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Canti's Profile

Post by Lord Canti » Tue May 16, 2006 1:55 am

8) Well, let's get started, shall we? This is not a profile of the Canti that was, but the Canti that will be, as far as Main. For the Canti of olde, take the link below to the sub-board and see the other profile. This is a better-written Canti here. ... c=9578&hl=


Name: Canti

Real Name: Damon Fortis

Age: 17

Level: 57

EXP: 500/1000

Class: Twin Blade

Guild: Swordbreakers

Money: 14600$

Appearance: Canti the Twin Blade... Once a normal character and not-so-hot. Now, he's the epitome of the burning blade. For your personal convenience, this section is divided into the real and the fake, the player and the character.

DAMON - He looks young, maybe a little too young to be striking out on his own, but he has to and that fact of life takes visible toll. He's a mechanic, Caucasian and wearing black jeans with some kind of thin short-sleever. His outward looks aren't everything. He has dark-red hair and intense brown eyes. Damon's expression for all the world to see is someone who's not afraid of a challenge, who can be funny or kick alot of ass. Inside, and maybe allowed for close friends only to see, he's in pain. Not literal pain, just the pain of loss and of living, misery that he ignores by not listening, by channeling all his focus on doing what he has to, or for something so reckless and over the top that all thought ceases for living in the moment. He's a runner, and he looks it. Not afraid, just very capable. Any time Damon's in a good mood, it's hard to get him down except by his own doing, and you can see that on his face. He's only tough because he has to. Not an act, but necessity.

CANTI - A rather sleek and versatile-looking character, say about 5'10" in height. A bit on the skinny side, but so what? His skin is a little tanned and his eyes are a little dead. Actually, they're alot dead, being these empty black pits instead of normal eyes. It's hard to get an expression with these, but you get the idea once you come to know him. Despite the eyes, Canti is somewhat handsome in a grim sort of way with his short black hair and sometimes-smirking face. He looks a bit evil, but that's the point of his character. That's the way he built it. Canti wears dark clothing, such as a black leather jacket with short sleeves and crimson-red pants. He has a flaming T-shirt that says "Endsville is burning..." on it. His feet are clad in brown snake-skin boots, completing the somewhat dark and dangerous look to him...or does it? No... There are a couple of other traits that would give someone pause when approaching him. First, there are the wings. Black raven-like wings that were once medium-sized and useless, but now larger and functional, enabling flight. This was kind of all part of the motif of Canti's design, following that of Cantido, God of Black Flames. This, however, was not originally suppose to include disturbing feature #2, the scar. On Canti's left arm, above the wrist, is a scar of apparent infection, or at least evidence of such prior. It is a vein-like formation that is a 'crack' in the character model, or exposure of whatever infiltrated him. It remains red like blood and sometimes glowing, as if breathing... It is not natural to The World.

Personality: On the surface, Canti is just like any player. Well, any player with a casual obsession to play out. He likes to engross himself in the character-type he has chosen, that of the burning savior of the damned, the infamous Canti of the Black Flames. His motto: "To burn is divine..." It's something he just likes to do to pass the time, organizing his thoughts or just not thinking at all. In truth, Canti is a reckless and foul-mouthed kind of guy. He's an asshole of his own kind, like Denis Leary or George Carlin. He won't hold back, but you've got to admit he's right about stuff. Canti despises censorship and people giving him hell on his vices. He can be an alright guy to pal around with, except he doesn't always like to pal around with people. To understand why, you have to get inside the head of his true self, Damon Fortis. His life is a bit messed up. Both his parents are dead and he supports himself with a job. He doesn't talk about it, doesn't like to talk about his life, and prefers to be on his own because if what life has thrown him. He makes exceptions, letting people in and such, but he likes them at arm's length, usually. He's not normal and he doesn't always like to deal with his issues. He likes to act, impulsively, instead of thinking things through, and he hates to lead. "Sometimes and impulsive act is the right one.", someone said to him once. He lives that way. Being himself is the only way he can handle life. Thinking ahead and worrying about the future only makes him brood. Any minute now, for some inconceivable reason, he could die and that would be that. So, given the knowledge of that fact, he would rather live the way he wants and screw the consequences than worry about what might be and how to deal with things down the line. That's Canti's way.



