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PostPosted: Sun Feb 06, 2005 5:12 am 
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Well, this is new. Nighthand thought to himself, as his body faded beneath him.

It’s been quite a while since I was in ghost form.

He paused, and watched as Ryok, from afar, revived those around him. Whether the oversight was planned or not, that wasn’t a big deal. That he was still a ghost, that was.

I think… I think I’ll have some fun with this.

Shard, who happened to be in hiding form this whole time, materialized in his physical form.

Apparently, Shard can’t stay in hiding form on a body that’s not there anymore. Hehe, alrighty. Shard, conceal yourself, and if you see an opening, peg a spell at the demon, would you?

Yes master.

Nighthand walked off, his intangible form sliding effortlessly through the underbrush. Soon, he came upon the demon, how wielding a very large hammer.

”Hey, Raikiri! BOO!”

To his consternation, Raikiri ignored him.

Time to get more drastic… Nighthand jumped up, into the monsters face, waving and making obscene gestures. He was rewarded with a growl.

”Piss Off! Where Are Your Friends Hiding?!”

“Psh, like I’d tell an overgrown Neanderthal like you.”

”You Might As Well Get Your Death Over With!”
The demon continued to hack away at the trees.

"Uh, news flash for ya buddy, you already killed me. And a good job of it too, I must say, I like powerful spells. But it didn't seem to do as good a job as you wanted, since I’m you know, here talking to you.”

"HaHaHaHa! Fool! You Don't Realize What Will Happen To You When The Last Member Of Your Party Has Fallen Do You?"

"Oh, I know what happens then... But see, we're SMARTER than you. You OBVIOUSLY can't find us, and we've done a lot more damage to you than you'd like. Keep this up, and you're going to lose."

Raikiri began to laugh hysterically. ”You Really Are A Fool, Aren’t You?”

Nighthand drew his corona blade, a sword he hadn’t drawn out yet. He swung it through the demon, with no effect. ”Why won’t you just die already?”

"I Don't Die."

While he did this, he sent a flashmail to Reinier, one of the few he knew were left alive.

To: Reinier
From: Nighthand

On my signal, resurrect me.

A mental note to shard, to cast an Ani spell at that same signal.

”Yes, you do. NOW!”

At the same time as the resurrect took hold, the Ani spell took hold. Grasping it with his skill, he threw it around the blade and swung with all his considerable strength, due to state shift. (12) He tried his damnedest to slice the weakened demon in half.

As the attack hit, the demon let out a small yelp in pain. Quickly twisting around, Raikiri grabbed the falling Heavy Blade before he touches the ground.

"I SAID PISS OFF!!" Raikiri clenched his hands, making the bones in Nighthand's body crack. He then tossed him high in the air shouting,
"PhaRai Kruz!!"

Nighthand grinned as the spell blew his body once again into bits. He was quickly growing used to pain, and he was, above all, having fun.

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As Vera's charged Ani Eater hit the hacked monster hacker, it left a gigantic hole in its stomach area. The monster screamed in pain it seemed to already have a great plan. "Lanceor Pha!"A gigantic monster came out from the air and began to collect lightning from its master and all around its body. Gathering the energy, the floating summon compressed the lightning and then released it. The wave of energy was then sent toward the party. Nighthand tried to move it with one of his hacked powers, but it failed miserably. The Lightning Summon hit all in the surrounding area including Nights, Vera, Phoenix, and even Hacorie. All their pets died with them. The level four summon eradicated everyone. It left nothing to show they were there. Almost everyone was dead now.

The next thing the Heavy Blade knew was that he was staring back at the ground in which he last saw before he was killed. How could that be though? He was dead along with everyone else. What Hac did not realize was that he was a ghost of his former self. When dead, players come back as ghosts until they gate out, log out, or the party dies. There was also the way of reviving with a resurrection item or the 'Rip' spell that also revives. Laughing at his see through, clear, body Hac began to feel bored of not being able to do anything in his current state. Thus, he sat and waited to be revived. It was too bad the resurrect came right when Hacorie just got in a comfortable position. The one who used the item on him, and ones around him, was Ryok. Another Heavy Blade who joined the group around the same time Hac did. As the revives hit, Ryok quickly rushed off toward Raikiri.

