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Asgard fell down. At first, it was almost into a pit filled with sharp spikes adorning the floor of the pit. However, with a little bit of quick thinking, and a hand from the Blademaster Phoenix, he was back on the icy, deathtrap ridden battlefield. But, just so he doesn't overexert his body, he stays knelt to keep a good footing on the icy surface, as he held his torso firmly to try and breathe again. The last sudden hit on the ground knocked the wind out of him so hard that it felt like his lungs were going to implode. His eyes saw clearly though, as he saw the destruction of the monsters around him. Hacorie took to the hordes of cyclo sharks and the solo Scorpion Tank, and Nighthand, without flaw, severed one of the creatures with one swing. It was pretty impressive, but it wasn't anything he had seen, or done, before.

As the final monster fell, the ground started to shake. Asgard got back to his feet, recovered from the accidental winding. Grasping at his Nunchaku, he waited to see what was to unfold. There wasn't anymore portals in the room, but that never stopped monsters from appearing out of nowhere to attack anything and everything. Just as he reached the dark leather sheath with the Nunchaku's safely strapped onto, the ground gave way from underneath him. He saw Phoenix fall, as they were both near the same proximity. However, the Blademaster oddly faded away from his vision as he sunk into the room that waited for him below.

Asgard landed softly on the ground, which at first glance, looked generically the same. Seeing no harm in the room, Asgard looked to the exit, which was inconveniently barricaded by a portal. The Fist Fighter readied his weapons and slowly walked over to the chest. Every step he took closer to the portal, the room suddenly started shrinking. Somehow, slowly, and with every step, the room shrank. Asgard reached the instant proximity of the portal. The golden circles began spinning, using their mythical energies to summon...

A Treasure Chest...

Asgard took his hands off his weapons and sighed relief. He knelt down to open the treasure chest, his hands opening the half-cylinder top. As soon as air reached into the chest, a trap activated, removing the ground underneath Asgard's feet. For a moment, Asgard was taken by surprise of the trap that sprung from the chest. Then, he clamored for anything solid as he fell down another passageway, all the way into another similar room.

The room, like the other, was more of an after picture of the first room. It was a very small room, measurments being about 12 feet wide by twelve feer high. The length of the room seemed to reach on forever, however, in a weird, twisted manner. Asgard landed on his feet and grabbed his weapons as he saw a monster slowly plod his way towards him from behind. The 'It' in question was a Sand Hill, a giant half bodied golem covered in sand. Asgard knew that he would be able to take him down easy, but it was going to take a few buffs to gain him the advantage. He reached in his pockets for his Speed Charms and his Warrior Bloods.

Before Asgard could find the items, the Sand hill let out a curdled scream. All around him, the walls and the ceiling shifted in the wall and let loose with a spray of water. The Sand Hill was covered from head to toe in water, seeping into its sandy skin like a sponge. It's hard grainy surface, because sluggish and muddy. It was as if the monster had turned into something else.

The Mud Hill screamed again at Asgard and hid its head and arms into its body, making a ballish figure. The form smoothened out into a perfect sphere and, with a flash of light, hardened. Asgard looked at the creature and wondered of what in the hell it was doing. He had never seen something like this happen ever. This was all the proof that he needed, this field is NOT normal. The Fist Fighter looked down the hall and for some reason, began whistling a tune. The tune, and the current situation reminded him of a movie he hadn't seen in years, but always had a cliche moment like the one he was in. The hero, brandishing a bullwhip and a snappy hat, outran a moving boulder while constantly dodging deadly deathtraps, and cutting into a secret passage at the last second in order to escape death.

As Asgard reveled in the days of old, the Mud Sphere made a sound. Like it was being unlodged from something. Then, Asgard finally realized on how much trouble he was in.

He brought his hands out with a Speed Charm handy and activated the runic parchment. With arcane magic, his speed increased three fold, essentially keeping the boulder far away from him. However, that did not keep up for long, as the boulder gained speed and kept at a steady pace a few feet behind our hero of the hour.

