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Post by Kumori » Sun Mar 20, 2005 8:50 pm

Name: Kumori
Real world Player: Tommy Fritz
Age: 13

Level: Lv. 7 Blademaster
Vitals: 190 Hp / 40 Sp

Character Description: Kumori has sharp, blonde hair that flows just past his ears, slightly covering his face, and wandering, dark green eyes. He occasionally wears a pair of sunglasses or a pair of black goggles on his forehead; the sunglasses to block out the sun and the goggles for show. His attire consists of a white collared shirt to match his eyes; it buttons up in the front, the buttons consisting of faux pearl dyed the same dark green of his eyes. The sleeves are often rolled up to just short of his elbows. He wears a black dog collar on his neck, lined with a matching dark green trim around the edges and at the buckle. His pants are simple, black jeans with many pockets for holding random assortments of things, and his look is rounded off with a pair of black, US Army Jungle boots, slightly modified to fit the mellow terrains of The World.

Personality: Outgoing while online, shy in the real world. He pretty much sticks to himself; he won't go out and make friends on his own, but will talk to people if given the chance. Kumori fights for his friends and for what he believes in. Although he doesn't believe in a lot of things, he fights for the things he does believe in, and when he does, he gives it everything he's got.

Hack: The Astral Guard

The Astral Guard is Kumori's hacked Kite Shield. When first discovered, the Astral Guard was nothing more than a simple Kite Shield, offering extra defense and a blocking percentage. As Kumori uses it more and more though, and grows in levels (Early to mid teens), the shield itself can absorb elemental attacks. To release the elements, since it can't store them for more than a couple of hours, Kumori just lets the shield expel them normally; when they're released, the elements kind of fall out of the shield in a blob, like jello falling out of an upside down bowl. However, as Kumori grows even farther in levels (Mid 20s), he can learn to concentrate the elements within the shield and blast them out in a beam. The beam starts out as a 10 foot or so blast, although it being no more powerful than a regular attack, the only difference being the beam is based on the element it absorbed. As Kumori grows farther in levels (30+), he can learn to concentrate the beam into smaller, stronger blasts.

The shield itself can only hold 3 elements at a time before automatically expelling them. Elements of the same type will support each other within the shield, adding a little bit more power to the beam when expelled. Elements of the opposite type will weaken each other in this same way, therefor weakening the power of the expelled blast.

Absorbing elements, as well as blasting them back out, can be quite a taxing ordeal on the mind. As such, it costs 35 sp to absorb one element. Add 5 sp for each additional element absorbed; blasting the elements costs 45 SP each blast.



Weapon: Oval Sword
Armor: Steel Cap | Brigandine | Silver Bracer | Used Greaves
Skills: Rue Slash, Repth, Rai Rom



--Oval Sword - Lv. 7 [Rue Slash, 10]
-Unicorn Blade - Lv. 5 [Ani Slash, 10]
--Executioner - Lv. 5 [Crack Beat, 10 | Death]
-8 Phase Sword - Lv. 2 [Crack Beat, 10]


--Steel Cap - Lv. 6 [Repth, 10]
-Bandanna - Lv. 1 [Repth, 10]

--Brigandine - Lv. 3 [No Skills]

--Silver Bracer - Lv. 6 [Rai Rom, 10]
-Leather Gloves - Lv. 2 [No Skills]
--Wristbands - Lv. 1 [Juk Rom, 10]

--Used Greaves - Lv. 3 [No Skills]
-Sandals - Lv. 1 [No Skills]


Golden Orb: Neutral

10179 Gp

Itemus: Restorative x 1
Key Itemus: Library Card (On loan to Slicer)
Kumori - Level 7 Blademaster
Weapon: Oval Sword
Armor: Steel Cap | Brigandine | Silver Bracer | Used Greaves
Skills: Rue Slash, Repth, Rai Rom

Wishlist: Ensui [9], Kagayuzen [8], Cougar Bandanna [11]
Golden Orb: Neutral

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