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Senna's profile

Post by Senna » Sat Jul 01, 2006 10:38 pm

Character name: Senna
Player name: Lissibith Colm (20)

Level: 33 (710 HP/180 SP)

Class: Long Arm

Physical Description
Hair: a deep wine red, long, cut to frame her face and reaching to her shoulder blades in back

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Standing at about 5’9” when she’s not slouching, Senna looks to be in her mid-20s. Her legs are covered by a pair of long, blue pants edged with grey. When Senna is standing still, they look like a skirt. She wears a halter top in reversed colors grey with blue edging on her torso. Sleeves attach to the shirt under the arm and open out into bell-style at the cuffs, leaving her shoulders bare. For shoes she wears simple sandals.

Yes, Senna is pretty much a bad person. She is walking ego. She assumes that what she’s doing is pretty much the right thing, and that people who disagree are idiots. She’s prejudiced against AI’s (seeing them as artificial and therefore lesser) but doesn’t see it as prejudice, just fact. She can be irritated by people doing something or acting a certain way, then do the same herself. She makes great logical leaps which are wholly incorrect, and yet will sometimes miss logical connections because she lets her own feelings or stubbornness get in the way. She can in fact be willfully blind to facts. She’s a coward who hates pain and is scared in pretty much every battle. She has a sometimes-paralyzing fear of heights.

On the flip side, she also believes very strongly in taking responsibility for one’s actions, and she does so – pretty much absolutely. She holds others to a high standard of conduct but holds herself to the same most of the time. When she sets out to do something, really do something, she commits to it 100 percent, which is why she might think of giving up but rarely will. Thus, she hates people who express a desire, then aren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve that desire. Once she has made friends, she is loyal, but will tell people if she thinks they’re about to make an ass of themselves. Likewise, she may personally hate people, but can hold that apart from her actions from necesity. She’s book smart but doesn’t want people actually thinking she is.

Glaive [5] (Death) (Repulse Cage-Area/10/none)
Lavaman Spear [10] (Vak repulse-area/30/fire)
Ichigou [12] (Critical Hit/Death) (Repulse Cage-Area/10/none) (Ap Corv-15/physical attack up)
Sleipnir [12] (Critical Hit) (Juk Repulse-area/30/wood)(Double Sweep-Area/10/none)
Fairy Spear [13] (Rue Doom-single/30/water) (Repulse Cage-Area/10/none)
Tranquil Spear [16] (Double Sweep-Area/10/none ) (Repth-10/heal)
Dhampir Lance [23]: (Juk Repulse-area/30/wood) (Rai Wipe-area/30/Thunder) (Life Drain)

Head Armor
Racoon Earcap [16] (La Repth-20/area heal)

Hand Armor
Silver Bracer [6] (Rai Rom-10/tornado/thunder)
Fossil Bracer [11] (Gan Rom-10/tornado/earth)
Dominic Fur [16] (GiRue Kruz-20/converge/water) (Ap Vorv-15/physical defense up)
Time Bracer [18] (Ap Do-15/speed up) - lent to Centrus
Fire Bracer [21] (Vak Rom-10/tornado/fire)
Air Bracer [26] (Juk Rom - 10/Tornado/Wood)
Storm Bracer [31] (Rai Rom-10/tornado/thunder)

Leg Armor
Frost Anklet [16] (Dek Ruem - 10/WAter Down)
Snow Panther [17] (Ap Vorv-15/physical defense up)
Fire Lizard (AP Torv - 15/Physical accuracy up)
Ranger Boots [27] (Ap Corma - 15/Magical attack up)
Thunder Anklet [31] (Dek Raio - 15/)

Body Armor
Ring Mail [7] (Juk Kruz-10/converge/wood)
Winter Coat [16] (Rue Zot-20/water/raise)
Shiny Ice [18] (Rue Rom-10/tornado/water)

Graceful Book (+1 physical accuracy)

Leather coat, Nomad's Hood, Hunter's Hood, Air Bracer

Healing and stat items: Speed Charm (3), Resurrect(7), Heath Drink (13), Restorative (4), Antidote (6), Pure Water, Burning Oil, Beast Bane, Mage's Soul (14), Knight's Blood (5), Hunter's Blood (3)