Not saying anything, Asgard continued running down the stretch of corridor. His foot, pushing off from the run, slammed down a trap tile and let off a series of arrow launchers that appeared from the walls. Asgard tried to keep ahead of the arrows, but some got him in each side. Keeping his concentration on fleeing the boulder, he hit another floor pile, which revealed a giant, bladed pendulum which, if had swung a bit earlier, would have cut Asgard in half. The boulder, however, broke the swinging pendulum like it was made of sand.

Asgard was getting tired. Keeping up this pace and with Ap Do was certainly taking its toll on the Fist Fighter. He was almost ready to give in to the Mud Sphere, until he saw a door. A door that was at the end of the horrendously long corridor. Praising his good luck, he put the pedal to the metal and headed for the door.

Then, the obligatory spiked wall appeared, right in front of the door. Asgard had gotten a bit of distance between him and the ball, so he stopped and tried to find a way around the wall. But, there was no way around this wall. He sighed as he looked back to the Mud Sphere, coming his way. The only viable solution that he could think about with a giant mud ball heading his way was to try and block the ball, but he doubted it would work.

The Mud Ball kept on rolling and rolling until impact. Dust was blown up everywhere, impending all sight. Asgard opened his eyes, knowing he was alive, to see the Mud Ball, caught against the walls. Asgard never noticed before, but the area around the door was a tad smaller than the rest of the corridor, at least enough to stop the ball in its tracks. The head shifted out of the ball and screamed bloody murder at Asgard. It's muddy composition allowed its neck to elongate somewhat. The stretchy head charged at Asgard's stomach. But, with all of his hopped up speed, the Fist Fighter grabbed the muddy head and delivered a swift kick to its backside. Without reaction, Asgard stretched the head over to the spiked wall and with one hand, reached back and planted the head on the hundreds of spikes. The Sand Hill screamed its death cry before turning into the defeated monster data Asgard had seen countless times. With the immediate threat gone, the spike wall receded into the ceiling and granted Asgard access to the door. Opening it slightly, he slinked in and closed the door behind him, putting this ridicoulous piece of Americana behind him...

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-"Ap Do" rung out from his mouth as he slaped his hands down into the ground, and pushed sending him away from the Guardian. Ryok ran at the Flame Sword which resided on the ground. He slid past where it sat one of his hands grabbing its handle, and draged it with him. Ryok stopped, and picked the blade fully off of the ground. Ryok moved into the same position, and waited for the laggy Guardian to follow him. The monster that lay before him obviously had a strength advantage over him, and was a damn lot smarter then him. Ryok now knew this as did his gut. It felt as if his insides were in a bunch, and weren't going to untangle themselves unless he was hit again. In his new body pain was started to nullify as if he was just sitting in a chair in front of a computer screen. To him it once again was becoming a game, but not one you can shut off when your bored of it. This was his life now, or until he left it.. Kakashi was hoping inside that when he got out of the game he wasn't an old man. Ryok sighed, and looked up from his thought..

-A green glyph appeared once again under him the winds gently increasing until it was a deadly storm of leaves. His skin shredded like cheddar cheese his clothes just the same. He hunched over, and clutched his arms where the gashes were the deepest. Ryok stood up falling slightly over himself, but lifting his blade easily enough none the less. Another strike, but Ryok jumped and blocked it. He flew slightly towards the creature his blade sliding across the metallic band as he moved forwards. Ryok landed almost under it. He bright his sword back, and pulled it forwards, and up thrusting it into the bright ball of light that sat under it.

-Another electric blast shot him backwards into the wall that only sat a few feet away. He looked up at the monster as he shook himself to get up. Ryok sloppily pushed himself over as a band thrust into the wall. He rolled over a few more times until he had enough time to stand. Once up Ryok knew where to go.. He charged at the monster his blade down behind him with both of his hands attached to it.

-This time.. I won't miss

-Ryok ran the the creature a swift dodge to get out of the way of a band as he got closer. His clothes sway behind him as he picked up speed. He fell on to his back, and slid under the creature. Ryok blinked a few times before carrying out his plan.. While on his back he grabbed his blade, and thrust it forwards..

