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Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:45 am

The Player

Name: Colin Lexa
Age: 17
Birthday: October 23th
Sun Sign: Libra-Scorpio Cusp
Blood Type: O-

Appearance: Colin is a tall teenager at six feet and two inches, his dark brown hair is usually kept hanging down to around the back of the neck, although he crops it a bit more in the front so that it doesn't hang down over his eyes. It also doesn't typically obey what he wants it to do, disorganized even after he combs it. Those eyes are a hazel that leans more towards brown than gray or green. When he is troubled or angered, his eyes seem to be a pale gray as opposed to brown. He typically wears jeans and some kind of a strange shirt, often times with some words written on there. His favorites happen to be something to do with his mental state, an odd foreshadowing. He almost never dresses up apart from when he has to, preferring to wear what's comfortable as opposed to what might be much more socially acceptable. He prefers black and blue clothing, although green or red work as well. The darker colors are what draws him.

Personality: Colin is very attached to the few friends that he has made in his life. He draws some strength from the people around him. Because of his mother's bitch queen attitude, he severed his reliance on his parents very early on, forcing himself to become a boy who could rely on himself. He's also defensive when people assume that he can't do something for himself because he's 'to young'. Because of his years of playing video games, he can become incredibly focused and intent upon a single task to the exclusion of all distractions. The few friends that he has made he is incredibly attached too to the point of physically assaulting those who try to hurt them. He's attempted to tone down that response to some success, but cannot stand to see his friends being hurt in any way. However, on the flip side, Colin is afraid of himself as his Schizophrenia becomes more and more dominant. Because he's paranoid about those people that he doesn't consider to be his friends, and even is at times about his friends, he wants to distance himself from them. However, he is caught because he knows that if he retreats like that, he'll slip even further into insanity.

Gemstone: Spinel, Peridot
Likes: Video games, cats, sweets.
Dislikes: Babies, egotistical people, dogs.
Strongest Subject: Psychology
Weakest Subject: Literature
Strong Points: Playing video games, keeping a level head, dealing with psychological trauma.
Has Trouble With: Talking with people, keeping a level head, dealing with psychological trama.

Dream: Beating his Schizophrenia and being able to live a normal life.

The Character

Name - Takua
Clan - Army of Darkness
Rank - Commander (O-5)
Class - Wavemaster
Wave Affinities: Rue and Rai

Appearance: Takua is 5'9" and wears a jacket that is a been a very heavily modified bolero-duster in a deep cerulean blue. The embroidery is gold, as is the piping, and it has an uneven Mandarin collar and long, fitting sleeves. Beneath it is a mid-length pale gold tunic with dark red embroidery, and then black trousers that go down to the ankle, with black and gold embroidered Chinese-style flats for shoes. A dark red and gold embroidered belt sits on his waist while a gold and moonstone brooch with long, dark red silk ribbons helps pin the jacket closed. His hair is a dark blue shaggy bob that reached down to his shoulders, getting shorter as it went back.
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Takua - Lvl 57 Wavemaster
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Re: Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:46 am

Takua - Lvl 57 Wavemaster [0/1000]
SP - 347
Gold - 86000
Weapons -

Almighty Wand (Ol Repth, Gan Rom)
Starstorm Wand (Yarthkins, Vulcan Ch)
Muddy Rod (Gan Don, Gan Zot, MeGan Rom)
Bubble Rod (Rue Rom, Rue Zot, GiRue Kruz)
Flaming Rod (Vak Don, Vak Kruz, BiVak Rom)
Dark Green Rod (Juk Rom, Juk Zot, MeJuk Kruz)
Bolt Rod (Rai Don, Rai Kruz, GiRai Rom)
Nerd Staff (Ani Don, Ani Zot, MeAni Kruz)
Relevation (Vak Kruz, BiVak Don, GiRai Rom)
Gaia Staff (OrGan Don, GiGan Zot, Yarthkins)
Witch's Wand (OrmeAni Zot, Miu Lei, Wryneck)
Great Elite (Lanceor, Lanceor Ch, GiRai Rom)
Ocean's Rod (OrRue Rom, MeRue Zot, Merrows)
Stormlord's Rod (GiRai Don, MeRai Kruz, Lanceor)
Rod of Gales (RaJuk Rom, RaJuk Zot, Krake)
Firedrake Bone (RaVak Don, BiVak Kruz, Vulcan)
Apocalypse Rod (OrbiAni Don, MeAni Zot, Wryneck)
Tenami (OrGan Rom, GiGan Zot, Yarthkins Ch)
Moonstruck (LaRue Zot, Miu Lei, Merrows Ch)
Cosmic Staff (Yarthkins Rf, Vulcan Ch, Wryneck Ch)
Crystal Rod (MeGan Rom, OrGan Zot, MeRue Kruz)
Cygnus Rod (PhaRue Rom, MeRue Zot, Merrows Ch)
Earth Staff (PhaGan Don, GiGan Zot, Yarthkins Ch)
Burning Brand (PhaVak Don, GiVak Kruz, Vulcan Ch)
Negation Wand (PhAni Don, OrmeAni Zot, Wryneck Ch)
Heh Heh Heh (PhaVak Don, Vulcan Ch, Vulcan Rf)

