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Talal's Profile

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New look - Talal in Yamiyo (thanks to Kira)

Real Name: Kali Toren
Character Name: Talal Kina
Age: 19
Class: Twin Blade
Level: 39 (0/1000 EXP)


E-6 Staff Sargent of the Army of Darkness, Phoenix Ravens Squad
Honorary Member of The Eventide Crescendo
Member Freedom Fighters - Main Plot


Clothing: When she first entered The World, Talal wore a simple two piece outfit with a white sash hanging from her waist. The top is a pale yellow, made with a v-shaped neck line in the front, ¾ sleeves that cut off at an angle just below the elbow and the base of the top fits firmly around her midsection leaving a three to four inch section of bare skin between the top and the sash. Her pants are black and cut off at an angle similar to the shirt just below the knee. The white sash wraps around her hips along the waist line of the pants, tying in a special knot off to the left side of her hip. The rest of the sash from the knot down hangs loosely down her left leg to about the knee.

Since her arrival in the Yamiyo Server and a run in with Sekai and her AI's, she now sports a purple and lavender two piece. The top is open in the center to show off her cleavage (Kira's doing). See image above, courtesy of Sekai.

Eyes: Dark Brown.

Hair: Talal has long black hair that goes to her waist. She typically wears it pulled back in a single braid when questing for minimal interference during battle.

Height: 5'8"

Personality: Kali is often withdrawn, and appears to most as a bitter individual. She has created a wall to shield her from getting too close to people. This is widely due to allowing herself to be used by past friendships. She thought she was helping them when in fact they were just using what she could do for them and then drop her when she no longer has anything to give. She remains loyal to herself and her family, but resists starting any new close friendships. She has little patience with most people, finding their lack of commitment insipid and contemptible. She is constantly running battle scenes through her mind when someone crosses her path and “virtually” crushes them without remorse. Unfortunately, this only happens in her mind, outwardly she is very non-confrontational and will run away from the situation of possible.

Talal on the other hand originally started off the game much like her real world personality. She came with a sense of cockiness, independence and fully developed walls that above all else shielded her from everything that could be potentially hurtful, but also gave her a wrong sense of security that she could conquer anything. On her very first quest however, she found out that the game had a way of making skeletons burst out of her closet and those walls began to slowly crumble. With each quest and another situation, another wall fell and another new person had come into her life rather unexpectedly, confusing her to no end and unable to figure out how it happened. Experiencing the happening of being "Immersed" into the game for brief intervals during a quest with the Eventide Crescendo, Talal's walls finally broke completely, crumbling into a dusty mess that even the best puzzle maker couldn't put back together. Here she stays, confused, unknowing, frustrated and unable to hold in her emotions and much of what is on her mind inside. She allows people to get close and see the true her. The one that existed before those that abused it had gotten to her. She's taking it personally as a sign of weakness and mentally punishes herself everytime she lets someone new in, but can't seem to stop the connections that are happening. Trust is still an issue and although she will trust the new people with things, she is not yet ready to call them a true friend, still keeping a shred of doubt about each of them in the back of her mind just waiting for them to screw up and take advantage of her.
Now after being in the Yamiyo Server with the Freedom Fighters and has started developing her own special talents from being immersed in the game, Talal is changing. Sometimes she thinks she's going insane but Canti and Shadow have done a good job at keeping her grounded...not that they realize it...or maybe they do. She knows without them she would be lost so tends not to be far off from wherever they are but tries to keep it on the low key so they don't feel like she's stalking them. They both have proven to her they will be there when she needs them and have really asked nothing of her in return aside from her companionship which oddly with this pair she is very close to considering them friends if not already there but hasn't completely admitted it to herself.