-"Vak Drive!" The blade hit the light, and in a fire explosion the creature was thrown backwards into the nearest wall. Ryok's Spider Blade lay on the ground tattered from the Guardians armor. The Mu Guardian Slid down loosing all power, and turned a grayish color. It brusts into tiny particles slowing advancing into the room until they disappeared completely. Ryok looked around for anything else to do. Nothing seemed to happen.. He unequipt the Flame Sword, and equipted the Spider Blade again. Ryok waited a moment, and the door in the room opened. Although before it didn't seem like there was a door it kind of just appeared. Ryok started at it, and walked through to the other side..

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"Who-oah!" Lighteria yelps out, having forgotten where he was when he leaped to attack. With a few stumbling steps he flails forward down the sandy slope, loosing his footing every time he tries to kick his foot up to regain balance. Sand flies everywhere, kicked up from his heels and he soon tumbles onto his side, skidding to a dusty halt about three fourths of the way down the slope. He mutters something unintelligible as the fire witch laughs at him from the other side of the room.

"This is my opponent? Pathetic! I'll finish you quickly!"

"Oh yeah!?" Lighteria retorts, never one to be shy in front of a simple AI. "We'll just see who finishes who!!" He blushes for a second, knowing he'd never say that kind of stuff in front of others and gets to his feet shakily, sand falling from the creases in his black pants as the heels of his boots sink into the surface. More carefully this time, Lighteria pushes off from the sand and bolts towards the concrete slab the witch is perched on. He grits his teeth in preparation as the spell caster raises its wand into the air.

"Vak Kruz!"

Lighteria gasps and quickly dives to the sand, tumbling forward to dodge the small fire balls that would inevitably surround him. He shuts his eyes tightly, sand whipping past his face and back as his tumbles. As he uncurls though, he blinks, noticing he didn't hear to the fireballs. He turns around to where he was standing before to see no remnants of a fire spell at all. Not a single ashen grain of sand. "...What the hell?"

The fire witch smirks and slams the end of her wand to the slab. Lighteria blinks and looks down into the center of the room, noticing the sand glowing red hot. "...Uh oh." The witch grins and a bright line shines from her wand. With a large rumble, the walls at the top of the sand hills rise a foot from the ground and the sand starts flowing towards the center, seemingly consumed by the center of the room. The twinblade gasps and quickly scurries as fast as he can towards the slab. The sand engulfs his feet almost instantly and he soon finds the only way to make progress up the slope is to dig his hands in and feet as well, climbing frantically upwards. The witch smirks down at him from the slab, concentrating on maintaining the spell in the center of the room.

A good five minutes pass by this way, Lighteria quickly tiring out and making only a tiny bit of progress to reach the witch’s platform. Running out of breath and maybe a foot away, the twin blade makes a leap for the platform, his right hand managing to snag the side of it. He grins up to the witch, assured that with a hand hold her destruction is assured. Instead of recoiling in fear though, the witch slams her wand to the concrete below.

"Vak Rom"

"Wait... what? -OW!!" Lighteria yells out, a tornado of flames suddenly shooting up beneath the fire witch. He whines in pain, clutching his hand and quickly loosing his progress in the sand slope. The fire witch grins, apparently able to keep the spell up indefinitely. The realization that the witch is immune to fire and thus rendering her immune to melee combat dawns on Lighteria. He scrambles violently to beat the flowing sands, knowing he could never afford the pause in movement needed to cast a spell on the witch. At a loss, he continues to furiously keep up with the sand, wincing every time his burnt hand digs into the sands.


Kit and the dark kitten glare at each other, each racing down the length of the room, their paws making tiny, rapid splashes in the cool water below. the dark kitten growls and hisses violently making a flying leap towards Kit. The kitten of water rowrs in anger and leaps to the side, letting the dark kitten land with a splash where she was. The water doesn't phase it though, it quickly leaps again towards Kit who is forced to make another quick dodge lest she be impaled by the dark kitten's claws. This pattern of leaping and dodging continues for a while, Kit clearly on the defensive. As she's forced into a corner of the room with a final leap attack, the dark kitten twitches his whiskers sinisterly.