Armor -

Steel Cap (Repth)
Thunder Torque (Rip Maen, La Repth)
Bat Earrings (Rip Maen, Ola Repth)
Imp Earrings (Rip Mean, Ola Repth)
Heavenly Bead Tiara (Gan Rom, Rig Geam)
Saint Cross (RaJuk Zot, Rue Zot)
Priest's Stole (GiRaiRom, Gan Zot)
Ceramic Anklet (Dek Ganz)
Frost Anklet (Dek Ruem)
Iron Anklet (Dek Vakz)
Oak Anklet (Dek Juka)
Thunder Anklet (Dek Raio)
Devil Greaves (MeAni Zot, RaJuk Zot)
Time Bracers (Ap Do)
Fire Bracers (Vak Rom)
Storm Bracers (Rai Rom)
Jet Bracers (Ani Kruz)
Protect Ring (MeJuk Kruz, Ap Vorma)
Able Ring (Rig Saem, MeRai Don)
Geist Ring (MeAni Kruz, Ranki Lei, Skill Drain)

Accessory Slot -

Water Magic
Water Magic
Insight Book
BL Yokohama
YL Fukuoka

Inventory -
22 Restoratives
20 Antidotes
32 Resurrects
56 Health Drinks
2 Healing Pots
19 Mage's Souls
28 Artisan Souls
13 Emperor's Soul
Wizards Blood
3 Pure Waters
5 Sports Drinks
5 Beast Banes
5 Sprite Ocarinas
4 Fairy Orbs
Light Cross
28 Fortune Wire
Grunt Doll
7 warrior bloods
7 knight bloods
1 hermit blood
2 beasts bloods
2 wizard blood
1 warrior bane
1 hermit bane
3 raining rocks
2 ice floe
2 ice storm
1 meteor storm
1 green gale
1 lightning bolt
1 dark night
1 nightblight
1 cygnus
1 Burning Oil
1 Pure Water
1 Well Water
1 Sports Drink
1 Holy Sap
1 The Death
1 The Devil
2 The Hanged Man
1 The Fool
2 The Lovers
1 The Moon

Main Only!:
2 Doublecast
2 Quickcast
2 The High Priestess
2 The Sun
Natural Force
3 Bottled Leylines (Same as High Priestess)

Special -

Ruem Wings

Key Items -
Silver Zombie Slayer Trophy
Yarthkin's Shell
Kiss of the Familiar (Embedded in his left hand)
Taima's Mark (Embedded in his right hand)

Golden Orb is glowing Reasonably Blue

Half-Used Potion

Wishlist -
Generalized...Rai and Rue spells. However...
Rares in italics

Mage's Souls, Artisan Souls. Always need SP recovery items.

Stun Rod: Level 53
Witch's Wand: Level 53
Wand of Truth: Level 64
Million Sacrifice: Level 15
Myth: Demiurge
BL Yokohama x2
YL Fukuoka x2

Offensive Spells -

Sorted by element, level and type. Summons are always on the bottom.

Ani -
Ani Don
Ani Kruz
Ani Zot
MeAni Kruz
MeAni Zot
OrbiAni Don
OrmeAni Zot
Wryneck Ch

Gan -
Gan Don
Gan Rom
Gan Zot
MeGan Rom
GiGan Zot
OrGan Don
OrGan Rom
OrGan Zot
PhaGan Don
Yarthkins Ch
Yarthkins Rf

Juk -
Juk Rom
Juk Zot
MeJuk Kruz
RaJuk Zot
RaJuk Rom

Rai -
Rai Don
Rai Kruz
Rai Rom
GiRai Rom
MeRai Don
MeRai Kruz
GiRai Don
Lanceor Ch

Rue -
Rue Rom
Rue Zot
GiRue Kruz
MeRue Zot
LaRue Zot
MeRue Kruz
OrRue Rom
PhaRue Rom
Merrows Ch

Vak -
Vak Don
Vak Kruz
Vak Rom
GiVak Don
GiVak Kruz
GiVak Rom
RaVak Don
PhaVak Don
Vulcan Ch
Vulcan Rf

Healing Spells -
Ol Repth
La Repth
Ola Repth
Rip Maen

Support Spells -
Ap Do
Ap Vorma
Rig Geam
Rig Saem
Dek Ganz
Dek Juka
Dek Raio
Dek Ruem
Dek Vakz
Miu Lei
Ranki Lei
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Takua - Lvl 57 Wavemaster
Wishlist: Levels, Stun Rod, Hag's Wand, Wand of Truth, Ex-Level, Ex-Spheres, and Myth: Demiurge, FL Fukuoka

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Re: Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:47 am


Everything in chronological order!

