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Futune's Profile

Post by Futune » Wed Jul 11, 2012 12:09 pm

Name: Futune (was Blue fox)
Real name: Joshua Rosen
Age: 18
Class: Long Arm
Appearance: Japanese style noble dress-black Hair shoulder length straightImage
Eye color: brown
Height: 5'10"
Hair color: black
Personality: A somewhat outgoing guy, he's fairly confident of himself and jokes around a bit and always glad to have a companion around to talk to. Might be off putting to some people.
Weapon/armor: Glaive, leather armor, bandanna, sandals, and wristbands
Skills: Vak Kruz, repth, juk rom, Repulse cage
Items: 2x Knight's Blood, 1x fortune Wire, 3x health drinks, 1x Ice storm, 1x Fire tempest, 1x Green gale, 2x Lightning bolt, 1x Nightblight, 1x Fire Spear

Josh was a kid who had no previous interest in computers. He was a kid who played with his legos and action figures. As he got older he began using computers and became quite literate on them. Then his family moved and he had no more friends. He turned to online contact to stay social but it wasn't the same. Soon he stopped using the internet to stay in contact. He wanders for quite a while in his town. He didn't even have friends from school because he was home schooled. Eventually his parents moved again. This time he began going to a public school again and made new friends. Through these friends he learned of a new game on the market that was extremely popular. It was the World. Josh was very skeptical of this game and didn't buy the World. After one of his friends showed him the game, Josh became very excited and decided to purchase the game himself.

Unfortunately, Josh's computer was outdated. His online service was terrible, his processor was way too slow, and the graphics were horrible. He fixed the internet service and began looking for a new computer. As he looked through a popular computer website, a message alert appeared on his screen. Josh opened the message and read it: “I see your looking for a new computer." It was obviously a hacker contacting him. Josh replied, "What do you want? Why would a hacker be concerned about my interest in buying a new computer?"

"I only want to help. I assume you want it to play the online game, The World, because the computer you're using is quite old. Your firewall was quite simple to get through. I'm offering you a computer. It's higher quality than any other computer you’ll find where you're looking but I'm selling it for a much cheaper price."

"Why are you doing this?" Josh asked.

"I just feel like trying out the computer selling business for fun. I might even try to put these other computer companies out of business with my better and cheaper computers. Since you’re my first customer, I'll throw in a free copy of The World," the hacker responded.

Josh was quite excited. Even though he was distrustful of the hacker, his desire for the computer was greater. Josh agreed. Without even asking, the hacker took the money out of Josh's account but strangely honorable (at least to Josh) he took out the amount he charged for the computer and nothing else. The hacker told Josh to expect the computer in a few days. After the few days passed, the computer came as promised. It was quite amazing; it had a sleek aerodynamic look to it, had the most recently released technology in it, and, as promised, had a copy of The World taped to the side. On the CPU was a strange symbol; it looked like a key yet different. Below the symbol were the words "The Key of Twilight." After briefly pondering the symbol, Josh hooked up his new computer, booted it, and loaded the game. As soon as he logged on to his new computer he had a new message waiting for him. It was from the hacker he bought the computer from. It read, "Hi Josh. I thought you had disappeared from the online world for good. You may not remember me, but we used to be good friends online a few years ago. I still had you on my friend list, so when you logged on I was told instantly. I hope I can talk to you more in the World. Look for me!" Josh felt waves of nostalgia wash over him as he recalled the friend who had left that message. Feeling even better than ever, Josh went through the entire registration procedure, he finally logged on and read the words that gave him even greater joy: Welcome to the World.
((This is oooold. So ooold, did I really write this in the subplots!?))
equipment: Eternal Victor, Ring Mail, Guard Cap, Jungle Boots, Silver Bracer
skills: Juk Kruz, repth, Rai Rom, Juk Doom, Juk Wipe
Sp: 65
Current Quest:!

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