"Hisss, rowr ffft hiss rowr. (Face it, I'm just a better fighter.)"

"Mew. Mew meow mew mew meow! (Maybe so. But I'm obviously the smartest!)"

The dark kitten growls furiously, not one to take an insult lightly. It reowrs out and leaps at Kit with all its might, claw extended. Kit takes a quick breath and leaps up against the blue wall, bounding off of the wall gracefully and landing behind the dark kitten, who, of course, not realizing it was a wall because of the room's color scheme, rams his head directly into the wall, stunning it for a few seconds. All Kit needed.

"Rue Mew!" She shouts. The dark kitten gasps, its eyes widening: the last thing it's able to do before the spell freezes the water he'd splashed on himself from all the leaping. As the spell fades, only a kitten-shaped slab of ice remains in the corner of the room. With a distant click, the door of the room opens. Kit's thoughts drift to Lighteria, hoping feverously that' he's ok.

Back in the sand room...


The fire witch laughs as she watches the twin blade's valiant struggle against the sands.

"Yes! Run in fear! I like seeing my victims dying afraid and clinging to futile hope!

Daaaaaammn it! What do I do?! I can't hit her with a spell, I can't hit her with my weapons... there's no other option! Dang it... I wish I wasn't a twinblade... any other class would just use the long reach of their weapons to kill her through the fire barrier and a wavemaster would be good enough at spell casting to hit her before any of this happened... Meanwhile I've got these blades with a range of maybe a foot and absolutely no chance of hitting her without my hands burning off! Dang it, think Lighteria!!! This could get you killed!!

"Cease your struggle, player. Toss your hopes into the firey sands where your final resting place will be!!"

Holy moly, what a mouth. I can't believe I'm going to be beat by someone this cocky. Stupid jerk.. toss hope my butt. I'll tell you what I... can... toss....

A look passes over Lighteria's face, indicating he thinks he's a complete idiot. He pulls his raitei from his belt, the most streamlined weapon he has, and grips the tip of the blade between his fingers. The fire witch blinks, trying to see what he's doing but unable to see clearly through the veil of fire surrounding her.

"What are you doing? Some sort of last ditch effort to save yourself? It is useless, you cannot penetr- *slice*

"Wewt!!! Bullseye!" Lighteria whoops, the raitei blade having plunged directly between the fire witch's eyeballs. It only takes a few seconds for the sand and fire spells to dissipate, leaving Lighteria with simple walks up the sandy hills to retrieve his weapon and reach the door on the opposite wall. His hand grips the handle of the door and he pauses. "Oh this had BETTER be unlocked." He says bluntly, jerking his arm backwards. Slowly the door opens and a relieved, but somewhat sandy twinblade enters the room.

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Nighthand surveyed his room, cautious and unmoving from when he had landed after his fall. His first glance had turned out to be very accurate in it’s appraisal of the room. There was a lot of nothing. Blank walls, simple stone bricks interlocking, not even a single of the normal runic symbols that habitually plastered the walls of other dungeons. The floor was similarly devoid of any interesting features. He was against the far wall, opposite a single heavy door, with a portal between them.

Thankfully, the portal hadn’t activated yet. He seemed far enough from the portal that he could skirt the edges of the room and try the door before fighting.

The heavyblade stood, dusting himself off. He noticed on the back of his hands the familiar Cerberus tattoo.

Yes, master?
When’d you get back there? Hell, you’ve been pretty silent lately.
Yes… I jumped back in once the spiked pits started opening. I thought that you could use my powers, but you seemed fine on your own.
Yes, that I did… Still, nice to have you. I might need you this time… I want to get out of here as fast as I can, and get out of this god-forsaken dungeon. I have an idea what, or rather who, put us here, and that bitch needs a lesson.

Shard remained silent as Nighthand continues to skirt the edges of the room until he came up to the door. Just like he had expected… it was a door. A nice, solid, heavy stone door, that he would have no chance of moving on his own.

With a heavy sigh, Nighthand turned to the portal and stepped forwards, to activate it.