Feeling a physical form again, Hac pulled his fingerless gloves tight on his hand. Hacorie then grabbed and withdrew his Blessed Blade. Running and then stopping for a few seconds, Hac began to feel that his Skill Points were beginning to rise. As they got to high enough, he thought of a spell to use on himself. Rig Gaem! Instead of standing still for the same amount of time as before, Hac began to move toward the hacker. He then quickly stopped as he looked up and saw Nighthand appear in physical form once again, but then soon dead by a level four spell put out by the thing. Turning slightly, Hac saw two bodies, well three. One of them was Nall, whom was asked by someone not to be revived again. The other two were Raine and Sheena. They, or one, or something like that also had access to level four spells. Turning to them, Hac threw two resurrects up in the air and watched them break upon the bodies of the two women. He did not want to revive them since they were in leagues with Nall, but anything to get back at the monster for casting a Lanceor Pha at the group. Licking his lips, Hac stared at the monster wondering if its blood would taste the same as a human’s or not.

With these two people now revived, Hac hoped they had items or something to heal their SP so they could cast spells and make a barrier again. Looking over at the last of the revives leak onto their body, he smirked and continued to run off toward the monster Raikiri. While running, Hac switched swords to the Moumokuteki once again. This blade would have to serve its master once more to help destroy the monster, or try to anyway. With Momo in hand, Hacorie switched hats. With the Cursed Dead Dress and MeAni Kruz applied, the Heavy Blade hoped he would be able to dent the monster. It might not be as much as Vera did, but he just wanted a little damage to be visible. Closing in upon his target, Hac saw he was catching up to Ryok. Hac’s anger began to rise since he wanted the monster dead. As it did, a voice began to ring in his head. It was that of his pet. The Water Faerie had been restored when Hac was. Use the power of water to aid you here. Make a tall cylinder to jump onto. Then, jump up toward the monsters face again. This will be quite dangerous so good luck. Doing as his guardian said, Hac began to form the rain in which he summoned earlier to make a cylinder of ice.

Raikiri, noticing what Hac was doing quickly began to raise his scythe to destroy the pillar and Hac. "Karin!" Ryok yelled as he got in range of the beast. MeAni Kruz!Hac though in his mind as a glyph appeared on the monster and began pelting it with rocks of darkness. With these two things distracting the monster, Hac pulled out a Mage's Soul from his pocket and placed it in between his teeth with cork still on. Nearing the ice, Hac jumped in the air and landed on the huge round object. Before his energy was lost or he slipped, the Heavy Blade jumped again. Ani Smash! As the demonic black sword began to glow dark and destructive, Hac clenched his teeth and drank the potion as the bottle broke and glass cut the inside of his mouth. The attack then began to take full effect. With slash after slash on his face, Hac landed on the shoulder of the beast as it screamed and moaned lightly. Without waiting another moment, he did another Ani Smash.

As the attack finished, Hac had no where to land. In turn, he fell from the height of the monster and landed on the ground, on his stomach. Losing his wind, the Heavy Blade tried gasping for air, but as he did the giant scythe of Raikiri dug into his back. Crimson fluid then began to flow from his back as the monster shouted a spell and a couple of words at the just-attacker.

Die now peon. I am tired of you and these idiots. PhaRai Rom!

The mighty tornado came and destroyed Hac's body leaving him in ghost form once again. Thus, the process continued. Hac just hoped that Ryok was not destroyed so he could continue to pelt the monster with skills.

(OOC: Gingi said once a person is revived, pet is revived so I hope that’s right. Oh I also left damage of the monster up to Nall since I didn’t want to over or under damage it ^_^)

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Vera's eyes blinked as she stood up and smiled. "Look who is back, mother fucker." she said happily before turning to Kitski. She to was just getting up after being caught by the spell; she was alright but something was happening with Vera.

"Vera, you're alive! I'm alive!" Kitski yelled as she bound happily back to her partner. Vera knelt down as she put her head against Kitski's and whispered something to her. "No, I wont do it. You can't make me; please don't make turn this around on you."

