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Raven's Profile

Post by Raven » Wed Jan 30, 2008 11:18 pm

Name: Raven

Real Name: John Smale (Not that its much more than a memory anymore, but he still recalls it as who he once was)

Class: Blademaster

Weapons: Soul Eater (Gan Slash, Crack Slash, Life Drain), Fire & Sky (Vak Slash, Vak Revolver), Singing Blade (Rue Slash, Crack Beat), Seal Sword (Ani Crack, Revolver), Lake & Sea (Rue Slash, Rue Revolver), Menhir Sword (Vak Crack, Gan Crack, Skill Drain), Matoi (Gan Crack, Gan Revolver)
Head: Steel Cap (Rue Kruz), Guard Cap (Repth), Fire Dance Hat (Repth)
Hand: Silver Bracer (Rai Rom), Smith's Gloves (Vak Don)
Body: Ring Mail (Juk Kruz), Firedrake Mail (Vak Kruz), Leather Coat (Gan Zot)
Leg: Mountain Boots (Ap Corv), Fire Lizard (Ap Torv)


Attack: Crack Beat, Crack Slash, Ani Crack, Vak Slash, Vak Revolver, Gan Slash, Rue Slash, Revolver, Vak Crack, Gan Crack, Rue Revolver, Gan Revolver
Magic: Rai Rom, Gan Zot, Rue Kruz, Vak Kruz, Vak Don
Recovery: Repth
Status: Ap Corv, Ap Torv

Appearance: Short brown hair, brown eyes, always wears black track pants and a black t-shirt. He wears a black cloak overtop of his clothes, concealing his katana at his left side. He is of medium build, and looks more agile than he does strong.

Personality: Good sense of humour, quick to make friends with most people. He does not trust anyone easily though, and even his closest friends are never fully trusted.

Past Quests (In Order):
Bursting Oblivious Far Thunder
Hidden Passed Over White Devil
ÄIndiscreet Talisman Tri Pansy
Expansive Corrupted Aquafield
Desert Training
Closed Despaired Hypha
Wavemaster Looking for Party
Flamer's Quest
Extermination Time
We Are Legion
Accepting Changes
Incarnated Whispers
Valentine's Day Event 2007
Accepting Changes V2
Elite Dreams of Unity
(various other, yet unfinished quests)
Sands of Time, Sands of Suffering
Sands of Time, Sands of Suffering (Part 2)

Zombiefest Event: Slayer Team 15
Hopeful Tempting You Chance: Meeting the Master
Gated Folding Stare: Fighting Through Fire

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