The runic circle spun, fast and faster, drawing energy from the air to form its monsters.

But then it stopped; hanging frozen in mid-air.

”Aww, fuck. How the hell am I supposed to kill the monsters and open the damned door if the portal doesn’t open!?!”

Nighthand drew his blade and rushed at the portal, in a vain attempt to kill the symbol itself. He leapt… flew… swung… struck…

..and was suddenly no longer inside.

”AAHH! He cried out, the solid stone floor he had expected to land on no longer there. In it’s place was a large and, had it had a face, smug-looking snowdrift.


Nighthand crawled his way out of the snowdrift, cursing his character design. His sleeveless shirt was helpful in the fire fields, and kept out of his way, but it left a lot of skin bare to the icy cold of the less temperate fields. And since they had fought the Banshaku, he had no cloak to wrap around himself, and his hair wasn’t even long enough to help.

When he finally surfaced in the snow, the first thing that met his gaze was a very happy-looking Water witch. It let out an odd shriek, a mixture of delight, rage, and alert. Behind it, Nighthand saw a second witch turn and head for him, and behind it, An Ironball Titan.

He didn’t have much chance, but it was a habit, so Nighthand looked around. The ground was covered in footprints, like there had already been a scuffle here. On the horizon he could just make out the tip of the dungeon, far in the distance.

“Aww shit. Figures I’d be thrown way out here.”

For that was where he was, back outside where they had held their first battle on the field. The titan looked inordinately happy to see him, probably hoping to avenge its comrade. The two witches were positively gleeful at having one of their prey suddenly returned to them.

He had to act quickly, and he had to do it now.

His feet somehow finding purchase in the packed snow underneath him, he dove forwards, his hands latching onto the shoulders of the witch in front of him. It lashed out with its wand, trying to knock him off, but he didn’t let go. He did, however, continue his roll over her falling body.

To the other witch, it appeared like his body elongated suddenly, a large, black portion of him left behind as he let go and rolled over, coming up with his blade ready. And then the picture cleared at it was Shard, three heads and two forelegs ravaging the fallen witch. He wasn’t the most powerful of monsters yet, but he had enough weapons in his arsenal to keep the witch from recovering.

Nighthand, as soon as he rose to his feet, leapt out of the way of the titan’s arm as it crashed down where he had stood. The second witch, staying well away from its counterpart, was surprised as Nighthand abruptly reverse direction to climb onto the titan’s hand as it rose, using it as a springboard for the a leaping, falling, and altogether powerful Gan Smash.

The witch didn’t even have time to move before the blade, dropping with the force of an avalanche thrown from great heights, drove it into the ground and blew it apart into its component data-strings.

Off to his side, Shard stretched and roared, his prey destroyed. He bounded through the snow, sliding to a halt at Nighthand’s side.

The titan paused, seeing the coordinated destruction the pair before it had unleashed.

Nighthand knew it would be a bit hard to take this one out, so he dug in his over-stuffed scroll pouch for an item; pulling it out he smiled, and activated the lone Knight’s Bane on the foe.

Just as before when Asgard had used his, it seemed like years of aging took place in moments. But it wouldn’t be enough, to take it on easily.

“Shard, Ap me!” He called, grinning. This should be fun.

The Cerberus nodded, each of its three heads casting a spell at once. Ap Corv, Vorv, and Torv all took effect at once, and he felt his physical power and accuracy increase. NOW he was ready.

The titan hardly wanted to sit and watch this, and its first blow was already on its way. Nighthand dove forwards, under the creature’s massive arm, rolled, and came up running for the creature’s leg. He slashed it as he ran past, grinning at the roar of pain that the monster let out. He tightened a turn around the outside of its leg and cut a line around its ankle. It roared and did a little dance, doing it’s best to try to crush him underfoot.

“Shard, now!” He called. He didn’t have to, for shard was already leaping for the front of the titan, high enough up that his significant weight, striking at a time when the titan was perched precariously on one foot, was tipped right over.

Nighthand leapt on top of the creature’s shaggy chest and jogged up to its neck. The heavy blade looked into the beady eyes of the titan as it struggled to rise, watching its fear grow as he waves his sword around.