Dragon & Tiger - Level 57 weapon with Flame Vortex, Lightning Rage, and Ap Torv (Also Life Drain.)

Infantry Cap - Level 47 armor with Ol Repth and Rip Synk.

Jasper Hauberk - Level 57 armor with MeGan Rom and Dek Ganz.

Geist Ring - Level 51 light armor with MeAni Kruz, Ranki Lei, and the added effect of Skill Drain.

Ivory Greaves - Level 46 light armor with MeRai Kruz and GiVak Kruz.


Kurenai - Level 52 weapon with Flame Dance, Twin Dragons, Flame Vortex.

Vampire Blades - Rare Level 44 weapon with Darkness Slash and Terror Cyclone. (Also Life Drain.)

Ankokushiki - Level 39 weapon with Dark Dance, Terror Cyclone, Dek Vorv.

Enja - Level 35 weapon with Flame Dance, Flame Vortex, and Dek Vorv.

Rashou - Level 32 weapon with Thunder Coil, Suvi Lei, Mumyn Lei, and Life Drain.

Magatsu - Level 21 weapon with Dark Dance and Flame Dance. Strangely, it has an increase in nearly all element levels.

Slayers - Level 17 non-element weapon, with Twin Dragons and Twin Darkness. Higher evasion than Dante's Blades, lower attack strength.

Bloody Twin - Level-8 non-element weapon, comes with Twin Darkness and Tiger Claws. Also, it has Life Drain.

Shadow Blades - Level-6 Darkness element weapon, comes with Dark Dance.

Fuse Blades - Level-5 Thunder element weapon, comes with Thunder Dance.

Phantom Blades - Level-2 non-element weapon, comes with Staccato.

Rusty Nails - Rare Level-1 non-element weapon, comes with Saber Dance and Miu Lei (Charm).

Bandit Mail - Level 47 armor with Juk Rom and Dek Vorv.

Able Ring - Level 46 light armor with MeRai Don and Rig Saem.

Darkness Hood - Level 37 armor with Ol Repth and Rip Teyn.

Bone Armor - Level 37 armor with Ani Don.

Gloves of Dark - Level 37 armor with Ani Kruz.

Ninja Anklet - Level 36 light armor with BiVak Rom and GiGan Zot.

Thunder Torque - Level 31 light armor, which comes with La Repth and Rip Maen.

Scarab Earring - Level 26 light armor, which comes with La Repth and Rip Maen.

Lincoln Green - Level 26 light armor, which comes with Juk Zot.

Fire Bracer - Level 21 light armor, comes with Vak Rom.

Iron Anklet - Level 21 light armor, comes with Dek Vakz.

Ice Hunter Cap - Level 17 armor, comes with Repth.

Guard Cap x2 - Level-7 armor, comes with Repth.

Bandanna - Level-1 armor, comes with Repth.

Wyrm Scale - Level 17 armor, comes with Rue Kruz.

Ring Mail - Level-7 armor, comes with Juk Kruz.

Leather Coat - Level-1 armor, comes with Gan Zot.

Silver Gloves - Level-7 armor, comes with nada'.

Wrist Bands - Level-1 armor, comes with Juk Rom.

Jungle Boots - Level-7 armor, comes with nada'.

*Canti's weapons and stuff get switched around alot, so which one's actually in use here depends on the style of fighting he wants to go by, as the designs are usually different.

Full Skills List: Twin Darkness (Darkness), Dark Dance (Darkness), Terror Cyclone (Darkness), Darkness Slash (Darkness), Fire Dance (Fire), Twin Dragons (Fire), Blazing Wheel (Fire), Thunder Dance (Lightning). Thunder Coil (Lightning), Staccato, Saber Dance, Tiger Claws, Repth, La Repth, Ol Repth, Rip Teyn, Rip Synk, Rip Maen, Rig Saem, Dek Vakz, Dek Vorv, MeRai Don, MeRai Kruz, Ani Don, Ani Kruz, Vak Rom, BiVak Rom, GiVak Kruz, Juk Rom, Juk Kruz, Rue Kruz, Gan Zot, GiGan Zot, Juk Zot, Mui Lei (Charm), Suvi Lei (Paralyze), Mumyn Lei (Sleep), and an automatic Life Drain or Skill Drain (when using the right weapon).