Current Setup:

Weapon: Ankokushiki
Armor: Ice Hunter Cap | Wristbands | Fishing Gloves | Wyrm Hide | Snow Panther
Accessory: None
Immediate Skills:
Swirling Dark (Lv. 2; T; Ani; 30)
Dark Dance (Lv. 2; D; Ani; 30)

Repth (Lv. 1; Single; 10)
Gan Don (Lv. 1; Drop; 10)
Juk Rom (Lv. 1; Tornado;10)
Rue Kruz (Lv. 1; Converge; 10)

Side/Total Skills:
Twin Dragons(Lv. 2; S; Vak; 45)
Twin Darkness(Lv. 2; S; Ani; 45)
Swirling Dark (Lv. 2; T; Ani; 30)
Blazing Wheel (Lv. 2; T; Vak; 30)
Saber Dance (Lv. 1; D; None; 10)
Flame Dance (Lv. 2; D; Vak; 30)
Orchid Dance (Lv. 2; D; Juk; 30)
Dark Dance (Lv. 2; D; Ani; 30)
Tiger Claws (Lv. 1; T; None; 10)
Staccatto (Lv. 1; S; None; 15)

Repth (Lv. 1; Single; 10)

Juk Rom (Lv. 1; Tornado; 10)
Juk Kruz (lv. 1; Converge; 10)
Vak Rom (Lv. 1; Tornado; 10)
Vak Kruz (Lv. 1; Converge; 10)
Gan Don (Lv. 1; Drop; 10)
Gan Zot (Lv. 1; Rise; 20)
Rue Rom (Lv. 1; Tornado; 10)
Rue Kruz (lv. 1; Converge; 10)

Ap Vorv (Increase in Physical Defense; 15)


Immediate Added Abilities: None
Side Added Abilities: Critical Hit (Sotetsu); Skill Drain (Spell Blades/Soul Blades); Ranki Lei (Soul Blades)

Weapon (Equipped):

Ankokushiki - Level 39
Skills: Dark Dance, Terror Cyclone
Added Abilities: Dek Vorv

Armor (Equipped):

- Ice Hunter Cap - Level 17
Location: Head
Skills: Repth
Class: Medium

Wristbands - Level 1
Location: Arms
Skills: Juk Rom
Class: Light

Fishing Gloves - Level 17
Location: Hands
Skills: Rue Kruz
Class: Medium

Wyrm Hide- Level 12
Location: Body
Skills: Gan Don
Class: Medium

Snow Panther - Level 17
Location: Legs
Skills: Ap Vorv
Class: Medium

Weapons (Unequipped):

Lath Blades - Level 4
Skills: Orchid Dance
Added Abilities: None

Spell Blades - Level 8 (on loan from the AoD)
Skills:Lightning Rage; Tiger Claws
Added Abilities: Skill Drain

Sotetsu - Level 9
Skills: Flame Dance
Added Abilities: Critical Hit

Enou - Level 10
Sills: Blazing Wheel
Added Abilities: None

Anshou - Level 12
Skills: Swirling Dark, Staccatto
Added Abilities: None

Soul Blades - R - Level 12
Skills: Dark Dance, Tiger Claws
Added Abilities: Skill Drain, Ranki Lei

Yosetu & Fuyou - Level 16
Skills: Rue Rom, Vak Rom, Sabre Dance
Added Abilities: None

Slayers - Level 17
Skills: Twin Dragons, Twin Darkness
Added Abilities: None

Tsumuji - Level 19
Skills: Tiger Claws, Splinter Slash
Added Abilities: None

Mukuro - Level 20
Skills: Swirling Dark, Dark Dance
Added Abilities: None

Armors (Unequipped):

Wristbands- Level 1
Location: Arms
Skills: Juk Rom
Class: Light

Leather Coat- Level 1
Location: Body
Skills: Gan Zot
Class: Light

Leather Armor- Level 2
Location: Body
Skills: Vak Kruz
Class: Medium

Wyrm Scale - Level 17
Location: Body
Skills: Rue Kruz
Class: Medium

Fishing Gloves - Level 17 (second pair gifted by Sekai)
Location: Hands
Skills: Rue Kruz
Class: Medium

Bandana- Level 1
Location: Head
Skills: Repth
Class: Light

- Hunter's Hood - Level 12
Location: Head
Skills: Repth
Class: Medium

Ring Mail- Level 7
Location: Body
Skills: Juk Kruz
Class: Medium[/color]

