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Rose's Profile ^.^

Post by Crimson Rose » Tue Mar 22, 2005 3:44 pm

Updated 6-17-06
Name of Character in The World- Crimson Rose
Name of Real World Player- Jenny
Age- 17
Class- Wavemaster Lv. 16
Clothing- Long cloak, with a purpilish black hue.
Eye color- Amethyst
Height- 5’5
Hair color- Silvery Black
Personality- Unpredictable...

Rose's Hacks
Telekinesis (moving people or objects)
Telepathy (reading minds)

The downside though is that she must keep eye contact when using her hacks and concentrate on the object or person in question. When the mage attempts on reading a higher leveled character's thoughts though, or moving objects bigger than her, it's more difficult and she is more likely to fail. If the task is extremely difficult for her, she is liable to get a bad migraine while she's trying to use her hacks. Which, if severe enough, breaks her concentration. At first any little headache will break her concentration though. It'll take her a while to master her hack.

Head – Lv. 11 Cougar Bandana (La Repth) 20 SP Area
Arm – Lv. 11 Fossil Bracer (Gan Rom) 10 SP Area Tornado
Body – Lv. 11 Hiking Gear (Gan Zot) 10 SP
Legs/Feet – Lv. 11 Ceramic Anklet (Dek Ganz) 10 SP lowers enemies earth element

Lv. 14 Expert Wand
Vak Kruz - Converge 10 SP (fire)
GiVak Don - Drop 20 SP (fire)
Vulcan - Summon - 50 SP (fire)

Unequiped Weapons/Armor
Lv. 12 Groovy Stick (Rue Zot 20 SP, RaJuk Zot 30 SP)
Level 14 Spiral Wand (Rue Rom 10 SP, MeRue Zot 30 SP)

3 Antidote
2 Restoratives
2 Resurrect
3 Mage's souls
5 Health Drinks
5 Speed charms
2 Knight's blood
2 Hermit's blood
2 Beast's blood
Forest of Fear - Level 3 Scroll
Golden Egg x1
Light Cross x1

Mika the pink Grunty ^_^
Crimson Rose
Wavemaster Level 16
125 sp.
7050 GP
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