“It’s time for you to get out of my way. Gan Smash!”

His blade’s tip buried itself into the monsters throat, and then he flipped, his weight combining with the momentum of the blow to nearly sever the head of the monster. It dissolved into data and left Nighthand standing on the ice, Shard at his side. Only one problem remained.

“Damn, that dungeon is so far away…”
I can carry you, master.
“Alright then, let’s go!”

* * *

Several minutes of hard riding, stair climbing, and walking later, Nighthand found himself back in the room where the floor had fallen out. No longer was it gone, though. There was a single long path arching to the far doorway. Nighthand calmly walked across the stone bridge and through the open doorway on the other end.

He appeared on the edge of a flat platform. It appeared he was the last to arrive, given everyone else standing there, bemused at nothing happening. There was no visible exit, except falling off the edge.

Well now… This is certainly interesting.

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The player's stepped through their respective doors and looked upon their new surroundings. The doors they came through closed behind them and vanished. To their relief, the rest of the group appeared at the same time. They were no longer alone, but where were they? As they examined the surroundings, they noticed there were no walls and no ceiling. The air was very frigid and the sky was blue. They were outside now. As the players moved towards the edges they noticed the field below. It appeared they were on top of a very high tower, some thousands of feet high. The random objects on the field were barely visible from this height. Someone finally broke the silence.

"So... How do we get down?"

There was a loud cackle that echoed along the wind in response. The players quickly drew their guard and looked around for the source of the voice. To the veterens, the sour voice was all too familiare. Gingitsune, for one, scoweled. Royce's voice sounded along the wind.

"My my my... Leaving without old Nall to protect you..."
Royce's crude laugh rolled over the players again. Nighthand's heavy sigh was audible to the whole group. He spoke up in response quite quickly.

"Gawd... Royce, just step out here and get your gloating over with. That or go away. You made your point, now shoo!"
Royce's voice chimed in the wind on cue.

"Oh please... Taking your hacks away was simply a way to make you remember how pathetic you all really are... Remember children, cheating wont win you any game."
Nighthands voice rang out again. Some of the players seemed to enjoy the open defiance.

"What's that? I think I hear a pot calling a kettle black! You're the biggest cheat of them all, and just you wait; you'll be the first to fall!"

Royce laughed once again. The players jumped in slight shock as she appeared stepping out of thing air. She was dressed in a new garb from what the veteren's were used to. Slutty to say the least. She wore black panties and a black strapless bra. Her boots were high and came up past her knee's. She wore one long sleeved glove, while the other hand was bare. The hand with the glove also had a peculiar bracelet. The veteren's have seen this before, though they still have little knowledge of it. She wore a long green cape that stretch down to the ground below as well. Her hair was short--down to her shoulders--and blonde. Her mostly bare body was laced in runes similar to Nalls. She was very attractive, and her grin made her more an evil sort of way.

"Please... Who said two wrongs make a right? Hahaha! Don't worry about me children, it's yourselves you have to worry about! You never have a hope to touch my beutiful skin... I let my guard down in the past, but now that Nall isn't here I think I'll have some fun..."
Nighthand again was the first to speak his mind.

"Have some fun how? Going to hack up a dildo or something and give us a show? Ohh, maybe those runes explode and we can push you off the tower and have a nice fireworks show! Oh wait, did you mean to fight us? Whoops, my bad, we kicked your ass so many times now I forgot you still fought."

Royce laughed.

"It appear's that Silverblade took away your common sense when he left you boy... Hahaha! Silly child... What would be the best way to show you how stupid you all are?"

"I think you should imitate our stupidity and fall off the cliff and die. Failing that, since even gravity finds you too disgusting to touch..." he gives a very conspicuous glance at her chest. "Kill yourself?"

"Hahaha! Maybe I WILL just kill you! But that...would be too simple..."

"I think it's probably too complex for your simpleton mind to comprehend, so you resort to your child-like insults and gloats... Really, are you even past elementary school yet? Are YOU the hacker, or is it your mommy running the show?"