How Horrible Singing Helps Noobs: Takua takes his first step into The World and finds several people and set out for questing. Takua charges in because he noticed there wasn't a Wavemaster in a group and they might want him, after a battle a Headhunter comes, kills one and nearly does it in for everyone else to. Only the arrival of a mysterious person saves them when he kills the monster in one hit.
Rewards: + 4 Restoratives, + 3 Antidotes
Field: Delta Bursting Passed Over Hypha Field

Second Time Around: Turns out that most of them go to the same school, and in fact all know each other. With the exception of Talys they all go to the same school, and so they charge off with people they know to another dungeon. Back to the same field as last time, Centrus, Takua and Talys encounter numerous goblins and end the field, though Talys has to leave in the dungeon.
Rewards: + 2 Wizards Bloods
Field: Delta Bursting Passed Over Hypha Field

Here we go again: Takua takes out some of the anger he feels at life by returns to the video game he loves so much. While there he goes on a uncontrolled rampage as he attempts to solo a field at level one. He manages to complete the field successfully. He also recieves a flashmail from a person asking him to meet in real life someplace.
Rewards: + 1 level, + 1 Earth Wand, + 1 Health Drink, + 1 Beast's Bane
Field:Delta Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

The Ways of Agony: Colin goes insane, having killed a man in self defense. Even though it had been in self defense, that justification means little to his mindset, and he goes into a feedback on continual insanity, finally giving birth to a soul inside his mind. Gwyneth is a soul inside of himself, but can read his mind, and knowing this can also interpret everything he sees. He can see and hear her, even if nobody else can.
Rewards: + 1 level, + 1 Fire Wand, + 3 Restoratives
Field: Delta Bursting Haunted Aqua Field

Quest, Rose Town Style: Takua meets up with Centrus and Matthias, and go through an ice dungeon for fun. He finds out that Gwyneth can control his body if she wanted to, and that they love each other. Matthias finally kills a few headhunter's, and Takua is a maniac with the Vak Don's on various Snip Snaps.
Rewards: + 1 level, + 1 Air Wand, + Speed Charm
Field: Delta Hidden Oblivious Melody

One other quest in here, Back to the game, back to the slaughter. Deleted in the board crisis.

One quest here that I left but retained storyline. Tried for Fatal Exception, then left the recruitment.

The damndest ideas..., Job offers from hell: Takua meets with a demon, and gets offered a job living in The World. However, Takua refuses, because it would be both the cowards way out and he doesn't feel so bad as to die. Lucifer leaves the offer open and vanishes, and to get rid of being tense Takua goes out into a field and finds an arena of monsters ready to fight him. He fights and runs away, diving into a hut that turns out to be the area dungeon, even though it hadn't shown as one. Takua fights an earth elemental, and then runs. After getting back into Mac Anu he runs afoul of a hacker, named Tyrant. After running for a while, Colin's brain begins a shift from obeying him to Gwyneth, and he can only regain control through will power, even though it hurts. Eventually he gets out without dying, and loses control.
Rewards: 1 level, + Ebony Wand, + 2 Meteor Swarms

Assaulting the Fortress of the Mind, Or just a fortress: Takua prepares to go out to a random field, but Tyrant hijacks his warp and sends him over to his castle for a test. Takua assaults the castle, with an approaching army behind him, and find the level that will let him warp out. He does, but not before Tyrant changes his character clothing. Colin has decided that enough is enough, and his mind is trapping him within it as it switches control to Gwyneth. He accepts Lucifer's offer and his soul vanishes, but Gwyneth dies as well, and a copy of Colin's is reinstalled.
Rewards: +2 Levels - +Rod of the Sea - +Steel Cap - +Silver Bracer

Sands of Time, Sands of Suffering Part 1
Sands of Time, Sands of Suffering Part 2
Description: Deciding to pull himself back into life, Takua joins up with the Eventide Crescendo for what he thought was going to be a regular adventure. Instead, he gets pulled into a land from hell. First travelling through a sandstorm, the group finds and fights a Sand Lich boss after solving riddles and traversing the desert. After destroying the first boss, the group falls into B5. Once on B5, the group learned the truth about the people that they were traveling with. Sidhe and Nemera were comatose, and were trapped in this game. Learning a bit about Tiral and what had happened in Vak, the power of Dread Code and it’s Immersion ability, along with hearing the names of Raquar and Sekai for the first time, they continue past the security systems of B5 until they beat the bosses, The Fallen Brotherhood. Along with seeing Sidhe’s hack for the first time, Takua goes slightly insane from the inverted eyesight that he had found himself burdened with on the field itself, and then on B5. Recovering mostly because he was forced into a deep sleep, the group eventually finds itself on B4. There they encounter over ten thousand lackies of Dirge, plus the Higher of Gan and Vak as well. Attempting to free the Atesh, players who were forced to be fodder, Sidhe, Nemera and Centrus were captured while Raven and Takua managed to free the slaves.