Vera looked down and nodded as Kitski spoke; "Alright, but please stay out of the way and take this. If I get killed revive me with it." she said handing Kitski a resurrect. The kitsune took it and quickly bond off; she planned on staying out of the blast radius of another Pha Lancer if it came.

Vera pulled out 3 items as she smiled and used them; they were a speed charm, a warrior's blood and a hunter's blood. With the enhancements again, she quickly burst off towards Raikiri. "You; are so dead." she said as she began to rush behind him. "Blood of 1000 fallen angels; I call you to me. This is the hour of pain and loses, now the fires of darkness request the service." she chanted as her guns began to charge. The started making a weird clicking noise as Vera watched the chamber gauge spin. "They didn't relock!!!" she yelled with fear as the ani began rushing into the gun. The chambers she activated were still unlocked, which was a bad thing since they gun could possibly break. She closed her eyes as they gun finished charge and released the shot.

"Not again." she said as two smaller shots were flying at the back of Raikiri as Vera was back lashed backwards again. This time she stopped herself by putting her feet down and started running around Raikiri to keep from being killed as the shots headed towards him slow; this was caused by the guns malfunction. "So how many Raikiri's does it take to screw in a light bulb? None because he is dead!"

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The combination darkness attack had succeeded in its exectuaion but failed in its purpose. Raikiri was wounded but now his is angrier and deadlier than ever.

...And he's not dead. That's the real downer.

Regardless, Lighteria still floats in the area in his light orb form. His split conciousness picking up much death in the battlefield.

Thoughts... are less split... I think a few.. orbs are dead....

Raikiri's pyhsical attacks HAD taken out a few of them, but not enough to weaken the ani aura. It dawns on at least part of Lighteria that the demon's attacks are just too strong to even be effected by the aura anymore. Something else would have to be done.

As a few of the orbs simply float around trying to figure out how to get back together again, a group of 26 orbs start floating around the ghosts of Nighthand and Hacorie. By instinct, the orbs enter each of the players. With a sudden, strong pulsation within the ghosts, the two players undergo a slow process of revivng. The orbs within them pulse and die off, one by one, each death pulsing a little bit more life into the ghost until their pyhsical forms are restored but with only a little extra HP to show for it. 30 Hp to be exact. Their tasks done, the orbs leave the players bodies, dead and pulsing a lifeless black, floating lifelessly in the air.

Ah! I can... think clearer... I've got to... use more of them up...

Lighteria doesn't even need to focus his will at all for the next task. The orbs slowly float over to the prone body of Kit, infusing 15 of the orbs into her, bringing her back to life. Kit blinks and looks up to the few that remain.

"Lighteria...?" She says weakly, watching the orbs float slowly in the air.

I think.. that did it!

The few remaining orbs slowly band together. Instantly, the dead orbs return in a flash of black and merge with the living ones. Another flash of light later and Lighteria, the player, is restored. He gasps out and collapses to his back, breathing heavily, most of his HP gone.

"Ah- ..the... HELL WAS THAT?!!?" He gasps out, weakly sitting up, his hand covering his wounds. Kit rushes over and leaps onto him.

"Lighteria! Mew meow meow mew mew! (I thought you were gone!)"

The twinblade nods. "So did I, frankly..." He says, shivering from pain. He looks down to his wounds. "Geez... no cuts, but it just looks like parts of me died... it's all colorless and dead-like..." He says to Kit, thinking she'd have an explination.

"Mew mew meow. Mew mew meow mew meow meow. (Let's think about it later. That demon is still out there and killing off everyone.)" She replies as she casts repth on herself.

"Good point..." Lighteria says, turning his head to look at the devastated forest. "I doubt we can muster too many more attacks." He sighs, looking at himself. "And I don't think I can fight like this... We need a plan."

"Lighteria... Mew mew meow meow mew meow. (It's not letting me cast repth on you.)" Kit notes. Lighteria blinks in surprise.

"It what??" He pats his wounds down and shakes his head. "This is insane... We'd be safer in the dungeon!" He sighs, pulling his best darkness weapon from his pouch as he heads off to join the others.