Royce began to walk forward. The group held their defensive stances once again. The hacker grinned wider.
"I know just what to do to you..."

Some of the players made an advance but she lifted her arm up and they flung back. Nighthand was rooted in place, paralyzed and unable to move. Around them, something very similar to gingitsune's light barrier was errected. The wavemisstress was knocked back by the sheer amount of power the light held. The barrier felt stronger then the sun itself.

"All alone in this world... You must get very lonely at nights... You wanted a 'show' so I'll give you a personal one!"
Royce pushed Nighthand on his back and smiled. She knelt down, and stratled his waist. Her hands moved up to his face and touched it softly, slowly moving down.


A voice rang through the air catching everyones attention. Their heads turned to the familiare appearance of the one known as Nall. However, Nall was wearing a new piece of equipment that seemed familiare to some. Nayru, to some of the players enjoyment, was absent. Royce lifted her head up and appeared to be pouting.

"You ruin all my fun boy! What do you care what I do with this player? What does he mean to you?"
Nall seemed to ponder the question for a second, then stepped forward.

"He's my ally...I suppose I owe him that much."
Royce sighed and stood up. Nighthand was still paralyzed by some invisible force while the other players--and Nall--were still unable to get close to the barrier. Royce finally began to burst out laughing and grabbed Nighthand by the collar.

"You really are something else Nall... One minute you act like a coward, the next, like a hero. Pleeease... It appears that you too, have gotten cokcy."
Royce thrusted Nighthand into the air, her bracelet shining.

"Don't forget who I am Nall....ULTIMA!"
Royce shouted as light errupted from Nighthands body. Every cell that made up his existance exploded with ferocious light energy. The pain that was delt to the Heavyblade was undescribable. Just watching him explode sent tingles and shudders through everyone. The energy Royce so effortlessly used was increadbile, some may have described it as Taimudan's explosion, but concentrated. Nall growled at the hacker.

"You are pathetic Nall."
Royce's barrier extended and encompassed Nall now, still locking out the others. Royce pointed her arm towards the Blademaster.

"I guess you need to learn a lesson of your own. I know every weakness you have."
As she said this, Royce scoweled and ran towards him, drawing her twinblades. Nall drew his own sword and slashed at Royce, who quickly blocked with her right blade. She drove her left towards Nall's torso, but Nall sidesteped and jumped back. Royce then jumped into the air towards Nall, preparing a statacco attack. Nall's eye's flashed red as he disappeared from the place where he was standing and appeared behind the hacker.

"Go away Royce! You've made your point!"
Royce began to laugh again. She twirled one of her twinblades on her finger as she smiled at Nall.

"But I'm having so much fun! It's amusing to torment you!"
Royce grabbed the twirling dagger and threw it at her enemy with blinding speed. Nall brought up his sword, knocking the blade into the air. He quickly turned around though, noticing Royce appear in the air behind him, catching her deflected blade.

Royce landed on the ground and dashed forward, her golden hair glittering in the light. Again, Royce thrusted her blade towards the blademaster. This time Nall fell to the ground, planting his hands down and kicking upwards. Nall's foot sailed right through the body of Royce as the image slowly faded away.

"Damn you Royce!"
Nall jumped to his feet and looked around for the vannished hacker. Nall spun around and slashed at the air behind him. The the groups amazement, his blade was stopped and Royce came into view, parrying the attack. She grinned at Nall.

"You've improved. But not nearly enough."
Royce jumped back and lifted her arm up to Nall. Her bracelet lit up as a beam of light energy sailed towards the Blademaster. Nall tried to dodge, but couldn't and took a hit to the upper arm, cutting his arm. Royce began to laugh again. Nall's arm was completely limp.

"Gee Nall, you really can't take light can you?"
Nall scoweled and rushed towards Royce. Her words did not deserve a coment from him. With his good arm, he brought up his weapon and sliced downwards upon the hacker. Her twinblades were used to block the attack as she held him off effortlessly. Nall jumped back, and tried again, thrusting his blade towards her torso.