Finding themselves on the rest of B4, the laboratory part of it, Takua sets off a horrible chain reaction. Finding the Children of Eden, which are part of Dirge’s and Sprouce’s plot to comatose people, he lets them loose all over the floor by shutting down the Serenity Serum. After fooling the security chief and getting the doors to open, the pair obtain Sprouce’s Sword and the Meltdown Card. Slaughtering Children and putting another fifty into B3 to massacre doctors there, they advance to meet up with Centrus and Rum. Part of the Progeny, Rum was freed by Centrus while Nemera and Sidhe were hauled off to be experimented on by the insane Doctor Sprouce. Rescuing two more Progeny members, Takua tortures a researcher to gain a password to shut down the Serenity Serum and then melts down the entire floor. By now, Takua has established himself as the leader of the Eventides while Nemera and Sidhe aren’t there. Getting into B3, he learns what happens when someone is deleted by Dread Code. They either die in real life, or are respawned. Struggling with the realization that he could have just killed several people, the group, now six strong, destroys one of the Children Production rooms but fails to destroy the second one.

Discovering that Sprouce had used his own children to produce the Children of Eden, they rescue the pair and send them off to live with the Progeny. With Rum at their side, the group battles the Tar Clones in an attempt to break into the central lab with the four key cards they obtained. Successful because they used a Dread Code crack to destroy them, they break in to find Nemera and Sidhe being experimented on by Sprouce. After dealing him a blow and waking up the two leaders, as well as taking a shard of the Gan Incarnation. Nemera kisses Centrus, but then realizes what she’s done, and, with the help of the Shard of Gan, they break the quarantine on B2 and move up. There they find the rest of the experiments that were prior to the Children of Eden, and discover the rest of Sprouce’s atrocities. After moving through the PolyBeta Hall, they find another shard of Gan, as well as a journal by a doctor who rebelled. Reading about Xander, the Dread Code Vampire, they pass through…only for Takua to become infected.

Because he offered a vision of vital importance, Takua turns into a Dread Code Vampire himself, and is stricken by the disease until they free the Gan Incarnation. After deleting the rest of the Vampires, he sets off a chain reaction that begins to delete the entire field. Xander is killed by the Dread Code, and they find themselves in B1. Fighting Sprouce, Takua destroys the machines that power his gloves, freeing over 100 ghosts that will either die or recover in real life after being deleted. With Sprouce only having two powers, Takua is able to drink his blood for several seconds, gaining his powers and allowing him to fight Sprouce on an even level. Shortly afterwords Sprouce is defeated and, in a final assault, he attempts to comatose Centrus in an almost-exact repeat of one of Takua’s visions. Raven charges in and changes destiny though, taking the attack himself and falling into a coma.

Having now freed the Gan Incarnation, Sidhe, Centrus and Takua receive key items that will protect them from the Higher’s attacks or let them destroy their armor. Cured of his Vampirism before he goes insane, he loses most of his memories of what happened between infection and the finale of the field.
Rewards for part one: +5 Levels - +Starstorm Wand - +Cougar Bandana - +Hiking Gear
Rewards for part two: +5 Levels - +Bolt Rod - +Raccoon Earcap - +Winter Coat - +Frost Bracer - +Frost Anklet - +Time Bracer - +BL Yokohama - +Ruem Wings* - +Resurrect x2 - +Mage's Soul x2

Ties that Bind, Ties that Break
Description: Right after Takua gets done with the Eventide Crescendo quest and is kicked out of his house, he is called upon by the AoD to rescue their commander. Right away he gets off at a bad start, with interactions between himself, Kira, Raquar and Sekai going wrong quickly. Fairly quickly he starts to become friends with Raquar, even as his eyesight continues to plague him. He accidentally electrocutes Raquar, with consequences that nobody could have foreseen. Raquar has his heart stop, and Takua carries him into the dungeon, where he is infected by a part of Trent from Ko_Inuyasha. Raquar then kills Takua under the influence of Trent, but has the infection driven out of him by Kira and Torvald, with minor help from Takua. Working their way into the dungeon, Takua has to deal with memories of his Dread Code Vampirism, and the remnants of the infection that haunt him. After realizing that he doesn't truly understand anyone there, or belong within the group, he gets into a fight with Sekai when she snaps and screams at him. After rescuing Sasuke, the Army fights to the surface, minus Bane, who left after several altercations with Kira. There, they face off against Hrist and her creature Fenrir.

Wrong Side of the World
Description: Takua goes out with someone who is having a first day in The World. He takes Talal through the dungeon, explaining the mechanics of The World and how it works to her. While he talks he slips out a few hints about the EC even though he doesn't mean it, tries to cover it up and fails, then bursts out in anger at the end when Talal begins to question him. However, he manages to recruit her for the Army of Darkness and secures a promise to go out with her again.

They've kept me locked in my own cell
Description: AoD recruitment with Timeglyph, Magras, Hitori and Squinto. Ended when the recruitment essentially died, but Magras got in.

Mind's Restoration, Comfort Among the Ashes
Description: Colin is attempting to regain his sanity and mental balance after Gan. He is now living with Gillian. Still feeling flashbacks into his Vampirism, along with nightmares about the Eventide Crescendo’s field, he goes into Mac Anu to relax and think. Only barely escaping Tyrant the first time, he’s killed and his character altered the second. Deciding to return to an old field with a substantially shorter character, Takua fights in a series of tests against beasts that the High Priestesses have placed in a temple. Finding himself fighting desperately for his life, he meets Vesica, Kira’s familiar, and receives the Kiss of the Familiar, a cross between an icicle and a crystal, in his left hand. Along with that, his right arm is frozen with ice that only Onida or Kira can break. Meeting with the Handmaidens of the High Priestesses, he aligns himself with Rue and Rai, changing his character data and costume. Along with the change he receives the Taima's Mark, a crystal stone that embeds himself in the right hand. As an added bonus, the tracing device that Tyrant had planted in him is broken.