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Running, always running. As of late, running seemed to be the only thing Zan was capable of. Worser still, it seemed to be the only thing the group wanted of him. He realized he was a much lower level than the rest of them and that fighting a hacker like Raikiri was suicidal, but a part of him still ached as he tried to shake off the feeling of being unwanted. It was extremely difficult to summon up any feelings of importance as one charges through a maze of sharp and merciless vegetation with the real battle taking place several yards from you. The more he allowed himself to dwell on the black facts the more his gait seemed to fumble. Confidence and determination seemed to be the only things holding him up and with those slowly draining from him, running was becoming more a chore than a step to finding Nall. The way Zan was able to bring himself down with only a few moments of thought only made him feel that much more pathetic as yet another branch whipped into his ear and tore across his face.

As his mental beat downs continued, so did the physical trials he seemed to face in this field. The deeper the trio got into the field, the more obstacles seemed to present themselves. It was no longer branch after sharp branch. No, soon they were forced to make small leaps over bits of fallen timber and the mighty roots that jutted out from the ground. The World didn't appear to want them to reach their goal anymore than the hacker probably did. No matter how Zan looked at it, it seemed the program was against him yet again. The Heavy Blade had thought he left such spiteful games with the World behind, but what a horrible time to find himself so very wrong. The only thing keeping him mentally stable was the comforting knowledge that he could end this at any time. Without a warning he could slip off his goggles and force his computer into a shutdown. Everyone would still be in the field and unable to shout at him or inform him of the disappointment he was turning into. The serenity promised by such a scenario was tempting indeed.

The search for Nall was taking almost twice the time it had taken for Nayru and Zan to find the down and out Sheena. Every 'shortcut' that the orange-haired maiden took only tossed them further and more awkwardly into the labyrinth that was the field. Initially, Zan had looked at his company as someone as terrible with directions as himself. After all, they had been searching for quite some time without any apparent luck. However, scanning over the situation a bit more thoroughly, it seemed much deeper than that. More than anything else, Sheena appeared to be following the intuition that bubbled up inside her. It wasn't just random searching; no, she sensed the fallen leader and seemed to only be a bit off about the precise location. The Heavy Blade didn't even consider questioning her tactics and only tried his best to keep up with her ever increasing pace. Although difficult, it was the least he could do. After what felt like hours, they finally came upon the fallen form of Nall, surrounded by something not immediately identifiable to Zan.

"There! He's by that tree!" Sheena announced, darting to him.

"The hell? What is that?" Nayru questioned, obviously speaking of the electric barrier flickering around the man.

"It's just a simple barrier, I can decode it and get rid of it in a couple seconds!" Sheena called back, her words slick with confidence as she whipped out an odd device and typed away furiously.

"A...wa...y...." Each letter seemed to cause Nall pain as he spoke.

"Why.... Why is Nall in a barrier? Why the hell is Rugu all anal about him... Why target Nall... He's strong, but hell, I'd be more afraid of Raine and Sheena!" Nayru pondered, staring forward at the encaged Blademaster.

Watching Sheena try so desperately to free Nall, Zan was again consumed by the maddening sense of helplessness. His fists clenched and unclenched with each flare up of frustration and the flustered look in his face was impossible to hide. Simply standing around and waiting for the woman to free him while Nayru and the college student stood around like idiots was a little too much to handle. The Heavy Blade prayed that Nall would have something useful for him to do once he was freed and rested. Zan knew that being sent on yet another reconnaissance type mission would be that small stupid trigger that would send him into a fit of rebellion. Slightly out of character, Zan found himself putting a lot of faith in Nall. Hopefully this man would see him as something more than a messenger boy and he would really be able to prove himself. Sure, he had started this entire business with no problems with the task given to him. It had given him purpose in the beginning, but seemed to degrade with time.

With the sounds of battle raging off in the distance, Zan's blood seemed to boil with unreleased aggression. How good it would feel to just have the chance to hack away at the overgrown winged caveman. The Heavy Blade's feet began to tap with unreleased energies and the impatience that beat at his chest. Sheena was taking much longer than he would have liked and Zan knew that if she wasn't a stranger that he'd have started throwing off some pretty foul words of 'encouragement' not too long ago. Impatience made Zan a fairly nasty person and such was the reason he was never able to really excel in his studies. If he wasn't able to grasp something right away he'd usually wave it aside as useless information or incorrect formulas. The fact that the game was making him reminisce about school was rather disturbing and Zan shuddered to shake off the chain of thoughts. Doing so was made much easier as Nall was freed from his prison and released back into the open.