Jungle Boots- Level 7
Location: Legs
Skills: None
Class: Medium[/color]


Rare Items:
Regular Items:
Health Drink x22
Mage Soul x11
Resurrect x17
Antidote x6
Restorative x5
Noble Wine x10
Speed Charm x407
Health Potion x2 (400 HP)
Sprite Ocarina x1
0x - Burning Oil
Pure Water x2
Holy Sap x1
Feng Shui (Perm. raises Earth by 1)
Bloods N' Banes:
x1 Hunter's Blood
x3 Warrior's Blood
x2 Hermit's Blood
x2 Wizard's Blood
Soul Charm x1 (Rig Geam)
Health Charm x1 (Rig Saem)
Light Cross x1 (La Repth; 150 on party)
Hale Cross x2 (Ola Repth; 400 on party)
Dark Night x1 (Lv 1; Ani Raise)
Fire Tempest x1 (Lv 1; Vak Tornado)
Plasma Storm x1 (Lv 1; Rai Tornado)
Stone Storm x1 (Lv 2; Gan Drop)
Ice Storm x2
Lightning Bolt x2
Raining Rocks x4
Raging Earth x4
Tarot Cards:
Key Items:
"#1 Twinblade" pencil (Sasuke X-mas 2007)
Chocolate Santa x2 [When consumed, 100 HP and 25 SP is restored] (Divvy X-mas 2008/2nd from Takua (b-day 2008))

Event Items:
Random Candy Heart
Gold Pieces:

Wolfy Truffles, to be eaten before the next full moon (B-day from Zan 2007)
x2 Yellow Candies (Secret Valentine Event 2008)
1,200 GP Gift Card to the Grunty Stables, good for purchase of Grunty or Food. (Divvy X-mas 2008)

Wish List:
Rare Items: Valor Blades, Priest Ceremonial Cap, Goblin Boots, Raccoon Ear Cap
General Questing Items: Mage Souls, Ressurects, Noble Wines, Health Drinks, Speed Charms, Soul Charms, Raging Earth, Stone Storm, Hale Cross Scroll


Listed in chronological order from oldest to newest.

Wrong Side of the World
Talal takes her first leap into The World and gets shown the ropes by a Wavemaster named Takua. He takes her to a first level field and tries to show her the basics of the game, all the while letting little tidbits of what the game is truly about slip out. Talal asks a few too many questions and things heat up a little at one point, but in the end they become friends and she gets recruited into the Army of Darkness.
Keywords: [Delta] Hidden Forbidden Paradise
Rewards: 3 Levels, Lath Blades, Nomad's Hood, Leather Armor, Leather Gloves, Safety Shoes, Health Drink x3, Speed Charm x3

A New Face
A fun quest that takes place right after Talal gets accepted into the Army of Darkness. She goes questing with the Treasure Hunter of the AoD, Baron who is intrigued by the rumors he hears about the new member. Talal gets her first taste of a higher level field, as well as her first fight against a duo of PKer's that sets her back a bit mentally.
Keywords: [Delta] Buried Talisman Altar
Rewards: 5 Levels, Sotetsu, Guard Cap, Ring Mail, Silver Gloves

From Out of Nowhere - Quest was never completed
Keywords: [Delta] Boundless Smiling Grasslands
Rewards: This quest was not done for rewards

A fun short quest with Shenmock, another member of the Army of Darkness that Talal met previously during the Pool Party Event. The duo barely make it down to the first staircase when Shenmock is suddenly called away IRL, cutting there quest short.
Keywords: [Delta] Great Distrusting Sanctum
Rewards: +1 Level - +Enou - +Jungle Boots - +Soul Charm - +Health Charm - +Health Potion - +Raining Rocks

Digging Deep
Finding herself unable to sleep, Talal goes for an early morning stroll around Mac Anu hoping that there are not too many players online. Her hunch is correct and enjoys her time in the city until she runs into Takua, not knowing it is him at the time. Conversation leads to going on a quest in her search for a field where she can relax. The field in question was supposed to be inactive and in ruins as well as on the Theta server where she cannot currently access. Takua agrees to take her there to explore it. Curiosity gets the best of her and she picks up the questions where she left off on their first adventure together and finds out a lot more than she bargained for, leaving her with doubts if she truly wants to continue playing.
Keywords: [Theta] Expansive Hopeless Feeling
Rewards: +2 Levels - +Anshou - +Hunter's Hood - +Wyrm Hide - +Health Drink

Talons in the Sky AoD Phoenix Raven Squad Quest
(summary here)
Keywords: [Delta] Hidden Forbidden Organ Farm
Rewards: Character Development - No rewards.