However, the hacker himself shows up shortly afterwards. Insulting the Handmaidens, he is obliterated before causing any harm, and then has his character deleted and hard drive reformatted by old friends now turned enemies. Along with that, it was shown that he only used other people’s hacks, and couldn’t make his own effectively. Begging apologies from the women, he leaves them and goes to Vesica, who had asked him to come to her. Finding himself in the real field outside, he goes to the snow leopard’s sanctuary, a field that Kira had designed and created. Receiving an invitation to stay for as long as he wanted, or come back, he settles down to think and then sleep. Vesica leaves to talk to Kira.
Rewards: +4 Levels - +Gaia's Staff - +Revelation - +Newt Necklace

I Can't Change Who I Am, Set Your Guilt Free
Description: The mind healing quest. Takua suffers through a nightmare containing all the people that he killed. As if they were all at a party where they were discussing the lives that they once held before he killed them, they act cheerfully as they demolish him. Eventually Gwyneth comes to talk to him and floors him by telling him that she no longer loves him. Broken, he wakes up from the nightmare and storms off to Mac Anu with an irritated Vesica left behind. trying to think, he instead finds Kira and Sekai. Talking to Kira about what was troubling him in Gan and getting the ice on his arm shattered, he takes her lessons to heart and thinks through what was troubling him.

Picking up again a few days later, it's another dream. This time, Colin is traveling through an inner-mindscape to discover a few things. Going back through his memories of Gwyneth's birth and his first kill, he finds out that she had actually altered thousands of his memories over the year that they were together. Most of them were small things, him calling her something sweet for instance, but at the end she made him think that he had made a pact with Lucifer and made a bargain to save himself, with the side effect that she died. Instead, she committed suicide in order to save his life. Also, she wasn't another soul, but a separate section of his mind that had activated. Waking up from the dream and, literally, mind altering experience, Takua finds and talks to Sekai about the things in Gan that make him feel like he's done something horrible. After going through what he needed to talk about, he tells her that Raven is comatose, and the two end up saying things that needed to be said. Takua leaves after asking her a question. Whether or not she thought they were friends.
Rewards: +3 Levels - +Nerd Staff - +Iron Anklet - +Mage's Soul x2

Digging Deep
Description: Musing casually about life and his mental state, along with the Eventide Crescendo, Takua runs into Talal in the middle of the night. After talking for a little bit, the two head off to a Theta Server field which was supposedly inactive. However, this quickly proves to be false, and Takua harbors suspicions about who all was trying to spread information about its state of monster portals. However, he eventually can't take it anymore and asks her what questions she has about, although she doesn't know it, the Eventides. Answering a few of them, and telling her about coma victims, the two are attacked by a pair of PKers which are then rapidly dispatched. Taking out a few more monsters to gain experience, Talal asks a few questions on the way back about why Takua was shielding her from this group by not even telling her their name. His reasons are easy. He doesn't want her to become comatose or hurt by the mental struggles that occur within the field. Running from any more questions, Takua returns to Vesica's field to brood and think about what could happen if she came to Juk. Knowing that she very well could, he knows that if she does, he'll have to deal with it.
Rewards: +1 Level - +Dark Green Rod - +Muddy Rod - +Oak Anklet - +Lincoln Green - +Air Bracer

Wild Rapture, Push Out, Sell Out, Die Out
Description: Takua returns to the EC in order to make a push for the Juk Incarnation. After the group meets in Mac Anu, he finds out that they had saved 105 people from Gan, killing another 34 or so. Zan is recognized as the Heavy Blade from Code's Sight, and things progress from there. While still in Mac Anu, they are attacked at the Chaos Gate by the Cobalt Knights, teleporting to the field just before Xazyx arrives in person. There, they are ambushed by the Wild Hunt which is commanded by Saol. After making contact with the Nimirja, they repel the Wild Hunt just before the party is swallowed up by the Swath. Nemera was infected almost instantly by Swath Sickness, and the group was forced to make their way to the first of five Monuments, the Axis Mundis.

They discovered the remains of the Juka Sprites in their home, evidence of their downfall, and the Ganz Orb that sealed Saol's ability to create Wildwings and Wildwings. Outside, without the Swath, they found Alana, the Progeny of Juk. The Archer explained that they had to find the five Ganz Orbs in the Monuments in order to weaken the Wild Hunt enough in order to destroy it entirely. Next was a waterfall, where they found the Incu. After retrieving the Ganz Orb, they found themselves in the Swath again, and ran from something called the Swath Hound, a massive giant that consumed most of the sky. They found themselves in Templum Krake. Takua had been hearing a strange voice for the past several minutes, and promptly found himself face to face with Ondine, who revealed herself as Gwyneth's sister inside of his mind. After they started talking, they killed the leader within the Temple as well as all of his acolytes. Leaving the desecrated temple, they found a massive battleground. Xazyx had found them, and had destroyed the Wild Hunt that were supposed to fight them. Zan and Alana stayed behind to hold him off while the rest moved to the mines. Within lay Rapture and Gloom, the former a substance that could break down the codes that prevented what could be added to character data, and Gloom restored those codes.