Items: As of now... 55 Health Drinks, 5 Healing Potions, 66 Mage's Souls, 47 Restoratives, 46 Antidotes, 20 Fortune Wires, 32 Resurrect, 13 Knight's Bane, 13 Beast's Bane, 4 Firebane, 5 Nightbane, 1 Warrior's Blood, 5 Sprite Ocarina, 39 Speed Charm, 3 Chaos Spell, 1 Nightfear, 1 Infernocall, 1 Nightcall, 3 Fireball Storms, 1 Absolute Zero, 1 Ice Strike, 1 Cygnus, 1 Snakey Cactus, 1 Cooked Bile, 15 Pure Waters, 40 Silk Cut (Cheers.), a red-glowing golden orb thingy (Reasonably White), and...a ton and a half of unmarked and dangerous test-tubes, vials, and the like filled with random chemicals.

Yamiyo Items: Main-exclusive items are...

3 Bind - Denies the warrior the abilty to use physical skills for a short time.
3 Silence - Denys the caster the ability to cast spells for a short time.
3 Disrobe - Reduces Pdf and Mdf to 1 for a short time.
5 Doublestrike - Allows one use of a physical skill to hit an extra time for a short time.
2 Reflect - Reduces spell damage to 0 and casts the spell back on the caster for a short time.
5 The World - Revives all players in an area with full HP and SP
10 The High Priestess - Temporarily suspends the depletion of SP
5 The Tower - Casts one of each Dek on a single target
0 Bind Vulcan - Level 3 summon scroll
1 Bind Krake - Level 3 summon scroll
3 Wrath - Reduces Max HP to 1 but quadruples physical damage for a short time.
5 Unity - All party members in an area have their stats increased, depending on number of people affected.
3 Vital Target - Attacks are guaranteed a Critical Hit for a short time.


Character Edits - This is an awakening of Canti's physical characteristics. Before his change, Canti was given to have non-functional useless wings. Afterwhich, however, his raven-like wings are larger and capable of enabling flight. He can move at high velocities or hover in one place, and this is enhanced even greater when using Ap Do. Because this is break in physics in The World, he could 'fly' though water or sand, really. He also has an affinity for the elements of Darkness and Fire, meaning a high attack and defense in both. This, of course, leaves him naturally weaker to Water and Lightning. Finally, he has and on...demonizing at the core, his infection acting as a corruption to himself and things around him due to the dark nature of it all. This tends to make him more dangerous as the spikes and claws do knife-damage according to level stats.

Darkness Flames - A black fire that spreads and seems to burn like fire, but is actually more of the life-consuming Darkness variety, tainting and corrupting whatever's hit with death itself. You can basically compare it with the similar move from Yu Yu Hakusho. As with what follows in the God of Black Flames motif, Canti projects this dark fire in mostly a flame-thrower-like attack, spreading it like you would a fiery napalm. This can also be fired in quick explosive bursts to save on power or a massive attack that uses up all his energy. The aura of darkness that manifests off of him can focus the blame flames as well, like the massive attack and concentration can keep it centered around him in a defensive kill-you sort of way. It is powered by his SP, as though it were a fuel tank for it, slowly decreasing through use (unless he burns it all up rapidly).

The Soul of Hell - During instances of extreme pressure, like when he's fighting for his life and the risks are piling higher with the chances of him losing ever increasing, a strange thing occurs with Canti. His perceptions mingle with a strange brown-red haze, one that has an effect on his mental state. This especially happens during times when he should be almost K.O.ed, but the effect tends to sharpen his wits, his style, and skills. Not that he suddenly becomes uber-strong or anything. It just cuts through all the crap and makes him more the devilish handler of blades that he is. This also enhances a type of sixth sense of his, which is possible in The World only because it's the interpretation of data. Doing this, he can simply know things because there are definite signs of it.

Demon Spikes - Maybe you've noticed that sometimes Canti has grown spikes on his body, especially when demonizing, and that they're razor sharp like his knives. An influx of the Twilight virus has caused a form of mutation within his character code, allowing for these originally appearance-based spikes to become viable weapons. Each one is launchable from his body, any part of it that a spike could conceivably eject from. These black things are quick and actually kind of quiet. They hit for damage equivalent to his current level dagger attacks, plus have the added feature of inflicting either Poison or Curse damage per hit (as opposed to a lasting bad status attack). In future, this could become stronger.