"Got it! Feel OK Nall?" Sheena questioned, looking him over as she combed her hands through his hair.

"He knows...He's coming..." Nall said, suddenly igniting every panic nerve in Zan's body.

A loud roar confirmed Nall's suspicions and Zan's hand was immediately gripping at the large blade that rested upon his back. When such a situation had arised earlier, Zan's hands had shaken with the nervousness that pulse across his nervous system. This time, with all the feelings of uselessness still fresh in his mind, the Heavy Blade's grip was steady and focused. Whatever the beast had in mind he would do his best to handle it. Any moment Nall would call out some battle tactic and Zan would be inserted into the fray of combat. The excitement from such a thought and the loud thuds of the demon's footsteps brought another dosage of adrenaline flooding through the college student's veins. The healing spell seemed to have gotten Nall back into pretty good shape and the prospect of fighting alongside him was savory. With thoughts of a fantasy battle taking over his other cognitions, Zan couldn't help but smile. All he needed was the go from Nall and he'd be ready.

"Nall! No time for games! KICK SOME ASS!" Nayru shouted, the words seeming to pump the entire group up as Nall dodged a rather large scythe that had been only inches from his head.

"They're stronger then I thought..." As the words were spoken, Raikiri slashed at odd orbs that had begun to swirl about him.

"Fool. I Will Kill You And Then Every Single Player On This Field One By One..." The demon bellowed, attempting yet another failed attack.

"Rue-" Nall's incantation was ceased by the butt of the oversized hacker's scythe, the next few moments lost to Zan's perception as he became caught up (mentally) in the fight.

"Zan, Nayru, thank you both, but get your asses away from here, preferably go find some of the others." Nall said, those words finding their way into Zan's consciousness. no no no. Zan had convinced himself things would be different once Nall was running the show again. The college student was supposed to be fighting alongside the rest of the players, not playing little messenger boy again. With the faith he put in the Blademaster now shattered into dying shards, Zan's teeth tightened against each other. Ever since Wulo he had been running from something or someone. Ever since that little boy invited himself into Zan's life he had been a cowardly wreck. Now that Zan had finally managed to push past those childish feelings, he was now being asked to run again. As much as he didn't want to disturb whatever precious balance that had been set up by Nall, he couldn't just leave. Leaving would be a defeat for the Heavy Blade on so many levels and facing defeat yet again was just not an option. Zan had begun to walk off cooperatively, but soon found himself sighing and turning back with his blade held out at the ready once more.

"No..." His response to Nall's words was blunt, but cemented and obviously so.

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Asgard shot up at the notice of Ryok throwing a Ressurect to his body. The mixture of unknown liquids rushed over the corpse of the fallen Fist Fighter and awoke the vibrant soul within the dead body. Asgard cricked his neck, as that last blast from Vera seriously took a toll on him. Asgard made a quick mental note to never piss off the one with the evil-infused projectile weaponry. That note was right next to not trying to take Sheena on in an arm wrestline match...

Asgard slowly got back to his feet, his muscles feeling like they were strained enough to rip apart at a moments notice, and his bones felt like frail sticks, ready to snap upon the slightest pressure. But Asgard had to bypass all this pain if he wanted to succeed against this vile creature. Even through all that pain, without healing, Raikiri was still up and about, slaying anyone who got in his way. In game standards, if they even applied to the hacker. he had to be somewhere in the tens of thousands of HP, when the HP cap is one short of ten thousand. Also, his SP, if he even needed to use it, must be somewhere in the thousands, or gaining a trait from game monsters, unlimited. Asgard knew that he couldn't beat him on his own. But he had to try. He didn't want to waste any more items, and didn't want to waste any more time. What he needed to do is at least distract Raikiri and keep the heat off of everyone else, so that they can regroup and phase in another plan.