After collecting several vials, which caused Immersion upon contact, the group headed out to the last landmark with four Ganz Orbs. However, Sekai was snatched away from them all upon exiting the area, and they had to run to the lighthouse. On the boat that would lead them there was the missing Archer. The Swath Hound made its appearance though, and waded into the lake waters. However, some quick thinking by Baron later, and the beast was moaning in the water. Zan and Alana came back to them, although both had been hit hard by the debugger weapon that Xazyx wielded. After healing them as best as they could and finding the final Ganz Orb, they left to go fight Saol and the Wild Hunt. After a long and brutal battle, the Eventides managed to kill him, with Takua landing the final blow.

Part 2

After returning to the Juk field, they go into the dungeon and find the place shut down. Sekai accidentally reactivates the power room, which allows them to see that the power came from thousands of Incu horns. Exploring the rooms nearby, they find countless dead Juka Sprites with missing parts of their body, as well as two bathrooms that served the two parts of the prison. Those who complied were given much better treatment than the Resistant half. After exploring the few other rooms at the top of the dungeon, they attempt to move on, but a strange man appears and blocks their path. After a brief and mysterious conversation, the entire party is taken to the Swath.

There, they attempt to find six dolls that are the keys to moving on. Before finding any of those though, Takua goes to the Power Supply room, where he finds that each of the Incu horns had been turned into a live Incu head. However, a voice speaks up in his head, taunting him and attempting to make him even more paranoid. After throwing a switch inside of Power Supply, he walks into the red lightning that is created and is promptly electrocuted. He is forced to watch from the position of the Incu as they are all slaughtered by Saol. 24 hours or more of slaughter compressed into 1 second of real time, although he experienced it at its full magnitude. Driven partly insane, Ondine puts him to sleep and explores. She finds the remaining four dolls after exploring every last room. She hooks up the dolls to specific parts of the power supply room in order to form a key. With that, she unlocked the Rapture Experiments 1 room, where the party fought and killed a fused pair of Juka Sprites. Returned to the normal field, they took a key found there and went to unlock the door to B2. However, a trap was sprung and the group was split. Nemera, Alana, Zan and Sidhe all vanished, and the rest of the group was returned to Mac Anu.

Rewards (Part 1): +5 Levels - +Firedrake Bone - +Thunder Torque - +Thunder Cloak - +Storm Bracer - +Thunder Anklet - +Water Magic - +Great Elite - +Insight Book
Rewards (Part 2): +5 Levels, Moonstruck, Bat Earrings

A World Beyond Controlling, Shadow of Today
Description: Takua is feeling a little, to say the least, unwell. After finishing the Elimination Arena event, he feels as if he's crumbling, that his being is being destroyed somehow. Panicking, he runs to Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, and what started out as an internal questioning quickly devolves into a rather hysterical and uncontrollable outburst into the silence of the temple about what's wrong with him. Unbeknown to him, Sekai has woken up and is listening, followed swiftly by Kira. He is only barely able to regain control of himself, but shortly after Vesica arrives as well, he falls asleep the moment he tries to apologize for continually taking up their time. Waking up a few hours later in Vesica's field, he spars with her before heading to Mac Anu to talk to Centrus. Because he's worried about going comatose in Juk, he asks the Fist Fighter to check in on him in five hours after he goes into the dungeon. Once he receives a yes, he goes to the bridge to await Gyl's flashmail.
Rewards: 2 Levels, Artisan's Soul, 2 Mage's Soul

Change of Scenes
Description: After they were kicked out of the Juk Prison Field by a failsafe device, the group wanders around Mac Anu until they receive a flashmail by 'Gyl'. Going to the field with the coordinates listed, they find waiting for them Xenobia, an Elite. With all ability to log out, gate out, or even shut down the computer failing them, Kira fights Xenobia to try and free them all. Baron, with Libra possessing his body, interrupts the duel and displeases Xenobia, who promptly comatoses them all.

Captured! Jailbreak of the Century!
Description: Waking up inside of the Elites' dungeon in Yamiyo, Takua joined up with the Freedom Fighters and promptly escaped with them. It has also become evident that he is now fully paranoid schizophrenic, as well as trapped inside of the one place that offers him no chance for medication. Managing to free one of the trapped Admins as well, the group left the prison into the Wasteland with Demorian, the former Marionette. Traveling into the Wasteland, they are forced to hide from the transformed and crazed admin Tritoch as they struggle to reach the main town of Yamiyo. Near the exit, they are caught and forced into a battle with Tritoch, where they are finally able to beat the former Administrator. However, at the end of the battle with Tritoch dead, his final spell goes off, searing Takua's eyes shut and blind before knocking him out.
Takua: +5 Levels, + Cosmic Staff, + YL Fukuoka, + Heavenly Bead Tiara, +1 Thundercall, +5 Artisan's Soul, +12,000 GP
----> Your Golden Orb is now Glowing Reasonably Blue