Vak Tattoo - "An...enhancement. An extra ability, if you will. It would allow you to absorb a small amount of energy from being hit by spells. Every ten or so hits would grant you the ability to cast PhaVak Rom once, for free. In addition, being hit by fire spells will restore a small amount of your SP." This ability is the result of an non-Twilight alteration to his character code. It shows as a tattoo of ten black dots on the inner part of Canti's right arm in a circle. Upon every dot being 'lit', the Vak symbol will appear, signifying that there is a PhaVak Rom spell in waiting. It then returns to the starting position after that spell is cast.

Vak Ray - "I can repurpose the damage ticks from a Vak Rom and tie them to a directed beam... I think something on the order of a level 2 spell should serve." This is a little ring with a red gem in it that fires off a heat ray to the tune of BiVak Rom's damage ticks. It's accurate and aimable, and gradually consumes SP, of course. This is a much simpler hacked device than the tattoo and has no real limitations in use, save for the ones that are Canti in nature.


What the hell does Canti want? Well, it has alot to do with hell. He's obsessed with fire and darkness and all that, so he'd want items of that nature, good and decent fiery Twin Blade stuff, and he's willing to bust his ass in half to try and get it. More particular ideas to come later.


I'll get to this later.
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For most classes in The World, there are certain things that never change from class to class. Blademasters and Heavy Blades swung swords in the manner you'd expect them to. Heavy Axeman always chopped, Long Arms swung and stabbed, and Wavemasters casted. Even the special classes didn't appear to have much in the way of diversity. Twin Blades, however... With their varying designs and weapon-types, there would have to be certain methods of combat to fight the right way. And Canti is a Twin Blade who specializes on squeezing every ounce of creative ability to make up for any weakness he has. It's because of this nature that he has taken on creatures that possess a much higher level than him.

Ordinary Blades - Rusty Nails
Three-Way Slicers - Phantom Blades
Wolverine Claws - Fuse Blades
Spear-Gauntlets - Shadow Blades
Orb-Centered Prongs - Bloody Twin, Dante's Blades

Standard Slice-N'-Dice - This method of fighting applies to any Twin Blade weapons that involve being basically like a pair regular-looking knives, consisting of handles and simple blades, such as the Rusty Nails. Canti never actually liked the Rusty Nails, but they have a useful spell, so he keeps 'em. Also, this style works for ANY weapon that's hand-held. Of course, there's nothing too particular about this style. It's a simple, yet versatile, slashing and stabbing way of fighting, nothing special to it at all.

Razor-Spin Lacerattou - A method of attack for hand-held Twin Blade weapons that possess three blades pointing in different directions, like Phantom Blades. Deviating from the standard attacks for a while, the extra blades allow for some rather quick and deadly slicing maneuvers that involve spinning the knives as if they were buzzsaws. This would involve more hits on a concentrated point, possibly to more easily hack off a limb or increase the amount of lacerations at the point of impact. The idea behind it all is more damage at a quicker pace.

Feral-Minded Massacre - This can only be done with Twin Blade weapons that end in claws, like Fuse Blades. The Wolverine-like design of these weapons allows for gouging, cutting, clawing, slashing, and impaling of a very violent nature, making the wielder of these weapons as dangerous as a wounded tiger. The style involves alot of movement and delivery of pain through quick blows, while either dodging reprisal of catching the opponents weapon in the claws to prevent harm. The easy-block of weapons also gives an edge in disarming and flipping.

Ever-Agile Impaler - The result of wearing gauntlet-like Twin Blade weapons that end in something either like axe-heads or spear-heads, such as the Shadow Blades. These weapons possess great cutting power, but are even better for direct impalement. Because of this, the simple application of slicing and stabbing may not be enough. Like the FMM technique, the use of quick movement applies, especially in the act of leaping to gouge, stab, and impale deeply, or to do same in a chopping manner. It's like a lighter version of Long Arms and Heavy Axemen.

Deadly Playful Twist - Sounds like a three-word setup for a field, doesn't it? Well, it isn't, so don't bother trying. No, this is a style for use by those knives with two blade-prongs and an orb in the middle, like the Bloody Twin. The concept of this attack-method involves alot of stabbing. In fact, it makes the idea of it fun, because after you make your twist and cause more damage. It's an excellent way to break limbs, screw up internals, and allow for torture if the subject is intelligent. Also, it has the same disarming kind of application as the FMM style.