Scrolls: Lightning Bolt (6), Ion Strike (2), Raining Rocks (3), Raging Earth (6), Green Gale (5), Plasma Storm (3), Absolute Zero (2), Summon Wood, Permafrost (2), Cygnus (5), Ice Flow (3), Ice Storm (3), Gaia's Spell (2)Ice Strike, Flame Blast (3), Meteor Swarm (2), Fire Tempest (2), Gale Breath (2), Nightblight (2), Dark Night (2)

Other items: Fortune Wire, Rainbow Card, Fairy Orb (2)

Key items: Roses, Golden Orb (Glows reasonably red), alert that sounds in Dun Loireag when crossing a bridge, saying, "DON'T LOOK DOWN!!!" (Thanks Jpec :) )

Pet stats: None

Hacks: None yet

Wish list: Any scroll, Jishuwen

For reference:
Dominic Fur: Level 14 DIVERGENCE CREATED
PAt 0 PAc 0 PDf 4 PEv 6
MAt 0 MAc 0 MDf 3 MEv 6
Earth 2 Water 5 Thunder 2 Body 4
Wood 2 Fire -1 Darkness 2 Spirit 3
GiRue Kruz, Ap Vorv

PAt 0 PAc 0 PDf 3 PEv 6
MAt 0 MAc 0 MDf 3 MEv 6
Earth Water 20 Thunder 0 Body 3
Wood 0 Fire -20 Darkness 0 Spirit 3
Rue Rom
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Post by Senna » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:31 am

Basic rule
Senna’s ability is a manipulation turned inward. She can phase out portions of her body to avoid physical contact with things, from attacks to someone trying to pat her on the shoulder. She can also protect herself – and others - from outside harm by projecting a shield. Her abilities are completely defensive in nature at this point.

Phasing – At current, her ability is extremely limited. She would not be able to even phase out of the way completely of the swing of a sword, despite how narrow the blade is and how fast the strike would likely be traveling. The spell doesn’t work against spells or darkness-based weapons. She can phase out of the physical aspect of the spell, but since spells only offer magical damage. So if she's in the middle of a Kruz spell and had advanced enough to get out of its way, she would avoid being squashed by the spell, but would still take all the damage of a direct hit.

In the interest of keeping the rating generalish, she can also phase her clothing and weaponry out with her.

Shield – A dome-shaped shield. It stops every attack directed at it except darkness-based ones. This unfortunately works both ways. If she casts the shield over herself and someone else, that other person cannot cast non-darkness-based spells on any target outside the shield. While maintaining the shield, Senna cannot do anything else.

Attacks that land on the shield deal damage to Senna at a reduced percentage of their original strength.

Previously, one of the coders in The World decided that death wasn’t interesting enough in the game. His idea was that when a person died, their soul would spawn, instead of on the field, in a shadow version of the field. They would have no HP but full SP, and while in the shadow-world, any damage they took would be taken from their SP bar. Also, their SP would naturally fall over time. If your SP got to 0 before you were resurrected, it was Game Over for you. However, there were going to be certain rare items which could only be obtained in the shadow fields. Communication in the shadow field was only available with people who were also there.

The person’s corpse would remain on the field and be tagged as an anchor point for the character’s soul. When resurrected, they would be pulled back through to the exact same spot where they died and appeared in the shadow field, no matter where they were at the time of their resurrection.

He liked the idea so much he started coding it in, but the bigwigs didn’t like the needless complication. When he was told to abandon the project, rather than pulling the code back out, he left it there and simply unattached to character data and inaccessible to most people.

When Senna got stuck, her character data hooked into this code. As a result she can move not her awareness, but her physical form in part over there. Currently it’s not enough for her form to actually appear over there, but eventually it could be.
Senna, level 33 Long Arm (710 HP/180 SP)
Most common kit: Ichigou, Racoon Earcaps, Air Bracer, Snow Panther, Winter Coat, Graceful Book
Spells/Skills: (Critical Hit/Death) Repulse Cage, Ap Corv, Ap Vorv, Rai Rom, Rue Zot, La Repth
Click for full equipment and items
14300 (1/23)

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