The fact of the matter was, however, that Asgard was in an idea slump. Most of his allies were dead, killed off by the Ani Eater or the Lanceor Pha. And he didn't know how many ressurects the survivors had. The Fist Fighter had 2, but that couldn't bring back the whole party.

Just as he sought guidance from his mind, a shadow was cast over him. Asgard turned to see Raikiri, standing over him like an ogre ready to pound the living hell out of its enemy. "Shit! Ol Repth!" Asgard cast his skill upon him, recovering half of the health he had been missing from his resurrection. The blue aura washed over him just as Raikiri decided to play a little golf with his demonic hammer. Asgard could avoid the hit, as he was sent far into the jungle, the force of his body breaking down the jungle trees. After knocking down a daily quota for the average lumberjack, Asgard's body hit a giant, elevated rock, stopping him cold in his tracks. He couldn't feel most of his body, as all the symptoms after the Ani Eater seemed to multiply after the hit with the hammer. Asgard slowly turned his head to where the ruckus had come from...

And blacked out...

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Between Ryok and Hac, Raikiri was no stumbling on his feet. He managed to kill Hac, but couldn't muster up the speed to kill Ryok. The demon was now slumped over, leaning upon it's massive hammer. It growled at the player's who were being revived all around. He was beginning to hate how people could be revived in this game.

Raikiri began to sense the feeling of the Ani Eater again. He turned around slowly to see the attack which was not even close to that of the attack before.

Raikiri tried to dodge, but was only able to dodge a single shot. It pierced into Raikiri's arm and left a noticable chunk. Panting and wheezing the demon stumbled to it's feet.



Raine quickly made here way over to Nall, Sheena, and Nayru. Nall was still lying on the ground, lifeless. Whether players noticed or not, he had no ghost form like the rest.

"Why hasn't anyone revived Nall?"
Raine questioned the flying cat as Sheena was busy with something. Nayru shrugged.

"I didn't want to hear him whine. Raikiri's as good as dead anyways! Come on Raine, use PhaAni Don and finnish him off!"
Sheena scoweled at the tiny creature.

"I guess YOU never fought Rugudorull before!"
Nayru looked insulted. Raine sighed as she pet him behind the ear.

"What are you doing Sheena?"

"I've been trying to break the code on this field the whole time, it's not working though... This is definately something Garaa wrote... So I figured I'd create some civil conflict!"
Raine and Nayru both looked at Sheena confused. She gave one of her bright happy smiles.


Raikiri roared, shaking the entire field.

The massive energy that was fading from Raikiri pulsed again. Stronger. Raikiri's body began to glow white.

The players gasped. He was gonna shift forms again? What was going on. In the middle of his words, a bright light encompassed the field.

The voice boomed over everyone. It was familiare, but harsh. Royce was floating in the air above the glowing demon.

"You will NOT use THAT against them! You should know as well as anyone that you'll cause a melt-down! Only OUR server can handle that! You've had your fun, now you'll be punnished. He will love to hear about your insolence Rugudorull!"
Royce looked over at the players. Some alive, some dead, some ghosts. She grinned at the looks of horror she saw in their faces.

"Go home children."
Royce gave a specific glare in Sheena's direction.

"There's a fine line between bravery, and stupidity. A fine line between hope, and stupidity. A fine line between assumptions, and stupidity... You are lucky you're on the proper side of those lines.......this time."
Royce scoweled as everyone on the field, alive and dead, had goldent rings fall down upon them.

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And here they are:

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Hijinx =--=> 1 lvl.
Nighthand =-=> 1 lvl. + 100- GP
Zan =--=> 2 lvls. + Absorber
Vera =--=> 1 lvl. + Antidote
Lighteria =-=> 1 lvl.
Ryok =--=> 1 lvl. + Iron Anklet
Asgard =--=> Iron Step + 3000 GP
Gingi =-=> Any lvl. 2 scroll of your choice
Hac =-=> 1 lvl. + 1000 GP

Pets: 3 lvls. All!

Note: Last time I do compund pet rewards...from now on, it's all individual.

Wishlist: Ends of Earth (11 BM), Black Sharp Angel Wings, BM Swords (Rare/Common)

New sig coming soon!

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