Special Events

Cinco de Mayo Event
Description: A special event in which Takua joins the AoD, he joins Ko_Inuyasha and Sasuke to destroy a giant white bull.
Rewards: Stormlore, Joins AoD

Zombie Quest
Description: Takua walks into Mac Anu to find that it is under attack for seven hours by zombies. After trying to find Raquar and Sekai, failing to find one of them, the Long Arm and Wavemaster team up with Kiwi and Lyra. As a result, lots of hyjinxs occur, the least of which is a crate fort that ends up carpet bombing Mac Anu.
Rewards: Thunder Magic, Key Item: Silver Zombie Slayer Trophy

Haunted House Exploration
Description: Didn't really go very far. Takua meets up with Centrus, Raquar, Sekai and Kira for an adventure, but things soon go very wrong as Takua panics. Virtually blind with fear, he kills Raquar and runs into the mansion with a spear in his gut.
Rewards: +Health Drink, +Mage's Soul

Fight For Darkness!
Ko and Takua versus Arch and Judas
Defaulted to Ko and Tak because Arch wouldn't post.
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Re: Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jan 08, 2009 5:47 am

Character Relationships

Status: Real Life friend
Emotions: One of Colin's only real friends for years. As such, he's trusted, but Colin can never open up to him in any real way that would help him. Still, he's the one who knows the most about his past.
Last Quest: A World Beyond Controlling, Shadow of Today

Status: Real Life friend
Emotions: The other serious friend in his real life. Not as good of one as Centrus, but still one that he can go to if he needs help, laugh, and talk.
Elimination Arena

Status: Friend?/Ally
Emotions: Far more powerful than him, and leader of the Eventides. He trusts her implicitly with matters of strategy if he cannot think up of one by himself. Partly, he pities her because he believes that she wants to be out of the game, and also wants to help her find Tiral again. He's a little afraid of her because she has seen him at his worst during the Eventide Fields, but hopes that she won't turn her back on him because of what he's done.
Last Seen: Wild Rapture, Push out, Sell out, Die out

Status: Friend?/Ally
Emotions: Virtually the same as Nemera, but with something added. He feels guilty because he read off a vision that has partially stolen his future. Now that he thinks he knows that might happen, Sidhe might be afraid of that. Since it isn't everyday that you hear a Dread Code Vampire pronounce your death. Takua wants to give him that hope back that the future can be changed, but is unsure of how to do it.
Last Seen: Wild Rapture, Push out, Sell out, Die out

Status: Friend?/Confidant?
Emotions: Confused. In a nutshell, Takua doesn't know where he stands with her, or even what his own emotions on the topic are. She makes him want to tell her things that he's never told anyone else because it seems to help him out. However, he doesn't feel like he's known her for long enough to actually trust her. Another problem is that he doesn't understand the dynamics of the people around her, coupled with his lack of social experience, and is uncomfortable with his own ignorance.
Last Seen: A World Beyond Controlling, Shadow of Today

Status: Friend?/Ally?/Just plain confused?/High Priestess
Emotions: Takua's High Priestess...even if she doesn't know it or want it. She doesn't care for him obviously, but he doesn't have a problem telling her things at times. She's bossy towards him, and he's uncomfortable because of her relationship with Sekai and how closely it parallels his with Gwyneth. The only difference was that Gwyneth wasn't an AI. And that Kira actually has a body. He's fairly scared by her at times, not because of what she can do to him, but the personality and what she represents.
Last Seen: A World Beyond Controlling, Shadow of Today

Status: Friend?/Ally
Emotions: Takua has a much better feel for Raquar because he knows the emotions that he feels. It's another guy friend who wants to have fun at times, and the Wavemaster feels somewhat comfortable around him. He feels guilty because he continues to press buttons that he knows that he shouldn't press, and he doesn't always understand where the minefields are.
Last Seen: Wild Rapture, Push out, Sell out, Die out

Status: Ally
Emotions: He hasn't been around Ko long enough to actually develop a friendship with him. Because of that, he feels uncomfortable, but more in touch with what he's supposed to do because there's no intangible feelings in the air.
Last Seen: Ties that Bind, Ties that Break

Status: ?
Emotions: Dread, because of what he's seen him in. As the unknown Heavy Blade in his vision, he represents danger to them all because of the very uncertainty. Whenever he shows up could be dangerous, but at the same time, Takua wants them to meet. So that he can see all the actors that he had been able to see.
Last Seen: Wild Rapture, Push out, Sell out, Die out

Status: Friend?/Ally
Emotions: Someone that he can quest with. He doesn't really like her because of all the questions that she's asked ever since he let a few things slip, and hates that it's now his responsibility that she knows about them.
Last Seen: Wild Rapture, Push out, Sell out, Die out
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Re: Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:16 am

Schizophrenia: Takua is a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Because of that, he is highly paranoid of almost everyone around him at all times, suspecting them of absolutely anything and everything. However, his non-stop hallucinations that come in the form of auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations. Mostly its an auditory sea of voices from five main characters, although various sounds and other odd characters make their appearance now and again. Each of them have their own names and distinct personalities, although none of them ever receive bodies that he can see. His visual hallucinations generally consist of an attack that never actually occurred, someone drawing a weapon and readying themselves to attack, or that someone or something is talking about him, watching him. Tactile is a bit different, but it generally coordinates with visual hallucinations and creates the illusion that an attack did land, that he is bleeding and that it hurts. Because of this, taste and smell are the only two senses that he can really trust with certainty.