Wild Rapture - Part 1
EC Clan Quest - summary to follow later
Keywords: Unknown
Rewards: +5 Levels - +Slayers - +Yosetu & Fuyou - +Ice Hunter Cap - +Wyrm Scale - +Fishing Gloves - +Snow Panther - +Feng Shui - +Soul Blades

Zodiac's Requiem - Scorpio - Quest dropped by all participants
Keywords: TBA
Rewards: Character Development - No rewards.

Introduction - IN PROGRESS
Keywords: TBA
Rewards: Character Development - No rewards.

Wild Rapture Part 2
Keywords: Unknown
Rewards: 3 Levels, Mukuro, Tsumuji, 2x Mage's Souls, 2x Resurrect

Change of Scenes
Rewards: Vine-whipped through the eyeballs by Xenobia and put into a coma / Graduation to Main Plot

Captured! Jailbreak of the Century
Keywords: Yamiyo Server
Rewards: +4 Levels, + Akatsuki, +4 Mage's Soul, +3 Hale Cross, +5,000 GP
----> Your Golden Orb is now Glowing Slightly White

A Night on the Town: The Underworld Awaits!
Keywords: Yamiyo Server
Rewards: 1,200 EXP, Akatsuki, +4 Resurrects, +3,000 GP, +2 Resurrects, +4 Health Drinks, +Acquired Hack
----> Your Golden Orb is Glowing Slightly White

A Slight Detour
Keywords: Yamiyo Server
Rewards: + 2200 EXP, + 1500 Gold, + 2 Hale Cross
----> Your Golden Orb is Glowing Slightly White

Politics or Power: A Choice To Be Made!
Keywords: Yamiyo Server
Rewards: 2,500 EXP + 3 Hale Cross, + 3,500 GP,
----> Your Golden Orb is Glowing Slightly White

Little of this, Little of that...
Keywords: Yamiyo Server / Bazaar
Rewards: +3100 exp, +Bloody Blades, +4 Noble Wines, +5 Resurrects, +2 Hale Cross, +1 Divine Cross, +2 Soul Charm, +1 Reflect, +1 Cover
----> Your Golden Orb is Glowing Slightly White

The Journey’s Next Step: Yamiyo In Chaos
Keywords: Yamiyo Server





Level 1

Image x1
Image x2
Image x3
Image x1
Image x1
Image x2
Image x1
Image x1

Level 2

Image x1

Level 8

Image x1


[Allies/Enemies] - This section is still under construction and will be updated as I have time.

Takua - Ally/Friend
Baron - Ally/Friend
Shenmock - Ally/Acquaintance
Centrus - Ally/Acquaintance
Sidhe - Ally
Nemera - Ally
Exangelus - Ally
Zan - Ally
Sekai - Ally/Friend
Kira - Ally
Alana - Ally?
Kashi - Ally
Rowan - Acquaintance
Kyin - Acquaintance
Gyl - Ally
Canti - Ally/Friend
Nighthand - Ally

Felix - Enemy
Seris - Enemy
Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Walk beside me that we may be as one.
Level 39 (0/1000 EXP) Twin Blade

Weapons/Armor: Mukuro (Swirling Dark, Dark Dance), Ice Hunter Cap (Repth), Wristbands (Juk Rom), Fishing Gloves (Rue Kruz), Wyrm Hide (Gan Don), Snow Panther (Ap Vorv)

Wish List: Scrolls, Tarot Cards, and Armor higher than level 30.

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