The Everything-To-Nothing Maneuver - Not a particular method or style of attack, or even a real special technique. It's just something that Canti adapted himself to when he started getting all these different knives. Thinking about it, when you have about half a dozen pairs, they can all be used to weaken a very strong opponent by stabbing the enemy with them and leaving them there. That way, the next pair can be pulled out while those are still there and the job can eventually be finished. It works on powerful monsters and regenerating creatures especially.
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Re: Canti's Profile

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This is something that came to my attention about how I make use of my evil Darkness Flame powers. That is, I realized that the generalities may not be quite enough to fully explain what the hell it is that I can do with my powers. I was not given the power to manipulate an element, because Nighthand said no when I asked him. Instead, I fire a darkness-element fire, the likes of which rots things to death and degrades them into a pile of slag. It uses SP as a fuel-gauge, basically. Here are the ways I've actually projected it.

Spell/Weapon Infusion - In the past, ya might have noticed that my regular Ani-related attacks are pumped up a bit because of my elemental alignment. I didn't really explode with actual fire, though, because I don't have proper Twilight-related Vak moves, only heavy alignment towards it. So, some of my Darkness Flame gets caught in the Ani spells and attacks at times, usually by accident. Probably has a minimal SP consumption on top of the norm.

The Actual Flamethrower Strike - The real and proper primary use, blasted out like the Pyro from Team Fortress 2 or something, It lashes out as a black flame and subsequent evil napalm with splash-damage to account for. Dependent on the amount shot at once, the SP drain is either slow or ridiculously fast. It's directional in the sense that I just point and fwoosh to get things done.

Darkness Fireball! - The first thing I did after working on how much I could blast out at a time was figure out that I could attack in quick explosive blasts to conserve SP or at least regulate the amount thrown out instead of using it up recklessly. The effect was awesome in the sense that I can fire-and-forget my attacks, not having to concentrate as long to get the job done, and even bomb things in fly-bys.

Giant Explosive SP Bar Killers - This was done in a fit of rage, originally, as I went berserk against Angel. I actively wiped out my entire SP bar for a monstrously destructive explosion of Darkness Flame that would easily make craters or probably only leave a singe-trail of some people. The effect differs from time to time, since I might be gulping my entire SP bar or only the remainder of my whole SP bar.

Darkness Aura and Condensed Aura - More recently, I've used Darkness Flame auras to radiate out blastwaves in all directions while thoroughly unaffected by my own steam. It's all going outward as both a protection and an offensive strike, sometimes used in ramming or something. The situation differs and so does the consumption, but it's basically like the flamethrower move in the SP count, traveling down gradually. The condensed version has a ridiculous curve of SP usage, requiring that I feed it alot of Mage Souls if prolonged in use. However, while kept up, there isn't much that can get through to me without killing itself.

Directional Shots - Recently, I found out that I can control the direction of my attacks, most popularly the fireballs since they're in a neat and easy to move package. It requires concentration and slowing down the damn thing to maneuver it effectively, but apparently I can curve my shots and even move them in for a surprise attack if need-be.

Spirit Gun of the Darkness Flame - I'm naming this one because that's what it's become, a double-reference to Yu Yu Hakusho. Lemme explain. The Darkness Flame is a power used by the demon character, Hiei, and the Spirit Gun is used by the main character, Yusuke Urameshi. I'm condensing some of my attacks into extremely-fast sniper shots that are either made to penetrate through something or explode maddeningly. That fits under both of those categories, so there you have it.

Explosive Touch - Aaand another Yu Yu Hakusho reference. Canti has developed a power much like the demon, Karasu, whose touch imparts energy to a target that then explodes in a point-blank and nasty way. For the Twin Blade himself, it is something he has to will to happen, but it means that he can do this to anyone he touches. (He can do it to objects as well, but the effort required is much greater.) The more he has contact with someone, the more powerful the explosion there is going to be. A hardy handshake could blow off part of your arm, while a slap on the wrist is merely a small, but forceful, pop. The most he can do is a ten-second charge-up for it, in which it equals the force of his heaviest singular explosive attack. All of this is done in the Darkness element.