The five voices and their 'personalities'

- Gunner: Points out why Takua is a fool, why he should backstab people before they backstab him. The voice of 'betrayal'. Works most in sync with Shadrach. Fights with Athelstan.
- Athelstan: An intellectual who kindly points out where Takua went wrong, tells him how Athelstan thinks it should have been handled. The voice of 'reason'. Fights constantly with Shadrach and Gunner.
- Shadrach: The real paranoid, always whispering in a confidential tone why everyone is about to betray him, what proof he has and how Takua can stop it. The voice of 'suspicion'. Works closely with Gunner. Fights with Athelstan.
- Shelia: The one constantly telling Takua to die. Telling him why he should die, how he should die, and screaming at him. Or she takes a more subversive approach and whispers to him all the same things in a voice that tries to fill itself with darkness and shadows. The voice of 'decay'. Is constantly fought by Lumina and Ondine.
- Lumina: The most kind of the five, she attempts to tell him what he does is right and why he shouldn't be down on himself. The voice of 'compassion'. Works with Ondine to fight Shelia.

- Ondine: The final, and most important is actually a second personality within Takua. Important enough that she receives her own body, she can take over Takua's own body in order to talk, to act, or do anything she wants without him having much of a say in the matter. She is certainly beautiful, with warm green eyes and very long light blue hair that drops down to her waist. She wears a tasteful green shirt and has on a dark blue skirt that goes well with her hair. When she takes over his body, several things happen. His voice changes to become more feminine, and can actually turn completely light, higher pitched and girlish if she so feels like it. However, it is more assured, more aggressive, and more playful at almost all times. She has been proven to have the power to send Takua to sleep as it were, knocking out his conscious mind, although all memories return to him when he wakes up. She works to protect him from everything that she can, although mostly from the voices inside of his head. She is, however, far more playful than he is and much more of a pain in the ass.

He is currently not receiving treatment for his Schizophrenia.
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Re: Takua's Profile

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World of Clarity (Stage 1)

Increases Takua’s own senses. This includes things like reaction time and balance. Rather than only gaining in sensitivity, in order to see more and hear more, it also gains in resolution. Able to identify exactly what is going on in front of his eyes, identify and follow a single scent through Mac Anu, or listen to a single voice in the center of Carmina Gatelica with perfect clarity.

Level 1: Basic level-up, no control over how sensitive his senses are at any given time.

Bestow Vision (Level 1)

Increases all party member’s senses that he chooses, giving small bonuses to all senses, including balance. This can only work on things that are within The World obviously, a non-comatose player cannot receive this benefit unless Immersed through Dread Code. The bonuses are inferior to those that Takua receives, although gives everyone quite an appreciable boost. In the second level, all allies know instinctively where the enemy is and where their own allies are at all times. However, hidden creatures, such as those cloaked or invisible, don’t show up until rooted out.

Level 1: Basic enhancement of senses.

Link of the Eyes (Immature)

Allows Takua to steal other's people's eye sight and see through them, a replacement for his own while they regrow. Subjects may feel as though they are being watched, although not know who is watching them.

Grip of the Illusionist

Unlike it’s friendlier version, this doesn’t give. It takes senses away from enemies, dulling their eyesight, balance, hearing. It can also increase their sense of pain and touch to excruciating levels. Used as the base for all other abilities. Increasing this hack increasing the effectiveness of all powers that fall under it as well as how difficult it is to break his control.

Level 1: Basic Control. Can only influence enemies senses. Basic monsters offer little resistance, while anything more advanced or more self-aware will be considerably harder.
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Re: Takua's Profile

Post by Takua » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:30 pm

Name: Vesica
Animal: Snow Leopard
Element: Rue
Ex-Level: 1

Description: Standing at four feet tall and nearly the same lengthwise, Vesica walks around with the air of a Queen, as if she owns the air that you breath. Nearly 120 pounds of muscle, her claws and teeth are backed up by the hunting equipment that her appearance would suggest. Penetrating blue eyes are set into a face that, more often than not, is questioning why she should even have to move in the first place. When she does move though, one can be sure that you don't want to be in the area at all. Razor sharp fangs and claws will quickly rend the flesh of those who have annoyed her, although she has more than a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to not killing the person who has annoyed her.


[Lv.1]Elemental Breath: Rue Breath Attack
[Lv.1]Enhance Magic Strength: Ap Corma
[Lv.1]Enfeeble Speed: Dek Do
[Lv.2]Overdrive: Rue Javalin
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