"Too slow."
Royce sidesteped Nall and put her foot out, tripping him. Nall fell forward to the ground. He quickly tried to jump up, but Royce's foot was planted on his back. Nall growled and disappeared from under Royce and appeared above her slashing down. His balde went through the hacker as again, the image faded.

Nall's eyes widened as Royce appeared suddenly in front of him, grabing the collar of his shirt. She grinned as Nall was launched up into the air, invisable forces preventing his movement.

The attack which Nighthand witnessed was now directed upon Nall. Nall's body exploded in a blast of light energy, blinding the surrounding players. When the players eyes adjusted...Nall was falling towards Royce, completely unharmed. Royce's eyes widened.

"Time Slash!"
Nall shouted as he drew his sword down upon the hacker. Energy eminated from the arc of the cut, and drew in it's surrounding's much like a black hole would. Nall landed on the ground and smiled.

"I underestimated you Nall, but you underestimate me still... I knew that Kuja should not have been trusted to deal with you, but even with that cape, you can't beat me!"

Nall turned around to see Royce looking at him, unharmed. She didn't even look like she had fought. The players looked at the Twinblade hacker in awe. Some of them remembered Nall's explanation of his move against Garaa. How did she dodge that? Could she control time like Nall could? No... There's some things Nall couldn't dodge with time. And that Ultima should have killed Nall, he couldn't dodge that attack with time either. This just added more questions to the players never ending mass. Nall groweled again at the hacker as she lauged.

"Do not fret boy, I'll leave you be today... I just wanted to amuse myself with you and your little group! I shall leave you, to your own affairs. Good by my sweet children, I shall see you again soon!"
With her final words, she simply disappeared. No golden rings, just disappeared. Nall stood up and sighed. He accomplished what he tried to, and avoided death for today.

"Idiots! The hacks you all carry with you are like giant beacons! Comming out here without me is like waving a giant flag that says 'look! We're all alone without any guidance! Come kill us Mr. Hackers!"
Nall sighed looking very frustrated. Nall rarely got frustrated like this. For most of the members, it was definately a first. Nall scoweled.

"Whatever... I guess you didn't know so it wasn't your fault... I never expected you to jump off and do a random quest... But remember it for next time, I cloak our powers so they don't see us. I realize we usually end up seeing a hacker anyways but usually it's only one and I'm expecting that possibility... You're actually lucky Royce came to play with you... You could have had the whole lot of them here, and most wouldn't blink twice before killing you..."

Nall walked towards the edge of the tower. He didn't turn around.

"I don't know what has made you all so cocky... Re-evaluate your situation... You could take away all the hackers hacks, and they'd still be too much for all of you. They beat you with sheer levels and experience... Add in the hacks they have, and they're undefeatable...."

Nall finally turned around and looked at the group. His eyes showed a weariness and tire to them.

"We can't beat them. Not you, not me, not us combined. We are nothing compared to any ONE of them..."
Nall sighed and turned around.

"The root towns are safe. The hackers rarely attack there because the admins are there and watching. They know we have a hideout, but they still wouldn't openly attack. The admins would be on their case in seconds, especially since the attack on Mac Anu. Your hacks will be restored when you return to Dun Loireag."
Nall looked back at the group and sighed. Golden rings fell upon him as he left the field.

The light of Death...

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Sorry for being late...working on a lil' surprise for you guys! Here we go! Don't forget to update your wish lists!

Nighthand =-=> Corona Blade :o
Hijinx =-=> 500 GP + Any lvl. 2 Scroll you wish :x
Reinier =-=> 3 lvls. + Absorber
Ryok =-=> Demonic Sword :cry:
Hac =-=> 1000 GP + Any lvl. 2 Scroll you wish :?
Lighteria =-=> 1 lvl. + Slayers
Asgard =-=> 1 lvl.
Phoenix =-=> 1 lvl.
Gingi =-=> Bright Red Ribbon

Pets shall not receive prizes this time aroun. Instead, they will be cumilative of the next grading.

Wishlist: Ends of Earth (11 BM), Black Sharp Angel Wings, BM Swords (Rare/Common)

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