Further developments as they arrive. BWA HA HA HA HAAA!!!
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Hey look! A profile! It's got items and stats and things! Cool! If it isn't fully up to date, it will be, so don't worry 'bout it.

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Re: Canti's Profile

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(Yes, I actually fuss about with this stuff.)

Name: Shadow
Element: Darkness
Creature Type: Bogie

Appearance: A Bogie is a canine critter from Shadowrun, though based also in literature as the Baskerville Hound. (The link gives a fairly-decent description of the beast in terms of the RPG.) Shadow is a full-grown dark hound creature modeled after the Bogie with a look of intelligence about him. He has white eyes and a steel-studded leather collar around his neck. The collar has a tag which changes its writing here and there, though it mostly ever says "Shadow" on one side and "Property of Canti" on the other, with a fox symbol appearing every now and then.

Personality: Shadow being a monstrous hound, he has a mind driven by instinct with intelligence wrapped around it by way of the method of his programming. He is impulsive and given to violence, but made to be controllable and stable when commanded so. For the record, the only people that Shadow will obey without question are his creator and Canti. The rest is down to convincing him an idea is reasonable. He speaks like Orsen Welles as Unicron and may in fact be that deep in demeanor. One cannot exactly say. He will attack any creature that Canti is not immediately aware of, but respects the man's desire to kill things himself.

EX-Spheres: Sorta' like FFX, but cooler.

Paralyze Sphere (Fear)
Elemental Drop (Ani Don)
Elemental Breath (Dark Breath)
Enhance Speed (Ap Do)
Enfeeble Speed (Dek Do)

Overdrive (Catastrophe)

Catastrophe - Every now and then in The World, you come up with a rare item or special attack that is unique in of itself, and perhaps it pays no heed to the normal set of elements or nature of attacks. For instance, there is a staff which unleashes a mystery attack called "Stuck?". This ability also uniquely holds no element. It is simply a destruction ability. Shadow and Canti both focus on an opponent at once. Suddenly, the area around the target compresses in on it, like an implosion. Shortly thereafter, the whole thing explodes violently. The nature of this attack makes it somewhat hard to avoid, and it certainly appears quite harmful.

[Lv.3] EX-Sphere: Summon Wryneck

Backstory: This is the tale of a Twin Blade and his dog.

He's been wandering around the other servers since after the Freedom Fighters were captured and sent to the Yamiyo Server. He was coded and created by the outsider who's normally able to speak inside Canti's head, Reyome. Being a cyber-investigator who is not permitted to investigate first-hand into The World, she had been staking out places like a ghost, and was able to get in the Twin Blade's mind afterward. In his mind, she's a fox avatar of some sort, one who indirectly affects The World. When Canti informed her of the man called Marionette thinking her useless, she took offense at that and began working on an active program which would serve as the influence he thought she didn't have.

As opposed to a rogue AI or malfunctioning creature, Shadow is a well-coded creature built from Canti's inherent signature, driven by instinct to seek it out. When he went missing from even HER browsing, Reyome sent the completed Shadow to go find him in-game (which he will now, since he can smell him ay Yamiyo's root town). Shadow has, in the interim, caused something of a stir in The World and the message boards. Players think he's an event monster, the Cobalt Knights think he's a rogue AI, and those who've even twigged slightly that he has something to do with Canti are certain that he's trouble on four legs.

Other Things Of Note: Shadow can 'smell' The World, in a way more complex than Grunties. Grunties detect things like a blip on a scanner. Shadow actually picks up data tracks as scent, and thus will be able to tell who is infected and who is normal, which direction and where anyone's been, and so on. (He will recognize Demorian by HIS signature.) Shadow can 'see' Yamiyo now because his senses lead him to a root town that wasn't there before, but Canti is present. Tracking systems lead him there. Shadow is a node for Reyome's system, so the block on her communication will be nullified while near Canti. The paralyzing ability is forever linked with the hideous howl of Bogie, a haunting and terrifying sound to whomever hears it.
I'll have a doozy of a sig later, I swear. It'll reflect ".hack//CODE" an' everything.

Hey look! A profile! It's got items and stats and things! Cool! If it isn't fully up to date, it will be, so don't worry 'bout it.

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